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StarMark Training Collar Large
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Product Description

The Triple Crown Collar's patented design enhances communication between you and your dog. This collar provides gentle control and offers a great looking design. It works well for dogs that constantly pull on the leash and makes obedience training a snap. The link design fits together, producing a watchband pattern that any dog would be proud to wear. This also makes it easy to remove links as needed, or use Add-A-Link to quickly lengthen the collar for a perfect fit.

  • Gentle, effective control
  • Links can be added or removed for perfect fit
  • High strength link design
  • Patented humane design
  • 21"

Customer Reviews:

  • So Far So Good
    I tried out my new collars tonight and it worked great. I noticed an improvement immediately. Please note I have two German Shepherds that are leash trained prior to using this collar. I purchased this because I have two large dogs and walking them when they are excited is difficult, normally after 15 min match of tug of war they would be good dogs. This collar I hoped will help me to train and control them more easily and it did. The largest collar is a bit snug I am pulling it over the head and not using the snap, so I have ordered the extension links for more room. I am nervous about the plastic links breaking if one of my dogs really wanted to pull away so I clip the leash to the training and their normal collar too for extra security.

    I like the design of this collar better than the metal prongs. Those metal prongs looked an felt like they would really hurt and I just couldn't do that to my puppies....more info
  • Very good training collar
    This is a very effective training collar, and it is the only one that works really well out of the four that I have tried. I personally slip the collar over my dog's head, which she tolerates with no problem. This avoids the problem of unsnapping the links that one user has reported. This may not work for some dogs. But honestly, it is not a big deal to unsnap these links. It takes the slightest amount of practice to the the hang of the motion that is required....more info
  • Excellent tool - you must know how and when to use it
    This is a training tool not a collar to walk the dog at the park!
    Excellent tool if you know how and when to use it - not for every dog or owner!...more info
  • Not a miracle cure
    Got two - one for my 80 lb short-hair, flat-coated male & the other for my 40lb short-hair, flat-coated female. Neither dog is impressed. My arms are still numb after our walks. They still pull and tug, perhaps slightly less aggressively than they used to (I think I'm being generous here), but in any case, they still pull.
    On the plus side - they are perfectly usable collars and well priced. I leave the collars on full-time. The instructions say to remove the collars by snapping open the links (very difficult!), rather than pull the collar over the dog's head. I just leave it on. The dogs don't seem the slightest bit bothered by it....more info
  • The best dog taining colar ever!
    I love the Good Dog Training Collar and let me tell you why. It looks great and unless you tell someone, most people will never know you are using it to train you pooch. It is very user friendly, no hard sizing issues. The links stay together very well and this is important. I had one early on that the links would disengage and the leash would be dog less, without warning. I called the company and they said a batch had manufacturing problems so they sent me two new ones. That was 5 years ago and same collar is going strong with problems at all. I have used it to train my Mini Schnauzer since he was 6 weeks old and he still wears it each and every day. We remove it only when he will be alone or sleeping overnight. He knows when it is on him and behaves like he should. That is why people who meet him love him because he is so well trained. I owe it all to the Triple Crown Good Dog collar and consistency....more info
  • Need to consult with a trainer before use
    This was a great purchase. This collar was recommended by our trainer for our very willful 6 month old puppy. She responds very well when she wears this collar and pulling during walks has been eliminated. As another reviewer mentioned, the teeth are meant to simulate the mother dog's teeth as a way/ means to control, not to torture. It is much gentler than a pinch collar and is really meant as a way to get your dog's attention, not to harshly correct or reprimand. Those who feel this collar is inhumane are probably not using it correctly and should consult a trainer before use. Our trainer made it very clear to use a loose leash when the collar is on and only tighten up when attention is needed of your pup. As with any corrective collar this should be done only when necessary (ie your dog is not paying attention or is disobeying). Constant tightening up with a collar like this will make your dog unwilling to work with you/lose their desire to please you. The teeth are difficult to remove but I don't think they need to be taken apart to remove the collar. I can slip the collar over my dog's head easily, just being aware of where the teeth are to protect her ears and eyes. I place my hand between her head and the teeth when removing the collar so the teeth touch my hand, not her face or ears....more info
