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K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad
List Price: $70.99

Our Price: $35.18

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Product Description

The Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad is the cold weather necessity for the 30,000,000 cats that have outdoor access. The thermostatically controlled unit is designed to stay within a cat's body temperature and is perfect for cats that spend time in garages, barns, sheds or outdoor porches and patios. Veterinarians also recommend this pad for therapeutic post-surgery convalescence and to comfort older and arthritic cats. Its ABS waterproof plastic construction makes it both durable and easy to clean. The 12 1/2 in. x 18 1/2 in. pad uses only 40 watts, has 5 1/2' steel wrapped cord and a limited one-year warranty. Comes with a Free Cover.

  • Dimensions - Approximately 12.5" x 18.5"
  • Uses Approximately 40 Watts
  • Limited one-year warranty.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great item
    I bought this headed kitty pad for my outdoor cat. He immediately sat right on it and hasn't gotten off of it..well except to go potty!
    I would recommend this highly.. can also be used in the house if you want to keep your kitty warm if you have your heat lowered while your at work.

    Windsor,NY...more info
  • My stray cats love it
    I have one in a cat igloo and one under my tarp-covered picnic table. The two neighborhood stray cats who have adopted us spend lots of time on them. Power usage is low, so I just run them both full time. They are very study and the cats enjoy the included covering material....more info
  • Great heating pad for your outdoor friends!
    I searched quite some time for a way to keep a couple of feral cats (that adopted us) warm during the winter when I came across these heating pads. After trapping them to get them spayed and neutered, we set about making comfortable beds for them on our covered porch. Concerned about the cold, I tried these pads. The company was very friendly and helpful. The pads arrived much faster than expected and look to be of great quality. There is a nice washable cover included and the cords are wrapped in metal so the cat can't nibble on it & be harmed. The moment they found out the pads were in their beds they rarely leave them. I can actually even pet one of them now! If I were to speak for the cats, I'd say these are a real hit. I plugged both of them into a power strip with a switch so I can just hit it with my foot to turn them off during the day when the cats are out making their rounds. ...more info
  • Works For My Kitty
    I have a cat who lays on the vents or by the electrical heating unit all the time during the winter. I figured what better way to spoil her (even more) than give her a heated pad that is on 24/7 all year round.

    At first she didn't seem too keen on it. After several days of looking for the perfect placement (which was on a chair in the bedroom) and trying to teach her that it warms up after a while, she now lays on it practically all of the time. So don't give up if your cat doesn't like it right away. If you're patient, this product is so worth the money....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad with Cover
    Just purchased my third heated outdoor pet pad. Bought the first two at Petco at a great price last year. Put them inside dog igloos for my outdoor kenneled cats. [My kennel is 16x20 feet.] I purchased the small outdoor kitty pad for my in-laws 2 male outdoor, neutered cats. They have been sleeping under an outdoor floodlight bulb and on top of carpet in a box on the back deck. I hear they stay in bed more now that it's cold!...more info
  • Great but two small flaws
    I hate to break this product's string of five star reviews but mine has two very small problems. It's stiff plastic but it's not flat so it rocks when placed on a flat surface. Cats hate unstable surfaces so I had to pad the bottom with a towel.

    The other problem is that the bottom is slippery so if you put it on something like a coffee table, it will slide when the cat jumps off. Again, setting it on a towel more or less solves this problem. It seems like this product could solve both problems with soft rubber feet.

    Once these problems were solved, my cat was like a moth to flame to this. Five minutes on this thing and he's out like a light. He was sad when his previous heated bed, my old VGA monitor, was replaced forcing him to sleep at room temperature. This probably doesn't crank out as much heat but he likes more than laying on my bed. The heat is very even across the entire pad and you can even hear the pressure switch turn it on to high when you press down on it....more info
  • K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad
    My cat and I LOVE this pad. She is a Ferrel cat and I never knew where she was, particularly at night. She now sleeps outside my living room on the deck on a large pillow where I placed her mat. I feed her there every night and morning. Her body is ALWAYS warm and dry. I highly recommend this item for anyone who has a cat....more info
  • Winter is here and our stray cat loves this pad!
    We have a stray cat that comes every day for food and water. We were worried about winter and how he would survive so we got an insulated dog/cat house. We wanted additional warmth for him so we bought this heated cat pad. Winter weather arrived about 2 weeks ago and he has been in his nice warm house ever since. He loves the warmth generated from this pad and spends most of the day and night sleeping on it. I have only one negative comment. The pad is made of a hard substance and we had a hard time getting it to fit into the house. If it were somehow flexible this pad would be absolutely perfect....more info
  • Warm and cozy for outdoor pets!
    This is the second K&H outdoor heater (exact model/brand) that I have purchased...the original has lasted over 10 years and is still in use!
    I purchased a different brand (thinking they were all the same) and it didn't make it past the second winter so this is the brand to buy!
    We have a couple of semi-wild cats that adopted us. They prefer not to reside indoors but appreciate a warm place to sleep during the cold winter months.
    We have an outdoor cat enclosure which is covered and we leave the door open for the cats to come and go as they wish. So, we set this heater inside a medium-sized cat fits perfectly! Because the heater is inside a carrier (and the carrier is inside the enclosure)...the cat(s) are protected from wind and rain.
    They love it!

    ...more info
  • K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad
    This is super my kitty stayed warm all winter. Now he is a inside kitty....more info
  • Great
    We bought this for our outdoor cat and placed it in our garage. He has been on it most of time ever since. No complaints!...more info
  • Miss Kitty loves it!
    This product did every thing we wanted and more. She had been sleeping on a regular heating pad which shut off after two hours, now she stays on it for hours at a time.

    Excellent product - competitvely priced....more info
  • My boys love it!
    I've two indoor only tomcats and since I put this on top of their cat tower, there's nearly always one of them sleeping on it!

    I couldn't recommend it more!...more info
  • Excellent choice - warm and cozy cat!
    After several failed attempts to coax any one of 4 semi feral cats that visit us to sit or step on the pad, a large gray cat was found to have just "moved in" to the easily created shelter we assembled.

    Purchased the warming pad, applied some strips of Velcro to its' base to keep it from sliding, then added an upside down translucent storage box with entrance cut out, to make this cat shelter.

    Works well, cat seems very happy, spends most of the day in comfort and warmth.

    Pad works as advertised, would recommend!

    ...more info
  • Your cat wants you to buy this.
    This has been (literally) a lifesaver for my outdoor feral farm cats. I have it in their shelter, and all four of them huddle up on it during the cold nights. They love it, and I love it.

    It came with a fabric cover, and I don't use that part since it is outside.

    I have had this plugged in continuously since November with no problems....more info
  • K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad
    I did not actually get to use this product but I was impressed by the quality of it. The stray cat ran away shortly before it arrived. However I priced the same item at Pet Smart and it was a little over $20.00 more than the one I ordered online. The product was shipped quickly and when I returned it, I was issued a credit to my account quickly also. ...more info
  • Great for barn cats
    This is great for your outdoor cats. We live on a farm with a few working barn cats that are just not happy in the house. So here is the perfect solution. We have two heated pads, one medium and one small so that the cats can arrange themselves with their buddies (or not). Our pads are several years old. I bought one with a cover and put a towel on the other one. They are really durable, simple to use, easy to clean, and highly energy efficient. Be aware that the pad will not seem very warm to your touch because the thermostat kicks in when the cat is on the pad. The cat's feet will tell it that the pad is on. After the cat gets comfortable on the pad, it will quickly warm to a cat-approved temperature. I worried that other wild animals would discover the pads but this has not happened so far. ...more info