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Oregon Scientific EB313HG Handheld Weather Forecaster with Alarm Clock
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Product Description

Includes: includes 2 CR2032 watch batteries. Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster with Alarm Clock - If you do a lot of traveling outdoors, then this handy little gadget is a must have! It's a handheld weather forecaster with alarm clock. So you can get up on time everyday, and quickly see what the day's going to bring! Severe weather alert indicator Barometric pressure trend indicator Belt clip rotates to serve as a table stand Illuminated with HiGlo electro-luminescent backlight Operating Temperature Range - -4 degrees F to +144 degrees F (-20 degrees C to +60 degrees C)

Know when to cut the weekend outing short, or when to hold out for better weather on the way with this handheld weather forecaster. Campers, fishing enthusiasts, hikers, beach combers or anyone who wakes up and needs to know what the weather is like will benefit from this pocket-sized weather forecaster. The device displays 12- to 24-hour weather forecasts, using animated icons for sun, rain, clouds, etc. It also shows local temperatures and humidity levels and doubles as a travel alarm clock with a crescendo alarm and snooze function. The forecaster is equipped with a severe-weather alert and shows barometric pressure trends. An innovative belt clip rotates to double as a convenient table stand. The forecaster's display is illuminated with a HiGlo, electro-luminescent backlight for easy reading in the dark, a nice feature if you like to sleep in while figuring out how to dress for the weather. The thermometer temperature range is -4 degrees F to +144 degrees F (-20 degrees C to +60 degrees C). The purchase includes 2 batteries. --Brian Olson

  • Handheld weather forecaster and alarm clock
  • Displays 12- to 24-hour weather forecasts with animated icons
  • Displays temperature and humidity; moon-phase indicator
  • Minimum and maximum temperature and humidity memories
  • Digital clock and calendar with crescendo alarm and snooze function

Customer Reviews:

  • Not within the 75% accuracy that it claims
    I bought this product because it is made by Oregon Scientific, a reliable company. I thought it would be a decent substitute for a better weather monitor. However, I would not recommend buying a monitor that has as few features as this one, for the following reasons:

    1) It is pretty useless as a weather forecaster. The only thing it really does is display the relative humidity and barometric trends, which are both helpful, but not enough to know what kind of weather might be arriving. The problem with the barometric pressure is that it doesn't display the actual pressure in a format that is useful, and only displays a trend. This would be ok if the weather predictions were more accurate. However, the weather predictions are not very accurate at all when the unit is kept indoors, so having a gauge that displays the trend only and not the actual pressure is useless.

    2) The weather trending is much less accurate than the 75% claim in the manual. The unit I bought often reports there will be clouds or rain the next 24 hours, when incliment weather is not due. Perhaps it would be more reliable outdoors, but I have doubts. I, personally, would not want to rely on it during an outdoors adventure, as it would probably cause me to get nervous and leave early, when such action would not be necessary. Also, I was expecting a 48 hour window of prediction offered by many of their other products, but was disappointed in the relatively short 24 hour window. I guess you get what you pay for, but I expect more from Oregon Scientific.

    3) A minor point, but as one of the other reviewers mentioned, the belt clip isn't held on very well, and is rather inconvenient to use.

    If it displayed the actual barometric pressure, I would be pleased with this product. However, as is, I do not recommend it, except as a curious gadget....more info
  • Useful Product
    A very useful product. It responds quickly to temp changes, easy to read and operate. I wish it had come with a strap, but otherwise I highly recommend the EB313HG....more info
  • Ridgeline Time & Temp
    I wanted a time & temp device to put on the ridgeline of my backpacking hammock. The OS EB313HG has a wider temperature range than most inexpensive devices; that is the most common failing of other products. It is a little bulky, just a tad larger than my cell phone, but it is light weight. The lock feature allows you to toss it anywhere, and trust that the Max & Min won't be reset, or your alarm won't be inadvertently turned on or off. I wish it would give the barometric pressure in mBars instead of just a trend arrow. The trend faithfully shows the diurnal pressure change, and predicts rain and sunshine, alternately, on a daily basis.

    At the price offered by Amazon, this device is a no-brainer!...more info
  • Undecided so far
    I just bought this unit about a week ago, primarily to use to provide data while testing outdoor equipment. I haven't cross checked its readings with another source yet.

    However, my initial finding is that the belt clip for this unit is grossly inadequate. Its too short to go over my current belt (a little over an inch wide), too loose too provide a positive clamp on fabric, like a shirt pocket or pants pocket, and the thing has flown off of me and hit ground 4 times in the last day or two.

    From looking at the real estate on the unit, I can see how they got constrained into the current configuration. However, it looks like some changes could still be made. Either provide a spring loaded clip, or the ability to attach a lanyard, or something.

    I'm wondering how advisable it is to wear this thing close to the body though, as with a lanyard around the neck. It looks like holding the unit in the hand changes the temperature and humidity readings, and I can only assume wearing it around the neck would do the same thing, unless you had it over a couple of layers of thick clothing.

    I've yet to test the trending time-line of this unit. I only hiked with it yesterday. During a hike up a hill/peak near me, the forecast changed from sunny to partly cloudy to sunny again. Only changes I noticed were temperature dropping. There was an 1800' change in elevation too. Not sure if that affected the barometric pressure reading enough to affect the forecast.

    Right now the forecasting does not seem very useful as the trending time-line seems a little short. Will report back when I know more.
    ...more info
  • Useless device
    This product is useless as a weather forecaster. Its weather forecast is always wrong compared to actual weather. For instant, right now it shows rain when it's sunny and it suppose to be sunny entire week.
    In my opinion, don't waste your money on this unit get something else....more info
  • Great Father's Day Gift
    I purchased this item for my Dad on Father's day. He really liked it and thought it was neat. He carries it around with him all the time....more info
  • Very handy and practical
    I took this unit with me to Central America and found it to be amazingly accurate. It performed "forecasting" at least as accurate as the local weather guys on TV. I found it to be very handy and practical. It allowed me to see what the current temperature and humidity was in several different micro-climates. It was nice to have the time and date displayed also so my journal keeping was accurate. The only thing missing was an anemometer!...more info