  • It works on hyper aussie
    Our dog had trouble meeting other dogs on walks. Tended to lunge at them. This collar creates enough pressure to get his attention without hurting him or pinching the skin. He's now learning to walk at our side with a loose leash....more info
  • Excellent collar
    The collar, when links are adjusted to fit your dog's neck, is the ideal way to walk with your dog. It tightens with the dog's pull, mimicking the correction of a dog's parent. The collar is a poly-plastic, gripping without hurting the dog (our concern with a metal correction collar). Our other collars do nothing but keep us leashed to the dog. This one keeps the dog responsive. We own a lab and a German Shepherd, and with them this collar is perfect! ...more info
  • Triple Crown Dog Training Collar
    This collar is one of the best training collars available. The original version was made out of rubber, which I prefer. The version that arrived is made out of hard plastic. It works well for larger breeds, and is not as intimidating as a metal pinch collar....more info
  • Excellent Training Collar
    Recommended to us by a professional dog trainer.
    This product is a huge improvement over the cruel
    metal prongs. I found the latter can easily pull
    apart when you bend the prongs; this can't occur
    with the triple prong.It works and is safe.
    ...more info
  • The Good Dog Collar is Best!
    This is an outstanding collar which was recommended to us by our dog trainer. It gives you so much control when training & walking your dog.
    Our dog loves it & walks so proud, head held high, & no pulling. She is right at my side where she belongs. Its small teeth grip just like her mothers did. No pain, just all business & control. This is our third dog to have one. I wouldn't use anything else. Who wants to walk down the street with your dog walking (pulling) you? Not me, we both look & know what we're doing. It's a very comfortable, but exhillerating walk!!!...more info
  • Perfect for a strong pet
    I bought this collar to replace a metal training collar my australian shepherd out grew. I like that the teeth on this one are not as sharp, however, it still does the job. I went a couple of weeks with a choker chain before I got this new collar and my dog almost pulled me down twice. My dog is very quick on her feet, however, this one is keeping her inline very nicely!!...more info
  • great alternative to the metal prong
    works great with the proper training. effective tool to help you and your dog walk as one. And to those who reviewed negatively thinking this is a torture device, you are obviuosly an uneducated dog owner. Is it better for your dog to pull you into the street or pull the leash out of your hand and they get hit by a car or attack another dog? My advice is have a trainer help you find the most effective tool for you so you can control your pet. P.s. if this collar or any prong or choke are used properly it virtually eliminates the amount of corrections needed to control your dog. I do agree these types of collars, not used properly can be harmful. seek a professional to guide you. Do that and then make your comments...more info
  • Dog collar review
    The collar worked well for controlling the dogs until they chewed through them on a break....more info
  • Better than nothing, but not very effective
    We have a Golden Retreiver with a LOT of energy, and walks on a leash are difficult with his pulling us around with all his weight. Trying to train him and having some effect, and I thought this collar would help and make the pulling uncomfortable for him. It has made a difference, but when he really wants to go somewhere I don't think he even notices the collar. The spikes don't seem very sharp, or else he's just got a high pain threshold. Also disappointed that there is not and Extra-large size, the large was no where near big enough so we had to order more links....more info
  • Fantastic results!
    I have a two year old pit bull mix who is impossible to walk. He's mostly feisty bull dog and refuses to do anything but constantly pull with all his might--not fun on stones and gravel up and down a mountain! I've tried just about every collar known to man to control him with no results--until this one. As soon as we started walking him in his new collar, we had a new dog! It does not seem to pinch him, just reminds him not to lunge forward. I'm buying one for my other dog!...more info
  • Super product - LOVE IT
    I use the traditional prong collar on dogs with the double coat (such as my rottie shepherd mix). However, the traditional prong collar looks rather silly and a bit over the top on a short coated dog such as a dalmatian. I found the triple crown training collar at a local training facility that our rescue uses and I just love it. It is perfect for the dogs with short coats such as dalmatians, English pointers, coonhounds, etc. Great product! I have five (one large and four small). I use the large on the black and tan coonhounds (they run around 60-70lbs) and the smaller sizes (you will need extra links) on the pointers, dals, weims, corgis, etc....more info