Terk HDtv Antenna Amplified
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Product Description

Receives all available UHF/VHF local & HDTV broadcasts / Provides outstanding high-definition TV reception / Can clamp to existing satellite dish mast

  • Highly Directional UHF elements reduces signal interference.
  • High average return loss for better reception and performance.
  • Amplification improves picture quality.
  • Includes versatile mounting kit for installation on wall, attic and roof. Can also clamp to exisitng satellite dish mast.
  • Provides outstanding high-definition TV reception.

Customer Reviews:

  • Simple, fast, and most importantly it works!
    I live about 21.4 miles from the TV towers according to antennaweb.org. I was skeptical at first because they suggested purchasing one size bigger than specified. Anyways, I wanted to try our the HDTVO after reading all the good reviews and I'm glad that i bought this. My rabbit ears picked up 3 channels (2 from nbc and one i dont remember). After mounting this on my rooftop, I just pointed toward the picture from antennaweb and voila! My first scan was without the amplifier and got 29 channels. After plugging in the amplifier (with the "on" switch), i received 50 plus channels. I highly recommend this. ...more info
  • Awesome HD Antenna!!
    I had read the great reviews about this HD antenna, so I gave it a try. I mounted it in my attic, well, more like a small area in my rafters. After letting my new HD tv search for all available channels, it found about 40 channels! After weeding through the channels in other languages, I found that it was giving me 5 HD channels. They look amazing! I cannot believe how good over the air HD is! Most people don't even know it exists, as all the friends I have been telling about it are confused as to how you could get free HD!

    This is a definite recommended buy. You will not be disappointed! ...more info
  • Look can decieve
    You would think because it's outside & up higher you would get a great signal...wrong. My inside antenna works better and is more reliable....more info
  • Fantastic HDTV outdoor Antenna
    I mounted under existing Analog antenna and it gets in most channels crystal Clear. Some extra channels come in as well. I live approx. 30 miles from baltimore and washington, near frederick Maryland. I am now considering an antenna rotator to go with it. I will probably get many more channels then.
    Great product. Not sure what weather will do to it though....more info
  • finally one that works
    the terk hdtno antenna has solved the problems of fluctuating reception. after a terk 5 indoor, and buying a monster antenna that came missing parts from
    hh greg,and a couple of rabbit ears that did little of their claims,i am happy. this even fits the direct tv mast that was left when i quit the service and vowed to only view over the air tv, hdtv looks great and its free. free is good !happy in dayton ohioTerk HDtv Antenna Amplified...more info
  • High def is great with the right equipment and setup
    Getting great HD signals isn't rocket science, but it does require the right equipment and proper setup.

    The Terk HDtvO antenna is perfect for my situation. It's an amplified directional antenna which works great because virtually all of the local broadcasts come from the same place in the Twin Cities. Use antennaweb.org as a guide for your location.

    When I first set it up, I could barely pick-up any HD signals. I thought I just wasted a bunch of money. Getting it right required a little patience and a couple of phone calls to Terk's technical support. Here are some tips:

    1.) Use antennaweb.org to determine where you need to point the antenna. The farther away you get from the TV towers, the more important it is to point it just right. If you have a compass, use it. Changing the direction the antenna points a few millimeters one way or the other can make a difference. My TV lets me monitor signal strength so I can see the difference.
    2.) The length of cable between the antenna and TV should be as short as possible. I'm running about 70 ft. with the power injector installed, which works great. When I first tried 100 ft. the signal was too degraded, yet when I added a booster it overpowered the signal which made the picture even worse.
    3.) Put the antenna as high as you can go and positioned so that it has little to no obstructions (trees, buildings, etc.) in the direction it needs to point. I mounted my antenna in the attic.
    4.) The power injector must be placed in line as close to the TV as possible and *prior* to any splitter, if applicable.
    5.) If you plan to run the signal to other TVs (either HD or analog), call tech support for advise on where to put the splitter(s), cable run length and whether you'll need a booster...more info
  • Wow!
    I bought this so I didn't have to pay Dish Network for my locals and get better quality (seems they get their locals from comcast and it gets compressed again#. I am in zip code 60041, 43 miles from towers. My area is violet, this was rated at blue but didn't want to install one of those old school big antennas so I thought I would give this one try. This thing found 30 Digital channels! Can almost get CBS 2, but they are switching to a new tower in Feb. All other ch's come in @ 80-100 % on my vip 622 box. I used a compass to get me in the general direction, then did some adjusting after that to get the best signal. I installed it on the top of my garage and then installed the power injector in the attic of the garage #the amp is in the antenna itself). Anyone who says this thing doesnt work must have hooked something up wrong. I made sure to find an area that wasnt blocked by trees or homes. Take your time and buy quality Quad Shield RG6 coax and this thing will treat you well.

