Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection (Psycho / Vertigo / Rear Window / The Birds / Shadow of a Doubt / Family Plot / Frenzy / The Man Who Knew Too Much / Marnie / Rope / Saboteur / Topaz / To
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Includes: the man who knew too much vertigotorn curtain shadow of a doubt psycho topaz family plot the birds frenzy rear window marnie rope trouble with harry saboteur Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 10/04/2005

Masterpiece indeed. With 14 films, each supplemented with numerous documentaries, commentaries, and other bonus materials, Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection will be the cornerstone for any serious DVD library. Packaged in a beautiful, conversation-starting velvet box, the individual discs inside come four to a case, decorated with original poster art.
No doubt opinionated fans will argue about what should fall under the rubric of "masterpiece" in Hitchcock's body of work, but with the bona fide classics Vertigo, Psycho, and The Man Who Knew Too Much, there's plenty of timeless movie magic here. Eye-popping transfers and gorgeous sound make this set one of the must-have releases of the year.

Should the Hitchcock fan have the energy for more after imbibing on the movies themselves, a bonus disc provides additional documentaries. These include a revealing interview in which the master of suspense discusses, among other things, how much he dislikes working with method actors, going so far as to name names (we're talking about you, Jimmy Stewart and Montgomery Clift). In an American Film Institute lifetime achievement ceremony, the master of suspense is praised by the likes of Stewart and Ingrid Bergman, and seems to be suffering from severe boredom as celebrities pile on the flattery. Then Hitchcock opens his mouth to accept the award, delivering an endlessly witty stream of perfect bon mots that prove once again that he was a master of high comedy as well. Revealing documentaries about the making of Psycho and The Birds round out the feast of extras. The 36-page booklet, filled mostly with stills and poster art, provides little new information about the films.--Ryan Boudinot

Films Included in Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection

Robert Cummings stars as Barry Kane, a patriotic munitions worker who is falsely accused of sabotage, in this wartime thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. Plastered across the front page of every newspaper and hated by the nation, Kane's only hope of clearing his name is to find the real villain. The script as a whole is a clever one--Algonquin wit Dorothy Parker shares a screenwriting credit, and her trademark zingers make for a terrific mix of humor and suspense. Saboteur is a pleasure whether you're a die-hard Hitchcock fan or just someone who likes a good nail-biter. --Ali Davis

Shadow of a Doubt
Alfred Hitchcock considered this 1943 thriller to be his personal favorite among his own films, and although it's not as popular as some of Hitchcock's later work, it's certainly worthy of the master's admiration. Scripted by playwright Thornton Wilder and inspired by the actual case of a 1920's serial killer known as "The Merry Widow Murderer," the movie sets a tone of menace and fear by introducing a psychotic killer into the small-town comforts of Santa Rosa, California. Through narrow escapes and a climactic scene aboard a speeding train, this witty thriller strips away the fa?ade of small-town tranquility to reveal evil where it's least expected. And, of course, it's all done in pure Hitchcockian style. --Jeff Shannon

An experimental film masquerading as a standard Hollywood thriller, Rope is simple and based on a successful stage play: two young men (John Dall and Farley Granger) commit murder, more or less as an intellectual exercise. They hide the body in their large apartment, then throw a dinner party. Will the body be discovered? Director Alfred Hitchcock, fascinated by the possibilities of the long-take style, decided to shoot this story as though it were happening in one long, uninterrupted shot. Since the camera can only hold one 10-minute reel at a time, Hitchcock had to be creative when it came time to change reels, disguising the switches as the camera passed behind someone's back or moved behind a lamp. James Stewart, as a suspicious professor, marks his first starring role for Hitchcock, a collaboration that would lead to the masterpieces Rear Window and Vertigo. --Robert Horton

Rear Window
Like the Greenwich Village courtyard view from its titular portal, Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear Window is both confined and multileveled: both its story and visual perspective are dictated by its protagonist's imprisonment in his apartment, convalescing in a wheelchair, from which both he and the audience observe the lives of his neighbors. Cheerful voyeurism, as well as the behavior glimpsed among the various tenants, affords a droll comic atmosphere that gradually darkens when he sees clues to what may be a murder. At deeper levels, Rear Window plumbs issues of moral responsibility and emotional honesty, while offering further proof (were any needed) of the director's brilliance as a visual storyteller. --Sam Sutherland

The Trouble with Harry
A busman's holiday for Alfred Hitchcock, this 1955 black comedy concerns a pesky corpse that becomes a problem for a quiet, Vermont neighborhood. Shirley MacLaine makes her film debut as one of several characters who keep burying the body and finding it unburied again. Hitchcock clearly enjoys conjuring the autumnal look and feel of the story, and he establishes an important, first-time alliance with composer Bernard Herrmann, whose music proved vital to the director's next half-dozen or so films. But for now, The Trouble with Harry is a lark, the mischievous side of Hitchcock given free reign. --Tom Keogh

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 remake of his own 1934 spy thriller is an exciting event in its own right, with several justifiably famous sequences. James Stewart and Doris Day play American tourists who discover more than they wanted to know about an assassination plot. When their son is kidnapped to keep them quiet, they are caught between concern for him and the terrible secret they hold. When asked about the difference between this version of the story and the one he made 22 years earlier, Hitchcock always said the first was the work of a talented amateur while the second was the act of a seasoned professional. Indeed, several extraordinary moments in this update represent consummate filmmaking, particularly a relentlessly exciting Albert Hall scene, with a blaring symphony, an assassin's gun, and Doris Day's scream. The Man Who Knew Too Muchis the work of a master in his prime. --Tom Keogh

Although it wasn't a box-office success when originally released in 1958, Vertigo has since taken its deserved place as Alfred Hitchcock's greatest, most spellbinding, most deeply personal achievement. James Stewart plays a retired police detective who is hired by an old friend to follow his wife (a superb Kim Novak, in what becomes a double role), whom he suspects of being possessed by the spirit of a dead madwoman. Shot around San Francisco (the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of the Legion of Honor are significant locations) and elsewhere in Northern California (the redwoods, Mission San Juan Batista) in rapturous Technicolor, Vertigo is as lovely as it is haunting. --Jim Emerson

For all the slasher pictures that have ripped off Psycho (and particularly its classic set piece, the "shower scene"), nothing has ever matched the impact of the real thing. More than just a first-rate shocker full of thrills and suspense, Psycho is also an engrossing character study in which director Alfred Hitchcock skillfully seduces you into identifying with the main characters--then pulls the rug (or the bathmat) out from under you. Anthony Perkins is unforgettable as Norman Bates, the mama's boy proprietor of the Bates Motel; and so is Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, who makes an impulsive decision and becomes a fugitive from the law, hiding out at Norman's roadside inn for one fateful night. --Jim Emerson

The Birds
Vacationing in northern California, Alfred Hitchcock was struck by a story in a Santa Cruz newspaper: "Seabird Invasion Hits Coastal Homes." From this peculiar incident, and his memory of a short story by Daphne du Maurier, the master of suspense created one of his strangest and most terrifying films. The Birds follows a chic blonde, Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren), as she travels to the coastal town of Bodega Bay to hook up with a rugged fellow (Rod Taylor) she's only just met. Before long the town is attacked by marauding birds, and Hitchcock's skill at staging action is brought to the fore. Beyond the superb effects, however, The Birds is also one of Hitchcock's most psychologically complicated scenarios, a tense study of violence, loneliness, and complacency. What really gets under your skin are not the bird skirmishes but the anxiety and the eerie quiet between attacks. Treated with scant attention by serious critics in 1963, The Birds has grown into a classic and--despite the sci-fi trappings--one of Hitchcock's most serious films. --Robert Horton

