Fable: The Lost Chapters
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Based on the best-selling award-winning Xbox title, Fable: The Lost Chapters has expanded content, greater customization, new quests and enhanced graphics. This is a unique role-playing experience, where you'll take control of a characters life from the age of 12. Will you choose a path of righteousness, or will you become selfish and evil? Each person you aid, each flower you crush, each creature you slay, will change this world forever. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, gamers decide: "Who will I be?" Grow from an inexperienced child into the most powerful being in the world, spoken of by all and immortalized in legend.

  • Choose the path of righteousness or evil in this role-playing adventure game
  • Every action determines character's skills, appearance, and morality
  • Life story created from childhood through to adulthood and on to old age
  • Based on the best-selling award-winning Xbox title: Fable
  • Expanded content, greater customization, new quests, and enhanced graphics

Customer Reviews:

  • Engrossing experience
    Certainly this is an imaginitive game, and has a style that's easy to immerse yourself in. The visuals are fantastic, the voice acting is sometimes amusing, and the interface is fairly intuitive & quick to learn. Additionally the progressive attitude is refreshing [uncharacteristically so] considering this is published by Micro$oft.

    Yes ladies & gentlemen, one of your hero's traits is the number of times he's had sex. And getting divorced gives you 6000 "evil" points. *dry chuckle*

    All in all, a decent game, I only wish it were a bit longer.

    ...more info
  • People complain to much
    A lot of people complain about little stupid things, like how the trees are the exact wrong shade of gray on their computer. I have an XP pro that has a basic intel driver in it. On my PC Fable runs slower then usual and there is no grass and the water is a bright shade of yellow! I got past this and was able to realize that this game is amazing. Yes its short but the replay factor is so high it really doesnt matter. Add that to huge worlds you can discover and you will see that fable is a game definitly worth getting....more info
  • Crash, Crash, Crash
    I wish I had listened to the people who said this game was buggy. It played OK the first few days, but the longer I play it, the worse my problems are getting. My two-year-old Dell computer exceeds the minimum system requirements. One thing I don't like about the game play is that some sequences take an hour to complete and you can't save in the middle. Now that the game crashes during saves, I probably will not be able to finish it. I tried reloading the game, but it didn't fix anything....more info
  • Text Issues
    For some reason in my copy the text did not always appear on screen. This made it difficult to learn some things. Also the combat can get somewhat repetitious....more info
  • The problem with zero accountability programming
    This game looks alright, the graphics are nothing special but not terrible either. The interface is unoriginal, easy enough to adjust but fairly limited. The story is very linear and very simple, even the alternate morality is weak, far too simple for some of the more, mature tidbits scattered through the game. There is combat but nothing particularly challenging in that venue. It seems to have something for the violent player and the complex role player, but not really enough for either.

    The biggest problem, there seem to be a lot of fairly serious bugs and there does not seem to be any intention to patch them any time soon. Considering the very limited save options, these crashes can cost a lot of time as you replay fairly long periods with numerous cut scenes only to have a bad pointer hang up your entire machine at the same final boss as it did last time.

    A comparison can be made to Morrowind, considering the corporate design this may be a valid comparison though the games themselves are highly dissimilar they have some of the same technical problems. Though Morrowind suffered mostly from sheer size, this game boasts no such excuse, it is a very small and limited game with few options and few degrees of freedom. Perhaps a future Xbox version will be more polished, after all, Morrowind was almost stable when it finally got to Xbox, as long as you did not get wrapped up in any of the expansion packs. Then again, another Xbox Fable might wind up with a few add-ons that undo any potential polishing.

    There has to be a more efficient way than this to ruin your computer....more info
  • Eh...
    I have been on a quest. A quest to find the next RPG that was as deep, complex and engaging at Planescape Torment.

    After a brief stop in Fable's world of Albion, my quest continues.

    It's not that Fable is a bad game. The game has a lot more character than a simple hack and slash like Diablo. The graphics are good, the music is great, the voice acting is decent and the game is engaging. It just feels like it could have been so much more.

    I'm sure a breakdown of the mechanics of Fable: The Lost Chapters appear elsewhere in these reviews, so I won't waste your time enumerating them. I will suggest that you buy this game if you like a bit of low-end problem solving, uncomplicated combat and a decent linear storyline. If you are more into the "fast twitch" sort of game, forgetaboutit.