    The mounting screws that were supplied had the top half unthreaded. If mounting on roof need to get new screws that are fully threaded so it will grab into roof solid. Only cost me an extra dollar to get....more info
  • Capable Antenna
    The Terk antenna is able to pull in all local DTV channels from 40 miles out in my blue/violet fringe area. Because of high winds in my location I didn't want to put up a large directional antenna. This antenna has great reception along with compactness....more info
  • Great antenna for regular &HD broadcast
    The five digital channels come through very well, as do about 20 regular broadcast channels in my area. This antenna seems to be less sensitive to directional adjustments than a previous indoor model I've used.

    I've installed the included amplifier indoors, several yards downline from the actual antenna and just prior to my home's cable distribution / splitter block in the basement. Very easy.

    I'd say that most channels are as clear as cable / dish, but without that blocky effect. Make sure you have an HD tuner in your monitor/computer/tv/whatever you watch TV on if you want the digital channels. However, if you don't, the analogs work just great for their available channels.

    My neighbors have seen mine and after a few years of the usual cable & dish thing, they're ordering....more info
  • TERK HDtv Antenna
    This was delivered quickly. Instalation had to wait for good weather. This was used to replace a large YAGI antenna over 30 years old. After instalation my reception of hd programing did improve. I do still suffer dropout of the hd signals but Iam about 40 miles from the transmitters. ...more info
  • Amazing Picture
    I installed my Terk antenna in my attic after reading reviews that it is a superior receiver. I checked on line at [...] to see what kind of antenna I needed for the best reception. I am just under 30 miles from the transmitter and this antenna is doing an amazing job.
    It is a directional antenna but all my transmitters are in the same direction so I can't say how it receives in any other configuration, but I received all the channels I expected and then some!
    I'm very pleased with it although it seemed a little pricey....more info
  • Ok HD Antenna- Terrible "Customer Service"
    Terk HDtv Antenna Amplified

    Bought this antenna from an Amazon seller to install in Northern WI about 60 miles north of Green Bay- Package was missing a mounting plate to hold antenna to pole- TERK Audivox Customer "Service"? was terrible! Not willing to provide the missing part as they stated "we did not buy from an authorized dealer". We did offer to buy the missing bracket but were told we could not!! Eventually got the missing part after about two weeks of complaining to everyone at Audiovox that we could reach by phone....Customer service is a very poor aspect of this purchase...better name would be TERK- Audiovox NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The antenna itself only worked slightly better than the indoor model of Terk HDTVA which also is an amplified HD antenna even though we were within the rated area of the antenna we could only on ocassion at night receive the Fox station from Green Bay...Overall-- an ok HD antenna but be aware of the terrible customer service including so called Supervisors and Managers of Customer service at TERK- Audiovox :0(...more info
  • Flabbergasted!
    Who knew that the vast majority of violent commercials we have been subjected to for so many years were courtesy of Comcast Cable. Only by cutting the cable and installing this amazing antenna are we now able to see local programming and local commercials from Naples (which would normally require a 119 degree antenna setting, Fort Myers (117 degrees) Tampa 16 degrees and St. Petersburg 14 degrees in amazing clarity, and with only a tenth of the violence as before.

    We have a 56" Toshiba - so if any screen would reveal the inadequacies of the signal, it would be this one. Instead, we just sit in awe of the amazing free digital broadcasts we are receiving, as well as many local channels new to us, for example four stations of WUSF public television that comcast blocked from our area. It's like a whole new world has opened up for us.

    My husband installed the antenna on top of four five foot mast sections he purchased at Home Depot for $8 each. He bought a clay pot, set it into the ground, installed the masts by bracketing them to the rafters, then he filled the pot with cement, and covered the area with the decorative rocks already in use there. The antenna is approximately 19 feet off the ground and pointing about 14 degrees north, yet we are getting stations as far as Naples which is 80 miles south of us in absolute clarity.

    What is telling about our installation is that all stations, except a Sarasota ABC and Tampa NBC stations come in. So, though our antenna is pointing the opposite way (100 degrees opposite!), we are receiving beautiful digital signals from Fort Myers for NBC. Also curious, is that our on-screen signal strength is a five for all but the NBC stations which only register a four. What's up NBC?