Sean Connery, fresh from the second Bond picture, From Russia with Love, is a Philadelphia playboy who begins to fall for Tippi Hedren's blonde ice goddess only when he realizes that she's a professional thief; she's come to work in his upper-crust insurance office in order to embezzle mass quantities. His patient program of investigation and surveillance has a creepy, voyeuristic quality that's pure Hitchcock, but all's lost when it emerges that the root of Marnie's problem is phobic sexual frigidity, induced by a childhood trauma. Luckily, Sean is up to the challenge. As it were. Not even D.H. Lawrence believed as fervently as Hitchcock in the curative properties of sexual release. --David Chute

Torn Curtain
Paul Newman and Julie Andrews star in what must unfortunately be called one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser efforts. Still, sub-par Hitchcock is better than a lot of what's out there, and this one is well worth a look. Newman plays cold war physicist Michael Armstrong, while Andrews plays his lovely assistant-and-fianc¨¦e, Sarah Sherman. Armstrong has been working on a missile defense system that will "make nuclear defense obsolete," and naturally both sides are very interested. All Sarah cares about is the fact that Michael has been acting awfully fishy lately. The suspense of Torn Curtain is by nature not as thrilling as that in the average Hitchcock film--much of it involves sitting still and wondering if the bad guys are getting closer. Still, Hitchcock manages to amuse himself: there is some beautifully clever camera work and an excruciating sequence that illustrates the frequent Hitchcock point that death is not a tidy business. --Ali Davis

Alfred Hitchcock hadn't made a spy thriller since the 1930s, so his 1969 adaptation of Leon Uris's bestseller seemed like a curious choice for the director. But Hitchcock makes Uris's story of the West's investigation into the Soviet Union's dealings with Cuba his own. Frederick Stafford plays a French intelligence agent who works with his American counterpart (John Forsythe) to break up a Soviet spy ring. The film is a bit flat dramatically and visually, and there are sequences that seem to occupy Hitchcock's attention more than others. A minor work all around, with at least two alternative endings shot by Hitchcock. --Tom Keogh

Alfred Hitchcock's penultimate film, written by Anthony Shaffer (who also wrote Sleuth), this delightfully grisly little tale features an all-British cast minus star wattage, which may have accounted for its relatively slim showing in the States. Jon Finch plays a down-on-his-luck Londoner who is offered some help by an old pal (Barry Foster). In fact, Foster is a serial killer the police have been chasing--and he's framing Finch. Which leads to a classic Hitchcock situation: a guiltless man is forced to prove his innocence while eluding Scotland Yard at the same time. Spiked with Hitchcock's trademark dark humor, Frenzy also features a very funny subplot about the Scotland Yard investigator (Alec McCowen) in charge of the case, who must endure meals by a wife (Vivien Merchant) who is taking a gourmet-cooking class. --Marshall Fine

Family Plot
Alfred Hitchcock's final film is understated comic fun that mixes suspense with deft humor, thanks to a solid cast. The plot centers on the kidnapping of an heir and a diamond theft by a pair of bad guys led by Karen Black and William Devane. The cops seem befuddled, but that doesn't stop a questionable psychic (Barbara Harris) and her not overly bright boyfriend (Bruce Dern, in a rare good-guy role) from picking up the trail and actually solving the crime. Did she do it with actual psychic powers? That's part of the fun of Harris's enjoyably ditsy performance. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 Stars for the movies, 1 Star for the packaging
    I would love to have most of the DVDs in this collection, but I won't get it because of the poorly-designed packaging. I don't want 4 DVDs crammed into one case with the artwork reproduced one-quarter size and overlapping. I want each DVD in its own case with full-sized artwork on the cover. If the idea was to make it more compact, the space saved is insignificant. I think the real reason is corner-cutting to save a few bucks. The other Hitchcock set did it the right way- 1 DVD per case. This is very disappointing. For a lot of us, aesthetics count for a lot. Actually, my ideal preference would be for all box sets to be packaged chronologically, in the order each film was released....more info
  • The REAL lowdown on this box set
    O.K., I have the box set in my hands, and although I have not watched every movie I have scanned them all in order to write the review. I am not reviewing the movies themselves, just trying to clear up some of the confusion that seems to be surrounding this release.

    First, the technical info is as follows:
    The Birds, Marnie, The Trouble with Harry, Topaz, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Torn Curtain, Frenzy, and Family Plot are all Dolby 2.0, 1.85 Widescreen, Color.
    Vertigo is Dolby 5.1, 1.85 Widescreen, Color
    Rope, Shadow of a Doubt and The Bonus Disc are Dolby 2.0, 1.33 Full Frame, Color.
    Rear Window is Dolby 2.0, 1.66 Widescreen, Color.
    Psycho is Dolby 2.0, 1.85 Widescreen, B&W.
    Saboteur is Dolby 2.0, 1.33 Full Frame, B&W

    I actually thought the velvet box was rather nice, and I didn't mind the four discs to a sleeve. The booklet is very nice, printed with lots of color on heavy stock and includes trivia and facts on each movie.

    I read a review that said one of the films didn't look as good as the others, so when I scanned them I tried to pay particular attention to the picture quality. I found all of the movies to be crisp and clean, so I would suggest maybe there was a bad disc in his box set (?).

    My only negative is that only Vertigo is remastered in Dolby 5.1. I just don't understand digitally remastering the films and not the soundtrack.

    However, the amount of brilliant filmmaking included in this collection is almost overwhelming. Every film is a treasure, and it's filmmaking that has rarely been equaled, let alone surpassed.

    Look, everyone is always going to have something to complain about (didn't like the package, the sleeves, hasn't done justice to the master), even myself with the soundtrack issue, but Universal has put together a 15 disc package of great films for $84.00. What's that...$5.60 a disc?

    If you are on the fence on this one, just click "add to cart" and go to checkout. This is the deal of a lifetime....more info

  • A masterpiece box-set, indeed, but with one glaring omission.
    Not entirely certain how a DVD box-set like this can be issued without including "Notorious," the 1946 Hitchcock masterwork starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.

    Your best bet is to purchase "Notorious" in addition to this set. You'll then have something that's not only special, but comprehensive and worthy of a five-star rating.
    ...more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock - Masterpiece Movie Collection DVD set
    A Must have for all hard-core Alfred Hitchcock movie fans...more info
  • Magnificent Box Set!
    I didn't even know this was available until I was in a local Best Buy last Sunday (12/18/05)... and I bought it on the spot... for $98.99. Kinda wish I had known about it sooner so I could've paid $10 LESS on Amazon, but even @ $98.99 that works out to only $7.07 p/DVD... and that was a Great Price, too! The remasters are excellent, and the use of the original poster art is cool, too. There are 'complaints' that there's not sufficent Bonus Material? Big deal (or, honestly, "Get a life!"). Oh, yeah, the 'velvet' box is real nifty, too. If you're a true fan of Hitchcock, this 14-DVD box set is a Must Have! ...more info
  • Very bad reproduction quality--we feel cheated
    The masterpieces contained here are ruined by sloppy reproduction, veering from light to dark unpredictably. sometimes obscuring images. This happens on different DVD players, so the discs themselves are at fault. We feel cheated. It will make me think twice about ordering from Amazon....more info
  • Masterpiece Collection is indeed a masterpiece
    For anybody who has not brought these films at the individual list price of $29.95, then this box set has to be considered (at under $6.00 a film) the deal (or steal) of the century.

