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Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete Third Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Described by series cocreator Brannon Braga as "a single episode that lasts 24 hours," the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise is arguably the best in the show's four-season run. With the epic "Xindi saga" as the season's primary story arc, the series found its tonal focus in the unpredictable space of the Delphic Expanse, where alien encounters and matter-warping spatial anomalies forced Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) to make extreme decisions that tested his ethical boundaries. Realizing the need for a fresh viewpoint, Braga and cocreator Rick Berman hired Manny Coto, a TV veteran who conceived or wrote several of the season's finest episodes (not forgetting Mike Sussman and other members of the series' first-rate writing staff). Coto's involvement was instrumental in shaping the Xindi saga, which began (with season 2's cliffhanger) when Earth was attacked by a Xindi probe--a massive weapon which Archer must now destroy. This vital mission dominates season 3, deriving its potent drama from an impressive variety of characters and subplots focused on the five-species Xindi council, which finds its voice of reason in Primate member Degra (season regular Randy Oglesby) and rancor in the Reptilian Commander (Scott MacDonald), pivotal characters whose fates will be tragically intertwined.

Despite lower ratings and budgetary cutbacks (as evident in several ship-bound episodes with minimal casting), season 3 was equally strong as a showcase for the Enterprise regulars, with plenty of fan speculation rising from the sexy and soothing Vulcan "neuro-pressure" sessions between the insomniac Tucker (Connor Trinneer, better than ever) and T'Pol, whose hidden addiction to a toxic compound allows Jolene Blalock to mine the volatile depths of her character (who now sports a more appealing hairstyle and wardrobe). Meanwhile, security chief Reed (Dominick Keating) engages in heated competition with Major Hayes (reliable guest Steven Culp, from the first season of Desperate Housewives), the leader of NX-01's Military Assault Command Operation (or MACO), which Reed views with territorial suspicion. And while Enterprise still fumbled to develop the characters of Hoshi (Linda Park) and Travis (Anthony Montgomery), John Billingsley continued to bring clutch-player excellence to his role as Dr. Phlox in several highlight episodes including "Doctor's Orders" and "Similitude," the latter featuring equally strong work by Trinneer in an ethically complex (and fan-favorite) examination of the cloning--a typical example of Star Trek at its best.

The alternate timeline of "Twilight" also honors the classic Trek tradition, while "Harbinger" reveals the existence of the trans-dimensional Sphere Builders, whose moon-sized creations affect Enterprise throughout its season-long mission. Finally, the crucial appearances of blue-skinned Andorian Shran (Jeffrey Combs) bring both suspense and comic relief to the season's grim proceedings, adding depth and tentative alliance to Enterprise's pre-Federation politics--a crucial element that assumes greater importance with the jaw-dropping cliffhanger of "Zero Hour" and the surprises in store for season 4, which will bring Enterprise ever closer to the original Star Trek timeline.

DVD features
Gathered on disc 7, the season 3 bonus features for Enterprise are consistent with features on seasons 1 and 2: Identical in presentation but different in content. The "Xindi Saga" featurette summarizes the creative and practical decisions that resulted in the season-long story arc; "Enterprise Profile" acknowledges the popularity of "Trip" Tucker and Connor Trinneer's successful effort to transcend the character's "hayseed" image; and "A Day in the Life of a Director" finds Roxann Dawson (aka B'Elanna Torres from Voyager) well in control as she helms the episode "Exile." As with previous DVD sets, three more "NX-01" files are hidden as "Easter eggs" on the Special Features menus, and they include further appreciations of the Enterprise writers, the work of costume designer Robert Blackman, and John Billingsley's hilarious anecdote about Phlox's prodigious sexual endowment(s). The outtakes are amusing but all too brief, perhaps owing to the higher stakes (and lower ratings) of a dramatically serious season. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent, excellent season if perhaps not the best of the 4
    Of the four Star Trek seasons, this is far and away the darkest of the four, featuring a 9/11 theme. Earth suffers a devastating attack from an alien species, and Enterprise is dispatched to eliminate the threat. In this season we see a darker, more ruthless Captain Archer, who is determined to carry out his mission, occasionally bending, or even breaking, his usual high ethical standards.

