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Street Release Date: 07/26/2005

Customer Reviews:

  • a short retort Counterstroke to "Retaliation"
    ...very unnnnnnfunnnny but Highly annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoying . Dane does use the word "I" a lot and an ego probably helps him put together an extreme example of what Comedy isn't. On the 1st disc recording he delicately tells a person in the crowd to shut the $&*#@!up so people can enjoy the show ~ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay not funnny. ( I'm surprised they did not edit this as it does detract but listening to the 2nd disc the material and presentation is still a "Trudge".)
    "I" did Enjoy tossing the discs into the trash. His material is way, way, way EXTREMELY overated and the title for this CD should be "Punishing beyond Torturization". ( ...this does allow for Growth , however , because there is a lot of roooooooooom for it.)
    "I" gave Dane One star * or none stars (ZER0 was not a choice but would be a consideration) in the Hopes of refinement, maturity and improvements for Dane's next inevitable CD. ~ On a Positive note if you can listen to these CDs a number of times repeatedly I guarantee you will be able to accomplish anything in Life if you put your Mind to it.
    Design ~ Dimension ~ Determination ~ DESTINY...more info
  • The biggest thing in comedy!? Lord, help us...
    Man, have I given this guy a chance. Multiple chances. Listened to the CDs, saw the big HBO special. I mean, his career is red hot now. He clearly has lots of fans. Mostly college age (perhaps this should be a warning to some of you). All I can say is "maybe they'll grow out of it." He is NOT funny. His act has no bite, no point of view, no opinion/viewpoint at all. His comedy consists of spewing observations his audience can relate to (the "this is all happened to us" or "has this ever happened to you?" school of humor). He runs about manically, acting out every little word that comes out of his mouth (for those in the audience that may not be so good with words). His fans acknowledge that, yes, they can relate. "Yeah! That's happened to me!" "I know that reference!' They laugh, cheer, clap, and plunk down their hard-earned dollars for his vanilla wit. He never actually COMMENTS on the things he discusses in any intelligent, interesting way. He has no edge. He's not outraged by anything. He's cute 'n' cuddly. Richard Pryor must be rolling in his grave at the very fact that Cook is classified as a stand up comic. "Pryor? The guy writing this must be OLD!' Okay, try this on for size: Chris Rock is good comedy. Same with Dave Chappelle. Carlin. Laura Kightlinger. Kinison. Rodney Dangerfield. Bob Saget. Gilbert Gottfried. Dom Irrera. Lewis Black. Robert Klein. The late Mitch Hedberg. Jim Norton. Patton Oswalt. Brian Posehn. DeGeneres. Jon Stewart. Bob & David. The UCB. I'm not even a big fan of Sarah Silverman, but at least she's trying to bring something different to the party. Anything but this! God help us. Let's hope he goes the way of Carrot Top and Dice soon (don't forget, Cook fans, Mr. Top and Mr. Clay were once as popular as your boy here)....more info
  • Retaliation
    To really enjoy Dane Cook you have to see him perform the act. Just listening to him is good but you need to see him in action. I said it before, ill say it again....more info
    I just can't understand who thinks this guy has any talent! REALLY! So many other funny guys...and this hack is the guy that is popular???!! AVOID this CD...wasted my money....more info
  • hilarious
    absolutely hilarious. if u don't find this funny you are in need of mental help. and honestly, who cares if its profane, theres alot worse things out there than what dane says. insanely great though, defineately worth buying...more info
  • funny stuff
    first of all, i dont know why some people hate dane cook so much, to me, a comedian is good if he/she makes you laugh, and Cook did plenty of that on this release. i think some people take comedy waaayyyy too serously, political issues, rasing important questions etc.....yeah thats important for a senator but who gives a crap if it comes from a comedian.(unless its done right)....get this straight people This guy is here to make you laugh not to run for office. LOSE the seriousness and YOU WILL LOUGH OUT LOUD WITH THIS MAN. he's a very good story teller, prepare for the legacy....hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha...more info
  • He's a VISUAL comedian, not funny on CD's
    I fell in love with Dane Cook the first time I saw him on Comedy Central. The guy is definitely funny. But after buying these CD's, I realize how much of his humor is based on his body language. Without seeing him, his words alone are not nearly enough to warrant the purchase of this set. I'd probably buy some DVD's of his stand-up, but don't waste your money on audio. Just NOT funny. Boring too. ...more info
  • The CT 2004...
    I love Dane Cook. He is the best comedian out there today. The subjects he talks about deal with everyday life and some you would never think about in your wildest dreams. You can usually relate to most of them. Everything is totally original.