    The problem is that probably every Hitchcock fan has already purchased all or most of these films - as I did, at those advanced prices, and doesn't want to lay out any more cash. But anyone living in a major city should easily be able to get at least $6.00 a disc for their old Hitchcock DVD's at any used DVD store, and in the process they would actually be saving money and be getting a beautifully packaged box set in the process, along with a nice booklet, and the bonus of an extra disc.

    Unfortunately, the extra disc, only includes (to Universal's disgrace) a mere 15 minute excerpt from the AFI life acheivement award to Hitchcock - that includes comments from Ingrid Bergman and Jimmy Stewart, as well as Hitchcock's complete acceptance speech. But missing are all the other speakers, like Janet Leigh, Francois Truffaut, John Forsythe, Anthony Perkins, etc.
    This is my biggest complaint, because the entire 105 minute program was easily one of the best AFI shows ever produced. So why couldn't they include the entire program on the bonus disc?

    However, that aside, the bonus disc is offset by the incredible interview segements with Mr. Hitchcock, which only runs about 33 minutes, but includes comments from the master that have never been heard before. For a director like Hitchcock, who had been endlessly interviewed, I expected this to be a repeat of comments Hitchcock had made many times elsewhere. But guess what? These 33 minutes of interview are almost entirely new material! Most of Hitchcock's comments are entirely fresh, and not in the Truffaut interview book, or anywhere else, for that matter, making them very valuable indeed.

    Kudos go the two interviewers, Pia Lindstrom (Ingrid Bergman's daughter) and the esteemed film collector William K. Everson for not following the same old paths and asking Hitch the kinds of questions (as Richard Schickel did in his documentary on Hitchcock for the PBS series, "The Men who Made the Movies" which basically repeated everything about Hitchcock that everyone was already familiar with who had read the Truffaut/Hitchcock book).

    ...more info
  • Everything but North by Northwest
    Excellent packaging and collection of Alfred Hitchcock movies. This is a great buy if you like classic films. It also looks very nice in your collection with the velvet box set. ...more info
  • Fantastic!!
    Having always been an avid Hitchcock fan practically my entire life, I had been anxious to find the classic Hitchcock movies in a collection that was available on dvd. I'm in heaven now! I can watch this collection as many times and at anytime that I please. When it arrived in the mail, it was in pristine condition. I am still excited! My favorite Hitchcock film is Vertigo.
    The film quality is fantastic. I recommend this product wholeheartedly!...more info
  • Master Storyteller Collection
    I haven't watched all the DVDs in this collection, but the classics I've watched so far (Shadow of a Doubt, Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Marnie and Rope) are excellent transfers from film to DVD, and contain good commentary in the extras section of each DVD. Although Alfred Hitchcock was known as "The Master of Suspense," he was also a master storyteller; his film style is often copied, but never bested. This is a beautiful set to add to your collection - if you like good storytelling (as well as suspense), then you can't get much better than this boxed set! A must for Hitchcock fans!...more info
  • Great set for Great director
    The set is fantasti! All of the films are of highest quality, and some are masterpieces of the film literature. Quality on all of them is excellent. ...more info
  • Excellent collection of one of Cinema's most acclaimed filmmakers
    This is the quintessential boxset of Mr. Hitchcock's films. I don't think any director has as many boxsets available as Hitchcock so to say this is the best of the best really means something. The presentation is nice, the films are top notch, their quality is commendable and for 14 films the price is right. Many of Hitchcock's most beloved films make their way into this set, including Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds and probably his most famous work Psycho. If you are a fan this is a must buy. If you are a conessuier of cinema this is a must buy. If you are a budding filmmaker this is a must buy. If you are only into Transformers and Hot Rod buy this and learn how to appreciate film through one of Cinema's mos accessible master directors....more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection
    This is a great collection of Hitchcock's best at a great price. Packaged well, too; great for display. ...more info
  • Great set
    This set includes some of the best Hitchcock films. No other boxsets I found online were as good as this one. This is a great investment for any Hitchcock fan....more info
    Not only does this collection have some of Hitchcock's best movies, it also comes in a REALLY nice felt box and nice DVD cases. Makes an excellent gift....more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock-The Masterpiece Collection
    The selection of movies in the collection is just what I wanted. But some of the video's skip and stall.

    ...more info
  • Tie up your safety belt and dive
    Fourteen titles. Fourteen films from the American period of Alfred Hitchcock, starting in 1942 and going up to the very last ones, all under the label UNIVERSAL. We will say they are the ripe fruit yielded by a fully mature tree. I will neglect the irritating commitment of Alfred Hitchcock to the political side of self-righteous blindness, the good old western side of the cold war. No distantiation, no relativization. Though a certain use of humor made that lauding song most of the time slightly off tune, but just slightly like the final stanza sung by the mother and the son in the Marrakech hotel in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956) that is a midget of half a tone off the tune. It sounds strange and we wonder if the great man really believed what he was depicting in such na?ve terms. That theme is heavily present in this collection of films because after the war Hitchcock spent a lot of his creative time serving that side of the cold war. He could have gone back to England like Charlie Chaplin but he did not because he had no problems with that orientation of his, of Hollywood, of the USA. At times we can wonder if Hitchcock was not a bigot somewhere, someone who remained attached to very traditional values just because they were traditional and who was severely opposed to anything that disrupted these values (like the possible perverted and sublimated into crime homosexual tendency of the two young men in "Rope"). Luckily he did not see the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the Chinese empire. He could not have survived that kind of trauma. The west becoming second, the USA falling to second, what a nightmare for someone who was defending the idea that the west was number one and in the west the USA was A++. But these films reveal too that Hitchcock was obsessed by climbing up and down, stairs or slopes or whatever, and he explored that side of life systematically in his films, treating that vision as a metaphor of life, insanity, society, whatever. But this obsession that becomes criminal in many films, or synonymous of a crime, a possible crime, a real crime, reveals a fear in Hitchcock and his fear is not so much that of a vertigo but that of something, someone, some authority that is sitting up there in some kind of a throne and casting its lightning ukases and thunder decisions down onto the poor humans under. Don't believe it is God, though Hitchcock's references to God and religion are numerous and very traditional, though at times he may scratch it slightly, but only on the side, like a chapel, not the church mind you, in the 1956 version of his "Man Who Knew Too Much". He lives with the belief that there is some higher level and stratum of power over our heads that menaces us constantly like a Damoclean sword suspended over our heads by a mere single hair. And Hitchcock does not try to reassure you by telling you that hair is a sturdy hair from a mammoth or some other thick-haired animal. He is really afraid of that higher tier. It is often political power and crime, the psyche of people and any kind of spiritual power, when it is not the police. That fear becomes traumatizing in a way when he shifts to the cold war since this time this fear of that menace leads him to stick to another power that is roaming and soaring over our heads too, and this time the political power of the west at all costs. Never did he manage to go over that fear and he never reached some kind of Kubla Khan dome of salvation. Even in "Family Plot" he manages to keep that dependence to that higher level of authority absolutely intact in front of crime. The endings are thus always good, even when they are tragic, like in "Vertigo". The bad one, the accessory to a major crime is frightened by that higher level of moral authority in the shape of a nun that becomes in her vision a glimpse of hell and the devil into jumping and causing her own just death. The art of Hitchcock, and that is what he will survive in our memory for, is the way he creates a situation in two brush strokes and the way he feeds suspense with little spoonfuls of sugar to let our disbelief get to enough suspension so that we can enter this nightmarish though always polished and shiny decadence. And yet that decadence comes to an end and everything comes back into order. He is best when one crime leads to another and then to a third, giving a feeling of total loss in front of that fatality. As soon as you cross a line you cannot come back and you have to go right through to the end that will mean punishment for the culprits and salvation for the innocents. And in that perspective his ability to recreate atmospheres and real situations in all their details is feeding our sense of recognition and our nostalgia when he deals with the past, a past we have known. If you haven't known that past, you can be sure that the slightest detail is right, even the very fruit sold in Covent Garden: they must be from the exact period he is trying to revive.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, CEGID
    ...more info
  • Enjoying Hitchcock
    Have watched two of the Hitchcock movies as they were a gift to one of my son and his family. We all were delighted to be back in the Hitchcock days....more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock Collection
    What a great collection! It came in a beautiful velvety case and in perfect condition. Thank you so much. My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying it. Hitchcock was a genious. I highly recommend this masterpiece collection to anyone who appreciates great classic movies. ...more info
  • Hitchcock Is The MASTERMIND And Always Will Be!!!!
    I just purchased this great set and the DVD transfers are Excellent.
    Vertigo is outstanding.I owned some of these already.I compared them to these new releases and there is a big differance.The quality of this new set is much better.
    These are not repackaged dvd's.
    They have been restored and they all look much better than other past presentations.
    We will never see the likes of another Hitchcock.
    Nobody is better at SUSPENCE.
    Everything about this set is PERFECT,except for one thing.I wish the entire AFI salute was included.There were plenty of room on the disc.
    ...more info
  • Probably the best overall box set of Hitchcock
    This is truly an amazing collection containing 14 of the Master's films, most of them from his later so-called "Golden Period." Unless you're a Hitchcock completionist, it's likely that you would be more than satisfied with this box set, perhaps supplemented by Strangers on a Train and North by Northwest, which are owned by Warner Bros. and thus not included in this Universal collection.

