Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 Wireless Home Security Monitoring
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Product Description

This kit contains everything you need to install a wireless, do-it-yourself homesight monitoring, security & control system in just 30 minutes. Stay in touch with the important things in life with our affordable, custom-tailored monitoring, security & control system. The homesight system allows you to see what's happening at home any time. from home, work, even on vacation, you can keep a watchful eye at home. Broadband Internet service, Cable/DSL modem, Email acc't req'd for remote notification Motorola Wireless Easy Start Homesight Kit: Required component for Homesight System. Easy-to-set up, easy-to-use wireless design. Monitor activity via alert notifications to remote PC/Cell Phone. Record/Store color still images & video w/sound. Add accessories to expand & customize system. Includes Wireless System Controller with Power Adapter, Wireless Camera, Power Adapter, Wireless Door/Window Sensor with Power Adapter, 8 ft. AC Adapter Extension Cable for Wireless Camera, Two AAA Batteries, Mounting Hardware, CD-ROM. (Broadband Internet service, Cable/DSL modem and Email account required for remote notification).

  • Base station connects to computer's USB port and can support up to three wired cameras, six wireless
  • Wireless camera allows for real-time viewing in and around the home
  • System manages camera and sensor activity and sends alert notifications
  • Records, stores and sends sensor-triggered still images and video clips with sound
  • Complete the system with additional components such as gateway, wired cameras, door/window sensors,
Customer Reviews:
  • absolute and complete garbage!
    Do NOT waste your money on this trash!!! Words cannot even begin to describe my frustration with this product, and with Motorola's technical support for this either. I've installed multi-thousand dollar security systems with no real problems before, but this cheap piece of trash is nothing other than that - trash....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    FYI, Purchase this from Axsecure (the actual seller). They have a NO RETURN policy. I may now be stuck with something that I no longer want. I received the system with no real manual, just one sheet of paper that did not give enough information. I did not even get a receipt as proof of purchase should I ever need warranty service.
    I went so far as to call Motorola and was told the model I purchase was no longer available. When I informed Axsecure of this information threw feedback they quickly emailed me back and told me to call Motorola again (they would be expecting my call) and they would help me. I called out of curiosity and sure enough they were waiting for my call. This time the man I spoke with would not say whether or not my model has been discontinued. Instead he offered me a year subscription to online access to my security system. What good is online access, if my system is no longer made and I can't get the system repaired should something break?
    I also asked why when I called last night that I got an answering machine telling me to leave my number and I would get a call back. I didn't get an answer. When I called this morning someone answered AT&T. I told that person I was trying to reach Motorola Homesight and I was surprised when I was transferred to a Motorola representative. This was the representative that informed me that my model was no longer made and that I could not get a manual or even software for it.
    All I want now is my money back. Amazon or Axsecure can have this security system back. I DON'T WANT IT.
    A customer service representative at Amazon told me I would get a refund, and I hope I am not getting the run around.
    I would NOT recommend this home security system. I agree with the other review, SAVE YOUR MONEY.

    ...more info
  • It's ok.
    What do you exspect for it's price? It's not the greatest thing but it decent. My father wanted to be able to monitor his home while out of town. With this product you can do just that.

    The only down side this product has to me is that you have to have your computer on all the time in order for you to be able to use it.

    This product would work best in corporate environment where you could connect it to server and let it run. If using this product at home it would work well if you just wanted to spy on the baby sitter while your away for a few hours. Just make sure your computer doesnt automatically turn off.

    Over all : Good Product. Im satisfied. ...more info
  • I love it!
    Great product. Works very well and very easy to set up. I have 5 day/night cameras, 4 door contacts, 2 water sensors and 3 heat sensors. Can even check my hot tub temperature online at work or phone. Very cool. Arm or Disarm with cell phone or anywhere in the world online. Watch every room, Turn on lights and keep on eye on the house when you're not home. Gives me pease of mind and face it. Ever pay ADT or another home monitoring system? very expensive, this is not. Not sure what everyone else problem is, not sure what they expected for a system that only costs $98. Works great and worth every penny and have a piece of mind for my home. Love IT!...more info
  • Great Security system
    I think the other reviewers have a hidden agenda or they do not know how to read the directions. I bought this system and it works well, especially for the price. The picture quality is not great, but it is good enough to convict a thief if you get robbed. The range of the cameras is 60 feet, if you can not find the cameras it means you did not press the device discovery button or your beyond 60 feet. I had to go to another website to purchase sensors and found this security system for a hundred dollars, unfortunately it was to late to return it. ...more info
  • Too many limitations, Not Clear enough Video
    First, let me say this was one of the easiest to setup video systems I've ever worked with. It truly does setup in under 30 minutes. Additionally, it does have some nice features, such as the following:
    1) Ability to text message your phone with a text message of an event, or a picture from the camera
    2) Ability to daisy chain events if you have multiple components (but there are limitations, more on that in a sec)
    3) Ability to send video to your email address (for example, the system could email you the video of a home event, such as the front door opening, to your work computer)
    4) Ability to have multiple components in your system ranging from video, door/window sensors, to power controllers (for lamps, TV's, etc)