    Vrasjet Dhe Makijazhet (Njesia Speciale E Krimeve, 1)...more info
  • It *used* to work
    When I bought my new PC, I made explicitly sure that it met or exceeded the recommended specs, including making sure I had a compatible nVidia card. I also made sure I had XP Pro as most of the error reports I had found revolved around Vista.

    The first day I had it home, it worked! I played several times through the day, sometimes after a cold boot, sometimes after no reboot. However, at the end of the day, it just stopped working. This is the only application that has been installed on this machine. Now, upon starting the game, the entire system freezes. This is even with a bare boot with no extraneous services or applications running. When it first worked, I made sure to create a restore point in case things went bad. Going back to that restore point has had no effect. I'm starting to wonder if there was actual hardware damage to my nVidia card done by the game.

    The bottom line is that nVidia, LionHead, and Microsoft have no answers. There are no patches, there are no updates. There is a meager troubleshooting guide that seems to do no good for the vast majority. Nobody is supporting this product without you first purchasing a support plan at a cost that's multiple times the cost of the game.

    Some people have had luck switching to Radeon cards, maybe it's a problem with nVidia and this game together. I don't know, nobody knows for certain. Save yourself the trouble and find a different game. Otherwise you're rolling the dice....more info
  • Awesome
    The sound track is awesome, graphics are fairly decent, has lots of cool things to do. i beat it bad and good. never did get all 30 keys...more info
  • I love this game!
    I've beaten the Fable 2 and it's expansion. I've beaten the original Fable on Xbox and then beat it again with LCs. In my opinion this game is better than the 2nd and on PC in wide screen 1080P looks gorgeous. The armors look way better than Fable 2's. In addition the story is better with much more fullfilling character interaction and an actual final boss fight that's worth mentioning. This is the way to play this game. On PC. My only con for this game is the controls. I wish I could use my gamepad. Definately one of my favorite games EVER!...more info
  • OMG way better than the first
    This game is great on any console (pc or Xbox) it added so much more depth to the game. The original fable didn't really have much of an ending it more or less just made the story stay in the middle of no where but the lost chapters has made up for it. Here are a few highlights:
    1. the game has new weapons and armor....that's always good :)
    2. The game has new spells in particular 2 new ones that are beyond powerful and awesome they allow you to basically attack every enemy in a limited but large radius from you ...and well...wow!!!
    3. the story was beyond awesome i mean in the first fable you could not condemn lady grey for what she had done to her sister even if you found evidence...here you can...the games story makes allot more sense as to what happens to the hero depending on your choice of good or evil it also makes more sense as to why the sword of aeons would be good to have at your side...in the reg fable you would get this powerful almighty sword you hear everyone talking about and yet once you had it u didn't have any real enemies to use it on because the game was over and your already to strong for the enemies you can fight, in the lost chapters...the new enemies in the new area/town and final boss make it all to clear why it would come in handy.

    Overall the lost chapters is in my opinion what fable should have been from the start. If you loved the original fable these ones for you. And if you haven't tried it yet...skip the reg and get the lost chapters it has everything the original game had and more. More side quest. More mini games. More story. More fun!!!
    ...more info
  • happy camper
  • Was I just expecting too much?
    I remember seeing previews for this game years ago on the Xbox, and I hated myself for not owning one. I was overjoyed to see it finally released for Windows, and with even more material as well.

    I really liked this game, and I still do oddly enough. While it may be the same thing every time, it still manages to get me to come back constantly and play again. The story line is great and the plot is deep enough to keep you going.

    While the game is a bit on the short side, as you may have already noted from other reviews, it seems to keep calling you back over and over again. I could probably blast though this game in one day if I was so inclined, but I found myself enjoying it for far longer than that. While the game may have fallen short of what it was destined to be (I believe the creators even admitted to this) it is still more than worth the price and time.

    I would also like to say that this is quite possibly the best system port I have ever played. Not only was it moved from Xbox to PC nearly trouble free, They even added new content to the game. It may not be much (max 5 hours) not worth picking up if you already own the Xbox version, but it showed some decency on the part of the creators to put some more work into the game other than just canning it and throwing it out there for us to blow our money on.

