The Backyardigans
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Street Release Date: 07/12/2005

Customer Reviews:

  • If your kids like the show, they will really enjoy this!!
    My boys, 2.5 and 5, really like the show and sing the songs all the time! Now that we have the CD they sing and dance even more! They love it! We only listen at home-I am not a kid's music in the car type of person, so I can't comment on that. However, for children's music, this is not bad at all:-)...more info
  • catching
    My son loves this c.d. he is only 10 months old. The songs are very catching and kids love them ...more info
  • Nice Music!
    We all love it, it appeals to the children but sounds like "real" music so its not too irritating to the adults, either =)...more info
  • A CD the whole family can stomach!
    YES! Finally, a CD that my 2 year old LOVES and my 14 & 17 year old don't hate.

    OK, that's not true. They might not admit it, but the older kids love it, too. Now we all walk around singing these songs.

    Buy both CDs- they are a must-have for any Backyardigans fan. I am now buying them as gifts for other 2 year olds I know . . . ...more info
  • Tons of entertainment
    It is a great CD that keeps my kids singing and dancing for over an hour! It has my of the great songs from the tv program all very fun and educational...more info
  • Great for car trips
    This CD is almost constantly on in the car, I have 2 toddlers, and sometimes it's the only way we avoid whining and tears on a car trip. ...more info
  • My daughter gives this cd 5 stars too
    My Isabell loves this show. She asked Santa for this cd for her very first Christmas and this is the only way to wake her up in the morning. She's a very heavy sleeper (just like her Daddy)and without the cd, trying to get her up is a nightmare. But now, as soon as the theme song comes on, those eye lids open up and those big brown eyes just shine so bright. I also have them on my ipod and I must admit that I love their songs too. ...more info
  • These kids can sing!
    These kids can sing! That is all I have to say. Very catchy tunes. We bought this CD for our boys to listen to on long drives in our car. What we found was that even when we got home, we found ourselves still singing the songs. Great lyrics, good melodies and outstanding voices. I have to go - I am being dragged by my youngest to watch them on TV!...more info
  • Great!!
    My daughter loves to watch the Backyardigans on Treehouse and I do as well. I find the songs very catchy and the characters are way too cute. We listen to this CD in the vehicle and I am singing just as much as she is and find that the songs are caught in my head for quite a while! Defintely a great buy along with the other Backyardigans CD's...of which I bought all three!!!...more info
  • Incredible music for your preschooler and parents too!
    This is the second Backyardigans CD we have purchased, and I could'nt be happier with it. The creators of this show are musical geniuses! They cover a different genre of music in every song, like Disco, Country, Surf, Salsa, Celtic, etc. The lyrics are cute and contageous, and I find myself singing these songs all the time! Finally, a children's music CD that doesn't get on my nerves after the 100th time we've listened to it!...more info
  • Love Backyardigans
    My kids love this CD. If you children love the Backyardigans they will love the CD. Just beware of the endless hours in the car listening to CD over and over again. ...more info
  • Love this CD as much as the show!
    I love this CD! I know all the words by heart and I am 30 years old! My Husband and I listen to it in the car with my 9 month old, but truthfully, I listen to it when she isn't in the car too! The Backyardigans is the most fabulous show and I talk about it all the time at My Gym during playgroup to all the other Moms. My Baby, Nat Rose, loves it and smiles when it comes on and kicks her feet. She knows all the songs. My Husband and I thought kids music would be corny, but the songs are fun and clean for kids. If you love the show, trust me, buy the CD! It is cheapest on Amazon and hard to find on stores (and when you do, it is almost $19!). I give it 5 + stars! Suzy CG...more info
  • The Backyardigans Cd
    I purchased this cd because my one year old son loves to watch the tv show. When I received my item I immediately put it in to play and my son recognized the theme song from the show. Now every time we go somewhere my son points to the radio in the car for me to play the cd. I also love the songs they are so cute and fun to sing I'll admit. This cd is a must have....more info
