Dead or Alive 4
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Dead or Alive 4 takes advantage of the superior technology of Xbox 360, to redefine 3D fighter games. Go wild with a new fighting system, larger tournament groups, detailed scoreboards and more. Form clans, or just enter the lobby areas to talk with other DOA fans. Best of all, the fighting system allows even more mastery and strategy of your favorite character -- including the most complex DOA countering system yet!

  • New characters added to the DOA all-star line-up
  • New interactive stages
  • New and in-depth story line and cut-scenes
  • Through Xbox Live, players can simultaneously compete, form clans and discover the new and interactive DOA4 lobby area -- featuring voice and text chat

Customer Reviews:

  • my favorite dead of alive game
    Dead or alive has a great series out there. dead of alive 4 seems to be the most fun and most entertaining. You have some really cool attacks. Cool characters also. If you like virtual fighter or tekken you will love dead or alive 4....more info
  • Rubbish AI; An Exercise in Frustration
    Video games are supposed to be accessible for everyone -- someone should have told this to Tecmo, who have bogged down what would have been a delightfully fun fighting game with the cheapest, most abusive AI I have ever seen. Though the game is beautiful, fast, and frenetic when playing with a friend, trudging through the game's single-player mode -- the only way to unlock more goodies and characters -- is horrific. The game's AI is so cheap to the point where random button mashing is the only way to go. The computer relentlessly punishes you for attempting throws, reversals, or even BLOCKING. I won't even get into the final boss, which made me launch my wireless controller across the room multiple times. After 20 years of game-playing, nothing has ever frustrated me as much as this.

    Avoid like the plague, unless you like a challenge and enjoy blowing sixty bucks on a game that will abuse and humiliate your playing skill at every step of the way....more info
  • More work, less play.
    In redesigining Dead or Alive for the XBOX 360, Team Ninja seems to have systematically removed any element of fun from the game. By drastically changing the countering system, by increasing the challenge, and by introducing a new boss, somehow they lost that which made the other games enjoyable in the first place.

    First, the countering system. Since the inception of the Dead or Alive series on the Playstation One, the countering system set DOA apart from other fighters and became, next to the female characters, the title's major gimmick. In DOA 4 that countering system has been complicated by adding a counter-intuitive command for middle and jumping kicks. Instead of entering back and the free button, one has to go forward instead. Compounding this, the window of opportunity for successfully countering an attack has decreased substantially, making it more difficult to break a combo.

    This in itself wouldn't have been so bad if the same treatment had been given the CPU opponenet, but no. They counter more if at will. The opponent also blocks more effectively, severely limiting your offense. But not only has the CPU's defense improved, but offensively the CPU is a rediculous challenge. You will find yourself consistently being pummeled by perfectly executed combos, juggles, bounce combos, chain throws, and counters. Meanwhile, your ability to defend against these attacks is nearly absent. There are gaping holes in your blocking, you can't seem to break a chain throw, and if you do somehow manage a block the hardwired CPU executes a throw instead. Overall this challenge makes the game more frustrating than fun. Yet, as NORMAL level is the lowest difficult setting available (and their definition of normal is other games' hard or hardest), that is your only option. Even sparring mode proves to be a pain as there is equally no easy setting. However, by varying your attacks, you can catch the opponent off guard and manage a few good combos. The problem is, you go from entering known commands to random direction and button combinations. DOA goes from a fairly sophisticated game to a mindless button masher. Combine all this with a controller that cannot seem to register a simple crouch command and makes you jump forward when all you want is to step forward and you have a recipe for a lot of swearing and control throwing. There are some moments when you cannot do anything at all, and you wonder why you're even holding a controller in the first place.

    If you do manage to slog through these hyped-up, Wheaties-eating, omniscient opponents you eventually meet with the game's new boss, a poorly coceived Kasumi made out of bluish plasma, Alpha-152. This boss will go down in history as one of the cheapest, most difficult of all bosses. Not only can she string together 10 to 12 hit combos, but she has a counter attack that takes nearly half your life bar, she teleports, and she can seemingly complete a throw from anywhere. Even still, once you figure her out, she is surprisingly easy to beat provided you have the right character (Kasumi seemed to work best for me). If you only had to face her once, it would be no big deal, but you have to face her again and again if you want to unlock more features. Honestly, I don't know why fighting games even need a boss.