    This season is pretty good, and most of the episodes are excellent entertainment. The cast continues to develop excepting Hoshi and Mayweather, who for some reason seem to recede in this season. The MACOs are a valuable addition to the cast, and frankly it now seems odd that a Starship would travel on missions without a group that is skilled at tactical operations on the ground.

    Unfortunately, it is my theory that this season is perhaps the cause of the Enterprise series' demise. Most Star Trek episodes stand on their own, and the viewer needs only a minimal familiarity with the series, or even none at all, in order to enjoy a given episode. Not so Season Three. This is essentially a miniseries about Enterprise's struggle against the Xindi (the alien race that attacked Earth, and which Enterprise seeks to de-fang). The various episodes are highly interconnected and require quite a bit of familiarity with the series in order to make sense. Despite being pretty darned good entertainment, I believe that this inhibited the ability of the series to attract new viewers, or even retain some viewers who for whatever reason could only catch some but not all episodes. Usually a series like Enterprise hits its stride around Season Three, and perhaps really begins to attract viewers. That is not what happened here, and I speculate (with minimal data, admittedly) that the complexity of the Season Three theme hurt the ability of the series to attract viewers.

    The other thing I dislike about Season Three is the heavy time-travel theme. I believe that the best Star Trek episodes are those that stick with its core theme: what will mankind find when it ventures out among the stars, and what will these discoveries do to and for mankind? Interstellar travel makes unlmited theme variations possible. There is no need for time travel, which is improbable of achievement, in contrast with space travel, which is probably humanity's ultimate destiny.

    It is unfortunate that Enterprise did not stay around longer, because in my opinion Enterprise is far and away the best of the Star Trek series (and I love them all!). Enterprise really captures the notion of humankind just beginning to explore the nearby regions of the Galaxy, encountering new intelligent species for the first time, including species such as the Andorians and the Vulcans who are more technologically advanced than humans. Enterprise has a fresh, "New Frontier" feeling to it that the best episodes of The Original Series also had. (See "The Menagerie" episode if you want an example of this).

    Nothing in this review is meant to minimize the entertainment value of Season Three. This is wonderful entertainment from which anyone who likes science fiction and/or Star Trek will derive great enjoyment. I give it four stars rather than five simply to contrast it with the superb Season Four. Season Four is the season in which the series really hit its stride, showing the tremendous possibilities Enterprise made possible. ...more info
  • Does Paramount Smoke Crack?
    Great show! Really it is...

    But WTF? $80 or higher a season?

    what makes em think we'll pay twice as much for a season of star trek than any other series?

    I'll pass till they can figure out the real market value of this franchise...more info
  • "Enterprise" comes into its own
    The third season of "Enterprise" had its challenges: the ratings were sagging and the producers were hoping to increase viewership; facing strong critical reaction from fans the series became much more action based with stronger stories that separated it from "Voyager" and put it more in the leage of "Deep Space Nine" (still the finest "Trek" series IMO). If you like "Enterprise" this is probably the seasont that truly got you hooked. With the season long story arc of the Xindi, Enterprise went into uncharted territory for the series. The Xindi are a race that have designed a weapon to kill everyone on Earth. They've discovered that humanity will, in the future, destroy their planet so they've elected to strike before that event occurs. Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) and his crew have this information revealed by a time traveler involved in the Temporal Cold War from season one for his own nefarious reasons. By the way there is a podcast for one of the best episodes during the third season "Twilight" available at the offical "Star Trek" website with writer Michael Sussman and moderator Tom Gaskill. Why this wasn't included on the boxed set, I don't know but it's an excellent podcast. This one unlike the others was designed for the DVD boxed set for the third season.

    Enterprise goes into the uncharted Delphic Expanse where the laws of physics are sometimes altered by the anomolies encountered in the region and the mysterious metallic spheres located throughout the region. Enterprise is on a desperate mission to discover the Xindi homeworld in hopes of stopping the weapon (which has already been tested on Florida leaving 7 million dead at the end of season two)or convincing the Xindi that Earth is not a threat. Bakula came into his own this season playing a decision battle hardened Archer. The optical effects and sets are impressive as are the different alien species some of which are portrayed via CGI.