    ...more info
  • Ok, not really worth 19.99 if buying new.
    I got lucky and found this game at a thrift store for 4.99. I had no problems installing and running the game. The controls were a bit difficult but overall, even with the difficult controls this game is relatively easy. I played all the way through both story lines (both good and evil) and it was mostly enjoyable but I felt they could have done a lot more. The graphics are good and the story is O.K. Overall, after having played many RPG's I'd say this game is NOT worth 19.99, try if you want but try to get it used....more info
  • Good game but overrated
    This game was a hit on consoles due to the freedom of choice it gave the player which you don't find in many RPG console games. For the PC however, it is not that uncommon to see RPG's like Fable, so the edge it had on the consoles is somewhat lost. The gameplay is what counts for me, and it was extremely easy and unbalanced. You can argue the game is as hard as you want to make it, but that won't work for me. ...more info
  • Fable: The Lost Chapters -- More Fun Than Expected
    Aside from all the hype and gorgeous screen shots of this game, I hadn't really made up my mind whether or not I would fork over the cash for it when it was finally released for the PC -- it seems the console version left a lot of room for improvement.

    I can happily say I am pleased to have purchased the game and am really enjoying playing it -- sure, it's somewhat simple in nature; yes, the combat system is really just hack and slash (but can be more if you bother to use its features like flourish and block); sure there could be improvements, but overall, it's a really solid and highly enjoyable game.

    The look and feel of the game is enjoyably immersive ... not quite what I'd call 'realistic' by any means, but definitely beautiful and enthralling (particularly the lighting effects and ambient appearance). The music is very well done, the story (and the player's control over it) are very entertaining, and the numerous side quests make up for a relatively moderate number of main quests.

    I am most pleased my character can choose to be [...] or straight -- this type of flexibility is a real rareity in the highly homophobic and bigoted gaming community. Granted, there are plenty of buxom female beauties throughout the game, but your character is not required to wed or bed them to complete quests. I know some people are offended by that sort of thing, but if they would all just be realists for a moment they'd get that whether they like it or not, [...] people DO in fact exist and make up a larger part of the gaming community than they realize. It's nice for a player to have real-life flexibility in an RPG, and my hat is off to Lionhead for being brave enough to allow such freedom.

    Oh, and if what you just read offends you, then you are exactly the kind of ______ I'm talking about and you can just go jump in the lake. No, I don't care if you vote my review 'not helpful.' I'll still be here, and you'll still have to get used to it.

    If you've been sitting on the fence about buying 'Fable: The Lost Chapters' but love a really good RPG, take the leap and buy it -- it's not 'Oblivion,' but it will definitely tide you over until that one is released....more info
  • custom characters
    ok i just figured id add a hint to people

    u can eddit ur characters apearance via the pc using paint wont say too much there just havent heard any mention of this and ita one of my favorate aspects of the game
    ...more info
  • Awesome Game
    I must say I cannot believe it took me so long to know of this game. The game is really good. When given a quest, you are given the option to choose several paths so you can choose the outcome and later affecting the game. You can cast pretty neat spells, but I think it could be better if you could transform into a creature of some type, or at least summon one. The world is fairly large with a lot of places to go, although the areas can sometimes be a little narrow. One feature I love is that your gear appears on your character, so you can choose how he looks whenever you want. Overall a great game, if a second part is to be released I will most definitely buy it....more info
  • Great over all
    This is a great game to play if you have lots of time on your hands or even if you don't, depends all on how you play. The good and evil aspects are pretty cool, but I will say there is a reason it has a Mature rating,
    which adds to the fun and in my opinion humor: you can drink, get married and have some premarital relations at a bordello
    (the cut screens (sound only) when your hero is getting busy are hilarious, esp. when its with the male/male relationship.) And I love the fact your character can marry Women or Men.
    Quests are pretty good with the boast options. Being able to change clothes, hair and tattoo's
    (even make your own custom tattoos for your player to wear which is really awesome).

    I say this is well worth playing....more info
  • A fun time-killer, worth your measly $20.
    For KC Oaks, the problem lies not in the game but her/his computer. This game works beautifully with my nVidia 3VGA 7600 GT card.