    Your reward for all this work is, excpt for a few exceptions, a lame movie and or an equally lame new outfit. Apparently all the best outfits have to be purchased online. As I am not an online player, there is very littly reward or satisfaction in this game. What happened to Leifang's leather one piece spy outfit. And though her movie is quite funny, it is not taijiquan. Tai Chi is about maximum result with minumum effort. Spinning around a pole by your hands in order to kick a guy is more in the style of a ninja. And do we really need Tengu? Moreover, you can also unlock a Spartan from Halo. What a Halo character is doing in Dead or Alive is anyone's guess. I suppose as Mario is to Nintendo, Halo is to the XBOX.

    Story wise, DOA is also lacking, but fighting games were never known for their depth. There seems to be little reason why any of them, aside from those with connections to DOATEC, would even be fighting in the first place. The new characters Eliot and Kokoro are kind of boring compared to the old cast. What is with Kokoro anyway? An apprentice Geisha studying Chinese kung fu? Besides, she too much resembles Leifang which creates some confusion. La Mariposa is slightly better, but suffers from too elaborate moves. Her acrobatic attacks often take to long to be effective.

    What has improved are the environments. The interactive nature of the stages is by far the most enjoyable new aspect of the game. It is satisfying to knock your opponent over a table or log, or smash him into a cart of fruit. Sadly, there is little else of any appeal here. Even the much touted graphics were not as impressive as what I had first heard. The hair looks like ribbons of plastic and, like scarves and jewelry, seems to move of its own accord. Fabric often looks fake escpecially in some of the textures and in the movement of skirts. Otherwise, it is a beautiful game, but still too frustrating to actually be enjoyable. I play video games to aleviate stress, not add more. I think many players would agree....more info
  • Gorgeous and Aggressive
    First of all, this is the most beautiful fighting game I have ever played. The scenery is amazing and the character detail is unbelievable. The characters even have... well... uh... bounce.

    The gameplay is first rate. The controls are very simple compared to other fighting games but if you've never played a DOA game the "Free" button can take a little getting used to. The flow of the matches is extremely fluid and the martials arts choreography is fantastic. Note to newcomers, this is an aggressive fighting game. You can just sit back and pick your shots. You have to go in full force with hard and varied combos to beat the computer. "Varied" is also key. The computers AI and the turnovers allowed with the "Free" button mean that you can keep doing the same cheap moves to win. No Mortal Kombat leg sweeps or Street Fighter fireballs to get you through the game. You have to really learn the character and vary your attacks. Fortunately the top notch Sparring Mode helps with that a lot.

    As a fan of both Ninja Gaiden and the Halo series, I thought it was really cool to able to play both Ryu and the Master Chief in the game.

    The one flaw, and the reason I held off the perfect score is the story. There is a "Story" mode but it's pretty much just a few stock cutscenes. They could have done more to develop that. All in all, I very worthy buy....more info
  • Uhh...What happened to the easy mode?
    I suppose this is what you call a 'hardcore' fighting game because it doesn't have an easy mode. It's too cool for all that easy mode jazz. Come to think of it, Soulcalibur 3 didn't either, whats up with that? Anyway, It's not actually that bad once you get some practice with fighting at a not so easy level. Once you finally defeat the evil jello mold kasumi clone after the twentieth time you will feel so tough that you didn't wimp out and set the game to easy (because you couldn't) that it makes the whole journey that much funner.

    Seriously, though, do they expect the average gamer to unlock even half the achievements on this mother? This series has always been rough but now you don't even have the option to wimp out. I play fighting games to take out my aggression. How am I going to take out my aggression when I'm getting my head kicked in like a special olympics equipment manager that picked a fight with Jet Li. I'll tell you how, I aint. At least not with Tina. I have to play as friggin' Ein if I want to do any good in survival mode. I didn't buy this game to play as a guy, sheesh. Also, is it just me or does Kasumi suck now? She used to be my go to girl but now I can barely do anything with her. I could barely get a bronze medal in the survival mode and I about darn near broke my hand doing it. I have a better chance of unlocking all of rumble roses achievements and that's saying something because that game is tedious. But I digress...

    On the plus side there are some great graphics but that goes without saying as this is a next generation system. There are also some interesting features like being able to take snapshots of computer controlled fighters. It's a fun diversion from getting pounded but 90% of my pictures are as blurry as all get out. I must not make a good video game photographer. As with Doa 3 Aerosmith music abounds in this game. Well, maybe not abounds per se but it is in there. If you beat the game with Helena. The ending credits have a nice Aerosmith song. The endings for the characters make no sense whatsoever but that's nothing new. I like Kasumi's little mermaid esque finale. It's so randomly silly that I liked it.