    Although it wasn't a perfect series, "Enterprise" offered much hope for the franchise during the third and fourth season (before the disasterous and horrible final episode of season four). As usual the image quality on this series is top notch and Paramount keeps getting better with the extras. I did, however, have to go back and return three separate sets before I got a complete set that wasn't defective which was extremely frustrating.

    The extras this time around include a discussion as to why producers Braga and Berman brought on Manny Coto (the talented writer/producer/creator of "Odyssey Five")as a writer/producer. There's also a discussion as to the reasons for the season long Xindi story arc introduced at the end of season two. There's a very good featurette on directing the show featuring Roxann Dawson, outtakes, deleted scenes, a couple of commentary tracks by Manny Coto and Assistant director Mike De Merritt on shooting the episode "North Star". Also we get text commentary on three episodes "Impulse", "Count Down" and "Xindi" by Michael and Denise Okuda. There's also a profile of Connor Trinner aka "Trip". Trinner honestly assesses the changes in the character he started to make as the series progressed (for the good). There's also a photo gallery, episode synposis booklet and Easter eggs.

    While this was a shorter seson (24 vs. 26), the third season was a huge improvement over the first two and made for compelling action driven science fiction. While there were a few missteps ("Doctor's Orders" which basically was a rewrite of a "Voyager" episode) most of the season was very strong with some of the best written episodes seen since "Deep Space Nine".

    Complaints? The price is still way too high although the design for the packaging is unique and nice (that's what you're paying for along with the extensive extras). Also, "Enterprise" should have been given another year to see what Coto and Alan Brennart ("The Twilight Zone") could have done as they did excellent work during season four as well. Now that "Star Trek" seems retired (for the moment) it does allow the oppportunity to reinvent the franchise and give it renewed energy. "Enterprise" wasn't a wasted journey but a worthwhile one with a top notch cast and writing/direction at the end of the series. ...more info
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Over-/Review on all 4 Seasons
    Awesome cast, great atmosphere, but the quality of the stories varies from the best
    that science fiction has to offer to the most boring imaginable.

    Main review
    The concept of a series taking place shortly after the First Contact Movie is a brilliant idea. But it seems a long way from the idea to realisation. Already at the end of the pilot (Broken Bow) I missed the greatness this concept potentially has. You get thrown into "business as usually" (rescuing, exploring etc.) way too soon. I would have loved a pilot movie plus some more shows describing the time from first contact to the launch of Enterprise. That would have been something truly new. But this pilot is just an extended version of a 08/15-show.

    The cast delivers frequently - Scott Bakula is on hell of as sovereign captain, Jolene Blalock is sexy as she is intelligent and plays T'Pol with a huge amount of depth. I could continue endlessly with Phlox, Hoshi, Trip, Malcolm... It's an outstanding team with no need to fear comparison with a Picard, Spock, Scotty...
    The set designers and the costume designers all did a great job (thanks for avoiding more romper suits).

    But it is difficult when there are too many boring scripts.
    Especially in the first two seasons contain too many shows following the pattern:
    "Landing on an alien world, been taken prisoner, making an escape." Even the visit to Risa follows this.
    Also there is "being boarded, been held hostage, chasing away the enemy".
    Then there are some episodes like "Shuttle pod one". The whole show consists of a rather dry talk between Malcolm and Trip. I can't imagine something more boring.
    And a lot of the shows contain just a recycled script from "Next Generation", "Deep Space 9" and "Voyager", such as "Terra Nova", "Sleeping Dogs", "Dawn"...

    But on the other hand you can't skip those episode - they sometimes contain important information on the characters. Therefore the waiting for the good and outstanding episodes is somewhat painful. These are the shows "The Andorian Incident" (I love the duplicity of the Andorians and there development into the 4th season) , "Shockwave", "First Flight" and the continuing plot about the Xindi (finally a few more star battles than in TOS, TNG and DS9).