    Ok, enough about the good, let's talk about the bad. This system unfortunately has too many limitations to be worth the price. Additionally, the limitations impair this system from doing what it's designed to do: Be a home security system. I'll take each limitation in order of severity (most severe to least severe):

    1) This system can only record one video feed at a time. So let's take an example of a simple setup. Let's say you have the home base, one door sensor, and three cameras (one camera at your front door, the other in your living room, and the last in you master bedroom). You setup the logic of the system as follows:
    - If the front door opens, arm all the cameras
    - If motion is picked up by any camera, capture an image and send to my work email
    - Additionally, if motion is detected, record a 60 second video (which is the maximum length of video you can record before the camera has to stop, reset itself, and wait for another motion event before it will record again), and send the video to my work email
    So you feel really good knowing if your front door is opened, the system will arm itself and capture an image and a video of the intruder, and send it to you at work.

    Well, here's what happens in reality. The front door is opened, and the system arms correctly. The front door camera detects the motion of the front door, and the intruder entering, so it snaps a image and sends to your work email. Then it starts to record. Well, the intruder quickly moves to the living room, so the second camera detects motion, and tries to capture an image. Unfortunately the front door camera is still recording, so the living room camera is ignored. No picture is taken, and no email is sent. The living room camera then tries to record video, but because the front door camera is still recording, again the living room camera is ignored. The same this happens as the intruder enters the master bedroom. In fact, all cameras other than the front door camera will be completely ignored until the front door camera finishes recording. So as you can see, this isn't much use as a security system as it will likely miss the action, unless there is only one camera in the entire system. I spoke to tech support about this, and they said the only thing I could do was to shorten the video time to the lowest setting (10 sec). I did this, and yes, this does sort of work, but you end up with multiple 10 sec videos, with some dead space of no recording in between the short clips. Additionally, you still end up missing events if two cameras trigger within 10 seconds of each other. Again, this is not an effective way to get a complete video of what's occurring at multiple cameras.

    2) The system can accommodate a total of 12 wireless cameras, 3 wired cameras, and 16 other devices (door switches, repeaters, power controllers, key stations, and sirens). This makes the system sound very flexible, with the ability to capture a lot of different events, and control many aspects in your home. But the thing that is not highlighted or explained in any online reviews is that the system can only have a total of 16 events that it can monitor. And two of those events are already taken by the system for Home, and Away settings, and you cannot delete those from the event scheduler, so in reality, you only have 14 events that you can monitor. And keep in mind, if you want to monitor or do anything with any individual component, that will take up at least one event. So let's look at a somewhat complex system. Let's say you have 8 wireless cameras, 1 key pad, 1 siren, and 3 door switches. So obviously, you'd like to monitor each of the door sensors, and have them set off the alarm any time someone comes through the doors, so that will take up three events from the event scheduler, so now you are down to 9 events left. Now you want to monitor motion at all the cameras, so that's 8 more events, and now your left with one event left. Now you want to use the keypad to arm and disarm the system. Well, that's an additional two events, so too bad, you can only have the keypad do one or the other. And what if you wanted the system to auto arm and auto disarm during the week nights, and do the same during weekend nights, but at a different times for the week versus the weekend. You would need an additional 4 event slots to do that. So too bad, you are stuck, and will have to decide if you want to take back some cameras, forget about some door switches, or take back the keypad. To me, this was the most ridiculous part of the whole system, and really indicates to me that Motorola pushed this system out to consumers under-developed. I guess they figure the average person would only have one or two cameras. I had only 3 cameras, and one door sensor, and I still ran out of events.

    3) Event Daisy Chaining - The system allows you to daisy chain actions in one event, or I should say, is supposed to allow you to. For example, let's say a door sensor is triggered, and you want to arm the system, take a picture at every camera, and sound the siren. Well, in theory it should work, and according to tech support the system should be able to do it, but in reality, its more than the hardware can handle. What really happens is that it arms the system correctly, takes a picture with the first camera listed in the daisy chain, and then stops and does nothing else (including sounding the alarm). Again, this is a clear indication of pushing this out on consumers before it was truly functional.