    Anyway, the game is a solid fighting game that gives you plenty of action. Just don't expect it to be a cakewalk or any other sort of walk involving pastries. Pick a fighter, spend hours learning all his moves and go forward young warrior to unlock the achievements and gain glory. But don't expect me to be at the finish line with you. I'll be playing oblivion....more info
  • Only For the Patient
    I'm sorry, but I have to defend Tecmo/Team Ninja here. I can easily understand why many people are frustrated with their work - nothing they have done is easy to pick up and play around with. Rather, their games are for the fast and furious, and those who are willing to take time and learn. This is why all the professional reviews are good; they are forced to learn, and they wind up liking it.

    If you like an easy and accessible game, then this game is NOT for you. But, if you are patient, quick, and you actually USE YOUR HEAD instead of button-mashing (which the bad reviewers obviously did), then this game is a blast. (By the way, this game was designed to punish both button-mashers and countering whores - which really ups the multiplayer and forces the player to learn.) Fighting games are supposed to be fast and furious, and the winner will be the one who can think quickest and act the best upon their abilities and the actions of their opponent. This game balances that perfectly.

    Besides, look at one screenshot and you'll know how beautiful this game is. It is especially amazing if you have an HDTV. If you have multiple controllers and a few friends, this game can entertain you for countless hours, and if you are motivated by unlockables, this game will addict you for a good 30+ hours even without friends.

    This game is only for the patient, who are willing to develop themselves to it. I would also recommend Ninja Gaiden Black, an excellent action title from the same developer (for those of you who still have an old Xbox)....more info
  • One of if not THE worst fighting game ever made
    I have played many many fighting games fom NES(I'll count Kung Fu here) all the way up to the 360 now. And this has to be the worst one I have ever played. When I first bought it and was getting my head handed to me, I thought it just takes some getting used to. Well, after more than 10 hours later the same thing is happening. I have Soul Caliber 3, and though it was hard at first the more you play the more you get used to it. The more you can flow with it and hold your own. This game however, is nowhere near that good. Yes it's a pretty game, but beauty does NOT make a fighting game. I found the controls sloppy at best, the reversals or counters near impossible, and blocking pretty much not there. And anyone who has played through knows the last fight with evil gree jello girl is a gamers nightmare. The developer who made this junk should really stop trying to be a rock star and make a fighting game worth buying. I suggest you buy Soul Caliber 3 for PS2 or wait for a new and better fighting game to come out....more info
  • DOA4 awesome game!!!!
    Dead or Alive 4 is an awesome game. It provides entertainment for hours. After completing the story mode, which only took about a day or so.....there are challenges on LIVE...keeping you entertained by playing against people all over the world.

    There are only two problems I have found with the game. (1) After beating the story mode and unlocking all of the characters, the game deleted by progress, causing all my characters to disappear. Team Ninja is supposed to be putting out a patch to fix this. (2) When playing on LIVE there is alot of times the game will freeze....when it plays, it is awesome, but when it freezes, the only way to get out of it is wait for about 5-10 minutes or exit LIVE and go back in.

    I highly recommend this reminds me alot of my favorite game of all time, Tekken.....but the moves are better!...more info
    Dead or alive 4 has great graphics and game play that you whold expect from xbox 360. Now with that out of the way it is fun once you get the actual game play together and stop button mashing. Each player has a unique style which can be masterd and perfected rather easy. Yes...those of you who want to turn down the heat and play on easy............stop crying you can not do it and that is why you suck you can not expect to get better or even compete with others if you always walk with a crutch. The online play is flawless and fun. When jumping over fences and you can counter your enemy. The environments are enteractive and lush and beatiful and fun. So if you want a fighter with good graphics and game play that is not hard to play pick this up....more info
  • I am Death
    There is a level for begginers. But if you can't handle exicuting half of the moves in Training (more than likely because you are hitting the buttons to slow), then you won't do well. I play several games and sometimes I don't come back to this one for a while. But if you want a hard fighting game, or think that this is hard, try Tekken. The secret to this game is learning your combos, knowing 4 counters, predicting when you should use the counters, ability to stop using the same moves over and over (you know, change it up a bit), and to know your opponent.

