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Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer
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Product Description

This pacifier thermometer provides a comfortable and soothing way to take a child's temperature. A Fever Alert glow feature alerts parents when a fever is present by changing the screen to red. An audible beep indicates when reading is complete and a convenient memory feature recalls the last reading to you can monitor your child's progress. Features: * Red and green Fever Alert glow feature * Great for infants * Comfortable silicone orthodontic nipples * Beeps when reading is complete * Storage case included * Celsius or Fahrenheit option * Auto power off to preserve battery life Age: Birth +

  • Red and green Fever Alert glow feature
  • Great for infants
  • Comfortable orthodontic nipple
  • Beeps when reading is complete
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit option

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for small babies
    The nipple on the pacifier is large and made my baby gag every time I tried to take her temperature. It is probably okay for babies over six months....more info
  • Got to have it
    Ive purchase this item about 2 months ago and it works great. For those moms who hate checking fevers orally this is a great way the baby stays relaxed and calm while your checking for fever....more info
  • Great Baby Shower Gift!
    I got this as one of the many presents for my sister at her baby shower. She really loved this, it really stood out.

    ...more info
  • Dead batteries too soon
    We love this product, however, it isn't even 6 months old yet and the battery is dead. Unlike the directions, we never recieved a low battery warning. We are planning on replacing it with a different the concept but have had problems with Infant Summer products. ...more info
  • Great alternative to an ear thermometer
    I love this item because it is an inexpensive alternative to the ear and temporal thermometers. The hospital provided the best under-the-arm thermometer and that worked fine until my child was too mobile. I purchased an ear thermometer, which I love because it is quick, but my child was afraid of it because of the red "ready" light that comes on. So this was great because my daughter just felt she was sucking on another pacifier. You'll want to check it against what your doctor uses to know that you're getting an accurate reading. Take it with you to the hospitable so you'll know if it reads the same as the temporal, or if you need to add a point....more info
  • Good idea
    We are buying to give as a gift. We think this will be a big hit for the new mom....more info
  • Served it's purpose
    My son was a pacifier baby so this worked with him. I wouldn't say it was wonderful but it did do as it was supposed to. The only downfall was my son didn't like the shape of the pacifier, he was a picky 'binky baby', but that's not the products fault. We lost this after he stopped sucking on his pacifiers.
    When my daughter was born we got another one, it never worked very well. I never felt like it gave an accurate reading. I could have gotten a faulty themometer tho. I wasn't able to return it b/c we opened it so long after getting it. I did like the ease of it w/ my son though..just wish the new one would have worked as well....more info
  • Piece of JUNK!!!
    This thing does not work well at all. The child has to suck on it just right to register a temperature, and it takes about 5 minutes to finish measuring a temp. Get a 1 second ear thermometer instead! Also, you can't replace the batteries. It says once the batteries go to throw it out. Crazy. ...more info
  • The best...
    Its hard to take your babys temperature whn your using a hard thermometer. I've been very satistfied with this pacifier because it makes it sooooo easy to check my babys temperature.. even in her sleep im able to take her temperature without her having to wake up.. I really recommend this product to all moms!...more info