D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player
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Product Description

All your videos, photos, and music on the big screen. Sound like a good idea? The folks at D-Link have made it easy with the DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player. And when it comes to video, this device kicks it up a serious notch by supporting HD video streams

Good looks on the outside, and the power to deliver all your media -- including HD video -- from your computer to your home entertainment system. See a detailed view.

The DSM-520 is ready to handle most major media formats.
-- delivered directly from your computer to your home entertainment system. Enjoy all your digital content from the comfort of the living room with the DSM-520 -- and do it all wirelessly, as the device supports high-speed 802.11g wireless technology. Of course, you can also use a wired ethernet connection if you like.

Formats Galore
Thanks to the DSM-520's support for a wide range of media formats, it's ready to handle virtually all of your media, including high-definition video in either Windows Media Video 9 or MPEG-4 format. Enjoy videos with resolutions of up to 1080i from your high-definition television for the best picture quality. Plus, D-Link has partnered with premium online service providers to offer access to a vast array of online radio stations and music download services. You can use the Windows Media Connect feature of Window XP SP2 to playback files protected by Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) on the DSM-520. Or, access your entire library of premium downloaded songs and videos directly from the device.

The DSM-520 integrates seamlessly into your home network and entertainment system. View larger.
Picture Perfect
For compatible television systems, the DSM-520 features a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection. HDMI offers a pure digital connection for both audio and video. Other video connectors include component, S-video, and composite output, ensuring compatibility with virtually all televisions. Meanwhile, optical and coax audio connectors provide clear digital output and support surround sound when used with a compatible A/V receiver. Enjoy your entire music library in high fidelity from your home entertainment system, rather than from your PC speakers.

Good Looks and Expandability
A sleek 17-inch black aluminum chassis with smoked mirror front panel houses the DSM-520, and the stylish unit blends in perfectly with your other home entertainment devices, making your home theater setup complete. Plus, the DSM-520 includes a USB 2.0 port in the front panel for instant access to music, photos, and videos stored on removable USB flash drives or hard drives. Simply insert a USB drive filled with photos into the DSM-520 to showcase them on your home entertainment center. You can also attach a USB hard drive to expand the storage capabilities of the DSM-520. Your stored files on the USB drive can be easily accessed from the unit's user-friendly interface.

Easy Setup
A built-in Setup Wizard makes setting up the DSM-520 simple. Configuring the wireless settings is made even easier with Windows Connect Now. Simply run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard from Windows XP SP2, and transfer the wireless settings to the DSM-520 using a USB flash drive.

What's in the Box
DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), ethernet cable, A/V composite cable, S-video cable, detachable Antenna, CD-ROM with software and manual, and quick installation guide.

Experience the high-definition difference with the D-Link MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player. Stream music, photos and high-definition videos to your home entertainment system and connect it using either 802.11g Wireless or wired Ethernet. The DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player supports your favorite media formats, including high-definition video in either Windows Media Video 9 or MPEG-4 format. Enjoy videos with resolutions of up to 1080i from your high-definition television for the best picture quality. For compatible television systems, the DSM-520 features a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connection. Other video connectors include component, S-video, and composite output, ensuring compatibility with virtually all televisions. The DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player includes a USB 2.0 port in the front panel for instant access to music, photos, and videos stored on removable USB flash drives or hard drives. A built-in Setup Wizard makes setting up the DSM-520 simple. Configuring the wireless settings is made even easier with Windows Connect Now. Simply run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard from Windows XP SP2 and transfer the wireless settings to the DSM-520 using a USB flash drive. A sleek 17-inch black aluminum chassis with smoked mirror front panel houses the DSM-520. Audio Playlist Formats - M3U and PLS / Supported Subtitle Format - SRT Outputs - HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), Component Video, Coax Digital Audio, Optical Digital Audio, Composite Audio and Video & S-Video / Certifications - FCC, CSA and CE Dimensions - Length 16.75 x Width 11.25 x Height 1.5 inch / Weight - 5.5 poundsPackage Contents - D-Link DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player / Printed Install Guide / CD-ROM (Contains D-Link Media Server Software, Install Guide, and Manual) / 2dBi Wireless Antenna / Ethernet (CAT5-UTP/Straight-Through) Cable/ Standard Composite RCA Audio/Video Cable / S-Video Cable / Remo

  • Effortlessly streams your media from your computer to your home entertainment system
  • High-definition video playback with digital surround sound
  • Enjoy Internet radio and downloaded content from premium online services
  • Access media directly from USB drives
  • Supports Windows Connect Now technology

Customer Reviews:

  • OK but expected more...
    This was easy to setup and connect to the newtwork. There are reqired services in WinXP that are required in order to share media in Windows Media Player, but the docs do not provide the information. Had to search Google for the info.