    While not every film in this set is a "winner," they are all at least worth a look. Not to mention that four of them are absolute masterpieces -- Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds -- and that the price of purchasing those four separately is roughly equal to the current price of the entire boxset. Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Marnie, and Frenzy are also all worth owning in my view, and it's worth it to purchase the entire set for those nine films alone, and then you get five others as bonus features, not to mention the extra material on all the discs.

    Video quality is great, with all the widescreen films finally made anamorphic. With regards to the The Man Who Knew Too Much, I've never seen the old disc and am unable to compare, but, while it's not as sterling a transfer as Vertigo, it still looks fine on my 32" Samsung LCD.

    You can get marginally better transfers for Vertigo, Psycho, and Rear Window through the recent 2-disc Universal Legacy releases, but the additional extras provided in those sets seem superfluous, with episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and a new featurette or two. What's here is more than adequate and presented quite stylishly within the red velvet case, which is slightly larger than I was led to believe knowing that the discs were housed 4 to a case, but it still fits fine on my shelf. Some care will be required due to the way the discs are situated inside these cases, but they fit snugly when popped into place, and as long as you don't toss them inside like frisbees they should be just fine.

    All-in-all, this is really a superb value....more info
  • Great box set of classic Hitchcock...
    I received this set as a Christmas gift and I couldn't be more delighted. Up until this year I had been trying to gather my Hitchcock DVD collection piece by piece- but this set did it for me!

    This set has most of the major films Hitchcock lovers want- like Psycho and The Birds- along with some not as acclaimed but just as entertaining films like Torn Curtain and Rope. The only thing missing is Cary Grant, but there are other collections for those who need North by Northwest or Notorious. I was very impressed to find two of my personal favorites in this collection: Marnie and The Man Who Knew Too Much. Marnie also includes a rather interesting documentary featurette.

    The packaging, as others have said, is not fantastic...but it's adequate and I find the crushed velvet casing quite charming.

    I don't think Hitchcock fans should have any worries about purchasing this collection...14 films for a reasonable price, what more could we ask for?...more info
  • Hats Off To Alfred Hitchcock
    If you've rarely seen an Alfred Hitchcock film or never seen one you are in for a bounty of cinematic power and beauty with this collection of movies from the master of suspense (and romance)....more info
  • Simplement genial
    Tres bonne compilation des plus grands succes du maitre. Le transfert numerique est de grande qualite et les bonus souvent interessants. Il manque quelques incontournables tq To catch a Thief (pourtant meme distributeur), mais bon au prix indecent de cette compilation on s'aura lui pardonner et acheter les dvd manquants a part. A conseiller a tous les amoureux du 7e art....more info




    ...more info
  • Great releases of Excellent movies... poorly packaged
    The set includes some of Hitchcock's best movies (and some of his worst), in excellent restored formats, with awesome extra features (every film has at least one documentary/featurette). The only drawback is the packaging. The individual cases (4 disks per case) are made out of relatively cheap cardboard, and the plastic disk holders are poorly glued to the cardboard. The "velet" box is really nice, except that it has nothing to keep it closed, so when you pick it up, WATCH OUT! The disks have a tendency to fall out of the box, which wouldn't be a problem if the cases were plastic, but being cardboard, they get banged up pretty easily....more info
  • Masterpiece Collection indeed
    This is great for the movie buff, Hitchcock enthusiast, or for anyone who just enjoys great movies. The packaging is neat with the movies in cases with the original movie posters collaged on each with the appropriate font on each DVD. I love having this displayed on my movie shelf....more info
  • Excellent product
    I have to say that this remasterized product is excellent for collectors or general viewers. It collects the best of Hitchcock. If you are wondering if this has spanish subtitles, it has and on the other hand, some movies have also another languages tracks. I really recommend this collection. You can easily go from excitement to deep suspense from one movie to the other....more info
  • The Best Box Set for your Buck
    Of all of the box sets I have obtained through the years, this is by far the best in quality and price. I happen to like all of the films in the set. Although titles like, "Saboteur," "Family Plot," and "The Trouble with Harry" may not instantly intrigue you the way other Hitchcock titles do, they are nice films to watch from time to time (especially since these are some films I have not seen sold alone with such great extras). Classics like Psycho, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, Shadow of a Doubt, Marnie, and Rope are shown in restored and clear pictures with excellent sound quality.

    The box is a great display case (with a minor problem being that the DVD cases should be pulled out of the slots and put back in carefully, as the edges wear and bend over time). The extras are what any DVD should come with: still photos, documentaries, interviews, production notes, etc.

    The price is also exceptional. For all you get besides just the DVDs, it is well worth it. Considering the poorer quality of other Hitchcock sets, or extravagent prices, I recommend this one above all else. The DVDs are guaranteed to entertain.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    I recently purchased this box set and i have to say I am very pleased with it. There have been a lot of complaints about this, although many of them are ridiculous, the most ridiculous of which is the complaints about the cover art and the music on each DVD. Regardless of whether picture was drawn up for the show (same goes for the music), to many, this is what is associated with Mr. Hitchcock. Everyone knows him by the song and the sketch, stop being so nit-picky. The box looks great. Also, for 14 movies (yes, FOURTEEN), the price of a little less than $100 is certainly reasonable. In fact, it could be sold for much more. As for the selection, if you don't like it, don't buy the set. And if you bought it anyway, then don't complain.

    Again, an excellent box set that I would certainly recommend to any Hitchcock fan or any fan of film in general....more info
  • Classy collection of classic Hitchcock
    Of the many Hitchcock collections out there, this one came closest to what I wanted while I was shopping. I was excited about the selections but wasn't sure what to expect in the packaging. In truth I didn't really want to care.