    For some reason I counter better with Lei Fang. I fight humans best with Christie (may favorite character). I fight the computer best with Ein (second best with Hitomi). I have never played on Xbox Live, but I have a friend that is ranked somewhere in the hundreds in this game, and I mop him up. But you don't have to dedicate your life to getting good at this game. Just do what I do, don't play a game by the genre, but as the game individually. You wouldn't go into a shooter game the same way you would a RPG or fighting. So try applying that to this game. I can alternate between KOF (I am pretty good at), to MK (I can only rock 2 characters- I don't play MK much), to Soul Caliber (awesome), to Bloody Roar (awesome), to Tekken (very awesome), and Arcana Heart (pretty good) in any order and don't have any problems with the transistion. Just need a couple of moments to get use to the game (but I have that prob with all games).

    But now to the game. The story runs fairly smoothly but sometimes it seems as though they were reaching out for an excuse to make a fight (i.e. Hitomi and Lei). Zach's ending (as always) is always comical (cartoony). They didn't get rid of the gay outfit the Zach wears either (you know the one, Just one word for it: Teletubbies). They do leave a lot of holes in the story, some get filled if you know the story from early in the series. They modified alot of the combos, Some for the better, some for worse. The wall counting system (how many times a person hits a wall before they just fall to the ground) has gotten better. It is easier to get up when knocked down (but for some reason the computer can jump on me and land an attack that is soley for when you are laying down, if they initiate the jump before I get up, while I am fully standing). They still need to change the term in Training from Standing, because if you are not touching any buttons from the get go- you are standing. They could call it Standing Up, or Up from Crouch. I think the word that they use in Japanese does translate to standing but in contect to standing up or to make stand (I need a better dictionary, I have four, but none of them have the full word that is used.

    I am waiting for when they finnaly have Christie say (note if this does get used I want my money da---rn it)"Get lost and die". I am also waiting for when Hitomi can say, "Hitomi, power up!" in a more fluid english, she says it in english just with a VERY thick japanese accent. I don't even speak japanese, but what little bit I do say, I have a very soft american accent (and I prefer western japanese accent) but it is not so much that you almost don't understand what I am saying. And when are they going to get rid of the gay outfit? (Zach is american and he is dressing up like a teletubby, WTF people? WTF?)...more info
  • Define: Opposite of Fun
    DOA single player...

    The single player portion of this game is by far the WORST of any fighting game to date - unless of course you enjoy spending hours fighting against an AI that cannot be described in any way other than RIDICULOUS! Even on the 'normal' setting (the easiest available), the AI can counter at will and string together impossible combinations of hits. 45+ minutes on ONE opponent to unlock ONE costume... not my idea of a good time.

    The multi-player portion of the game would be a total blast if it wasn's constantly laggy and either booting people or freezing...

    With a couple of patches, this game COULD be awesome, but as it stands now - I recommend skipping it......more info
  • DOA4
    It the worst of the series, just because it is for the newest system out doesn't mean it the best....more info
    why do they do this, why do they make it so hard? Tekken is way better in which it depends on skill, in this one you just want to break the game in half, the graphics are amazing, the game play hmmmmmmmmm dont know, the only thing i can see why many people like it is because the girls are half naked in it, lots of cat fights, its the only game that has the best female fighting i have seen on a console

    but definetly get it when its 29.99 or even lower, wait for better games...more info
  • Rewarding if you have staying power
    When is something entitled 'Ultimate' not actually meant to be 'Ultimate'? When you're Team Ninja of course. Painfully unfunny jokes aside, Tomonobu Itagaki was certainly suffering from a case of premature appellation with his stop-gap DoA reimagining for Microsoft's original games system. Dead or Alive 4 is actually the 'ultimate' Dead or Alive game so far, but for the purposes of clarity (and conformity) we'll continue to call it Number Four.

    On 360 it was impossible to think that DoA4 would look anything less than stunning. Certainly DoA3 was one of the Xbox's best-looking earlier titles and the apple certainly hasn't fallen far from the tree. While the cherry blossom-strewn courtyards, Las Vegas-style strip and wrestling-ring levels are all graphically impressive, this time around it's the little things that make the major difference. The wavy heat haze on the Savannah level, the reflections of the characters and environment in glass and puddles, the neon lighting effects, the sense of scale provided by distant mountains visible from the top of the temple steps, even down to spectators in the wrestling-ring stage holding up boards with slogans and pictures that actually correspond to the fighters taking part (or booing if the fighters don't land a punch for a while) - these are just a few examples of some of the small details that, when combined, add up to a very large and juicy cherry atop the cake.