    The player displays the library title not the actual file name so it makes it hard to select the correct movie when watching a series with the same name but different episodes.

    Video quality was marginal as was the sound. Honestly, get a better picture and sound when connecting my laptop to the SVGA port on the TV. By no means is it HD quality as it states it is.

    The deal breaker for me was the box was unable to read all of my DRM video files even though they were downloaded from the same site using the same license. We download multiple series' from 1 site each week and the idea here is I can use the media player to play all the DRM protected videos. In order to watch one of the series I was required to plug in the laptop. So if I'm going to do it for 1 series (5 shows) then I may as well just use the laptop connected to the TV to watch all the series' and save the added expense.

    So hence, I returned the box. The concept is nice but the execution is not great and hopefully Microsoft will make it easier to connect and share media in products from other vendors. Right now it's D-Link and their own XBOX. Too bad....more info
  • Good hardware, poor software
    Bought this to replace a Hauppauge MediaMVP device I was using in my livingroom to relay video from my HP server machine (Vista64) in another room. Hardware seems fine, but the supplied software is spectacularly bad and I don't see many options available to improve/replace it.

    Am using it now mostly to allow the wife to easily find and show photos, but still hope to find some other software to allow me to use it more fully....more info
  • Speak English, please!
    I had read the reviews left by others about this product. I did not buy it for pictures, mainly audio. What I really wanted was something that would stream my Napster account from my desktop in the den to the home theater in the living room. Napster even advertised this product on their website. Delivery was quick. Setup was ok, kinda shaky. I could not logon, so I called tech support. After 45 minutes I got a representative who was impatient, less than courteous and did not speak English very well. After I hung up, I tried what they had suggested. It did not work. I called back... another 45 minutes. Another non-English speaking person. They did not help either. I called back a third time, and when I got ANOTHER non-English speaking representative, I asked to speak to someone who spoke better English so that I could understand what I was being told. This person hung up on me. By this time I was losing patience. Finally, I got it working myself... sort of. I still don't understand how to stream Napster, but I can get files already downloaded so I have been working with that. I called Napster support. They have English speaking representatives, but "We have not been trained to use this product so you need to call D-Link." Someday when I feel a little more patient I will call again and hopefor the best. My advice? Unless you REALLY know what you're doing, buy something else....more info
  • All my digital content at my finger tips in the living room...Yeah!
    I was scared to purchase this product based on some of the reviews but just had to give it a try as there is really nothing else out there like. I was tired of having to put my laptop next to the 50" plasma to watch downloaded AVIs or if I wanted to access music from my network to play on the home stereo. The D-Link DSM-520 Media Lounge takes care of this almost perfectly! With HDMI, optical audio & coax digital audio outs it connects to our digital home stereo & HD TV BEAUTIFULLY!!! I had the entire system set up in less than an hour! The only thing the system doesn't handle well is fast forward and rewind during video playback which sometimes works fine and other times doesn't work well. The on screen display is very easy to navigate but tends to be a bit sluggish at times (no biggie). The bottom line: If you want easy access to all your digital content (music, video, photos) from you computer on your HD TV & home stereo, this product delivers better than any other product currently on the market. Combine that with the affordable price and you have a great buy here!

    *****be sure to use tVersity streaming media server software. It's free and is much more full function than the software Dlink provides*****...more info
  • Good device !
    Using this with Linksys Nas200 in a wireless network since nov/08. No problem to play avi, wmv, mp3s , noticed no lag. Only accessing photos the device is slow. Remember to update the firmware before starts the real use ;)
    The remote control don't have a strong signal but you can setup one universal r/c and throw away the d-link r/c. I can't understand a nice device with such bad r/c, very nice to use as paper weight!
    I recommend this but buy one universal remote control too !