    But when the box showed up I was thrilled to see the attention given to making this a classy, sleek presentation of some of Hitchcock's greatest works. The box itself is of a sturdy build in a gilded, velveteen wrap, and the discs inside come in carefully designed sleeves composed of the posters and advertising materials from the films inside (there are 4 discs per). Menus have entertaining bonus features and the remastered films are gorgeous to look at. I grew up watching nasty, pirated VHS copies of these films. To see them in such pristine condition is like seeing them for the first time.

    I am a graphic designer and something of a cinephile, so I was hesitant to buy some random collection of films that I held in such esteem. I do not regret this purchase. I'd recommend them for the masterpieces within, as well as the beauty of their design without.

    Cons? I wish there were a couple other films included: North by Northwest and Dial M for Murder to name two. But I guess you can't have everything all at once....more info
  • the trouble with these mixed retrospectives...
    is that you get pretty lousy films alongside the truly great ones. That means that, while you get more for your money, in fact you might well wind up paying more for less because if you just bought the ones you want - and those are the ones you'll watch more than once - you'd buy far fewer. While I was tempted to get this for Vertigo and the Birds, I was dissuaded because more than half of them are films that I wd never buy or want to see again, like Marney, which is a dull and shallow film about a damaged woman. So on balance, go retail: there are too many failed and near-failed films in this batch that the only people who wd want this are collectors.

    Not recommended....more info
  • best boxed set ever.
    best boxed set, great value, beautifully packaged, quality of films excellent, I bought more than one set, for christmas gifts. i.m.j....more info
  • Horror in a Small Town
    Shadow of a Doubt, 1943 film

    The film opens on a long-gone city scene: boys are playing baseball in the street with no automobile traffic. A landlady tells a roomer that two gentlemen were looking for him; they said they were friends. He leaves and they follow him. Uncle Charlie decides to visit his relatives in Santa Rosa California. Little Ann gets the message. The steam-powered locomotive pulls into the station to meet the waiting family. All are happy. Uncle Charlie presents a wrist-watch to his banker brother-in-law, a novelty for him. We learn about the family. Charlie gives an emerald ring to his niece, named Charlene after him. His niece now thinks of a tune - "The Merry Widow Waltz". This banker has in interest in true crime stories. There is a funny incident with the daily newspaper. Niece Charlie is a sharp observer and figures out the trick. But we see a hidden side of Uncle Charlie.

    We learn that two men want to interview the family and take their photographs. Uncle Charlie doesn't like that! (He must have left a back trail.) When he visits the bank he makes jokes in poor taste (displaying a contempt for his relatives). Uncle Charlie demands the film after he is accidentally photographed. Niece Charlie figures out the "reporter" is a detective, and he tells her about the search for an unknown subject who is a murderer of rich widows! At the dinner table Uncle Charlie shows his contempt for old rich widows. There is an odd discussion about poisoning by a neighbor Herb. Charlie runs off, and Uncle Charlie takes her to a cocktail lounge for a chat. He twists a napkin to symbolize his nervousness and troubled mind. Later niece Charlie is warned by a detective that the photograph was sent east and they could arrest her uncle in two hours. But fresh news points to a solved case, by default. It seems to be over. But new events bring danger from accidents. Uncle Charlie presents a speech, then announces he is being called away on personal business. At the railroad station there is a final chapter to this story. [I found the ending improbable.]

    Alfred Hitchcock's films often show the horrors that can pop up in everyday life in a small town, or a large city. Crime and violence are mostly suggested, except at the ending. Imagine having a distant relative who was a serial killer? This film presents small town life around 1943. The war is hinted at by the men in uniform. No mention of rationing. It is a forerunner to those TV dramas that portray parents as bumbling fools oblivious to the realities of teen-age life. The discussion about crime (or sports) suggest the censorship that forbids that forbids any mention of politics, the economy, or the unmentionable war. They didn't want to upset their customers.
    ...more info
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Makers need to learn from this Box Set...
    First of all, I'm not going to review the movies themselves. They are classic's, and flat out worth seeing/owning. This review is about the Box Set itself, the packaging, etc.

    Well, masterful is a good word to describe this "Masterpiece" of a Collection. The makers of this must of had extreme respect for these movies, because this is the coolest DVD Box I've ever seen. Velvet outside, imprinted Alfred Hitchcock silouette as you can see in the picture. And to unveil where the actual dvd cases are, you open the side and slide it back into the box. Stylish and slick! There are about 4 disks to a case, opening up both ways, 2 disks on one side and 2 on the other, half on top of each other. I could see how some might complain about this, but really not a big deal, it's not going to scratch the disks.

    Picture quality is great, menu's slick and easy to navigate. Nice deaf and hard of hearing option too. This probably goes unnoticed by most, by this is nice for those who don't won't to lose how the original portrays the story.

    Basically, unless you already own all the other movies individually (in which case wow!), you need to get this. A must-own for any Alfred Hitchcock fan and DVD collection. I'm just greatly impressed about how nice this box is, other makes really need make dvd box sets nicer for the people who are buying them. Really adds a lot to the value and life of the dvds themselves....more info
  • perfect gift
    I purchased this collection for my college-aged son and he loved the collection -- ideal to see Hitchcock's best!...more info
  • A Must For Any Serious Hitchcock Fan
    If you are a serious Hitchcock fan you owe it to yourself to acquire this collection. Although not an exhaustive collection of his feature films, this beautifully boxed compilation is wonderfully remastered to the best presentation of black and white films I have ever seen. Images are crisp and well defined and the digital sound restoration is superb as well. Watching these DVDs it is hard to believe the age of the masters from which they were derived. What a fine restoration of the works of the master of suspense and, oh yes, absolute master of the unexpected twist at the end of each tale spun. ...more info
  • Hitchcocks Finest!
    The Masterpeice collection is brilliantly put together all around. HItchcock's Topaz is obviously not his best but the creators of the set knew exactly what they were doing, Hitchcock's 1969 film "Topaz" was his first Spy/Thriller film since the 30's! so they felt like they should show a different and somewhat unseen side of Hitchcock.

    The Set contains his big hits such as Psycho, The Birds and Vertigo but it also has some films that you may have heard very little to nothing about.

    The Set Contains "Psycho" which I believe to be his best film. It is absolutly brilliant and is arguably THE best horror/thriller movie ever made, it contains the most widely known and popular scene on the big screen and is absolutly marvolously displayed on the DVD set.

    I like all but one of these films and there are several that are fantastic!

    I couold go on and on about how good some of these films are but I am pretty sure that you have already heard that ... One thinkg that I would like to put my two cents in about is the digital tech. and sound. The film is remastered and is very well put together all around, the sound is very clear and crisp.

    Perfect in every way.

