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Innotek UltraSmart Micro Remote Trainer - Available Online at PETCO.comInnotek UltraSmart fuses the science of pet behavior with new ergonomically designed products that are more comfortable for both you and your dog. The technologicallly advanced features make training faster and easier than ever. The latest breakthrough in miniaturization means maximum performance and portability for these new Innotek UltraSmart training systems. The highly advanced, integrated collar is remarkably thin and comfortable for your dog. Don't let the pocket-sized handheld transmitter fool you. With 300 yards of range, training tone option and precision digital display, the Micro Remote Trainer is an advanced system that offers you the options found in much bulkier units. Only Innotek UltraSmart collars have solved one of a remote trainer's greatest challenges: Is the collar fitter properly on your dog? Never guess again. Patented ReadyTest produces a brief audible click from the collar to assure you of perfect collar contact. An Innotek Exclusive! Ready Test: You'll always know your dog's collar is ready and working! Right collar fit indicator. Your dog's comfort and safety depends on a proper collar fit. Too loose and the collar won't work and too tight your dog won't be comfortable. Only Innotek UltraSmart collar emit a brief audible click to let you know the collar is on right and functioning properly. On-board sysem check. Don't leave your dog's safety to chance. UltraSmart collars alert you to potential problems before it's too late. After changing, UltraSmart collars automatically perform a vital systems check to ensure proper operation of the power and electronic circuits. A green light means all systems are functioning properly and a flashing red light indicates there is a collar problem. 3-way battery indicator. Never run out of batter power again. ReadyTest monitors battery levels in your dog's collar. Green is more than half a charge, yellow means less than half and red mea

  • Micro remote dog trainer with pocket-sized handheld transmitter
  • 300-yard range; 9 stimulation levels; tone-only training option
  • Backlit LCD digital display; collar fits neck sizes 8 to 24 inches
  • ReadyTest ensures correct collar fit and battery and system status
  • Receiver measures 2-3/4 by 3/4 by 1-1/4 inches; transmitter measures 1-3/4 by 3/4 by 4-1/8 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Do not buy this product
    I purchased this product 7 months ago and have had replacement parts shipped to me five times. Four times replaced the collar and the hand held and once the charger. This product does not hold a charge and although it indicates it is fully charged it isn't. I have charged the the collar put new batteries in the hand held and within a few hours the collar is not working. This happens time and time again. When you need to rely on the collar you can't. I have a 100 pound doberman and I need to rely on this product. I am currently searching to purchase another training collar from another company. Hopefully I can find one more reliable....more info
  • Waste of money
    We had borrowed this collar from a friend and loved it. The dog listened and the tone was enough to get his attention. Our friend needed it back, so we went to the store and bought one ourselves.
    We have had nothing but problems with this collar. It only works some of the time and he has to be really close. We returned it before the 1 year warranty was up and they gave us a new remote. The first time they sent us the wrong remote after us going 3 weeks without being able to use the collar. So, then we had to wait even longer for them to send us the correct remote. The new remote worked correctly for maybe a week and now it doesn't work at all.
    They must have some manufacturing problems and some people are getting "lemons" while others are getting the one that works well. I wish we could buy our friend's off of him so we had a working collar again....more info
  • e-collar, remote trainer for dogs
    This collar has a great fit because the unit is molded right around the dog's neck. Great for small dogs. The hand-held unit comes with a lanyard, and is smaller than a cell phone... fits easily in any pocket. Very well designed unit has a lighted display to tell the operator when the collar is working properly, and/or needs to be charged. It is great to have a re-chargeable unit. Very well thought out product. Excellent range of corrections. One of the best units on the market....more info
  • Wonderful Transaction
    I could not have found a better price anywhere nor a better product. Delivery was almost instant.

    I encourage all of you use the collar I bought and seek out this reputable, honorable businessperson....more info
  • Excellent Product
    This product works exactly as it was described to and came with an excellent CD with complete instructions for use. I have had to call for assistance once -a silly error on my part-and found their service Dept. very helpful and polite! Great company and product!
    Would totally recommend the Innotek Remote trainer to any Dog owner....more info
  • Great Training Aid!
    My 8 month old lab mix puppy walks off-leash with me everyday now that she has been trained with the Innotek collar.She can run around without pulling on a leash, but still stays close to me. I recently had back surgery, so this training tool has been a blessing! ...more info
  • Dog Suffered Broken Blood Vessels in Eye on Level 1
    We purchased this collar with the intention of using it to train a 1 year old english bulldog. Our bully is about 65lbs and this collar was way too intense even at level 1. We actually never got it past level 1.

    We used it for 3 days and by day 3 we noticed that the dog had a ruptured blood vessel in her eye. We took her to the vet who told us it was most likely due to the stress and the collar.

    It was almost like watching the "Dont Tease Me" Dude on YouTube as when a shock was administered, the dog would jump and then fall to the floor. Again, the collar was set to level 1, so I can't even imagine taking it all the way up.

    We surely DID NOT get the "reaction" the DVD discusses, which should have simply been the dogs ears twitching. Well maybe they were twitching as the dog was being teased. But the video never mentioned the painful squelch or bloody eye.

    Keep in mind, we actually zapped (or electrocuted) maybe a total of 4 times. We watched the DVD several times, and we made sure to triple check the setting before striking her with the lightening emitted by this collar.

    The collar itself seems way too rigid and must be attached MUCH too tight for a dog like a bully with several chins. It must have taken 30 minutes to actually get the collar to synch with the remote and the only way to do it was to nearly strangle the poor dog. The lack of a decent clasp rather than a buckle made it a chore each time we wanted to do training.

    We were very disappointed as we used an different collar years ago to successfully train our golden lab....more info