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Zoo Tycoon
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Product Description

Zoo Tycoon puts your ability to design and market your ideas to the test -- see if you can build a world-famous zoo! Start building & managing your zoo right from the start - plan out your exhibits and design a layout; Do your very best to please customers and the animals to keep things profitable. Inhabit your zoo with the right animals to draw in the big crowds: You can exhibit over 200 animals to exhibit, plus all kinds of new & interesting plant life to help make your zoo more exotic.

  • Animal lovers are counting on you to create the best zoo ever as you select the animals, run the gift shop, build fences and more
  • First tycoon-style game on a handheld
  • Dual screen and touch screen technology allow for seamless zoo-play

Customer Reviews:

  • bought for the kids
    it is a good game for the kids. if you tired of allthe shoot'em up games i say go for it....more info
  • Niece LOVES it!
    Zoo Tycoon was given as a Xmas gift and from all reports my niece(age 12),
    absolutely loves it....more info
  • awful
    If you are into animals, DON"T BUY THIS GAME!!! It is more about straining your eyes to see little tiny fences then desining a zoo. Really, a bad game....more info
  • Not an enjoyable game
    I bought this game used for thirteen dollars, and I wish I didn't.
    This is a lot like the computer version, but not quite. I like the computer version but this was hard on the small screens. You can't see the people or animals very well, which kind of stinks. Also, the controls are just plain stupid, I would have NEVER been able to figure out how to use them if I didn't watch the tutorial. I honestly HATE the controls. I have had this game for about a month and have played about an hour and a half, most of that was tutorial time. I would not reccomend this game, I wouldn't even pay more than $5 dollars for it....more info
  • Best Game Ever
    My Goodness! This Was The best Game ever! I got this game on
    April 3 for my birthday. and i loved it! This had good graphics
    Yummy animals, entertaining zoo keepers, funny tourists,
    And the greatest plot.

    People in my class
    Envied me for having it.
    Today I Beat it for
    Over the
    Second Time.
    And i still love it!...more info
  • Fun... for a while
    Building your first zoo is a complete blast, learning the ins and outs of the game. In your second game you build it bigger, with more knowledge of what exactly you're doing. In a third game you can experiment with a different terrain or climate and different animals.

    Unfortunately once you have played a few games DS Zoo Tycoon starts getting boring, fast. With nothing to do but maintain fences and sell animals why bother? It's great while it lasts but it doesn't offer new challenges for long enough.

    Only one game can be stored at a time, to play and save a new game the old game must erased, so sharing a game isn't reasonable. However, if you have several kids, as a "hand-me-down" this game can keep several children (and adults!) entertained. ...more info
  • 10 year old prefers PC version
    I have the PC version of zoo tycoon and it is ALOT better than Nintendo DS version. The Nintendo DS version of Zoo tycoon has very poor grafics and the small screen is hard to work with because you can only see a small part of your zoo! If you are going to get zoo tycoon get the PC version because the PC version is so much fun! There are many fun games for Nintendo DS, Zoo Tycoon is not one of them!...more info
  • Horrible Adaptation of the PC Game
    I liked Zoo Tycoon, but this is awful. You can't mix the animals in the exhibits at all, there's no creative aspect. The whole thing seemed overly simplified. The didn't add any new assignments either, so if you've played the PC game, you fly through this. This is essentially the exact same game as Zoo Tycoon, except much less fun....more info
  • fun but lots of bugs
    I bought this game for christmas for my nieces, but decided to try it out. It is really fun and interesting. I let them try it under the thought that it was my game. They loved it more than any other game. They can easily do the freeform game, even at ages 5-8.

    For such a nice game, it is frustrating that it has so many bugs. I played all the games with objectives up to the advanced level. It is really hard to keep the guests happy. They get hungry and thristy if there is not food and drink every few squares. After many attempts, I found that I had to design the paths only in a very specific rectangle if I wanted to reach the objective of guest happiness over 90.

    For bugs, they get worse on higher levels.
    - the game likes to freeze up.
    - numbers will suddenly plummet to zero for no apparrent reason.
    - after you've designed a perfect exhibit, it will completely change what the animal wants into something from an entirely different animal.
    - the guests are so picky, it is almost impossible to make them happy.
    - the mountain animals' exhibits have to literally be a checker board of high and low, or they are not happy.

    It is a shame that such a fun game has so many weird bugs....more info
  • Zoo Tycoon DS
    This game is resemblant to the original computer version, but it doesn't have the graphics or easy controls of the software. I would recommend this game to children 10 and older. Any seven-year-old who attempted to play it would be squirming in their seat within minutes. The screens of the DS are small compared to a computer monitor, so little kids might not like squinting to see their animals. Also, the controls are difficult to master, and it would be frusterating for those with little patience to try and figure out just which miniscule squares on the touch screen to touch to build a fence. However, the scenarios are fun and exceeded my expectations; I find it hard to put it down when I'm trying to play the missions. It is great to be able to fit a good game in the palm of my hand, and if you travel a lot, Zoo Tycoon DS is a must-have. I was slightly disappointed when I figured out that I couldn't name things. On the computer game, you could name animals, guests, shops, empolyees, and the zoo. It doesn't sound like a big difference except it is pretty entertaining to think up names for that hot zookeeper or that horny gorilla. Victoria Secret does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? If your son or daughter is begging for this game but they are under 10, please go with the computer version of Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection. It has more animals to choose from, such as dinosaurs and SeaWorld critters, plus more scenery. Also, it is $10 cheaper than the DS version, so why not? All in all, this is a fun game for the patient ones, otherwise play it safe and go with the software version....more info
  • Fun - But Should have Been Better
    I love the Zoo Tycoon series, raising and caring for zoo animals. I was thrilled to get a DS version to carry around. The implementation on the DS is a bit flawed, though.