    Grade: A...more info
  • Great films from a master director.
    Great films from a master director. The collection is a true sample of Hitchcock's work. Good value for the price....more info
  • Hitchcock DVD at the best
    The remastered pictures are the best, the bonus features and the subtittle are good, ehm...worth it!...more info
  • Great Deal
    This is a great deal and nice packaging. For fourteen movies and a bonus disc, how can you go wrong? I bought my copy even though I own Psycho and Vertigo already on DVD - but I was really interested in the ones I haven't seen, like Frenzy and Topaz. Although this is not a complete ouvre of Hitchcock, it's a great starting place. It includes his masterworks - Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window and Marnie. This set works like a follow up to the two box set of Hitchcock's same films, but in a faux velveteen box and digipack jewelcases. It comes with a small booklet that is rather dissapointing though. An excellent gift for a Hitchcock fan that is still upgrading to DVDs like I am! ...more info
  • good price for a large collection
    My wife wanted this collection and the price was very good. Very good background material for all of the movies. The bonus materials were very enjoyable. The movie "Topaz" seems out of place in this collection. Everyone seems to be in agreement that it is not a good Hitchcock movie at all. But just like any music album, there is always at least one song that you don't like. ...more info
  • Masterstroke for the Master of Suspence
    If you are an avid Hitchcock connoisseur like myself, I highly recommend this box even if you already own these individually.
    Very well put together and the incredible use of vintage (domestic and foreign) posters on the volumes within rules. Plenty to look at and some new material about (1 hour), but the films and menus are basically the same. It's just nice to see someone at Universal(obviously not some 20 something)put alot of thought into this box and it shows. Given the sad state of mainstream cinema today, it's quite nice to see the classic stuff
    get a packaging overhaul. So go ahead and treat yourself, this box is definetly worth it AND more... (By the way, PSYCHO looks REALLY good. The old edition had been mastered with alot more grey tones to cover film blemishes. This new edition is high contrast B/W and grainy like it should be! Transfers on the rest rules as well!) ...more info
  • The Box Set Rules
    All of the classics are here(minus Dial M for Murder, North By Northwest, and Strangers on a Train). My only complaint with the box set is how hard it is to insert the disc's. Oh well, now I revie each movie(on a scale of 1-10)

    1. Saboteur
    Rateing: 6/10
    Opinion: The oldest one of all the movies, and one of the few in black and white, and it has some memorable scenes, most memorably, the Statue of Liberty scene. But, it has its flaws. The plot revolves around a man who is framed for firebombing a World War II airplane factory, by Nazis. Then the flaws kick in,
    a sometimes wooden script, unatractivce female co-stars (the female star looked pretty good), and an offten stupid main charecter, and the traveling sideshow(Why is that there?). Despite its flaws, its still a good movie.

    2. Shadow of a doubt
    Rateing: 4/10
    Opinion: Alfred Hitchcocks favorite movie, and one of my least favorites. Its plot revolves a young girl (Charlie), who's uncle(also Charlie) may or may not be a serial killer, the marry widow murder. Its not that interesting, the charecters are not that indearing, the story is slow, so slow. But its not without its charms, such as the ending train scene, and Uncle Charlie. Oh well, its in there.

    3. Rope
    Rateing: 8/10
    Opinion: The first color Hitchcock film, filmed exclusively in one room, in ten, seamless takes. The plot revovles around two men(Brandon and Phillip), who decide they are better then God, and kill one of their ex-collage class mates(David), stuff his body into a trunk, then serve food off his coffin. An ex-proffeser of their's though, knows somethings wrong. The plot is exciting for some one who is anti-nietchze, and read about the Leopold and Loeb case of the 20's. The slow parts happen when ever the two boy's are alone, because they can't bounce off other's personality's. The movie was panned when released, and has only recently been re-discovered as a classic. Oh well, I like it.

    4. Rear Window
    Rateing: 10/10
    Opinion: Wham, my personal favorite, and Jimmy Stewarts favorite Hitchcock. The plot is about a photographer, (L.B. Jeffery's) who is stuck in a wheel chair, due to breaking his legs, and is confined to a two room apartment, a single window his only escape. While looking out the window, Jeffery's spies across the court yard, a possible murder, and he and his girlfriend (From top to bottom, Lisa Carol Freemont), have to find out what happened. Along with that, their are five sub plots, the married salesman and his invalid wife, the beutifull Miss. Torso who dnaces in her underwear, The newlywead couple who seem perfect for each other, the middle aged couple who's life has the commitment that Jeffery's fears, and the musician who keeps playing the same song over again, and Miss Lonley Hearts who is dying alone, are perfect for each other and don't know it. The plot is exciting, and the scene where we first see Grace Kelly is one of the best in Cinema. Lisssssaaaaa
    p.s. The Song playing in the movie, by the musician, is proof of Lisa and Jeffery's destney. The song is Lisa's Song.

    5. The Trouble with Harry
    Rateing: 7/10
    Opinion: Slow at first, the movie grows on you. The plot revolves around four people who stumble on a corpse named Harry. Every time they get rid of him, and burry him, something forces them to dig Harry up. This movie is, a comedy, which is something diffrent from Hitchcock, and, the more times you watch it, the better it is. A stupid plot, but great charecters, and the first operience of crazy, but beutiful Shirley Mclane. And, the first music score from the amazing Bernard Herrmann.

    6. The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Rateing: 9/10
    Opinion: One of the most exciting Hitchcock films produced, a remake of one of his earlier films. The plot of this one involves an American familly vacationing in Turkey. While their, a spy dies, in the husband's arms, and tells the two of them that a European Ambassador will be assinated. Before they can do any thing, their son is kidnapped. The Albert Hall scene is very well filmed, and much better then in the first. The first version of this film is avalible on the internet, and isn't worh a crap. It lacks the music of the second film, (Que Sara, Sara). The music, so great, became another charecter. Thanks Bernard Herrmann.

    7. Vertigo
    Rateing: 5/10
    Opinion: Conssidered one of Hitchcocks greats, this one never at right with me. The plot involves an ex-cop, who is asked by a friend to trail his wife, who may try to kill herself. The problem is, he has a parilizing fear of hights. The Music isn't as good, and the plot is unbelievable, but the opening credits are worth 5/10. Last Hitchcock with Jimmy Stewart (Rope,The Man Who Knew Too Much, Rear Window). We say, adue!

    8. Psycho
    Rateing: 10/10
    Opinion: You've been waiting for this, the greatest Hitchcock ever produced, if not, then the most famous. The Plot is divided in two parts. The first part involves Marion Crane, who steals $40,000 to bail her boyfriend out of debt. She ends up at he Bates Motel, with Creepy old Norman Bates, and even crazier Mrs. Norma Bates. Then, the shower. The second part would give away the movie. All I'll say is don't take a shower.

    9. The Birds
    Rateing: 9/10
    Opinion: This one is also great and timeless, Hitchcocks unusual, unending terror. The story was adapted from a short story by Daphne du Maurier, and the name explains itself. The Birds is the first movie with Tippi Hedren, who was allmost the next Grace Kelly, and who would apear in Marnie. The movie though could have been better with the original ending, which was a shot of the Golden Gate Brige, covered with birds. But, the scene's when the bird's attack, the school scene in perticuler, are very well filmed. Bravo!

    10. Marnie
    Rateing: 2/10
    Opinion: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After Hithcock directed three brilliant movies (North by Northwest, Psycho, and The Birds), this stinker came out. Its the story of Marnie, a complusive theif, who tries to steal from her boss (played by Sean Connery[Who isn't American, or good at pertending to be]), who then shows his cronic bad chocies by blackmailing her into marring him. Marine is scared of red, and lightning, making the movie amerture hour(two hours, four muinets) of thearpy.

    11. Torn Curtain
    Opinion: The last time Hitchcock and Herrmann worked together, as they had a falling out during the movie. Oh well, its still got a good story. The plot involves a professor and his wife going to East Germany, where the professor attempts to steal Soviet missle formulas. The plot drags for a bit, but its exciting. The escape is very well done, not overly complicated, and at the end, you cheer for the hero's.

    12. Topaz
    Opinion: Possibley the worst movie I've ever seen, the plot is non-existent, something about Cuba and missles and the French, and spies named Topaz. The plot has no star, the person who was suposed to star (John Forsythe), was in the movie for tweenty muinets. Then, some dull French Man, who isn't French, sleeps with a Cuban woman, who he's met before, but doesn't know. Then, random people die. And, it goes on for two hours and tweenty muinets (augh)! Don't watch this, if you do, take the following clensing steps.
    1. Kill Self
    2. Repeat

    13. Frenzy
    Opinion: The first true serial killer flick, that opened the door for Halloween, and Silence of the Lambs. The plot is about a man who is framed for being a serial killer called the Neck Tie Murderer, and now has to figure out who framed him. Trust me, this is a good movie, and the first film in England, since Stage Fright (1950). Memorable for the qoate of the day, "Mr. Rusk, you're not wearing your tie". A classic, enjoy.