    Characters have also received extra attention to detail, with clothing fabrics looking even more impressive than ever before. Fur, mesh and silk are all wonderfully recreated and richly produced. An attempt has also been made to accurately provide long flowing hair for the female fighters, however this is not always successful with some odd results where it appears to flow around their shoulders like liquid. There are also some Soul Calibur 2-esque clipping issues with hair and some characters' clothing. The game also allows for photos and replays of the action to be saved for posterity, preserving forever that moment when you dished out (or received) punishment.

    The attention lavished on fine detail is unsurprising however when you look at the game's character models. As exquisitely produced as they are, again Team Ninja have backed themselves into a narrow cul-de-sac with the art direction of the game which now seems to have gone as far as it can and even peeked around Number Three. DoA has and always been the digital equivalent of playing Barbie Vs. Ken for adults, with characters that have an almost plastic sheen to them and with some male characters looking very much identikit aside from hair and clothing.

    Following criticism of the earlier games' fighting system, Team Ninja have made quite a few changes to address issues such as unbalanced fighters and problematic mechanics. More emphasis has been placed on the Critical Hit and Counter system and while it may take a while to adapt, it certainly makes the game more tactical and interesting to play. Fights are much faster (to a giddying degree in later rounds and higher difficulties) and it certainly feels more fluid and fun, with amendments made to characters like Kasumi and Ayane to balance them. This tinkering will certainly go some way to making the game more appealing to those who found it unbearable before.

    Scenery-smashing moves are again present and have been, quite literally, expanded upon. Levels now often sprawl in a multitude of different directions meaning fights can take any number of paths. As an example, brawling on the Temple Steps means players can fight under the archway and into the courtyard, or in the opposite direction down the steps. This in turn leads them to being able to knock opponents over a barrier and off a tiled rooftop, or down another flight of steps. Players can never be sure of which direction a fight will take them, meaning a new dimension of intra-level variety is created.

    There are also static and moving obstacles such as benches, trees, fences, traffic and even dinosaurs. There's a real sense of showmanship in belting your opponent into an oncoming police car (as it swerves to avoid the two nutters fighting in the middle of the road), watching with glee as they roll over the bonnet with a thud of metal and a 'plink' of shattering glass. Or much more simply, but just as satisfyingly, kicking your nemesis over a stone table, following it up by vaulting across and punching them in the head as they struggle to recover.

    Disappointingly Team Ninja is guilty of committing the same crime as in DoA3 (and a felony duplicated recently by Namco in Tekken 5); that of the cheap and dirty boss fight. Alpha-152, a see-through version of Kusami, is a nasty and unforgivable little addition to the game that introduces a difficulty spike that spoils the Story and Time Attack modes. Complete with a low-down, dirty, unavoidable charge-blast attack that decimates half your energy bar (something which should be outlawed from modern-day fighters under pain of death) players will find themselves (at the very least) gnashing their teeth at the vile tactics employed. Thankfully Alpha-152 is not present as the final encounter for every character in Story mode, meaning it's not all frustration and tears.

    The A.I. also seems to occasionally lose all control and self-restraint, with characters like Hitomi, and most notably Jann Lee, presenting a spike in difficulty that is off-putting and soul-destroying at times.

    There are noticeable problems with collision detection, meaning some grabs, punches or kicks don't connect. Thankfully there are workarounds as the player adjusts their gaming style, learning when these may occur. However a more sordid glitch means that floored opponents sometimes correct themselves and break into combos in a heartbeat, an almost impossible feat that no recovery move could ever produce and which feels like the A.I. is cheating. In a game where contact is everything, such activity will frustrate when, during a pivotal moment, the player finds their breathing space throttled from them and their opponent attacks instead of going prone.

    The game's saving grace from niggly faults with the A.I. comes from the system's Live capability. While first unveiled in DoA: Ultimate, Live's seamless integration with the 360 and its games makes taking fighting online easier and much more fun than ever before. DoA4 contains an avatar-based lobby system that allows players to fight, meet others, or simply hang out and spectate. Winning the various online matches (including Winner Stays On, Loser Stays On, Team Battle, Survival etc) results in the player earning Zack Points which can be spent in Zack's shop to change the appearance of avatars or to buy new wacky costumes for the fighters themselves. Taking a leaf from DoA's Volleyball outing, items available change on a daily basis meaning that it will be some time before a full wardrobe of accessories and outfits is accrued. Online play is given a further edge in that losing fights means Zack Points are deducted, adding that real incentive to keep winning.