    You cannot go wrong with the Terk HDTVo antenna. IT'S A BLESSING!

    PS: Don't trust a cheap compass. We thought we'd buy one at Wal Mart but when six identical compasses from China all lined up next to each other pointing the same way varied by a considerable number of degrees - we skipped those and just tuned the antenna by sight and through the resources available on this amazing web site: http://www.hdtvantennalabs.com/index.php

    Good luck!...more info
  • terk antenna
    The antenna works real well except during windy conditions. I'm able to pick up digital signals up to 70 miles away. Beats having to pay for cable or dish to get my local channels. Hope it still works after the switch from analog....more info
    This item did not work for me, tho may for others. (See other reviews here.) HOWEVER, in preparing to return it to Amazon, it broke. It broke because ONCE YOU OPEN THE ANTENNA ARMS, THEY CAN'T BE CLOSED AGAIN. But you need to close them to ship it. The fault of the breakage was mine (trying too hard). But be warned that if you open it up and find you need to return it, you can't do it in the original box. Perhaps a much larger one (and much higher shipping price due to increased size of the shipping box) and assuming you don't overdo your attempt to close it in order to try to use the original, nicely designed box. So, in my opinion, this is either a design fault or a very poor manual that doesn't tell you that you are stuck with it open....more info
  • better than my expectation
    I live in the Bay area California. I am able to watch all the free channels I expect. The amplifier is great....more info
  • Terk HDtv antenna
    Great product...may need a booster if you have more than one tv you will be using it with. I do not believe it said it came with one but it does have a booster/amplifier and it is good for one tv only....more info
  • Antennae review
    The Terk antennae works great, nearest tower is 50 miles! I purchased it based on other reviews....more info
  • good so far
    Works good. We are about 50 miles from Chicago and all the stations come in real clear. There is one channel we could not get at all, now we can. Installation was easy. If you have more than one TV make sure you install the booster before your splitter....more info
  • great product
    It works great. Even it is designed for outside, it works better when it is inside comparing to other HD antenna I have tried....more info
  • Few alternatives - great monthly cost
    I have a weekend home in central Virgina in an area that does not yet have cable and my house is on a heavily wooded lot. I can not even come close to a direct line of sight to three different satellites necessary for HD reception. I also live about 45 miles from the closest network broadcast tower. With this antenna, I am able to receive about 35 broadcast stations (about 15 HD channels). The broadcast towers for these stations range from 45 to 60 miles away (over a rolling, but not high terrain). Considering my alternatives, I am very happy with this antenna - especially the monthly cost of $ZERO....more info
  • Great Quality, Good buy
    I purchased it for nearly $50 less than other stores. The bolts are stainless steel which is important to us whom live on the coast, where it rusts. The digital quality matches cable/dish and depending on the weather, has picked up DTV stations 150 miles away....more info
  • Stung for the first time.
    Antenna did not live up to it's billing. In fact, I could only pick up 3 VHF channels. Unfortunately, the seller ( ANTonline) would not take the product back. They were totally uncooperative. I know... it's buyer beware. ...more info
    I chose this antenna because it was small enough not to be an eyesore mounted on my house. I had recently hooked a PC with a dual analog/ota hdtv tuner card to our big screen and was needing an antenna so I could record free digital broadcast and cable programs at the same time on the computer. When the antenna arrived, I plugged it into the tv just to see what it could do from inside the house. It easily picked up Charlotte stations around 50 miles away when pointed in that general direction but it also picked up SC stations 50 miles away in the opposite direction. The next day I checked it from on top of the house and found the Charlotte stations to be about the same strength as they were from inside but could not receive the SC stations unless pointed in that direction. Seeing no advantage and many disadvatages from mounting it outdoors, I put it in the attic where it receives all the channels it had outside plus some of the SC ones it had not.
    Ended up receiving 37 channels, most of them in the upper 80's to mid 90's on the signal meter, and all from 45 to 70+ miles away. Have two stations in the violet range that stay in the 90's, even after running the signal through a 2-way splitter....more info
  • Terk HDtv Antenna
    I am forty miles from the television transmitters in Spring / The Woodlands, TX using TivoHD. The television transmitters are on the opposite side of downtown. The large buildings seem to block a lot of the transmissions.
    Medium Directional: unacceptable performance.
    Large Directional (deep fringe antenna, Channel Master Crossfire): Good performance only on days with low wind. The antenna is highly directional and even the slightest movement caused the antenna to oscillate back and forth about five degrees.