    14. Familly Plot
    Opinion: The last Hitchcock film, he had a pacemaker while directing this. The plot revolves a fake psychic, and her boyfrined who figure out that they can make $10,000 by tracking down the nephew of a rich women. The nephew though, has grown up to be a murder and a jewl theif. Barbra Harris is so cute, she makes me drool. The last Hitchcock, the last Hitchcock classic, enjoy.
    p.s., Barbra Harris's wink at the end was improvised, and Hitchcock let her keep it!(wink)

    All and All, a pretty good box set!...more info
  • A Master at his craft
    If you are a true diehard Hitchcock fan, this collection is a must have. I have no complaints. Once you make this purchase you will have endless hours of classic movie viewing at your fingertips. ...more info
  • Multible Thrillers
    I received this DVD in the time promised. It came in good condition. How can you go wrong purchasing Alfred Hitchcock collections! One of the greatest,writers,director, and producer of all times. This was a birthday gift, and my son was "THRILLED" to receive it. Thanks...more info
  • Alfed Hitchcock-Masterpiece collection-dvd
    This set is awesome. It made a great gift. It arrived in perfect time and was packaged very well. I give this movie collection a PERFECT rating of FIVE StarS!!! If you are a Hitchcock fan, this is the one for you!...more info
  • Wonderful box set!
    I am happy to say that, in spite of many scathing reviews of this box set, this collection of Alfred Hitchcock films is excellent in every way. I love the velvet box the disks are kept in and the cases (three or four DVDs to a case) are attractive (with poster art adorning the covers) and compact, keeping this set from being huge as it could have been, and I appreciate that. Although some people have complained of the picture and audio quality of the disks in comparison to the previous editions, I have to say that they are the same as before, not worse, and that is fine by me. The difference that I can see is that those films that were not previously anamorphic widescreen are now and that is reason to celebrate. Also the set is a deal, 15 disks for $90 is about $6 a disk and you can't beat that. Included in the set is Hitchcock's personal favorite Shadow of a Doubt, the interesting "one shot" experiment Rope, the classic Rear Window and delicious black comedy The Trouble with Harry, the masterpieces Vertigo and Psycho, the chilling The Birds and Frenzy, to the underrated Marnie and Torn Curtain, his final film Family Plot and much more!! ...more info
  • One of the DVD movies doesn't play - error message "Incorrect Disc"
    I bought this excellent collection as a Christmas gift. Very enjoyable - except for "Saboteur" because it won't play, error message "Incorrect Disc." It took us quite a while to get through all the movies - it's now March 5, 07. We wish there were a way to get the Saboteur DVD replaced, but there doesn't seem to be. So be prepared for a possible corrupted disc in the collection.......more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock The Masterpiece Collection
    You can't go wrong with this one. It's great. My all time favorites are The Birds and Rear Window. A great collection to watch....more info
  • Hitchcock collection
    What a steal! This was the best price I could find for the collection and I feel BAD getting such a bargain! The collection is amazing. Some of the titles I have not seen before, but they did not disappoint! You MUST buy this collection, Hitchcock fan or not! It has made Saturday night "Movie Night" much more interesting! ...more info
  • AFI Tribute to Hitchcock
    The only complaint I have with this is that the ENTIRE American Film Institute salute to AH is not included here; only a portion, mainly his disjointed accpetance speech.

    Easily the best part of the AFI Hitch thing was the end when hostess Ingrid Bergman revealed she and Cary Grant had taken the key that was the focus in their collaboration with Hitch, "Notorious", and she was giving the key to Hitchcock with "the hope it would bring you some more good movies." Hitchock is clearly overwhelmed by Bergman's gesture and clings to her when she presents it to him - a great moment NOT included in this DVD of the AFI Tribute. Shame.....have to resurrect the old laserdisc to see the whole know what they say about just doing something partially.........more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock rules and rocks!
    The new ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION is one of the most expensive DVD boxed sets I have ever bought--$90 from (It retails elsewhere for a whopping $120.) But if you have that much to spend on a boxed set, have a Hitchcock scholar in your family, and want the ultimate Christmas gift, you will not top this one. You get FOURTEEN digitally remastered and widescreen (where applicable) studio print masterworks by Sir Alfred on fifteen disks. This averages out to only $6 a movie! The movies are all classics; several are full-fledged cinema masterpieces, spanning The Master's entire Amereican career until his death in the late 1970's: SABOTEUR, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, ROPE, REAR WINDOW, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, VERTIGO, PSYCHO, THE BIRDS, MARNIE, TOPAZ, TORN CURTAIN, FRENZY. and FAMILY PLOT. The movies come as four disks in a beautifully designed series of boxes inside an elegant larger maroon velvet box.

    You don't just get the movies here. Each one has a small filmmaking documentary (REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO have longer ones), some wonderfully sly and inspired theatrical trailers, publicity material, and other behind the scenes bonuses. The bonus 15th disk has (unfortunately) only excerpts from the AFI Tribute banquet, the making of PSYCHO and the making of THE BIRDS (why aren't they on those individual film disks?), and another documentary called MASTERS OF CINEMA: ALFRED HITCHCOCK.

    Finally (!), you get a 36 page labor of love collectible booklet with a couple of pages devoted to each movie here. If you love Alfred Hitchcock the way I do, you simply must find a way to afford the admittedly very expensive ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION boxed set from maligned Universal, even if you have to give up every other DVD purchase for the month or even the rest of the year. It is one of the crown jewels of my DVD collection.

    ...more info
  • Shadow of a Doubt
    Alfred Hitchcock is my all time favorite director, and that is a very clich¨¦ thing to say but it's clich¨¦ for good reason, he simply is the best. Shadow of a Doubt is in my top three favorite films of his. It is nearly perfectly crafted, written, executed and directed. This is truly the closest that a film can get to pure perfection. Every movie fan should see it immediately.

    Every scene is so carefully crafted, every movement, dialogue, lighting choices. Case in point : the dinner scene. The overall tone is very strange, Cotten comes across in the entrance scene as scheming, dark, and brooding with untethered thoughts. Yet with this is the contrast of a small town family reunion. The lauded closeness between the niece and uncle is kind of chilling with its undertone.

    The tension and sharp change in mode in restaurant scene near the end just grabs you by the throat and strangles the air out of it. Only part I didn't like was the melodramatic train ending. Give it maybe another 10 minutes - milk it with more suspense and maybe less dialogue, more glances. But there was not way as Cotton's characters seems to need a reason for remorse but can't find one.
    ...more info
  • A Great Set to Own...
    This collection comes in a beautiful velvet box with a booklet outlining the 14 films included in the collection. It pains me to give my favorite director's films anything less than 5 stars since some of his greatest creations are in this collection. However, I'm rating the box set and a box set like this should have expanded greatly on what is already available instead of just repackaging previously released DVDs.

    So, what do you get for your $85.00? If you don't own all or most the 14 films included in this collection, you get the films and the extra features in one collection. But, if you already own these Universal DVDs, the answer is "not much."

