Actron CP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester
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Product Description

Diagnose drivability problems caused by poor fuel pressure.

  • Measures the available fuel pressure with engine running on or off
  • Features 6-ft hose to aid reaching any test point
  • Handy pouch for storing gauge and adapters
  • Features adaptors to fit most domestic and import applications

Customer Reviews:

  • Quality Product
    Professional level, well made product that does exactly what it should, give solid performance. Wide assortment of adapters is very useful if you work on more than one car. Only real negative is minor. Storage pouch is a little small. Tough to get gauge and all the accessories into it. No big deal....more info
  • A great product for non professional use
    The item, despite being called a Proffesional fuel pressure tester is not so in my mind. While its construction is fine for the occasional user, the person troubleshooting their own car or motorcycle, or even light duty commercial use (like a small shop using it once every few weeks) it is not built to take the hard life of a busy commercial shop.

    Having said that, for the price it is really one great setup. It comes with all the connectors hoses fittings etc one could reasonable need, seems pretty damn accurate, certainly passes the repeatability test, and just does the job.

    The only shortcoming i had with the unit is the hose clamps that come with it are total [...]. since every car built in the last ten years or more uses high pressure fuel injection systems, a crappy clamp poses a serious fire risk if it allows fuel to be sprayed at as much as 80 PSI.

    many users wont even need to use the hoses and clamps, but for those that do, just be sure to spend a few extra dollars on some good quality hose clamps.

    by the way, as best as i can tell this is the same exact unit Bavarian autosport (premier BMW on line parts retailer) sells for 90 bucks.

    ...more info
  • Fuel Pressure terster
    Product is excellent.

    The product comes with all the fittings you need in order to check fuel pressure on the car, including fuel injection cars.

    A quality product....more info
  • Professional Quality, Exactly as Advertised
    This tester is very well made and has adaptors for most US and Foreign vehicles. I was able to test my Camry with no problems. ...more info
  • Not bad
    The device seems to function as advertised - I don't have a calibrated pressure gauge to determine if it's "accurate" or not. As others have mentioned, the storage case for this is somewhat pathetic, and while the unit does have a valve and associated tubing for bleeding off the fuel into a container, the simple act of pressing the release valve allows fuel to escape through the the button that you're pressing, somewhat defeating the purpose of a no-mess pressure release.

    At the end of the day, it functions as a fuel pressure tester and serves the purpose it was intended, which is a very useful tool to those who would like to avoid the typical "shotgun approach" to fuel system related auto repairs. I should be able to upgrade the pressure release valve with standard brass fittings (I'm guessing here), so no heartburn there, and it *was* a relatively inexpensive tool that gets you up and going right out of the box. I would actually give it 3.5 stars if that was possible
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  • it works
    Got the job done for me. Confirmed I was leaking fuel pressure after shutting off the engine (causing hard starting) and allowed me to determine where it was going, which turned out to be the last place I would have expected. It cost half what the dealer's diagnosis did, who mis-diagnosed the problem. Did not have the problem of leakage around the pressure release button that another reviewer mentioned. However, if you use the T hose adapter I'd recommend putting a wrench on the fitting to make sure the two brass parts are tightly screwed together before using it. I had a bit of a leak from there that disappeared once I cranked up the tightness a turn or so. If you use the T fitting take a look at it and you'll understand what I'm talking about....more info
  • Excelente producto
    Gran producto, instrucciones completas para un manejo correcto y seguro. Fue facil diagnosticar que mi bomba de gasolina esta trabajando correctamente.
    El material que esta fabricado es de buena calidad y contiene lo necesario para utilizarlo con diferentes marcas de vehiculos
    Lo recomiendo ampliamente...more info
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Actron CP7838 Professional Fuel Pressure Tester
    This item did everything that I expected it to do....more info
  • Happy with first Actron product
    After online shopping it seemed the best value with long line and several attachments. I tried it on my 2 Buicks, was very quick and easy, line was long enough to route thru hood onto windshield and read pressure while driving. If you have a lot of money, get the Snap-On, but I'm very happy with this one....more info
  • not bad but be careful
    The first one I bought started leaking raw gasoline from the gauge while I was testing the pressure on a running car! Very scary. My son was just coming out into the garage and I yelled to get back in the house while I ran to turn off the engine. Luckily, nothing happened but it could have been a disaster. It may have been a rare manufacturing defect but who knows how good the quality on these things really is? I ended up getting a replacement for free and that one has been just fine. No problems. However, the first experience still haunts me. So when you first use one of these things, have someone in the car ready to kill the engine and keep a very close eye on the tester for at elast the first 10 mins of use.
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