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Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $149.99

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Product Description

Can be installed on up to three PCs with a household.

  • Easily create, exchange, and move files between home and school
  • Microsoft Office full-featured productivity tools for students and teachers
  • Includes Excel 2003, Outlook 2003, Word 2003, and PowerPoint 2003
  • Enhanced data management; better e-mail management; support for research
  • Add multimedia elements to PowerPoint presentations and copy to CD

Customer Reviews:

  • Bowing to the inevitable
    Why did I title my review "Bowing to the inevitable?" Because if you aren't a Mac user, you will end up needing this suite of software. The days of bundling software are pretty much over, or you get a suite of also-rans, worthy in themselves but not the gold standard. So if you have a PC at home, you are going to have to pony up to buy Microsoft's most popular workhorses.

    Here's what you get:

    - Excel 2003
    - Outlook 2003
    - Powerpoint 2003
    - Word 2003

    At a glance, you can see this is probably 99 percent of all the software you need, save for a graphics program to manipulate images and photos.

    This allows you to do Powerpoints at home, to email using Outlook, which is a very good contact manager, and to have a word processor and spreadsheet.

    The price is not cheap but it is reasonable for what you get. For pupils in school and for teachers, it's probably a must....more info
  • I never got the software. How would I review it?
    Another fly-by-night rip-off artist on Amazon. I finally got my money back but I never did get the software. I ended up having to go to Best Buy to buy it. ...more info
  • Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003
    Having bought a new computer, we were faced with purchasing software that would allow us to operate as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible. Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 allowed us to install the software on both the new and the old computers (it can actually be installed on up to 3 computers in your home). Now the kids can do homework, share documents with others, etc. And Microsoft Outlook has a great junk-mail filtering feature that provides an added sense of security that's so important when you have kids. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great value for the money (at least as far as MS products are concerned)
    If it wasn't from Microsoft, I would hesitate to say it's worth the money, but with all the security patches necessary to run their software, it's worth the money to get up-to-date, genuine MS software. It's a big number to swallow, but worth it in the end....more info
  • It needs no introduction... simply the gold standard
    I prefer MS Office 2003 to any of its earlier incarnations and especially to Office 2007, which makes files unreadable to other versions (".docx", wtf?) Anyway, I bought this for all three of my family's computers and it is as wonderful as expected.

    BTW, I hate Outlook (virus magnet that it is) and didn't install it, but everything else is so great it still gets five stars....more info
  • Consumer Satisfaction with Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003
    I teach computer courses to graduate and undergraduate students and tell them/and recommend that the best purchase for their money for word processing (Microsoft Word) , a personal information management program (Outlook), a spreadsheet program (Excel) and a presentation program (PowerPoint)is Microsoft's 2003 Office. The Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 allows installation of this software on 3 different computers and it has always performed as advertised for me and my students and that is why I keep recommending it highly.

    Joe R. Bumgardner, M.D., F.A.C.S....more info
  • Super Deal with a couple caveats!
    The criticisms first. As I've been using several iterations of many Office products, I found Office 2000 Pro to be the best of them all. I've found the Office 2003 suite a bit bloated and having all the apps wanting to "help" me too much. I guess seasoned users of Office may find this a bit irritating. When I went from '97' to '2K', the transition was flawless. For some reason when transitioning from '2K' to '03', I lost my entire address book in Outlook 2003. It took 4 install/uninstalls for me to finally get Outlook to work. I'm sure it was something I did wrong, but it should have been a seemless process.

    Now that I have it up and running, I'm very pleased. Probably the best software investment any family could make and very affordable with Office 2007 now taking the helm. I looked at a virtual version of 2007 and it appears very similar to 2003 but is sadly lacking Outlook 2007. In retrospect, I'm enjoying Office 2003; still kepting Access 2K and Publisher 2K and that wonderful Office toolbar that Microsoft removed from 2003. Bad, bad Bill:)

