Charlie, Last Name Wilson
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  • Smooth like milk chocolate
    One of the best cds to come out in the R&B genre for a single male artist. Charlie Wilson is great in every song on this cd. He is even better in concert. His voice is raspy but very clear and at the same time touches your soul and makes you get up and shake your shoulders and dance with the honeys. Mmmmmm good. Hats off to Cha-lee...more info
  • Uncle Charlie !!
    Charlie Wilson's CD is very nice, he has wonderful vocals. I enjoyed most of the tracks on this album. It's more mainstream, nice chill vibe to it. I really give the CD 4.5 stars. "Magic" has R. Kelly's name all over it. It's definitely a steppers cut. I truly love Magic, Charlie, Last name Wilson, and No Words. Let's chill is a nice remake and really doesn't stray far from the original in my opinion. "What if I'm the One" is written and sung in a nice current R&B vibe. Only thing I'm concerned about is the mainstream sound and lyrics, it may turn some of the older listeners away, however, he has a comfortable voice. Even the track with Twista isn't bad. I don't really like the tracks with Snoop (You Got Nerve) or My Guarantee. Overall, it's a really nice CD. If you are looking for a CD to relax and chill to, go out and buy this CD!...more info
  • The magic is tragic !!!!!!!!!!
    I have not heard the entire album, but three songs that have gotten a lot of airplay in metro-NYC: Charlie last name wilson, I can do magic, and Don't say a word.
    From what I gather this is a R. Kelly produced and written album.
    Let's begin with "Charlie, last name wilson". Is this a song or a calling card? I guess R. Kellys' got plenty in the bank because this is tune won't get any future covers!!
    " I Can do Magic" is just plain tragic bereft of melody and I've heard better lyrical structure on Seasame Street Tunes. As for "Don't say a word" there is a section with the phrase "word,word,word". Somebody definitely stole the melody to this one.

    As for the production, it seems that for the most part a producer in what's currently called R&B has been reduced to a person who can adequatley operate a keyboard based sequencer. Lastly I am certain that if you listen to bulk of R. KELLYS' songwriting from his first radio hit (Honey Love) to the present Charlie Wilson, and Ronald Isley garbage, you too will agree that the title of his next big hit should be "I Believe I Can Write A Song"....more info
  • Fantastic
    Money well spent. Every track is good. I can hardly wait until his next CD reach the stores....more info
  • Soooo OUTSTANDING!!!!!
    It's about time the public got to enjoy the sound of a real maestro of voice and soul on the radio. This CD gets even better as there are plenty of good songs to listen to. This is not just a one hit wonder. Uncle Charlie has proven he still has what it takes and looks like he always will. He is truly OUTSTANDING!!!!...more info
  • Charlie Wilson ... Here to Stay
    Great album , Exceptional vocals , Fine mix of producers , fresh material , awesome R Kelly work on tracks he laid on the album and good exec production. Charlie has rocked it . No doubt . We should be learning from him ... ...more info
  • The Original
    Charlie Wilson is the precursor to Aaron Hall of Guy and R. Kelly. Buy this CD. Superior voice and song writing....more info
  • without you.
    I have been a fan of the gap band, and yes i love all of charlie wilson music. he's soo talented and just a great, excellent man, artist all wrap up into ONE. yes, and you go uncle charlie!!!...more info
  • Another legendary artist ruined by R. Kelly
    Okay, maybe it's not fair to place all the blame on the Pied Piper; I guess I just said that because he exec-produced this album. Charlie Wilson wasn't doing much in the mainstream until about five years ago when he released the song "Without You". Although it didn't do much chart-wise, it did remind me who he was. That album, Bridging the Gap, didn't sell very well either, but THIS album, Charlie, Last Name Wilson, gave him more exposure than he's probably had in years.

    The problem I have with this album is Uncle Charlie's new persona. When I looked at the liner notes and noticed that artists like and Twista make guest appearances on here (not to mention the way Charlie's been dressing lately), it made me say, "Look, you're not twenty years old any more, all right?" This is painfully obvious on "You Got Nerve", which features Snoop Dogg and is written and produced by T-Pain, of all people.

    The only fast song that really works on here is "My Guarantee". But I have to disagree with other reviewers and say that the slower songs aren't that great either -- well, that's not entirely true. "Asking Questions", "Cry No More" and "Thru It All" are good. And "What If I'm the One" reminds me of Babyface's "What If" with its subject matter, but Charlie does a better storytelling job than `Face did; that is, until you get to the bridge when he starts to say corny things like, "Girl, let me be the one to lay you down and get you naked."