    Setup isn't so complicated, but user needs some knowledge of networks. I have mine ready to work 20 minutes after out the box (with firmware update)....more info
  • Must RTFM
    OK, this is most likely my own fault - I have neglected to read a few key items before I purchased this item. Nevertheless, I think it falls short of expectations (even those set at reasonable levels).
    I have a synology box running with all my media, which I can access through DSM-520 without turning on the computer - as intended setup. Problem comes in when I try to access on-line content - no way to do so without turning on your PC and installing D-Link software onto it. Going over wireless is slow and choppy in my experience and you'll need to plug an ethernet cable to get better quality. The AvtiveTV software kept crashing/freezing almost every time I tried using it - had to restart the DSM to gain functionality.
    For the simple stuff - listening to mp3, and low quality movies - this has been adequate, yet I still think a better job could be done with the interface... feels toy-ish... wii-mario game-like to me.
    Make sure you read all the specs about A/V formats it will play and be ready to keep your PC for online content....more info
  • Save your money
    I have to be honest that when i bought this device, i was excited having read so many great reviews. However, upon receiving it, I started using it and was very disappointed. The player is very slow connecting to your network, and then loses the connection every once in a while just for the heck of it. The user interface is somewhat confusing and is slow to respond to remote commands. Also, the little blue light on the front that indicates network transmission is a very bright blue, thats gets annoying after a few minutes. A piece of electrical tape to cover it is a must. I purchased this to take the place of my XBOX 360's media playback functions. It was once I recieved this player that I realized just how good the XBOX 360's media functions were. Save your money, and buy an XBOX 360...You wont be disappointed in the XBOX. ...more info
  • Rating Media Player used with Twonky
    We've been using the 520 for over a year now and really love it...but we are using it with Twonky Media Server, not the terrible server software that comes with the Dlink. We easily stream (via wired connection) music, photos and video over the DLink. We record HD-TV via a Tuner card on our PC and it streams with no problem over the Dlink in the format it was recorded in...and what a picture! what sound! If there are reception issues with the source file, the Dlink will stutter but actually performs remarkably given that it's streaming. Love the multiple file support; being able to skip ahead 30 seconds by using the Channel down button is WONDERFUL when it comes to skipping commercials. No issues whatsoever with music, photos are beautiful (and easy to share when family & friends are over).

    Taking off 1 star for the cruddy included software - Twonky's worth budgeting for (I think it was $20 or $30?); together the two products are remarkably strong....more info
  • Great for music
    The street price on this unit is coming down steadily and for my purpose, to get rid of a huge Sony 300 CD player and have the music stored and cataloged electronically, and able to be played through my high end stereo system it works just fine.

    It took me about a half day of floundering around to get it up and working. Video streaming may be an entirely different, demanding, and more complex animal, but I don't have any interest in that right now.

    A note: the initial network setup of the device must be done using the supplied remote which is not very intuitive and a TV set as a monitor. That makes sense given that the unit is not yet on the network before you set it up, but they don't actually tell you that anywhere. I found out from tech support, duh. It is slow in the remote and TV mode and you can easily get ahead of the process mentally, just flub-dub around, watch the screen and wait; it eventually catches up.

    The device works only in wireless G mode, so kiss your N network goodbye if that's what you have, all devices will degrade to G. Maybe they'll fix that someday. On the other hand G seems to be entirely adequate to handle the data transfers for the music. It requires that your network security be WEP with a Hex 64-bit scheme. Getting yourself into that mode on the router and the rest of the network before trying to do the wireless setup will save you some head scratching. Again something that I didn't realize until a discussion with tech support. They weren't sure that that was the case, but they said it looked like it, and so it turned out to be

    Once set up you can manage the music from the computer and in theory would not need the TV again unless there is a change at the system setup level . For instance to switch from wireless to Ethernet. You also can only change the audio from digital to analog output mode and back with the remote, so that requires the TV if you want to change it and be able to see it happen. That makes that a good thing to do while you're in there doing the wireless set up.

    The d-link 'Media Server' user interface to play music from a computer is pretty tacky compared to Windows Media Player. It's just text table lists of the available music classified and sorted in the ways that you originally classified it in WMP, track artist, album, genre, etc. It says here that you can export playlists from WMP, which could make music management a lot easier, although I haven't done that yet. In computer play mode there is no little CD player controller thing, no album cover pictures and nice graphics, etc. if you prefer you can run it from the remote control and TV set with more of those kinds of things available in at least some form.