    Terk HDtv Amplified Antenna: Fantastic! And not affected by the wind!
    ...more info
  • Not Satisfied
    This antenna just didnt do a good job. I returned it and bought a clear channel one that works very well....more info
  • Love it. Easy. Sturdy. Works in my Attic.
    Ok, I bought this hoping it would work and was totaly satisfied with the results. I "fished" a line through the wall my tv is hung on, to the attic, and mounted the antenna on the provided mast as high as I could in the attic. Pluged it in and told my directv receiver to add the channels to the Guide. I was pleasently surprised. I live 25 miles from the Big City and I was not sure what kind of reception I would get through the roof of my house. Well, all four major network afilliates and some others are getting 90 - 95% signal strength, and I merely pointed it in the general direction of the towers and have not adjusted yet to see if I could get any better. VERY HAPPY. Plus I know know that each station has multiple stations offering different programming. I justed added about 14 standard def, and 5 or 6 new High def stations to my line up. Awesome!
    I say go for it!...more info
  • Don't bother if using for non-HD signal!
    I live 10 miles from the antenna towers in Los Angeles, which are very powerful antennas. I mounted the antenna to my Dish mast, which worked great. I pointed the antenna at 83 degrees as instructed to by the antenna web page. I couldn't get a Standard Definition signal clear enough to even identify what was on the screen. I went back to my old rooftop antenna and everything looked great. I can't say how it does for HDTV since I'm still in the dark ages and don't have HDTV yet. My advise is to spend the same money and get a regular rooftop antenna....more info
  • Terk HDTVO Antenna
    I am about 40 miles from the stations. I got about 50 local channels after installion. I mounted about 2 feet about the eve of my roof. (About 10 ft above ground level.) Excellent picture on all channels. The only problem I had was my roof slope did not work with the adapter. I had to make some modifications to the mount in order to get the antenna level, but I am a mechanic and was able to adapt it without too much difficulty. I think my roof is a 4/12 pitch, but I am not real sure of that. It does tell you in the directions that you may purchase a mast locally if theirs does not work. I am very happy after the installation....more info
  • Terk HDtv Antenna
    We read many reviews - all mixed - so we decided to try it out and were very pleased with the results. I have a feeling that some of those who had a bad experience with this antenna may have forgotten that you have to have a tv with the digital converter built in, or a converter box for the older tv's. The orientation of the antenna is important also. I'm sure a huge outdoor antenna would have worked well also, but they are unsightly and too big for the attic. We are not avid tv watchers, so the stations we get are plenty and now we don't have to pay for cable....more info
  • expensive garbage
    Don't buy.If you do, don't put it outside.I can't get diddly squat out of it and don't live that far from a transmitting tower.You get a poor pitiful 'power booster",a box of screws and an antenna that is definitely not made for the outdoors. For the price you don't even get a cable to connect to your t.v. Not even a three foot cable. What a rip off. Rabbit ears are better and aren't always falling over.Believe me , I've struggled with it over two months now and have decided it's garbage.Maybe you'll have better luck....more info
  • Not from my house
    I installed this antenna on my roof to replace my rooftop antenna. It was not one bit of an improvement over my standard antenna. I live on Staten Island and thought I would get a good HD signal. I have returned the item for a refund. It did look nicer on the roof though....more info
  • Great Antenna - Very Directional
    I decided to ditch cable and go with OTA programming instead, and with the DTV switch over coming I wanted a good antenna to get the most out of this process.

    PROS - Worked as described, pulled in great reception on all channels antennaweb.org said I should be able to receive

    CONS - You really have to point it accurately, I shouldn't complain, it's sold as a directional antenna, and it lives up to it's name, but with the help of a compass, and a little nudging, it soon pointed in the right direction, and gave a great picture.

    The side bars for me almost stopped me from getting it to the right angle, they are a lot wider than they seem in the picture, and they seem quite wide in that. Make sure if purchasing this, that the location you intend to mount this on, won't require the antenna to be pointed too much to the side, or it'll get stuck....more info
  • TV Antenna
    The Terk HDTV Antenna is small with mounting brackets. It is fairly easy to mount. You can mount it to a house like I did or to a pole.

    I live 43 miles away from any TV stations but I was able to get all 12 HD channels. Shipping and handling was fast. ...more info
  • Not Good
    I'm twenty miles from three transmitters. This antenna didn't work for me. I recommend against buying it!!!...more info