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INTECH Golf Travel Cover with Wheels
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $38.86

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Product Description

New Intech Golf Club and Shoe Travel Bag With Wheels Product Summary Manufacturer: Intech Mfg Part#: I00916 Sku: 200080762 UPC: 00040169009162 The Intech 2000 Travel Cover features a molded wheel chassis for easy transportation while you're traveling or touring. A shoe pocket provides an additional, separate storage space while ID tags and locks offer security and safe keeping. Features: Padded top Shoulder strap ID tags Locks Shoe pocket Molded, wheeled chassis

Intech's travel cover offers a protective compartment for your clubs while also making it easy and comfortable to transport through the airport. Featuring wheels and padded shoulder straps for added convenience and comfort, this bag also has internal padding to minimize the impact of bumps and scratches to your clubs. A handy shoe pocket offers extra storage for your lucky golf shoes. This cover also includes identification tags and locks to keep your clubs labeled and safe.

  • Includes ID tags, locks, padded shoulder straps, protective burst-straps, and internal padding
  • Removable embroidery panel
  • Molded wheeled chassis
  • One year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • For a soft-case bag, this does the job!
    Although I was a little mis-led by the images of this item, which make the bag seem a little more sturdy than it is, I'm still pleased with the purchase.

    The zippers, handles, roller-wheels all seem to be made of sturdy materials, and I've used the bag a couple times with good results. It's relatively easy to wheel this through the airport. However, the tiny padlocks that come with the bag are unimpressive -- I can't imagine they truly protect much of anything -- I definitely recommend replacing them with a TSA-approved Master Lock luggage lock.

    The top of the bag sort of loses its shape and "hangs" on your club heads a little more than the accompanying pictures would lead you to believe. An uninformed 1st time buyer of a soft case, I actually thought the rounded top of the case was a little more firm, included padding, and would protect clubs from being smushed in an airplane cargo space. Instead the top, like much of the bag is simply a very firm, durable fabric, sort of like a stiffened duffel bag. Padding throughout the bag is really pretty minimal, but is adequate.

    I wrapped my club heads with socks to prevent scratches during transport, and I also affixed the rain guard over-top my regular golf bag to help keep the clubs in place. Just like that, I loaded my golf bag in here and felt pretty secure about sending it all on a plane.

    Also worth noting that this bag fit a full set of clubs with an oversized Taylormade r7 460 with ease.

    Now, my clubs are probably only $500-600 in total value, so if you're travelling with a top-end set I'd probably recommend a firm case. Or, at least a complementing club "spacer" that extends like a small umbrella to the top of the bag and keeps it in shape, helping to preventing the club heads from being bent or mashed while in stow.

    But, for the price, this bag is totally worth it. You can hardly rent a decent set of clubs for the same price as this item, and it gives you the much more desirable option of playing with your own clubs while traveling....more info
  • Great Buy
    This worked great -- very high quality for the price. The wheels made it very easy to transport through the airport. We packed the club heads in bubble wrap just in case, and they survived the plane ride nicely....more info
  • Good for the price
    I use it to haul light stands for photography. Just took it on the airlines when I flew to orlando loaded with equipment. If it can handle the baggage handlers for a trip, it's doing well for only $40 bucks. ...more info
  • Cant Beat it for the price!
    You cant beat this deal. It is a great travel bag and is much more sturdy than i would have thought.

    I highly recommend this product....more info