    Although unique, DoA's lobby is not as innovative as it could have been. While understandably limited to one fight at a time per lobby, in order to join the queue to fight, players must leave and enter the in-game spectator view. If they choose to go back to the lobby, they then lose their place in the queue, making the fanciful and delightful lobby almost redundant. Far better would have been a system that allowed you to register your place in the queue and then transport you back into the game appropriately. Of course there's nothing stopping those who want to go off and challenge someone to a one-on-one in their own lobby (which is graciously donated free of charge the first time they go online), but that seems overly fiddly and may be far more trouble for some than it's worth. Presently some games also suffer serious lag that can stop proceedings mid-combo as everything plays catch up.

    As an overall experience DoA4 is thoroughly capable and enjoyable, proving through its latest incarnation that it has certainly evolved into a fighter that can be taken seriously and seen as more than cheap titillation or a T&A simulator for prepubescents. While not as close to perfection as Team Ninja would have everyone believe, there is certainly enough substance to put the series back on track and offer a serious contender to the next round of Virtua Fighter and Tekken games. ...more info
  • king of fighters returns
    all i can say is wow. i have wiated for this game since i first heard about it coming out as i am a huge DOA fan. Like most i do have my gripes with the game.
    1: I hate the final boss. period end of story. cheese, cheese and more cheese. i know tecmo wanted to contend with jimpachi from tekken 5 but this is rediculous.......
    2: ONLINE SUCKS. well its not bad but they do need to patch the lag.
    3: breaking throws these days are hard.
    4: overly cheesy AI.

    other than that its the best looking game on 360 and plays like a charm. I love some of the new characters(even if eliot sucks)
    The spartan is a welcome addition to the game but i wish she had an ending. oh well. The counter system got a much needed overhaul, making the counter window smaller for counters to activate. Throws got more devestation for the ones who have them and throws in mid combo are a wonderful addition.

    the modes are the same as always making for a great fighing experience. The multiplayer is wicked as well with new tag team possibilites. The Xbox live is where this game shines. New ranking system so its not that easy to get the SS rank which we all covet.

    cant wait to see some of you online..... ...more info
  • Best Graphics Ever
    I love DOA, Now this game isnt much differnt than any of the other DOA's the only real difference is the fact yopu can play as a spartan (halo dude) and it has amazing graphics, this game has the best graphics out of all the games out for the xbox 360 a definate MUST HAVE...more info
  • Still the best fighting game, (sorry S. Calibur4 and S.Fighter. IV)
    This is the best fighting game on the 360, and it's one of the cheapest games too!
    great fighting, great graphics, great gameplay !
    Having bought Soul Calibur 4 and Street fighter 4 I come back to the basics, DOA rules !!
    Those guys of the negative reviews obviously think that pac-man its way too complicated for them, heheh , just kidding. But seriously, this is not an easy game....more info
  • Fighting FUN!
    This is definitely my favorite, and in my opinion, the best fighting game to date. There are so many different ways to play the game it's not even funny. There are 23 characters this time around with new ones to choose from, including a Halo inspired Female Spartan. You have your single player gametypes including story mode, time trials, and survival among others. In story mode you pretty much play different matches against other characters (8 levels for each story mode, if I remember correctly). You also have your cut-scenes and movie quality endings to actually make up a "story." The endings are awesome (especially one is particular...HELENA) and can each be re-watched when you complete the story mode for that character. In Time Trial, you play through a certain amount of levels and you are timed throughout. Your times, then, are ranked and put up in leaderboards over xbox live. Then there is the Survival mode, which is basically you against a never ending boss. You play, without stopping, against one other character, and when they are "K.O.'d" a new one comes in the ring to verse you. You get back some of your health each time and there are also items to boost your score and for additional health. Both of the Time Trial and Survival modes can be played as singles or tag matches.