    There are free 3rd party applications out there that are well thought of in other user reviews. Maybe I'll look at one of those later on. The ideal would be if you could drive the DSM-520 directly from WMP, but that would require a vendor alliance between d-link and Microsoft, undoubtedly an unreasonably expensive proposition for d-link, so perhaps not likely to happen. D-link publishes a software update about every six months and progress is being made, perhaps the interface will get better.

    If you just want to get your music off the CDs or you have a lot of electronically purchased music that you'd like to be able to hear at the quality your home stereo system this is a good way to go. It works, sounds good and takes up very little space. If you're ripping CDs it makes sense given the low cost of disk storage to store the music at the highest possible bit rate to maintain CD quality. That's the WMA (Variable Bit Rate) setting in WMP.

    ...more info
  • Very Solid Product
    Out of all the media server type devices, this one seemed to be the best reviewed so I took a flyer and bought it. It is not the simplest thing to set up. I had to install, uninstall and download and reinstall the latest versions of both the device firmware and PC based software. This may had to do with the fact I was using Vista. Once I got it all settled in though, I find it works great. I have the device on the 2nd floor of my house and my wireless router is in my basement and this doesn't seem to create any issues. I did notice recorded TV shows that are in uncompressed 2gig per hour formats did not stream over well, compressing them to iPod TV size makes them work flawlessly.

    I am using it on a 25 inch, non-HD tv so I can't speak to how well the HD works.

    Overall I am very happy with the purchase though and would recommend to anyone looking to have a Tivo-like device....more info
  • The player is good, the software is getting there.
    The player works perfectly, but I had to drop a star due to sluggest play back on files with bit rates for 1600kbps for video and the dropped channels and slow support for ActiveTV. It picked up secured wireless with no problems and synced with my computer in less than minute. One word of caution is to let the server software run for a couple minutes if you have a large video library, this ensures that the player sees all of your files instead of some. It also worked with every file format I threw at it including avi(XviD and Divx), mpeg, mpeg2, and mkv. However, some WMV files would not open or had weird audio delays, which was also the same with avi and mkv files are higher bitrates. However telling it to look at my folder from BeyondTV recordings also made it an ideal network DVR solution as well.

    ActiveTV is a good concept, but too bad MediaMall is super slow in providing updates for channels which no longer work, are available elsewhere, or are actually newly available. Ex. MTV Overdrive is no longer available under US, but MTVU and Overdrive under UK still work. Also both VHI and Comedy Central are completely out of commission. Finally while some ads say it works with Hulu this is only in certain beta vids and won't be added to the real versions until late this year or early next year if at all, since MediaMall has shifted most of their attention to PlayOn. The good news I heard that the latest versions of PlayOn work on this router, so they may just dump ActiveTV and add the features for PlayOn. Oh well I can't complain too much since it gave me enough content to painlessly rid myself of cable tv....more info
  • Not Used Much
    Nice product but it gets boring after a while. Didn;t use it as much as i thought i would. Maybe I'll buy again when the price drops....more info
  • D Link Media Lounge
    My first DSM-520 lasted 4 days before it died completely. Amazon was very fast in sending a replacement. It has worked without problems. The software needs a LOT of work. D-Link apparently has not heard of Windows Vista and is sending software for XP Sp2. The software can be run in compatability mode and works fairly well. D-Link tech support is dreadful and their reps have no knowledge of the products. ...more info
  • Nice product for viewing video
    I purchased this product basicaly for viewing movies converted from DVD to AVI. So far I have no complains at all. Even using wireless, its performance is very good. There are some minor issues that don't impact the utilization....more info
  • DSM520 - Just doesn't work with a lot of DRM
    I would not recommend this to anyone who isn't a computer person who can patiently troubleshoot.

    It does not work with Yahoo Music, NBC Video, Amazon Digital Download videos...

