All We Know Is Falling
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Street Release Date: 07/26/2005

Customer Reviews:

  • all i know is
    Excellent. From start to finish each and every song is listen worthy and shouldnt really be skipped at all. I found myself humming along in no time and loving each minute of it. It took me more than awhile to get this cd because i hadnt really heard of them. If i hadnt checked the FBR site. I might have missed them altogether. Just goes show perservance kinda pays off. No real favorites here because All We Know is Falling flows from song to song and before you know it the cd is done. But thats beauty of it because you just start it all over again like a new experience. Hot debut from a band on its way up and have nothing but talent to carry them there.

    It is a tad bit on the short side with 10 songs to it and just over 30 minutes plus a few. But like i said that's just a minor flaw (very minor) that i saw and doesnt detract from this fine debut from Paramore..take a few minutes and listen. I certainly believe you will enjoy what you hear. ...more info
  • Great debut album.
    I was able to find only one fault with Paramore's debut release: I think some of the tracks should be in a different order. Beyond that, these guys (and girl) have a killer record. It's been less and less frequent these days that I receive a new album and can't stop playing it. This is one of those, though! Instrumentally, the band shows many similarities to The Get Up Kids or Brand New, but with a more aggressive tone. The songs structures and arrangements are sophisticated, intelligent, and interesting. There's a nice blend of energy and sing-along melody. It's a much more developed album than one might expect from any band as a debut, but Paramore are particularly surprising considering the youth of the musicians. What really sets this band apart from the others, though, is the vocalist. Hayley Williams, is extremely talented. Her voice is very mature and she knows how to use it well. It's hard to pin down what her influences might be, but at various points I hear shades of Kay Hanley, Tanya Donnelly, or Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), but her sound is her own. It's nice to hear a female vocalist these days (particularly one so young) that is doing her own thing and not trying to be Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, or Amy Lee. Although this band would likely get a positive review even with someone else out front, Williams' vocals put this band ahead of the rather large pack of male dominated bands in this genre....more info
  • Paramore Review
    Not exactly and album you can play all the way through and be excited about every song, but the ones that hit, are freaking amazing. Its worth buying instead of downloading...more info
  • Love it
    This cd is better than the first! I love, love, love it! If youre depressed about your love relationship, youll identify with most of the songs!...more info
  • Could you remind me of a time when we were so alive?
    There are bands that come around that you know you're going to get sucked into regardless of your feelings about them. Paramore is one of those bands.

    I heard of them a while ago--probably when All We Know Is Falling was just coming out--but once I found out they had the 'emo' tag following them around I immediately turned my back on them. That didn't last long. I started hearing bits and pieces of songs here and there and they sounded pretty good so I looked into them further. I don't really see any true traces of what makes emo bands so bad. Hayley doesn't whine about not being loved and she doesn't talk about wanting to kill and/or harm herself. In fact, Paramore's lyrics are pretty empowering. As far as the music goes, it's fairly standard. They definitely have some great riffs scattered throughout but none that will define any one song.

    All We Know Is Falling stands as one of those CDs where you can put it in and just let it play on repeat without ever tiring of it. You have your standouts like All We Know, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Conspiracy, and My Heart, then you have the rest which are still completely great and keep the CD interesting without really blowing your mind.

    My favorite songs are All We Know, Brighter, Here We Go Again, Conspiracy, and My Heart. I think the main reason Paramore is getting so much more attention now is because they are--regretably--in a genre dominated by men (emo), and here you have this cute girl churning out truly catchy songs that won't easily leave your head. It doesn't hurt that her voice is actually good and she never strains it to force a scream or anything which is another thing that helps out the end result. All We Know Is Falling is highly recommended....more info
    this CD is really good...some of these tracks are real emotional and others like "Whoa" are really fun to rock out of the best CD's i own...more info
  • Shocker....
    This is one of the best CD's I've bought in years. There's not a throw away track on the album.