    Then when the series was already near its death the 4th season hit with power. The plot about the Augments could have been an Oscar-winning movie, and so would have been the story about the Vulcan's not been that perfect after all. The Andorians continue to deliver and the racial conflict with "Terra Prime" is the kind of stuff I waited 4 seasons for.

    Seeing the 4th season there is defiantly potential for three more seasons.
    But with the experiences of the first two seasons I can't blame the network for discontinuing the show.

    I bought the slime line boxes and paid for each 13 British Pounds (18 US-Dollar). If I had paid the regular price for the first editions (80 Dollar) I would have been very upset.
    ...more info
  • Lost
    This was the season where I lost interest. I loved the first two seasons, but don't want to have to keep up with everything because each episode is really just a continuation of the last episode. Weren't the first two seasons a hit? Almost completely stand alone episodes. They ruined the show because after each episode I felt like it's not over. How do you watch one of these episodes when you know you are left hanging. After season two ended with the attack on Earth, I figured next season would be two or three episodes to deal with the enemy and move on to regular stories. That's what they should have done. There was nothing wrong with the show but then season four is comprised of mostly two, three or four part episodes. The original Star Trek and the Next Generation were mostly stand alone shows, but I never really liked Next Generation, too politically correct for me....more info
  • Disappointing; painful to watch
    To begin, I enjoy watching the original series, next gen and voyager (I have all the aforementioned shows on DVD); but I am not a "hard-core" fan. I have never like DS9, much for the same reason I don't care for Enterprise Season 3. I am someone who enjoys the shows and realizes, in the ned, they are just television shows.

    I purchased season 3 of Enterprise, because I enjoyed the first two season and the 4th season; so to keep the collection intact, reluctanctly purcased season 3.

    Like the original searies, Enterprise Season 3's episodes are either good or bad. I have found many of them utterly unwatchable. Why? As many of the other reviewershave already stated, many of the plots seemed to be culled from Voyager or Next Gen; or disjointed due to the season long story arc. (By the way, I agree that this was a very big mistake to make for a series like Enterprise). Many of the episodes promise a good story but consistently fail to deliver.

    I actually recommend that you nuy this dvd set, because by the time you watch all 24 episodes (less than the previous standard amount - another indicator the show was near its demise) you'll be so disappointed that Season 4 will seem utterly invigorating!...more info
  • Star Trek: Enterprise
    The third season continues where the second left off with edge of your seat adventures for the crew of enterprise....more info
  • The Xindi Attack, And We Won't Take It Any More!
    Having never watched Enterprise before I started buying the DVDS, because I don't have UPN, I am only now watching these episode for the first time. I have to say that Enterprise Season Three is the best out of the three seasons released so far.

    It really has matured into Star Trek. There is action mixed with thoughtful plots. There is a revenge story the entire season and the pain of the crew's loss can be felt on almost every episode.

    The entire storyline is based on the tragic event of 9/11. Earth is minding it's own business and is attacked, killing seven million people on Earth. The storyline is so close to what happened in real life, you'll be on edge hoping Earth gets revenge for the slaughter of seven million innocent people.

    The Xindi themselves are an interesting new species of aliens that have never before been seen, but arguably have been mentioned in Trek before ENT. They make the Suliban seem weak.

    Overall, Enterprise Season 3 is the season to get if you are a fan of Trek or ENT alone, even non-fans would enjoy this. I've been a fan of Trek for years and I have to say that Season 3 is a must own even for those who didn't like the previous two seasons. This has to be in the top 5 seasons of all time for any Trek series. Get it, and you won't be disappointed...more info
  • The Season-long Episode!
    I didn't watch much Enterprise when it was on, unfortunately. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from fully enjoying the series, even though I did manage to catch the occasional episode. It's a great benefit to people like me, then, that the entire run is now on DVD.

    The full season DVD set is especially useful for this third season, because the entire season is essentially one extended episode. The Xindi Saga.