    I wasted my time and money. It's not maturing fast enough....more info
  • Excellent Media Player
    This player has saved many CD's and DVD's. Plays music, picture slideshows, and any kind of videos. Plays directly from Media Center computer with file sharing enabled. Plays any file format your computer will support. HDMI is a definite plus when you want to cut down on cable clutter. ...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    Every few years, I buy another media player and get my hopes dashed again. The Media Lounge is down there with the rest of them. The software that comes with it is good for streaming stuff that's on your hard drive. Many of the rest of 'picks' are pay-for items--some of which have already been beaten to death. If never see the Napster logo again it'll be too soon.... Tversity, a separate product, improves the 520. It allows you to stream content from the Internet. Hulu is what I was really interested in. But the codecs in the 520 are so out of date that Hulu refuses to stream. Another disappointment:I have an mt-daap server sitting right next to the thing and it can't see it/doesn't know anything about it. So, in summary, I'd say that the Media Lounge would be a good fit for someone who really doesn't want it to do anything....more info
  • D Link DSM-520
    I have recieved 2 of these items from Amazon. The first has a defective remote control which had to be sent back and second works fine. Setup of the DSM-520 itself is a breeze, however the wireless networking of the computer was a headache and a half. It doesn't respond well to firewalls of any type to include the windows firewall. I had it operating wirelessly one day and the next day it wouldn't play any files. I have since given up on the wireless aspect and have hard wired it with a 50' Cat 5 cable. It works as required in this setup and saves me a lot of processing time to convert my XVID files to DVD and burning to watch. The setup directions are for those with a more than rudimentary knowledge of networking and leave something to be desired. But the product works as it should. Support from DLINK is a joke. I sent 2 emails for support and recieved 0 replies. Good luck there....more info
  • Not real HD player.
    It will play limited HD files but it will NOT play MKV files or even WMA with HD sound. Due this these limitations I returned this produced and got Popcorn Hour A-100 that plays every media file....more info
  • bad experiecne
    I expected to use USB interface to load photos and videos. The bad news is that the speed of USB interface is too slow. It can only support bitrate lower than 800kbps. It will be stuck once the bitrate of the video is higher. That doesn't make sense. I emailed this problem to service, no response.

    Several months later, the LED for power indicator didn't work anymore.

    It is really a bad experience....more info
  • it servies its purpose
    D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player
    * very easy setup
    * serves its purpose: stream mp3, wma, divx
    * works with Windows Vista (got FAQ hints from their website beforehand)
    * trouble free wireless connection
    * stream HD DivX movie quite handsomely (I don't have a HD player yet)
    * USB drive direct play
    * does not support non-English character file names
    * folder browser utterly inflexible (can't sort by track#)
    * impossible to get the aspect ratio correct for photos display
    * failed (difficult) to setup other media server (non-Dlink)
    * don't support playlist (can't select multiple tracks for playing)
    * reaction to remote control is tardy to non-responsive

    I give it 4-star because of value for money - still a good toy....more info
  • Works better than expected
    I actuallly love this product - especially for the price! I hate scratched DVD's, so I used to just burn copies (DVD shrink,ISO image file, burn with DVD decrypter)but those would get scratched too with how often we use them! Then I found this!

    I have ripped all my movies to a the hard drives of a refurbished Dell dedicated as a media server. It isn't connected to the internet so there's no need to run excess software to slow it down. (1TB and 500GB using DVD shrink, reauthor, main movie only, without 1 GB splits). We are up to 210 movies and I haven't had a single problem with the 4GB limitation like some claim. Some of my biggest files are King Kong, Lord of the Rings III, most Disney Pixar, and Harry Potter 2 all of which are over 7GB. We use a wired network with a basic router and we can watch on different TV's at the same time even while I am ripping another to the hard drive as long as it is in a different folder.

    I agree with the FF and RW complaints, I have settled on the jump feature where you can press 0 thru 9 to jump to different sections of the movie or you can enter and actual time in minutes.

    Over all I am very happy with it cause it does what I want. But, I don't expect it to perform as well over a wireless network. D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player...more info
  • Best media player
    Excellent sound, videos, and pictures playing off your PC via wired or wireless connections. Video seems to work best with a 100Mbps wired connection into a PC. The optical audio makes the sound quality excellent on your stereo! I have mine connected to an HDTV and looks perfect.
    Worth every dollar spent, do not bother looking at other vendors or models, the D-link DSM-520 is the best in its price range!...more info
  • Great product for the price.

    Overall I am very impressed with this product (shop around for the best price though, it varies.) I had no problems with the wireless/network setup using a Linksys WRT54G. Limited security options at first, but after a firmware upgrade it will support WEP through WPA2 with no issues.

    While installing the Media Server software on the PC, it refused to connect to its automatic update service. I downloaded the new version direct from D-Link, and installed with no further issues. The software is simple and very easy to use. It processed and added large directories quickly on my slightly out of date computer, and runs calmly in the background.


