6181.79 Underwater Housing, 6181.79, Underwater Digital Camera Housings
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Ikelite 6181.79 Underwater Housing for Nikon Coolpix 5900 and 7900 Digital Cameras - Rated up to 200'
Type: Underwater > Digital, Film & Video > Underwater Digital Camera Housings.

Customer Reviews:
  • Ikelite Housing for Nikon 7900
    I purchased an Ikelite housing for my Nikon Coolpix 7900 about 1 month ago and so far I am quite impressed.

    I was able to test the camera and housing combo while in Oahu March 9-12.

    The diving conditions were fair at best as there was high surf and a noticeable decrease in visibilty at 40-60 ft depths. While diving the Sea Tiger wreck (90+ ft) the visibility was better and a few more shots were of printer quality. (Of course, I am new to this game and the rocking current didn't make my novice shooter skills any better).

    Anyways, the housing stood to the test. It was relatively easy to load the camera and the controls were all to a good degree accessible. I chose to wear only one glove for rooting around as a few of the push button controls on the housing's rear are very close together and a gloved hand would make a few adjustments akward. Not one drop of water entered the housing, the seal held well. The flash diffuser panel operated as expected, but I am still thinking about buying a strobe setup eventually, especially for highlighting color in the deep dive spots. It is good to have the top mounted function switch, I decided to make use of it while recording a movie of a roving Tiger Reef Eel, he was quick in escaping my observation while slinking along the ocean floor.

    I look forward to using this setup in future, especially at shallower depths in clearer conditions I think it will really pay off.

    I'm satisfied. The price was right, the shipping took less than 10 days, and everything was of good quality and in full operational order. It seems that for about $650 (between Costco and Amazon)this economy point and shoot package, secure it its armor, packs a good 7 megapixel punch.

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