    Okay, true that the game is kinda short, but you can't cheat on a god mode, so it's not like you're gonna finish it in a day or 2. & for only $20 you're getting you're money's worth; the game is both fun & highly amusing, nothing seems cliche & many things are unexpected. The environment is beautiful, the soundtrack is beautiful, just like American McGee's Alice's OST. Cheaters will have to rely on the games exploits; many seem to have been almost added to the game on purpose because of their humorous nature. Down the line, all games become tiresome at some point, but you'll end up wanting to play the game at least once a year. I'm already looking forward to Fable 2....more info
    If you haven't yet played this game, well, you don't know what you are missing...
    FABLE-THE LOST CHAPTERS is a game so full of great ideas that later games could not stop imitating (and isn't imitation the best form of compliment?). After being an X-BOX title for too long, it eventually got released for PCs.

    The game is a Third-Person cRPG starting with your character as a little boy made witness to his village burning and his family getting murdered. The orphan then gets schooled in a military academy (one of the most subtle and best designed tutorials EVER!) and graduates to face his first quest. From then on, this beautiful non-linear and multileveled game never lets you without a fresh surprise!

    Sure, there is hacking and slashing and sharpshooting to our hearts content; however, this cRPG's ambitions do not expire there. Your character will grow, acquire scars and marks, get haircuts and tattoos - whereas his body shape and height will depend on his habits, training and alignment. You can buy a house, impress the ladies and even get married. There are also a number of mini-games within FABLE, from gambling to fishing and prize-duels.

    The graphics are beautiful (a bit dated today yet still much better than most systems can handle). Facial expressions and body movements are fluid and natural, whereas, grass, flowers and tree branches move to the wind and in your path. There is a weather system and night-and-day alterations. In FABLE you will see the best sunrise and the most rich sunset sky colors EVER! When a scenery moves you enough you can even take a...in game picture that can be viewed later (they are saved in a special folder in MY DOCUMENTS). I am telling you, Peter Molyneux left nothing to chance! Whatever could be turned on its head, well, it was...

    The gameplay is plain brilliant! The controls are intuitive and the lower-edge-of-the-screen shortcuts could not be more user-friendly. Looting is usual and merchants are abundant. Weapons and armor are well designed (nothing like the childish ones in...NWN) and special unique sets (rarely) available.