    I live in an apartment complex with multiple networks nearby, and I have had no playback or performance issues. The router is a couple of rooms away. There are no playback/format issues to report while using various .mp3, .avi, and xvid/divx files.


    The user interface is very basic, and not too appealing. For organizational purposes, it is terrible when trying to sort out mp3's with the artist or album features. I use the "folder" option when sorting, which shows the files as they are listed on the PC. This also works well for the video portion.

    Photo options are fairly basic. You can view a list or thumbnails, and run a slideshow. JPG viewing went well, and the "scale to fit screen" option worked fine. I confirmed that I was able to connect a usb drive to the front panel and view files, but did not test any further.


    I do not understand why they made this product so large. If you see the internal picture of this device, it is even more obnoxious that they have so much empty space. It does fit in the entertainment center, and resembles a very wide (but thin) DVD player. It runs very quietly, and has a front indicators for power and activity (both low blue lights). Aside from the size, it has a nice exterior and blends well with other devices.


    For the price, this is a strong product. You can spend more money to get a better design and interface, but the functionality and compatibility are all here....more info
  • D-Link DSM-520
    After having found the first shipment of my order dated 12/17/2007 which I had to return as defective due to the Output from the HDMI not working. I returned the first unit and received a replacement from Electronica on January 12. After connecting I found this defective also and have requested a RMAR from Electronica for a full refund.
    I do not know whether it is Electronica or D-Link at fault but after having paid over $60.00 in shipping costs, I am not satisfied with the service I have been given.D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product, it does everything I hoped it would. I use it 100% over my wireless network streaming videos, and it works perfect. I did use Tversity instead of the server that came with it because of other reviews but it plays all my videos I don't have to worry about what format they are in. Only problem I have had was with a camcorder recording that was 12 gigs in size, it made it to about 10gigs then froze but that's not surprissing.

    Fast foreword isn't fast but you can't expect it to be because it is streaming over a network so it can only go so fast. Remote works great, very easy to use, setup took about 10 minutes from opening the box to watching my first video. I would highly reccomend this to everyone who likes watching tv shows that they have downloaded, movies, music and sharing photos on a large screen....more info
  • DSM-520 HD Media Player

    I Am using it with a D-Link DNS-321 network server having (2) 1TB drives.

    PROS: Well made. Real easy to set up.
    CONS: Finicky about how some AVI files are ripped.

    I do recommend this product. Works quite well....more info
  • Doesn't even work
    This products looks good! But trying to set it up is arcane at best. The user interface is clumsy and not intuitive. I tried to get it to connect in a wireless mode. Even though I have 4 other computers that all work using 802.11B/G this unit will not connect at half the distance of others (12 feet).

    I sent an email to d-link support and after a few days got a worthless response that asked how far the it was from my access router. OK, so they didn't even read me original email.

    I'm returning it as the piece of junk it is....more info
  • Buyer Beware.. D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge half as good as it says it is!
    After reviewing the material and setup for the MediaLounge installation was straight forward and went without a hitch. Wireless connection into my network was accomplished easily. When hooking up a USB drive with media on it the device handled it perfectly and played fine with some jerkyness.
    After installing the media server software on my PC (Vista 64) It found some of the media and then stopped playing or finding the content. I installed the media server on a Windows XP machine. The MediaLounge would find the server and connect but say that there is no content available. After reinstalling several times I keep getting the same result.
    I have tried to contact D-Link tech support several times and never get a reply from them. You fill out the form on their page and they are supposed to get back with you. Their complete and utter lack of technical support makes this device not worth buying. I have had other media devices that work as advertised. This D-Link is not worth the money. D-Links lack of technical help would negate me from buying any other D-Link product.
    Buyer Beware!!...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This is my first foray into the media server arena. [...] so I wasn't expecting the world which was good because I didn't get it. The setup was not for the faint of heart although I did get it all working. I have an old TV (ca. 1995) so no video for me. Wireless just didn't fly so I wired it. I am quite happy with what it does which is play all my music, show photos and allow me to access some internet radio.

    Pros: Price, music is easy to access and play--rip all those CDs and get rid of them
    Cons: Dlink's horrible, horrible support, limited internet access, setup not easy

    I was hassled by Live365 when I tried to claim the 30 day free trial that came with it so I finally gave up on those idiots. They claimed the serial number was not right. What can I tell you? I am reading it off the box.

    Ironically I got the best advice and tech support from these reviews. Thanks guys....more info