Security First Solar Powered 4 Channel Weatherproof 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera System w/PIR Sensor & Infrared LED (Color)
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  • Solar Powered Wireless Color 2.4 GHz Color Camera in weatherproof case with transmissions up to 300 feet
  • Built in Motion Detector
  • 4 Channel Receiver for connecting up to 4 Cameras
  • Audio Video out on Receiver for Recording
  • Plugs into Color Televisions with Audio Video RCA Inputs
Customer Reviews:
  • It's less than OK
    I have been an Amazon shopper for a long time and it is the first time I feel I need to tell you guys/gals on what you are going to get.

    First of all, the packaging is the worst I have ever seen. I purchased an overall number of 3 cameras and all of them arrived with a little piece broken. I had waited so long for them that I decided to keep them and just mend the problem. I would like to add that the instalation was not such a hassel.
    Second, I had the receiver connected and noticed that it does not cycle the cameras automatically. You actually have to change ch.1, ch.2, ...the other thing is that if you want to check outside, in my case, the receiver does not have a way to trigger or turn "on" the camera for you to see. It remains off till movement is detected with the PIR.
    The PIR, I feel, is not so good. Of all 3 cameras, just one gets triggered at the 8 m that it is supposed to work. Mind you that the diffrence in ambient temperature and body heat is sufficient for it to work well. The solution in the manual, I thought, was connecting it to the wall with a 9V transformer. The cameras should remain on all the time, right? WRONG! It stays on for a longer period of time, but it will turn off.
    Video quality is good and lens adaptation is slow but once it gets there colors are neat and the viewable area is big. Mic does work very well.

    In conclusion, I paid for 3 solar wireless cameras to avoid the cabling, but I ended up cabling power to keep them on and still did not get what I wanted. I guess if someone would have told me that it did not have the cycling, the remain on feature, that the PIR works at 5 or 6 m at the most, it also creates interferance with my wireless home internet connection...

    I would have just bought something else....more info