    I have completed this game at least three times (the last one was this summer) - and I have enjoyed all of them immensely! Now that the price has dropped, it's even a bargain!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!...more info
  • Good game in general
    With minor exceptions, anyone who is fond of RPG's will enjoy this game. Not the best ever, but pretty well polished with a decent story. ...more info
  • fun but funny way to "develope" your PC
    A game with a backstory stemming from your childhood to adult adventurer(of some sort) the quests are strait foreward, yet it is usually more tedious to get to them(the first time before the Kinis gates) than the actual quests which involve usually, the hack'n slash the evil minions to get to the big boss as in most console games. The characters are very generic and uninteresting, including the "storydriven" ones as your sister, your academy female "peer" and your childhood frineds. MOst are just there to say "hey there, I remember you" or something. Most people are generic and boring even the bard is just a lame cardboardish stereo type of no real fun beyond cliche of rhyming. It is a game of you and a world of you doing stuff of paperdolls, no one "feels: like a real perosn the dialogue is all spelled out for dummies instead of being people they are just lame characatures with lame actors behind it. Your "developement" is just as stupid. Fun as it is to play, thus my four stars, it is not natural and quite odd how you must "aquire" experience "orbs" in order to learn, if you practice with a sword, you should get better, not have to go pick up some stupid fruty glowing ball of light for your hard work. You then take this coriscating "ball" of light knowhow, to the "Adventurers Gulid" and pick you talents. Very counter-dictive of Morrowind, Daggerfall, or any real RPG that states, a thief doesn't become a better thief by killing a troll" this is also true of XP, you develope as you use it, not(as in -THIS - game) by picking up a fairy creature and "obsorbing" it into your "being". The most odd thing of all is appearence changes, to change your appearence in any way, you must get a "card" and go to a barber. This is silly. The "nicknames' are "purchased" by money. One earns one's nicknmae, it is not a choice of how much gold is in your purse. How lame is that?? no girl PC's but then again, other games have no male PC's, so it's about even-stevie nix these days ins't it. No hair/eye color mods because you do appearence alters in the game play itself, another no no!(except for tatoos which are that way in real life). Some of us(not me) whould also find it inetersting to play the "peasant" or merchant class for a change, as in the pilgram in Morrowind/Obilvioun. But that is a frivolty yet would be nice in part 2!
    As odd as this game is, it is still very fun and compelling to play and complete. It is like the olden days when one stayed up til 2:00 am and forgot how late it was. It is a weird system of character dev but the quests work somehow anyway(thus my 4 stars) I have had little technical glitches either, something these "catagorizing reveiewrers" need to include in thier list as in 1 graphics 2 game play 3 tech ect. It needs no patching yet I think thiere is one or a few. Since I am too buisy to go fetch those, that means it plays well without them. ONly one glithc I know of, when you "boast" for the "Without a scratch" in the Hobbs contest quest it will give you a "dirty bird" Windows shut down and you then start to safe mode and bypass the quest boasting.(XPPro). Also pull out the b@# windows key when fighting a difficult opponent like "whisper" who keeps getting stuck in the area doors and this happens with a lot of fights in a closed area and is irritationg if you have to leave when you are trying to attack someone! If you rip out your windows "flag" key it alleviates some of the problem to prevent the "start" menu from interfereing rudely. game play is the key feature here, no RPG elements or graphics inovations, in fact, most "developement" does little in influenceing damage, if you are of a level 3 physique I see little differncec in the same beast confrnotation of sword damage than level 1 or even 5! Magic is about pooling and if you gain capacity nothing elese matters. get a level 1 in most skills and pool for the capacity in HP/MP ect. Unlike "forestlords"(Dungeon Lords) strength has a small influence on how well you hold heavy wheapons, yet I see no damage bonus as my opponenets take just as long ot defeat at level 1(physique) as level anything elese! Magic "skill" is the same, a fire or lighting spell takes just as long to down a beast at 1 as 5!, only be sure and max your "Mana" stores the only use of leveling....more info
  • Neat but addictive
    this is definitely a must for a first person game. when you get to be too good or bad your character will have stuff that sometimes fools your vision. If you like doom and Knights this is definitely a great game. the graphics are good, it does not get horribly dark like doom. the progession is not entirely linear, it reminds me of Black and White with the story parts and the extra parts. Just be aware that this game will suck you in and not want to let you back out, so start playing while you have a free day ahead because you will need it!...more info
  • One-note game
    I bought this game expecting to be able to have more flexibility than I'd ever had before. Now, I just wonder where I got those expectations. Your character? You have to be male and human, and while you can get haircuts and tattoos, gain weight, and, of course, age, that is the full extent of your ability to customize him. He always starts out as a dark-haired, blue eyed, pale little boy... and stays pretty close to that. Though you can get married, don't expect much from that; you won't get the level of character interaction you would get out of the Sims, much less the kind of romance offered in RPGs like Baldur's Gate. Gameplay? You hack/slash/cast/shoot your way through a linear plot and, if you so choose, a handful of side quests. Hardly an embarassment of choices there. It's acceptable for a shooter... but I didn't buy a shooter. As for the moral choices? The clothes my character wore had more effect on his "attractiveness/scariness" than his moral choices. Besides, most of the choices are simply shallow: kill a few bandits here to get some good points; kill a couple merchants there to get some bad points. Crime will get you bad points, whatever your intent. And so on and so forth.
    This is not an RPG, unless every shooter where you "play the role" of a spy or marine counts as an RPG. This is "run around and kill stuff" with a few weakly executed RPG trappings. If that sounds like your kind of game, don't let me stop you. If you like RPGs... don't bother. ...more info
  • What Might Have Been
    First, you might ask, why rate this game 5 stars...and then give it an overall rating of 1 star? Well, in theory, the game is awesome: breathtaking graphics, nice combat (from what I saw of it), and completely being able to customize your character (even his sexuality).
    I was going along, thinking this was one of the best games I had ever played, when 20 minutes into game play, it froze (when trying to fight Maze to graduate from The Academy). I started over...same freeze occured. Uninstalled/Re-installed game. Same story.
    Went to Best Buy (where I had purchased the game) and exchanged the defective copy for a new one. Started playing with high hopes...and once again, twenty minutes in, the game froze and wouldn't allow me to progress any further.
    The game is fundamentally flawed. Sure, it might have been awesome...had I been able to get more than 20 minutes of game play out of it. ...more info
  • Completely unstable
    The game runs great, unless it decides to randomly crash to desktop. Furthermore, the inability to save when ever you want combined with the random crashes makes the game difficult to penetrate. Inquiries to microsoft about tech support results in their suggestion that you reinstall windows. Even though every other piece of software runs fine and the only problem is with Fable. Save your money....more info
  • Fantastic!
    Bought this on a whim and pleasantly supprised. Graphics are fantastic. I have had no gameplay issues and on top of that the controls are simple. WASD controls with the mouse allow changing bow and sword quickly. Spells can be assigned to hot keys and favorites are at immediate disposal on the mouse. I'm not much on story board, generally i skip the story pieces except for necessary clues. I like the idea that everything you do effects your characters growth. However after 11 hours of play you are 40 years old, so as you've read in other reviews you won't spend months on this game. I would love to see a longer version of this with more character options!