    First, the basics. You are in control of a zoo, and have to set up exhibits so that the animals you care for are happy. You choose the proper terrain mix, add in some trees and rocks, and maybe a shelter or two. Then you also care for your human visitors - giving burger stands, drink stands, restrooms and benches. If you care for everyone well, you have happy animals, happy visitors and a successful zoo.

    This is exactly the kind of game I love. I can play the Zoo Tycoon series for hours and hours. However, I found many problems with the DS implementation that made playing it quite frustrating.

    First, some of the changes that they made to simplify the game, which helped to make it playable on the DS. You set up an exhibit fence as a 'block', drawing it on the lower grid. Once it's set, that's it. You can't add or remove pieces later. You don't even set a gate on it. It's a solid fence.

    Into each exhibit you place a zookeeper. No more managing zookeeper paths - each exhibit has its own zookeeper. You don't manage individual visitors' happinesses either, or shop incomes.

    In a change which I found very saddening, you don't get any information on your animals any more! Surely having a page or two of text about each animal's lifestyle and habitat wouldn't have maxed out the DS card. I found this change very odd. Part of the fun of this game is learning all about the animals, and it doesn't make sense that they took it away.

    I understand completely that games need to be "simplified" to be playable on the DS. Still, some changes don't make any sense. For example, if you set up an exhibit and add animals, and then decide you want the exhibit to be a little bigger, too bad. You are stuck for the rest of the level with that exhibit.

    Also, if your task is to get X goal within 10 months - and you hit the goal long before then, then you have to sit there and wait the entire time to reach the end. It won't realize you have reached your goal. I had the same issue with the tutorials - I'd do what it wanted, but often it wouldn't realize it until I undid the task and then re-did it again.

    The interface had many quirks which were frustrating. When you're drawing cages, you have a grid on the bottom and a picture of the area on the top - and the two don't relate to each other at all. You can't move the grid once you start drawing. It takes a lot of trial and error to get the cage where you want it, if you can even draw the cage size you want based on the interface's limitations.

    Finally, the zoos are all *really* small and you can only save one save game. So if you have a great zoo you're working on, and you want to casually play another quick game in the meantime, you can't do it. If you're sharing your DS with your sibling, it won't work at all.

    I really do love Zoo Tycoon so I play through the issues, and get enjoyment out of what I have. Still, I really hope if they come out with a Zoo Tycoon 2 that they fix a lot of these issues and make it more of the game I love.

    Recommended....more info
  • Fun But Has Problems
    I got this game and it was fun but i hardly ever got anywhere and every time i got some where it either froze or i never reached there because it was too boring to get any where and too wait so long so i just turned it off ...more info
  • This game is fun but...
    This game could have had better graphics, animal crossing does, also it can only save up to 1 game which stinks..... at least they should have made 3 blocks of space on that stupid thing. also I recommend this for ages 10 to 17, the game may be a bit more hard for the younger group, and if you kid is younger than 10, get then the mac/PC ones....more info
  • Fun for five minutes
    This game's fun but you can only make one zoo, there is not
    enough space to make a zoo, hard controls, bad graphics, and you can only have fun for a little while!...more info
  • The Best Zoo Ever Until!!!
    I was chill'in with a friend in Maine. She showed me all her games for Nintendo DS and nintendo DS Lite (Zoo Tycoon was one of them). I poppped it into my DS Lite and started playing. It was awesome!! I was managing my own Zoo!! I played for ever!! But there is one minor glitch!! I was in dept!! Only I still had money but I couldn't buy anything!! Not even a trash can!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I had to start OVER!! I was mad!! But my over all score (for this game)is 3 STARS!!...more info
  • PC game is better
    As my 6 year old son loves the PC Game, I bought him the DS one. His reading is not so good yet and therefore it is more diffucult to play, then the PC one. He got used to it and loves it. But me, I like the PC one better.
    If you own the PC one, stay with it....more info
  • Disappointed
    When I first heard of this game, I was excited to have the chance to get a portable version of one of my favorite games on the PC. But the ds version just doesn't cut it.

    For one thing, the use of the touch screen is awkward. The stylus is used to navigate through lists. I expected the touch screen to be a great way to interact in new ways, or at least to be used as the computer pointer was. Since the stylus is for lists, that leaves the d-pad for the map. You have to position the pointer precisely to do anything. Placing fences is annoying and very limited. All these problems could have been solved by switching the screens.

    For another thing, the animation is very bad for the ds. The zoom is limited and the terrain is choppy and ugly. Objects are badly colored. The appearence is just not as polished as it should be.

    Finally, there are some other small things that make this game flawed. Although I haven't had a problem with this (since I haven't played the game much), you can only save one game at a time. There is no music, which is okay on some games but gives only half the experience. There aren't as many animals and objects, and getting awards and ribbons just seems easier, which actually doesn't make getting them any more exciting.

    If you can get past these things, Zoo Tycoon DS is a fun game. It's not good enough for the full price, so it's a pretty good deal if you can find it cheap online.

    ...more info