    And the singles off this album are kind of overrated, especially "Magic" (did you HEAR the end of the second verse???). Another thing is that although Charlie is still one hell of a singer, he still goes overboard at the end of a lot of the songs, especially the title track and the remake of Guy's "Let's Chill". And the other thing that's strange about the latter is that usually artists sing covers of songs originally done by the artists that inspired them, not the other way around.

    Uncle Charlie's still got the chops, but I'm not sure I'll be listening to this album again. A lot of legendary artists still think they have to cater their music to the style that's currently hot, but as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Anthony Rupert

    P.S. In response to another reviewer, Charlie Wilson is 53, not 67....more info
  • Charlie, Last Name Wilson
    is quite good! And this coming from someone who likes her singing done by dead men. LOL!!! I liked 7 of the 12 tracks. Not bad for me.

    Okay, the first track, 'Magic' is a true 'step' give-a-way with R.Kelly all over and under it. Slow but not slow enough to step over him while he's begging because for some reason he's on his knees trying to impress the masses by doing some magic. I tell you what, if he doesn't pick up the tempo, he can *Poof* just disappear.

    Of course, the title track needs no review. It's da' bomb and why I bought the CD in the first place.

    I was gritting my teeth on this track 'So Hot' featuring Twista but it was quite pleasant. The remake of 'Let's Chill' is done respectfully, as well.

    I feel I need to clarify something. I was told that this CD was a definite throw-back to the 'old school'. Well to me, the CD is really not so much of an old school flavor as more like old school according to R.Kelly. Even the tracks that are not produced by him; sound like he was somewhere around that mixing board.

    The track that might turn me into a block of salt, 'Floatin' features Just-In Land O'Lakes and that KornFused Black-Eyed-Pea will get the skip treatment, once I listen to the entire CD. The music is not that terrible but the choices of featured artists is giving me an aneurysm. One thing I can not tolerate is someone trying to be something they're not. Why are they on this CD? I guess the budget couldn't afford Mary J. Bombs, huh? Or finally, someone realized she JUST CAN'T SING! Either way, it's a good thing.

    I had to replay 'Charlie, Last Name Wilson' to eradicate that 'Floatin' trash out of my earhole. Okay, back to the review...

    'Asking Questions' slows the tempo down. Nice enough but I kinda sorta like Wilson's voice doing more uptempo numbers. He has to be careful when he sings slower songs he'll start coming across like he's beggin in the style of BabyFace and all those other non-singing but can produce-others-brothers. Tito give him a tissue.

    Now this 'What If I'm The One' is quite sinewy. Its beat is slower but not sluggish to the point where he's down on begging knee.

    You know 'You Got Nerve' got the swerve featuring Snoop Dogg. Excellent beat and will quickly become my favorite behind the title track. Yes, this has passed the greazy test. Eventually this track may become my favorite.

    Uh oh, 'Thru It All' is slow and dragging. I can tell he's done something wrong and begging for forgiveness. Who was it told men that in order to get a woman's attention is to come across meek, mild and subservient?

    'My Guarantee' picks it back up again and it's a danceable, likeable enough tune. He may be begging on this tune but @ least he's quick about it.