    It's interesting to watch as Archer and the crew (and the fledgling Starfleet, for that matter) respond to a terrorist attack on the planet Earth. All of the emotions that we felt after 9/11 are present in this season -- as are the decisions that we've had to make (for good or ill). We see the conflict among the Xindi, and then we watch the various factions in Iraq battle for control. The parallels are interesting to watch, and are very much in tune with the tone set by Roddenberry in the original Star Trek.

    Equally interesting are the scenes involving the Xindi council. We see a people who are not (all) warlike and violent, but who are intent on saving their homeworld from destruction by the human "threat" 400 years in the future. Bad guys who aren't (all) quite so bad is part of the Star Trek experience -- even Klingons are now seen as a race governed by a sense of honor that humans cannot quite equal.

    In the middle of this political commentary, a little social commentary is thrown in for good measure. In "Similitude," Tripp is seriously injured. Flox creates a clone, to attempt to help save Tripp's life. But the clone has other ideas about life, and whose should be saved. The episode gives a whole new perspective on the issue of cloning.

    Season three of Enterprise shows a lot of the promise that the series had. I grew tired quickly of the "Enterprise as backstory" idea that seems to plague much of the series, and I enjoyed seeing an alien race that we don't ever see again in any Star Trek incarnation. Enterprise was at its strongest when it was allowed to function as its own series, rather than being so dependant on the rest of the Star Trek franchise....more info
  • Enterprise season 3
    I loved seasons 1 & 2 - couldn't wait for season 3 to see the continuation of humanity's progress into space, evolution of our technology, etc.

    Disappointment is not a strong enough word.

    Least importantly "they" have messed with the theme tune (for ratings?). It's got the Quantum Leap beat now and doesn't pick up at the chorus anymore - the cool guitar bit behind "no-one's gonna bend or break me" is gone too :-( .

    The entire season feels like a cross between the worst bits of Voyager and the dreary slow drawn out end to DS9 where ONE single predictable plot gets spread out over pretty much a whole season (like not enough butter over too much bread ;-) ).

    You can tell where these plots are going (or rather, HAVE to go) and "the clock's ticking for the whole season" which kills off any chance for variation in story types and introduction of new ideas because the crew would be negligent to stay in any one place for longer than they had to.

    I can go to work to feel that kind of pressure, thanks.

    In my opinion it takes until the end of the second disk before there's a good episode. Also there are a few less episodes than previously.

    I wish I had not bought this.

    SEASONS 1 & 2 ARE WORTH BUYING!!!...more info
  • A Year in the Expanse
    In the interest of helping the sagging ratings, the producers decided to give the show a season long story arc. Introduced in the second season finale, the crew of Enterprise has a new mission. Instead of exploring, the crew must now track down the Xindi and stop them from building a weapon that will destroy Earth. The problem is, the area of space they are exploring is filled with strange anomalies that affect the crew in strange ways. And if they don't stop the Xindi, the entire human population will be destroyed.

    With so much at stake, I was hoping this season would raise the series above the disappointing second season. There were some very good episodes, but too many of them were still sub par. In fact, many I had figured out completely by the second commercial break. I was so bored it took my friends watching it with me to keep me going until the final episodes kicked the story into high gear and got me hooked again.