    Hayley's voice is amazing. Love the chick rockers!!!!...more info
  • Absolutely LOVE Paramore !
    Hayley is just soooooo good.
    And the band is rockin'hard no doubt about it. I'm wearing out this CD,
    and can't wait for Riot to be released! Just gotta see em live.........
    ...more info
  • hayley williams IS SO HOT
    Beatiful red hair, must buy this album for cover art....more info
  • Wow... Impressive...
    So I first heard of them when I saw their video "Pressure" on TV. I decided to check out their myspace and WOW I looooove them! All of their songs are great. My faves are "All We Know", "Emergency", and "Conspiracy". I think everyone should definitely check them out. You will NOT be disappointed....more info
    First of all, STOP MAKING IT SEEM LIKE HAYLEY IS THE ONLY REASON THE BAND IS SUCCESSFUL! Yes, she's gorgeous and she has a great voice, but josh and she write the songs together, zac is a passionate drum player, jeremy rocks on bass and Josh is an amazing guitar player.

    This album may not be the best in the world, but it's worth buying. It's the first album made by a young band, with another one coming out on June 12 (WHICH I CANNOT WAIT FOR!!)

    Many of the songs do have the same sound, but the lyrics and drums really set them apart from each other. My favorite tracks are Franklin and My Heart.

    And some of you complain 'oh, they just entered the emo scene' when that's not it at all. They've specifically asked for people to NOT call them emo, and they really do try to set themselves apart from other bands.

    For instance, if you listened to their new single off of RIOT! (the album coming out on june 12)called Born For This, you'd be amazed at how different they sound. They try to give as much as they can to their fans, six of them helping with the back up vocals in this song.
    Heck, they even hired a mariachi band for one of their songs, and THAT'S stepping out of the box.

    These four people are definitely getting somewhere, and I would highly suggest buying this album, along with the Summer Tic EP and RIOT! ...more info
  • Paramore is awesome!
    I have both of Paramore's albums now. I think they are an awesome band. Their music makes me want to jump up and rock on. I enjoy listening to their music if I'm ever down because it perks me right up as soon as I hear it. Awesome band, and I recommend them to anyone who is into rock....more info
  • Even better than Riot.
    I bought this cd cause I loved Riot, well this debut album is even better and hayley vocals once again are the best I've ever heard. A must buy for paramore fans....more info
  • Come On
    Decent voice and a decent overall sound but this album misses on many fronts. Poor debut but I hope they can pull it together on their next release as they have potential....more info
  • Excellent CD by Paramore
    Superb debut album by very talented young musicians. I bought this after buying Riot and I like it as much as Riot. ...more info
    i am a huge Paramore fan i bought the 2nd CD riot and loved it so decided to buy the first CD all we know is falling. i am a fan of this CD just as i was the second one. ...more info
  • My quick thoughts
    I love the honesty in their writing, that they write their songs, and that the singer sings as well unplugged. The guys aren't bad in their play, as well. I've listened to their second album as well, but most of my favorites are here, including, but not limited to "Pressure", "Emergency", and "Conspiracy." This is one of those few albums that I felt had a lot in it, instead of revolving around one or a few. ...more info
  • One of the strongest efforts out of Fueled By Ramen....
    If you enjoy similar artists such as The Hush Sound, Flyleaf, and even Avril Lavigne, you'll find this album enjoyable to listen to. Emergency and Pressure obviously stand out as some of the band's stronger tracks on the album. All We Know is also a highly popular track. The band's overall sound is pretty consistent throughout the entire album, and often reflects a sound similar to the Chicago-based band The Hush Sound, but with a more heavier, harder quality. Paramore is one of the few newer post-punk/emo bands to produce a catchy album that is strong from start to finish. The Summer Tic EP (2006) also features memorable tracks from the band such as Emergency (Crab Mix) and "Stuck On You," which is a cover of a song by Failure. All We Know Is Falling is certainly an album worth checking out.
    ...more info
  • Awesome...
    Heart felt vocals and awesome rock... Easy to relate to... Great songs to sing in the car! :)...more info
  • All we know...
    All we know is falling is a decent cd. I'm not quite sure it's worth the 14 dollars but it isn't that bad.

    The only way I can think of describing the songs on this cd is like taking butter and churning it. Yeah, it's a weird description but that's what it reminds me of... it's like, thick.

    Haley has a great voice to listen to and considering they're aren't very many bands in the whole emo scene with female vocals, this is something new and better to listen to. It's not whiny rock, but don't expect loud guitars and screaming.. it's a really mellow cd.

    Although the songs tend to blend together after a while, the last song has great lyrics and really stands out. I loved it.

    If you're a fan of Jamisonparker or the forecast you'll more than likely love the cd. ...more info