    I also want to add i play this at 2560 x 1600 with all the graphics options turned up. Even in the arena quest where i am battling many foes there is no lag or pauses! Granted i have the hardware to do it, but some higher priced games the s/w can't keep up. Try this! It'll make you think about the future of gaming....more info
  • Great in so many ways, but on the other hand....
    Fable:TLC is a good game and worth picking up for yourself or someone who'll enjoy a classic might and magic themes set in a beautiful, colorful environment. Also if you are a fan of Peter Moleneux (sp?) or Danny Elfman, those are two more reasons to check this game out.

    Story - Thin. :\ Its kind of like Conan the Barbarian, starting life as a child of tradgedy and developing into a hero with the purpose of revenge. With a story driven game, tone is usually set by the intro movie. In this case the movie was pointless or very close to. Quests, even when they are a part of the main story line, feel disconnected as a whole. Side quests rarely intersect or lead to anything more than the basic objective. There is a real lack of personal character devlopment as well. You dont talk at all, but make basic stiff emotes as you interact with major characters in the story. You always look empty eyed no matter what is happening around you. This doesnt really make sense because most of the other characters are lively, especially in the in-game movies. The voice acting is good and can be humours at times (Im sure I heard some Monty Pythonish talk in there). A lot more involvment could have been gained from the player had the story not been overlooked or skimped on.

    Graphics - Very nice :D. The Fable world is very rich and atmospheric. The world lighting (day and night) is excellent and sets the tone for every climate or zone to a tea. You only have to look at the screenshots to really get a sense of this. Combat and magic effects just end up as icing on the cake when its all said and done. Characters, world props (buildings, fauna) are modeled very well for the most part. Im not partial to the 'big hands and feet' look but thats just me. :P

    Game Play - Even though a lot was done to accomodate PC gaming, it still feels like a port and youll notice oddities as you play. One major issue I had was switching between melee fighting and magic use. The default key setup is good and I did move some around but I always felt like I was tripping over myself. On that note nothing broke the game or became really frustrating. It is true, Fable is easy. If youve done the majority of the quests, good or bad, youll be ready for anything. I didnt spend much time on the hero's 'personal' life where you court (men or women), get married, buy houses etc. I wasent drawn to it because it didnt have a real use (except for a small quest series). Your reknown and attractivness do most of the work for you anways. If you liked the Sims, Fable doesnt supply that level of relationship management.

    Last Notes - There is a lot of critique in here but if youve read this far please dont avoid this game for those reasons. Overall Fable:TLC is a good, fairly mindless game. Its not terribly challenging, has some story and gameplay issues but still a lot of fun in most every way.

    A previous review mentioned the inability to save progress. That is not true. The save feature is available in the options menu. I know, strange place to put it but Ive seen worse. One issue I did have is that when I reloaded a save (after say making a bad choice or a quest failed) the items Id used before the reload were gone. I dont know if this was an error or working as intended but it was annoying all the same :P....more info
  • It took me three computers, but now it runs!
    This is like "Zelda light." It's got minimal story and is way, way to small. The extra "chapters" are 2 - 3 hrs max. There is so much potential, but so little quest. I really like the bright, old-school graphics. Fun, engaging and humorous. Not as adult as it should be for a game that includes liquor, sex and adultery. I really liked it, I really wanted it to be more. Hope "Fable II" comes out on PC because I can't afford an XBox....more info
  • Fabulous beginning; weak ending
    Single-hero fantasy game with a wonderful built-into-the-game tutorial, easy to use interface, well designed play flow, and fun behavior options. Lost 2-stars are from the "mandatory" quests, which are poorly designed and get increasingly annoying and/or icky. Earns "Mature" rating via adult and/or immoral action choices beyond simple violence....more info