Belkin USB 2.0& Firewire 6-Port Hub For Mac Mini
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Product Description

Specifically engineered to stack on top of or below the Mac mini / Saves desktop space / Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1

  • Features USB and FireWire front-loading ports for easy access
  • Combines FireWire and USB technologies in one easy installation
  • Connects up to 4 high-speed, low-speed, or full-speed USB devices
  • Adds 2 FireWire ports to your Mac mini

Customer Reviews:

  • usb hub
    The hub is small in size, which makes it nice for small spaces. The one thing that I did not realize when I ordered this hub was the lenght of the usb and firewire cables The lenght should be part of the dicription of this hub....more info
  • Great for a Mac Mini, Good as a permanent hub
    This item would be great for use with a Mac Mini. I use it with my MacBookPro so I don't have to reconnect all my USB items every time I put it back on my desk. Instead of stacking under a Mac Mini, I put it under my 19" monitor that I use in a dual monitor configuration on my desk. This works very well with a few exceptions.

    The included USB and Firewire cords are very short. This would be fine for the Mac Mini, but not so great for my setup. Also, I was disappointed that the Firewire connections are only the slower Firewire 400, but for the price, I couldn't beat it....more info
  • Fire Whoever Designed This
    Far as I know this unit's main purpose is to supply more USB ports into which one can plug the various USB powered devices he/she owns. Given that fact I'm going to suggest that it might have been a good idea to put the USB ports where they belong ... in the front of the device where they are clearly visible and easily reachable without having to battle the jungle of wires already populating the back of the Mac Mini.

    And, bean counters be damned, I'm going to guess that while equipping the device with cables actually long enough to allow connecting things without risking life and limb might have reduced profit margins on this device a tiny bit, the loss in margin could have been easily recouped by ... drum roll please ... paying the guy who designed this thing what he/she is actually worth.

    Last, but not least, I bought this as a result of a positive review that ran in Mac World in which the reviewer mentioned the fact that this is not a self powered unit but that, in his estimation, that was not a big deal. So far I've had three devices that won't operate when plugged into this device due to it's lack of a power supply and I can tell you that's a big enough deal for me......more info
  • Excellent port expander
    This item does exactly what it is supposed to: provides more USB and Firewire ports, both on the rear and front of the device. It just works. I have not attempted to test speeds, but all port seem to operate as well as the built-in ones....more info
  • Seamless
    I bought this for my PowerPC mini and it was effortless installation. I have only used the USB, but they have all worked trouble-free. Charges and syncs my phone from the front port conveniently and fits snug beneath the mini. The rear ports are difficult to access, so are best dedicated. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase. ...more info
    This product cannot draw enough power from the new mac minis - it only has a firewire 400 connection -and the new Mac Minis only have firewire 800. You can use a 400 to 800 firewire cable but it will not draw enough power for even a USB keyboard...more info
  • Works with new Airport Extreme
    I hooked this up to my Airport Extreme and it works well with my Pockey USB-powered drive. I will use this drive to do my Time Machine back-ups over my wireless network. Great Product....more info
  • Disappointing
    This product worked fine for a while but it has too many flaws to be worthwhile.
    1 - My iSight camera stopped working when plugged into the hub, I have to plug it directly into the Mac Mini but since the takes 2 ports to plug into the Mac Mini, it's either the video or the sound, I don't have enough ports on the Mac Mini to plug iSight + keyboard + speakers (I do have a old Apple Studio Display that takes an extra port). I figured the iSight stopped working because each time I use it, I plug and unplug it, this hub is cheaply made and now the ports don't work after doing this for 2 years. (I am very careful when I plug and unplug USBs...)
    2 - as mentioned in other reviews, it does not have it's own power supply, not enough power for my iSight camera, when the last port was still working, the image kept blinking. My speakers will not work when plugged into the hub, period.
    This would be a great product if not cheaply made and if it had it's own power supply, but as is, I have to look for another solution as this doesn't work for me....more info
  • Not Bad
    This product is not self powered and draws power from the computer. It would have been better if it had it's own power supply. Also the USB and Firewire ports should have been divided equally. Otherwise, not a bad product....more info
  • works great
    if you need a hub this is a good one. it can go under a monitor, iMac, and so on....more info
  • This device not supported by Apple.
    6-Port Combo Hub for Mac Mini
    6-Port Combo Hub for Mac Mini
    6-Port Combo Hub for Mac Mini

    The Belkin 6 Port Combo Hub is not supported by Apple. It does not function as Belkin claims; Belkin's tech support is useless and there is no information available from Belkin to explain what a customer needs to do to make this device work - it absolutely is NOT plug and play. ...more info
  • Looks good, but not a good value
    This hub is an expensive hub that fits well and looks good, but because it has no power, it isn't very useful. You need power for USB devices, in particular, or many of them won't work. It's OK for a printer or Flash memory stick, but not so good for a keyboard, mouse, iPod, camera, or many of the other devices that power up via USB ports, when plugged in.