    I already owned all of these films on Universal DVD so as far as I can surmise after going through my newly purchased box set, my $85 gets me about an hour's worth of additional material. On the bonus disc you get the "AFI Salute to Alfred Hitchcock" (15 minutes long) and "Masters of Cinema," a 30 minute interview with Hitch. On the Vertigo disc you get the alternate foreign ending (about 5 minutes long). The Psycho disc is the only disc where Universal added any new extra features. You get something called the "Psycho Archives," which is basically just a collection of photographs and a few other minor features (more photos and storyboards and some newsreel footage about the release of Psycho) that are not on the original DVD. Strangely, the documentary, "The Making of Psycho," which is on the original Psycho DVD is on the bonus disc as is "All About the Birds," which is on the original The Birds DVD. All of the other 12 discs are practically identical to the previous Universal DVD releases.

    One nuisance with the packaging is that there are multiple discs in each case. There are four cases within the box: the first three cases have four discs each and the fourth has two films plus the bonus disc. This means that the collection is really an "all or nothing" deal. You can't buy it and then resell the films you already have. In my case, the only thing really worth keeping is the bonus disc and maybe a few of the new extras on Psycho.

    So, if you don't have these films-or you only have a few of them-this may be a good way to go about collecting them. If you already have these films, you'll have to decide if $85 is a good price for about an hour's worth of additional material wrapped in a pretty velvet box. ...more info
  • Nostalgic Package Deal
    As a child of the 1950's and 60's Alfred Hitchcock's movies are memorable and classic to me. He truly did set the standard for innovation in film making. His plots and his characters are chilling and entertaining. This is a good package deal; full of classic movies that are well-done with actors and actresses that made their careers in Hitchcock theater. So get some popcorn, snuggle in and spend a rainy weekend watching all these great movies that have been artfully remastered!...more info
  • Pick this along with the Signature Collection and you're done!
    First things first - This collection is brilliant and the packaging is also good. Its a velvet box containing 4 DVD boxes, each box containing 4 or 3 discs/films and a booklet with a short writeup on each film.

    When it arrived, one of the 4 sets was missing, and one was duplicated.
    That is: I had 2 sets of the same films, and one set was missing.

    I wrote back to the Amazon Customer Support and got an immediate reply saying they will replace it.

    This set does not include certain must-have classics like
    Strangers On A Train
    North By North West
    Dial M For Murder
    Foreign Correspondent etc.

    All this is available in the Signature Series which I picked up from here.

    So if you buy these 2 box sets, you're done!!!
    ...more info
  • movie
    The service was great i ordered it on a thursady received it the very next day, I will deinitely order from again....more info
  • Hitchcock masterpiece collection speaks for itself-it's a masterpiece!
    Although I haven't seen all the movies in this collection yet, "The Birds" "Psycho" "Rear Window" and "The Trouble With Harry" are all outstanding movies. I can't wait to see the rest of them!!...more info
  • About to purchase set..
    I read so many conflicting reviews about the quality of Hitch's CD set and the integrity of the set that I am still debating whether I'd make a good choice buying it. I was particularly turned down by the march 2006 reviewer who really thought the quality of the print and disk integrity were at stake. Other reviewers thought the set quality was great. Who's right? Any comment on this?...more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection
    Exactly what I wanted. I will buy other collections as well....more info
  • Master of Suspense, Masterpiece Collection
    This collection puts some of the best known Hitchcock films with some less-known films in one wonderful collection. Each disk comes with special features for the film, and there is a bonus disk which I am still watching. It's a great collection, even if I didn't like Marnie or Frenzy. I had never seen The Trouble with Harry, or the new The Man Who Knew Too Much.
    I would say this is a great collection for those who like Hitch, but don't know him well yet....more info
  • great selection
    haven't seen all the movies yet, but if you're a hitchcock fan....what's not to like. most of the classics and a few i never saw or heard of. comes in nice packaging (box). the only thing i'd change is the fact that there's 4 cd's in one cd case, tho with so many movies, the box set would have to be a lot bigger to accomodate individually packaged movies. great deal, especially as the deal of the day!!...more info
  • This set is awesome! My best friend loves it!!
    I purchased the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection for my best friend(who loves Hitchcock movies) for Christmas. Not only did it arrive 5 days before the original date I was told, but the condition of the set was exquisite. I would definitely use Amazon again! They're wonderful!...more info
  • Good Gift
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my new son-in-law because it was on his Amazon wish list. He was very happy....more info
  • Two Versions...Now Amazon has the better at a fantastic price
    When I bought this a week ago Amazon's version was inferior to the other version offered DVD its the same (significantly better of the two) around half their already excellent price...A MUST BUY, particularly thru Amazon at this AMAZING price. For me I wasted $70 but don't regret no longer have to....more info
  • Great movies good price
    You can argue all day about the greatness of Hitchcock, but these films do the one thing debating film historians rarely do: entertain. Rope, Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho...even The Birds are so much better than 99 percent of the stuff at your local cineplex. There's a reason why so many directors rip off moments from these films - cause they're great. And now at this price for the boxed set they are affordable, there movies you never tire of.
    ...more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection
    This is an excellent collection. It doesn't have all of Hitchcock's greats, it's missing Strangers on a Train, Notorious and Rebecca, but its hands down the best collection assembled of his movies from the 40's and on. There are some great extras as well. I highly recommend this collection....more info
  • Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection
    A good (but not all-inclusive)set of the best Hitchcock films. Wish it included North by Northwest and several others. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I'm an old guy. I started watching television at a neighbor's house when I was very young. The station was over the mountains, so watching that first Superman show was like seeing shadows through the snow. But, delighted? Most of you have no idea. How spoiled we are today. If it isn't perfect - be critical. I got this set at a wonderful price, and as always Hitchcock is as good as he always was. It's a dream come true to watch these wonderful movies in my own living room. ...more info
    I didn't have any of these films on DVD, so..... When I saw it on sale for around $65.00 I thought it was a great deal for 14 films with some great extra material. I would have liked to see a few different films in this set, but they ended up putting most of those in another DVD set with the exception of "LifeBoat" and "Notorious". I think all "Hitches" missing films should be put into similar sets. This is a nice set, but wait to see it at the right price. These will be dropping way down before you know it. The transfers look crisp and clean with excellent audio!

    I've only watched a handful so far and my ratings will be added as I finish each film.

    1)Psycho 5 stars
    2)The Birds 4 3/4 stars
    3)Marnie 3 3/4 stars
    4)Torn Curtain 3 stars

    ...more info
  • Perfect for the price and the non-perfectionist collector!!!!
    I bought this collection for my son of 12 in respecting his being so wonderfully "cool" to like Hitchcock as I scared him thru Birds the year before and he was so excited to get the full collection without having to spend $200 dollars on a more refined one. This may not be the true collection yet it allowed for the full collection of "Twilight Zone" and "Led Zepplin" to be under the tree for him as well so how could any one criticize that!!!! I don't....more info
  • Poor packaging.
    This is a great set minus the annoying packaging. As someone mentioned earlier the DVD cases are fitted to go in a certain order and if they don't go in in that order then they get stuck and the edges of the DVD cases get frayed. The corners of the cases get frayed anyway because the cases are a paper and cardboard-based binding with the plastic DVD holders glued on to them. So I put them in spine first now. Open and close them enough times and you get those white, worn edges on the spine. Another problem with the cases is that the plastic glued on part that hold the DVDs in place are notorious for getting de-glued. Yet another thing. . .one disc is now not holding in the case properly. How could I remedy this problem? Buy an entire new set??? The door on the velvet box doesn't snap shut in anyway so if you hold the wrong side down. . .the DVDs will fall out. So watch out. The velvet box looks and feels nice but it collects dust very easily and is not easily cleanable. I tried to brush off some of the dust and the silvery logos and such began to flake off....more info