    As Microsoft is slowly phasing out support for earlier versions of Office and with the arrival of WINDOWS VISTA, this 3 computer license, XP friendly program suite is an excellent purchase for all families....more info
  • A great product with little need for improvement
    This is a great product. I loved seeing all of the programs together. I purchased this for my children. They use all of the programs in school. I personally would like to see Microsoft packages come with an instruction booklet instead of just a built in help screen. Children learn in school, but for people who don't have instruction and want to teach themselves, a book would be easier....more info
  • Microsoft Office 2003
    Cheap price for a good product. It has the same feature as windows office xp ...more info
  • Microsoft Office Student Edition
    Great product - great value. As a student I appreciate the buy....more info
  • Great Package
    Great package with a VERY quick, EASY set-up. It is easy to use and a lot cheaper than the same version of microsoft office for professionals. I highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • 5 Stars-worth the $$$
    To me, I wonder how much profit Microsoft gets from this software? The cost is about $120. They are not giving it away, but it is an exceptional package and worth the investment for your computer.

    Buying this edition you are going to get atleast 4 programs in the package. So, I guess you are saving a hearty chunk of all-american currencey by buying the package, not each individual piece of software. Hey, saving money is a good thing.

    With the student/teacher edition you can't get upgrades because it's sort of a deal for being in academia. Still, I don't know why Gates wont let you do that.

    If you are not exactly involved directly in academia you can still buy this edition. It's just sort of made to get students hooked into microsoft so they stay brand worthy into their professional carreers. No one will come to your door asking to see your college id if you are not.

    Yea $120 is a lot of money to most of us, but it is still a pretty good bargain. This edition will save you money in the long run. I reccomend it!...more info
  • NS Office Student Teacher Edition
    Excellent alternatiuve To MS Office Pro for the economy minded....more info
  • Just what I need at just the price I want to pay
    Unless you need absolutely need Access, The Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 is a GREAT buy. Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint are the most used applications anyway, and it get it for less than half the cost of the standard edition (thanks to is just a wonderful feeling. ...more info
  • Best version of Office but already activated "used" copies might not work
    Like it or not, Office is THE standard and this is the last version before the radically new user interface in Office 2007.

    By the way, Outlook is not really a "virus magnet" - any email client can bring in something you don't want.

    Also, watch out for "used" copies because this product requires activation. If you get one that was already activated it might not activate for you....more info
  • MS-Office
    It's office, so it does what you need it to do. Bill Gates got some more of my money....more info
  • Seller waited a month before shipping it
    After waiting three to four weeks for the expected delivery date window to lapse, I sent an inquiry to the seller. About a week after that, I got an email from him with a tracking number. All the tracking number told me was that it had been received by the post office - didn't tell me when it had been sent or when it was to be delivered. I copied the info from the usps website and sent it to the seller, asking him when he had sent it. Rather than answer my question, he just pasted the same info from the usps website that I had sent to him. I again asked when he had sent it, and he never responded. It took about five weeks to get the product....more info
  • Great deal
    Microsoft office is expensive, but with this you get 3 liscenses making it a little easier to buy. If you want to do things the legal way this is a good deal and from a trusted site, not some place you've never heard of before selling it for $5 cheaper....more info
  • poor
    i never recieved the product i think i was a scram the seller was respond went false information now of today i never got any item...more info
  • Working great. Have had no issues...
    Pleased with the performance. Have used Excel the most so far for a part-time job that I picked up. Explored other "Office"-like programs. Similar to office and perhaps could perform just as well, but I knew "Office" best, and I needed it quick to work on some documents.

    If you have the time to learn the Linnux "Office"-like programs (like "Open Office" or "AbiWord") then give them a try. I plan to check them out more later....more info
  • 10 Times Better Than 2007 Version
    In Office 2007 - Teacher & Student Edition, Micorosoft removed what I think is a very key component which is Outlook. I think that this was a bad idea. With Student Edition 2003 you can DO MORE because of Outlook. You can use the Contacts, Scheduler and Calendar intergration for your Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I also know that for Student Edition 2003, on the box it states that it is "Licensed for noncommercial use on up to 3 home PC's". It states this on the Box. Like I said - 10 times better ......more info
  • Excellent Product for families
    If you have school children, this product is the only one you should consider. It will give your children a word processor (Word), a spreadsheet (Excel), a presentation tool (PowerPoint), and email (Outlook). The only item missing is a database (Access). With the licensing allowing for up to 3 computers to be installed and activated, this is the best tool you can give yourself (non-business use) and your children....more info