    Worse, the one I bought only lasted 2 years before it failed or burned out!?

    There are better products and a POWERED USB HUB is worth the extra money. This is my 3rd Belkin USB hub and I have not had much better luck with the other two. They make nice cables, but got cheap on the USB hub design....more info
  • It hasn't failed me yet
    I was worried after reading some of the other reviews, but I took a leap and am pleased so far. It is almost perfect for the Macmini except it would be nice if it had a lip so the computer wouldn't slide around on it. When I plug something in to the ports on the front of the hub I have to hold the top of the computer to prevent the whole thing from moving because it is light weight. Sometimes the computer slides a little on the hub when I do this. It only takes a second to realign it. The only operational error I have encountered is when plugging my thumb drive in the front port it sometimes does not read it and so I have to plug it in the back. Other devices work fine when I plug them in there so it might be operator error when I unplugged it once. ...more info
  • a great add on for Mac Mini
    This is a great add for the Mac Mini giving you more connection ports for printers, HDs, cameras etc so you don't have to switch things in and out. The best thing is that it has ports in the front for convenience which the Mini does not have. I would have put even more of the ports in the front but it was a gift for my wife and she loves it. Being a "Mac" person she loves the design of it and that it matches so perfectly. A simple hook up and it does all it promises. We love it! ...more info
  • Belkin Shines Again
    Belkin quality and performance shines through as usual. I can't ever remember a Belkin product that I have purchased that I had a problem with and I've purchased a lot of them for the last 15+ years. They are also one of the few manufacturers to cater to Apple products where other manufacturers have been hesitant for some reason. Belkin always comes up with some kind of time saving or problem solving product that I've enjoyed using. As long as the quality is there I'll keep buying Belkin. On this particular item I've read that the cords were too short but mine fit perfectly and if they were any longer other cables would get caught up in them. They also keep the Mac mini and the hub in perfect alignment. The extra ports really helped out with the extra peripherals that I've added to my Mac on the rear ports out of sight. The front ports are great for temporary items such as flash drives, cameras and card readers. Thanks again Belkin!

    Nuff said,
    Ron B....more info
  • Perfect USB hub for Apple Airport Extreme
    This fits perfectly under the apple airport extreme wireless router, which allows you to access your printer and multiple attached hard drives oh-so easily. It doesn't have a power supply, so devices must have their own power (so mini external hard drives don't work unless they have external power cord). Easy to use,, a great product companion for the airport....more info
  • Great piece of gear
    This is a great piece of gear. allows user to expand ports, and runs them all with no problems. Also, a great price....more info
  • Perfect for a Mac Mini setup
    Belkin USB 2.0& Firewire 6-Port Hub For Mac Mini This hub is just perfect -- form factor is the same as the Mini and the Airport Extreme base station, a whole bunch of cables come out the back and are hidden away out of sight, neat and tidy installation. Highly recommended!...more info
  • For iMacs Too!!!
    This hub not only works with the Mac Mini, but also works wonderfully with my iMac 24". I had originally thought about being able to set my iMac on top of this hub. As soon as I picked this hub up I immediately knew that was not an option. This hub is very light and in a thin plastic case.

    Pros: Seamless glossy "Apple" look, no wall transformer or power cord needed, thin profile, fast speeds, one front USB port, all ports USB 2.0

    Cons: Needs your own cords if not used on Mac Mini, thin case (although adequate for its intended purpose)

    If you plan on using this hub for anything other than the Mac Mini be prepared to search through your spare cable box to find your own Firewire 400 and USB cord. Really was not a problem for me, but may be for some people. The cables included are about 2 inches long and meant to use with a Mac Mini because of their length.

    Overall this hub is very nice and serves my purpose exactly. BE SURE TO CONNECT THE FIREWIRE PORT TO YOUR COMPUTER as this is where the hub receives it's power to be a powered USB hub....more info
  • Workable
    I dunno. The more USB ports I add to my Mac Mini the more noise the poor little thing makes. Still, I like being able to have the printer, soundsticks and such plugged in without having to pull one thing out in order to use another. So all in all I'm happy with this Belkin extension....more info