    4) Picture Quality and Signal - This system works in the 2.4GHz range, the same as other wireless devices (routers, phones, lan cards, etc). It should be able to run in this space without any issues, but unfortunately that's not the case. All of the cameras had static, and a static line that would go from top to bottom ever 10-20 seconds, similar to old TV's with antennas (for those old enough to remember). And on top of that, the images/videos were not very clear. Granted, this is 320x240, so its not going to be high in detail, but after using other cameras using this same resolution, I can clearly say that Motorola just plain used a poor quality camera.

    These were enough limitations to drive me to take this product back. I'm not sure if these limitations will be fixed over time, but I doubt they will be able to correct most of the problems, since I believe they are hardware related (such as one video at a time). I would highly recommend another solution if you are considering a multi-camera setup. I ended up going with the D-link DCS-5300W, which is a far superior product. I can now record up to 16 camera feeds at once, and they are crystal clear with no static whatsoever. Also, the cameras pan and tilt, giving me even greater flexibility. Granted, the price for the cameras is greater for the D-link, but you don't have to purchase a home base, nor do you even need a computer for that matter. So in the end, I paid about a $150 more for the D-links, but I'm a much happier customer.

    Hope this helps in making your decision.
    ...more info
  • HomeSight is Great
    This is my fourth such system. PhoneCam, Xanboo, Shell Home Genie and now Homesight.
    I have 9(2 switchers@4ch ea) wired cameras and 5 wireless. 3 door sensors, 3 temp sensor and 3 power modules.
    I use my system to send me jpg's to my cell phone when i am away from home. It is a very good system but needs to have more "Event Scheduling" capability. 16 options is not nearly enough if you are a geek like me and like to really make the system work for you.
    I have bought IR light panels for night lighting. They work. I have also added exterior security lights to illuminate the perp for the camera to get a "GOOD" picture.
    It is not all that it could be but it gives me a peace of mind when I am away from home that I will get an image of the perp.
    I spent $1400 on the Shell Home Genie and they went out of business. Buy the Motorola unit and just live with the shortcomings. I'll stick with this unless someone can tell me of a better unit for the price and I'll buy that one instead.
    I rated it 4 star only because of the 16 event problem....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    My husband bought this for me for Christmas and for the first day it worked perfectly. But since then, it cannot find the camera. What use is a home security system if it is unrealiable? We have been to the support site and have tried everything they suggest, but still the system cannot cummnicate with the camera. You are suppose to be able to have the cameras up to 80 feet away. We mounted the camera 10 feet away and it can't find the camera.

    Please don't waste your money. I thought that this system was too good to be true and it is....more info
  • --Not what it's cracked-up to be...
    I was extremely excited to purchase the Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000. Quite a few features come with the start-up package; Wireless System Controller with Power Adapter, Wireless Camera with Power Adapter, Wireless Door/Window Sensor, 8 ft. AC Adapter Extension, Cable for Wireless Camera, Two Batteries, Mounting Hardware, CD-ROM Software, and Quick Start Guides. Also, you get a chance to watch system via the internet if you choose if you're not home. I thought this was a pretty good deal!

    I didn't think I'd really have a problem with installation. After all, the whole idea behind this really wasn't so much for security as it was to monitor room activity (watch kids). So, I thought the KISS method would work out best (you know, Keep It Simple Smarty [ok, ok, you pick your own last "S" word]) for any monitoring system for the house.

    I followed the instructions (they were very easy) to install the software and system controller. I then set up the camera and door/window sensor. The door/window sensor registered with the system, and with a little coaxing, so did the camera. However, with the camera being visible to the controller (literally, 12 feet away and eye-visible), the controller could not display the image from the camera.

    Unfortunately, in normal house light, most images from the supplied Homesight HMVC3075 Wireless Day camera won't be visible. An investment of 3 figures for the Homesight HMVC3050 Wireless Day/Night Camera is required to see and hear in a room.

    This has been a complete disappointment since opening the box. I now have a spare camera (Homesight HMVC3075 Wireless Day) that is useless unless I have a room lit like a Hollywood set. I've had to purchase another camera (the Homesight HMVC3050 Wireless Day/Night Camera) that is wireless, but I've had to drill holes in my walls to hide the wires for my "wireless" camera... and the transmission between the camera and the controller is poor to fair on any given day.

    Would I purchas the Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 again? Probably not. The Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 is not worth the energy or the extra money and time I've invested. Would I recommend the Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 to others? Only if they had a glass home, with no interior walls, and studio lighting....more info