    Die-hard Trekkies will want this set to complete their collection. Casual fans can just pass right on by and wait for the far superior final season....more info
  • Season 3, THE XINDI BEGINS!
    The 3rd season, which at this point is now known as "Star Trek: Enterprise" and also the remix of "Where my heart will take me" from a Gospel like song to a more upbeat rock version of the show. But anyway, I think the best episodes on this sete were, The Xindi "because they were the ones that started it with the attack on earth", another episode would be "North Star", in which an old western "Skag" Outsider was hung just because he was a skag. The other episode that caught my eye was called "e2" in which 150 yrs back, the same Enterprise crew was founded by the same crew as the current Enterprise! But all in all, season 3 is one of my favorite episodes in which will lead towards the season 4 multi-story-arc finale. ...more info
  • Best Season of All
    One of the best seasons of ANY Star Trek series. Outstanding performances of the entire cast, great storyline and production quality that surpass the last 4 Star Trek Movies. Do you want to understand why Enterprise is one of the best Star Trek series, after TOS and TNG? Buy this Season!...more info
    Before reading this review, be aware that I am not only fanatical about sci-fi, I am also extremelly devoted to the world of star trek and have enjoyed all the different shows its spun off into.
    I have also been a great fan of enterprise, I believe they put together a great crew for the show, characters that are not only great actors, but work really well with each other, and within their roles.
    Having followed the first two seasons with mild fervor, i felt that towards the end of the second season, i came off wishing for somenthing more, episodes, though original in their stories, most memorably the season 2 episode "Cogenitor" comes to mind as a great moment in the series, I left myself yearning for somenthing more,where the story was going, it never felt that the stakes were high enough, within the world of enterprise. All that changed with the last episode of season 2, launching season 3 into a crusade like story that would begin a DEEP SPACE NINE: Dominion war style story.
    Cue season 3 of enterprise, and in my opinion the best thing to happen to sci-fi in recent times, the story of the Xindi, and their war of extermination on planet earth engulfed the entire 24 episodes of the thirds season, while the presence of the xindi objective is milder in some episodes, and critical in others, the pacing of interlinking all the eps, to tell a major story worked so well for me that I found myself stuck to the tv, and working my schedule around every week to wath the next episodes. In the days of television series that don't like to risk doing anything else apart from one stand alone episodes, season 3 of enterprise homages the pacing of SCI-FI legend BABYLON 5, and in doing so, tells a much more thorough and epic story, a SAGA if you will
    I was first in line to buy this dvd set, the great extras go a long way too, but I cant wait to sit and watch all the episodes again, as back to back as possible. I recomend this season vey highly for any fan of sci-fi....more info
  • Season 3, Enterprise - The year of the Xindi - brilliant
    Long time Trek fan. I've seen all of the movies and every episode of every show (even every Enterprise - how many Trek fans can say that?), and the Xindi season probably stands as the most solid overall season of a Trek show (though a few DS9 seasons come *really* close). I have to hand it to them for pretty much ignoring Trek lore and trying something outright new after 2 shaky seasons under their belt and, other than a few references to existing canon and Andorian appearances, this season can stand well on its own as a good science fiction story arc even if you aren't familiar with Enterprise or even Trek itself. Some Trek fans didn't like that, I thought it was brilliant.

    Once you get past the inane premise of Starfleet being made aware of the Xindi threat by their making a direct attack on Earth as a preliminary test for their doomsday weapon (actually happened as the finale of season 2), the rest of this season unfolds in a well paced and laid out storyline, with even the diversion stories meaning something in the end. The concept of the Xindi themselves, 5 different species (humanoid, arboreals, insectoid, reptilian, and aquatic) all originating from the same planet and evolving together (and a 6th technically, avian, though extinct and didn't make it to the present time of the story arc). Very diverse and conflicted, yet all unified in a common bond - the destruction of Earth and the (future) Federation which they have been led to believe will destroy them. The effects are top notch, especially considering all of the Xindi races have their own technology and look as well. The aquatics alone, as a non humanoid species living in water, would have been impossible to do on a tv budget even a few short years earlier. The Enterprise itself even takes progressive damage throughout the year - none of that "all fixed, everything is better" at the beginning of the next episode - they are forced to deal with their damage and limitations while cut off from most all of their allies while in the Xindi Expanse.

    Go for season 4 of Enterprise if you're looking for more true canon prequel Trek (esp. the Mirror Universe eps featuring the Tholians) - if the first two seasons had been anything like the last season (4), or the third season of Enterprise had been the first, the show might have gone to 5-7 seasons.

    As it stands though, if you just want to give Enterprise itself a try, go with season 3. It'll stand on it's own....more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise: Third Season
    Great old-fashioned cliffhanger episodes of the Enterprise's battle to save Earth. If you are a "trekkie" this is a great season to have. I found it to to be the equivalent of a real page-turning novel that you couldn't put down, I had to keep watching episode after episode....more info
  • The best Star Trek season ever.
    This is a great series. I couldn't stop watching. ...more info