    Although most of his shenanigans are absolutely hilarious, some are only for mature audiences so I wouldn't recommend this album to anyone under 13. Also, I think a few of his jokes are there just so he can get girls. Like when he says, "When you tell me stories, I really listen! I don't just hear you, I HEAR you."

    The only other negative thing about this awesome comedy CD is the DVD, which has a few of Dane's Comedy Central appearences which are very disappointing, especially the Roast.

    If you are in a difficult time in your life, pick up a copy of this CD. It is sure to cheer you up. Because laughter is something the world needs in these times of crisis....more info
  • DC a comic genius? Now that's funny!
    This set has it's moments, you get one show on each disc -- a sweet deal for the price. His jokes about relationships are pretty good. My wife thinks he's hilarious, and Dane gets her thinking about things I'd like her to think about doing with me. And that's useful. The dude's funny, but way too overrated....more info
  • Real Fun
    Dane cook is one of the best comedian. Even the way he laughs will make you laugh....more info
  • Big pile of doggie doo!
    Did any of the 5-star reviewers actually listen to this? I suspect that Dane cook himself is the author of 75% of these positive reviews. This one stinks to high heaven! Avoid the noid!...more info
  • BAMF would make an excellent license plate.
    Once again, awesome comedy given to us by Dane Cook. When Dave started talking about his dream house, I laughed my ass off in agreement. And yes, Dane is right; there always is a person in a group of friends that no one likes. We get 2 CDs and a DVD for the price of 15 bucks. Awesome deal. The problem though is that while it is a 3 disc package, his fist CD/DVD Harmful if Swallowed set is still better. It's always best to see Dane live because you see him able to move around on stage and that's what you got with the DVD on that release. It was a disappointment for me to find that the DVD on Retaliation is basically a bunch of leftover scraps from Comedy Central's shorties watching shorties and Crank Yankers. The only real good part is Bar Mitzvah Bash segment. So that's the only bad thing about this. We got two great different shows on two discs and a sub par DVD, but it was the DVD that I was looking forward to the most and that left me disappointed. Harmful is Swallowed is better and should be listened to and watched first before you lay a finger on Retaliation. ...more info
  • Terrible
    I'm absolutey dumbfounded as to why this guy has a thriving career...he really is terrible. I agree that he is one of those comics that just does the whole "has this ever happened to you..." and just animates everything buy jumping up and down. NOT FUNNY! If you've seen seen the MAD TV spoof on him, you'd realize just how much of a joke this guy's act is. Mindless garbage on a CD. I wish I could give it 0 stars....more info
  • Funniest Comedian Ever!
    Dane Cook is hilariously funny! I have had this cd for about 3 years now and I still listen to it time and again.

    After hearing Dane Cook, I find myself being a little more funny in my every day conversations....more info
  • Dane Cook is a silly b*tch!
    I have been a Dane Cook fan for several years now. I was so excited when I saw that Retaliation was on the way. When I finally received it, I was not disappointed. Dane is absolutely hilarious! Pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth is something that everyone has thought about at one time or another and just doesn't have the balls to say out loud. I do agree with the other reviewers on one point, the DVD could have been better. Other than that, I would recommend this CD to anyone over the age of 15....more info