    There are also ways to play against other players in a verses mode or over xbox live. The multiplayer portion of this game is awesome. I find myself playing over xbox live for hours on end without losing any bit of amusement. Like other games played via xbox live, there is a ranking system involved. You can be anything from a F- to a SS. It's pretty much like grade scale from F through A with the - and + signs, and then after A+ a player becomes an S, and then eventually a SS. If you want to become a SS you are going to have to work a lot harder at it because there is a significant difference in points needed for each rank. These points are obtained or lost by winning or losing games on xbox live. Overall, this game is extremely fun and is hours and hours of fun. It has definite replay value with its different modes and especially from its Xbox Live capabilities....more info
  • GET READY.......FIGHT!!!!!!!
    I have always been a huge Dead or Alive fan. I got the game the first day it came out. I was a little disapointed in the graphics. The DOA graphics have always been beautiful but I guess I expected more since DOA 4 was on the 360. The game play is faster then previous versions and the moves have been tweeked a little. This gave me more of a challange. You have to think just a bit quicker to keep up. I guess it somewhat forces you to sharpen you gaming skills. I loved it. Techmo and Team Ninja is always the standard when it come to fighting games like this....more info
  • tecmo and team ninja does it again on the xbox 360 .... a winner!
    this game is fantastic .... the graphics are phenominal very detailed backgrounds..(loved the dinosaur background..) all the classic combos and characters are there..especially my favorite kasumi :) they also added a great new character named well as ryu hayabusa the hero from all the original nintendo ninja gaiden series...this is action packed and will having you coming back for more..lots of great costumes and movies to be unlocked as well...a winner get this game it really shows off the x box 360 ...more info
  • Knocks Out Its Competition
    I had never played a Dead or Alive game before but I had alot of people on my friends list on it so I thought i would give it a go. First of all I would like to say there is a strong learning curve to the game. Having never played a DOA game before I had troubles getting through the stroy mode but i decided to stick with it. I then went online and found myself losing fight after fight so i decided to try the sparring mode. This really helped as i got to learn some combos (button bashing will only give u very limited Success) and got the hang of the countering system. The game then got very interesting and after i had completed the story mode i turned to the online play and soon started winning fights.

    The online is the best part of the game although if you have any people with slow connections it does become very laggy. The lobby system is pretty unique as you can walk around as a choosen avatar and talk to other players and form tag teams before you join the fight. The ranking system is also very well done and it helps keep the fights fair although there should be an option to make un ranked lobbies.

    Overall I think the game is brillant its very skillful as you have to anticipate moves to counter and learn combos. It has a massive life span (I have played for over 100 hours and am still entertained) and it is very competitive. The only critism I have is that fighting the AI can be frustrating as they will begin countering random moves that you pull if they are losing and the story mode is not exactly extensive. So i would only advise buying this game if you have xbox live or play 2 or 4 player often with friends....more info
  • Graphics are great, but gameplay not so.....
    This is my first time playing Dead or Alive. I'm not a big fan of Tekken like games so I'll try to be fair as possible. I can appreciate any fighting game that doesn't allow to much "button mashing". What frustrates me is how this game is ridiculously TOO ACCURATE in the fighting scheme the makers of this game has employed. I can read the manual so many times and even the online guides, but I barely get rewarded in trying execute self defense moves, especially the simple blocking. I don't know if it's the game or my joints on my fingers arent loose enough, but i swear that i barely get to do a counter hold on any matter how hard i time it well. What frustrates me more is the blocking barely works and when it does it usually get overrided with a ridiculous "blow" or "kick" that launches you up and down to the ground. And when do try to get up, it's hard to evade a cheesy low just have to absorb more until your lucky enough to reply with a little combo of your own.

    I'll stop the ranting. Would I recommend this to newcomeres of Dead or Alive? No. Most likely you'll be more frustrated than having fun. I can't speak for the rest that have played this series for a while....more info
  • What the?!?!
    This is by far the worst fighting game I have ever played on a platform console. It's frustrating when your perfectly timed grapples just happen to slide off the guy you're fighting like he was coated in butter. Your every strike is countered and blocking??!! HA! don't bother! Anyone who has any appreciation for playing fighting games on the hardest level, might as well scratch this one off the list! To tell you the truth I'm not too impressed with the 360 overall. I've been playing video games since Intellivision and let me tell you.... I would buy Tank, Tank at $45.00-$50.00 before I buy another fighting game from this line. This is the first of the series I've ever played and can't believe that any of the previous ones could be worse than this. It just seems like a cheesy Tekken. Oh yeah, I don't want a game that robs characters from other games, If I wanted to play HALO, I'd play HALO, I'm sure the game writers could be a little more creative. If I could tell you what I actually think about this game, they wouldn't let me post it. But, on the other hand my wife appears to be a pro at this game, and am concerned that maybe it is I who am just retarded with this game....more info
  • screw everyone else
    this game is absolutely amazing
    the people that haven't liked this game have been either people that cannot comprehend the concept of multiple-hit combos and blocking, and people that do not appreciate the amazing graphics that are apparent throughout this game
    if you liked DOA 3 or even the first and second one, i promise you will fall in love with this game...more info
    This is the best fighting game Ive ever played! The graphics are amazing!...more info
  • Enjoyable addition for any XBOX 360
    As someone new to the whole DOA series, I have to say I was blown away by this game. The character models are stunning, and the dynamic backgrounds area highly immersive. Fights are fast, furious, and there are many unique moves for every character. Story endings range from the highly humorous to the intense and touching. And the number of new costumes for each character makes playing their story mode multiple times (so far I have 5 costumes for both Kokoru and Hitomi, not sure how many total there are).