    'Cry No More' I can tell you, he ends up on his knees, right back where he started this CD. I reckon it's his attempt @ a religious tune. I shall not be moved and dare say, St. Peter won't either. Listen if you care.
    ...more info
  • Young cats (or Ill-informed) just don't know...
    The main reason in this review is to express my amazement and disbelief in several individuals reviews discrediting C. Wilson for his cover of "Let's Chill". This whole album is banging, and for you young cats, here's a little history:
    "Let's Chill" was released by GUY in `90/'91, (of course everybody knows Teddy Riley's name - if not, come on now, you need to educate yourself on one of the top 5 producers of all time...). Who in GUY sang "Lets Chill"? Aaron Hall. Who was Aaron Hall's inspiration? Matter of fact - who was Aaron Halls ENTIRE vocal style based on? Who did Aaron Hall himself admit to admiring growing up and mimicking his style? CHARLIE WILSON. It's even been quoted that "...even his vocal distinction is strangely similar to that of Charlie Wilson, a member of the R&B/Funk group The Gap Band". If you are a rookie, please listen to the old GAP BAND albums, and you will see who Aaron Hall sounds exactly like - lead singer Charlie Wilson. I actually give more props to Charlie Wilson for STILL being able to continue to release albums and make hits, while Aaron Hall seems to still be in that black hole of nowhere for quite a few years. Moving forward, with the new "Lets Chill" remake, Charlie is really just putting it down just like GUY did, except with the same style that Aaron Hall bit off of him. Man, maybe it's just me, but I think a lot of people putting reviews on here really don't really know their music......more info
  • Finally got it Today:Uncle Charlie with R.Kelly
    "Charlie,Last Name Wilson" that is the macking Jam Right There.Yes Indeedy. glad that Charlie Wilson Hooked up with the King Of Music R.kelly. I played this Jam quite a bit."magic" is tight as well. No words is nice as well. i dug the cuts Asking Questions.this Album is Cool&Laidback. R.kelly never gets enough due at going back&Hooking folks up.I'm so glad that Soul brother Charlie Wilson is getting His shine.Great news coming as well:the Gap band gonna do a Album with R.kelly.I can't wait.Charlie Wilson is One of the Most Influential Voices in the History of Music.His Voice is timeless.Uncle charlie is back.Props to Snoop Dogg for Hooking the Brother up over the years as well....more info
  • Enjoy
    This cd was everything I thought it would be. Of course, there are selections that I enjoy more than others. The seller was great in getting my cd to me. ...more info
  • Charlie Burns Rubber Again!!!
    I rarely write reviews but I had to come out and write one for Charlie, the album is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! EVERY song is jammin, old school, funky with that beautiful, so SEXY charlie style voice that just makes me melt... I am absolutely not suprised at Charlie and by this album because he is a legend and his voice and style are so pure and so funky! Whatever reviewer said that a couple of the songs are out of Charlie's comfort level is CRAZY, every song is beyond perfection and what comfort level anyway??, Charlie could sing old mcdonald and blow the house down with it... Charlie looks terrific and he hasn't changed a bit, this man is just WAYYYY too cool and has an amazing God given gift, thanks so much Charlie, can't wait to see you perform in person, it would be an absolute thrill for me.. Thanks for this amazing and super funky gift Charlie!! ...more info
  • Soul Revival
    Charlie Wilson has re-ignited soul and romance in this album for me. I have followed his music since the Gap Band and this album gets more play on my Ipod than any other. "No Words" is the most emotional, perfectly soulful ballad since "Reasons". I think a woman must have written this song for him. He sings it with such fiery passion while empathizing with an understanding of a woman's feeling by being neglected in a. Song after song I am stirred and moved. "What if I'm the One" brings to mind the second guessing on choosing if this person is the one you were meant to be with and the consequences of making the wrong decision on choosing your life mate. Charlie speaks to my heart and my faith in soul music is refreshed just by listening to this man sing with his beautiful way of singing. His soulful, powerful voice conveys warmth, love and romance with that masculine sexy under tone that only he has....more info




    5 STAR CD *****

    ...more info
  • Good!!
    I really like this CD. Charlie's voice is so smooth and R. Kelly did a nice job producing & writing most of the tracks. The beats & music are nice and I like pretty much every song without skipping. A great one to add to the collection for sure. BUY IT!!...more info
  • This is how it should be done...
    Dont sleep on this CD! It didnt get the airplay it so greatly deserves. This voice of The Gap Band far surpasses many of today's contemporaries and lays it down like it should be done!!!...more info
  • just ok
    all i can say it that it's just ok. A few good songs, not crazy about the justin song, I think the Snoop song is Great, check out Snoops cd, the song that Charlie is on is better. but all and all not a bad cd, just not great!...more info
    This is a brilliant Album. Charlie Wilson has a voice that words cannot describe. In this Album he just takes his music to a whole new level. The way he holds some of the notes will blow your mind! Highly recommended to anyone who loves listening to soulful mind blowing music!!!!!!!!...more info
  • One Word "OUTSTANDING"
  • Maybe Uncle should retire or find something else to do......
    I did not think this CD was Charlie's best at all! I found him to be out of his age bracket and losing his distinctive voice of the 70's and 80's. I have always been a fan of Charlie and right now I think "Uncle Charlie" is trying too hard and is to old to go mainstream. ...more info
  • No School Like Old School
    I'm not sure if this is his first solo venture, but Charlie Wilson definitely has a winner. If you love the Gap Band, you'll love this CD. Afterall, Uncle Charlie is THE voice of the Gap Band. With the title song and "Magic" the CD kicks off at a nice pace with possibly more ballads than the fare usually expected from the Gap Band. Charlie even revives the old Guy tune, "Let's Chill." He has collabos with Snoop Dog and Twista. He also has a tune that features Will.I.Am and Justin Timberlake. My personal fave is "No Words." It's all good. I'm looking forward to Charlie's next solo effort....more info