    Only con? The blisters on my thumbs from the last 6 solid hours of playing!...more info
  • team ninja does it again.
    first off i will say dead or alive 4 has a nice look graphics looks crisp and clean, beautiful game. however like other team ninja games (ninja gaiden)doa4 suffers from a lack of an easy option i am so sick and tired of playing these games that's almost impossible to beat. to team ninja is putting an easy option on your games such a problem. $60 per game and $400 for the system can't team ninja and xbox cut me some slack please thank you. three stars for the look of the game's graphics but game play and anything else are like doa ultimate on the regular xbox no real big change....more info
  • DOA4 an average fighter
    I have played Dead or Alive since the second one released on the dreamcast and have enjoyed the series up until this one. Dead or Alive 3 being my most favorite. I really tried to enjoy this game but through all the changes I couldn't enjoy it as it was more frustrating than fun.

    Graphics: As always the Tecmo team does an excellent job with graphics pushing them as far as the system will let them take it. All you have to do is look at the characters and the different levels and know that it is gorgeous.

    Storyline: Well, as always the story rarely makes sense and doesn't explain why you're fighting who you're fighting. Its a common thing between all fighter games. Unless you've played DOA from the begining don't even try to make since of it. The story mode is alright and the end boss is crazy and hard as can be. Unless you wanna buy the costumes online you will be going through storymode a bunch of times which I have and it sucked. I have only one character to unlock and that's Tengu, as for the others Ein is awesome, Leon and Gen Fu but why Tengu and Alpha-152?? The new characters added to the linup are Kokoro, Eliot and Lisa. My favorite one was Kokoro who is hard to use in fights and no flashy moves. Eliot took Gen Fu's spot and with Lisa all you do is push buttons and she goes crazy.

    Combat System: They sped up the character movements and changed up the counter system, which makes this game tougher and very very frustrating. As always you have a list of moves you can go through in sparring mode to learn the new moves and old ones to try and come up with chains and all that on your own. However, when fighting against the cpu (on normal or hardest, I found to be the same) you end up getting mad because the cpu counters 75% of your moves and blocks 15% of them so that leaves you 10% chance of hitting the cpu. So what happens, you forget trying to string up a combo and just start mashing buttons and dont' even think about trying to get a grab combo on the cpu.

    Online mode: Its hard to say as its different with everyone's connection and one second you can be hitting someone the next you're getting the beat down. I didn't play it that much and with the lag and all I didn't find it that much fun.

    Music: The music goes well with the fighting and the creator loves Aerosmith which is fine by me.

    Overall the frustration of trying to get combos off and getting countered and blocked most of the time get very annoying and are not easily overlooked because its a fighting game. One of those things where you get mad throw the conroller across the room and scream "I'll never play this stupid game again!!" but five minutes later your back trying to win. This game gets a frustrating 3 stars out of 5, which kills because I love the dead or alive series up to this point....more info
  • i havent gotten it yet!!!
    Yes about DOA4 i still have yet to recive it its way past its estimated delivery date and i still have not gotten this game but i got charged for it why? whats going on? WHERE IS MY F%$#ING game.
    Overall im rating this piss poor qaulity i have not recieved my game....more info
  • amazing game but......
    ok overall this game is beautiful with fully interactive environments and amazing graphics. This game is NOT button masher friendly to play this game you really have to know what your doing or else it is insanely hard even on normal its very hard. i only suggest getting this game if u know what your doing if not pick up another game. ...more info