  • I love this cd.
    I love this cd. I love Row Your Boat and the one that goes Float Flutter Fly, oh rock, oh rock on hill top high. I love the dance they do on it. So i try to dance like they do on the show. I love this cd. But there is a problem, I can't get the video to play. Can someone please tell me how to. I want my daughter to see it. It won't play in a dvd player so maybe it will play in a dvd-rom on a computer. I don't know....more info
  • Love it!
    My kids are complaining because I keep this CD in my car and won't let them have it back! The songs are very catchy, cute, infectious, and they dare you not to sing along! The only reason this didn't get 5 stars from me is the omission of the "Ridin' the Range" song from the cowboy episode. How COULD they leave that one off???...more info
  • Parents won't be disappointed!!!
    My daughter also has been asking for this CD from the moment we saw the commercial. Once it hit the shelves in Target I bought it and she couldn't be happier. She has played it nonstop in the weekends and plays it every night when she prepares herself for bed. My son loves it too; he bounces up and down the bed pretending to be one of the characters. Definitely a must have for parents with kids who love "The Backyardigans". It keeps them occupied. ...more info
    I'm a Major in the USAF with two girls, 6 and 3. Everyday this past week, I blasted this CD during my 30 min commute to work...WITHOUT THE KIDS!! I even made excuses not to carpool for lunch with my coworkers...afraid they'll hear it when I crank up the car! It was a Christmas gift for my girls but I think I'll ask my husband for my own copy for my birthday. This is REAL music...a much better alternative to the "Kiddy Versions" of horribly bad adult songs. Can't wait for the next CD! Evan Lurie is AWESOME!! ...more info
  • We love the Backyardigans!
    This cd is good the second one is better. But they don't don't have the same songs. So if you love the backyardigans like we do you've got to have both!!...more info
  • What great music for the car!
    I have really enjoyed this CD and so has my baby. She is 3 months old and doesn't really enjoy the car when it isn't moving but when Tasha, Tyrone, Pablo, Austin and Euniqua are singing it makes the car ride that much better. Also it isn't the annoying kiddie music that drives you crazy. I find myself singing the songs when I am just doing things around the house. My 22 year old brother was even caught singing one of the songs after hearing the CD. I would recommend this CD to anyone. ...more info
  • Backyardigans and again and again and...
    Our daughter absolutely loves the Backyardigans. This CD has made car rides so fun for her. She wants to listen to it over and over again and again. (Is it acceptable to be a 30 year old dad and love this CD just as much as she does???) We highly recommend this CD to all Backyardigans lovers!...more info
  • I love the Backyardigans!!!
    Earlier this summer, I was flipping through the channels to find something that my daughter (10 months at the time) would watch. I didn't want her to watch TV for more than an hour a day, so that meant we had to find something GREAT! Somehow, we found The Backyardigans. I love it!! We watch it everyday. Now, she is almost 16 months and has picked up not only on the varied music tunes, but she also has a different dance for each genre. It is amazing! I tell all my friends (and anyone else who comes in contact with us) about this program! Since the summer, we have looked high and low for The Backyardigans items. We recently found some small TY plush animals, but are missing Tasha (my favorite) and Austin.
    As far as the CD, I agree with the above review...where is "Ridin' the Range"?? I sing that song all day long, at the doctor's office, in the grocery store...even without my daughter. I love all the songs in all the episodes, but that song is by far my favorite!
    We now have the Snow Fort video as well as the It's Great to Be a Ghost. I can't wait for more product to be released! And if the Backyardigans ever come to town...well, I'm sure I'll camp out for our tickets!...more info
  • Perfect baby pleaser
    We have an 8 month old daughter who absolutely loves the Backyardigans. She can be crying her head off and we put on the show;instantly I MEAN INSTANTLY she stops and starts watching. Now we have this ability in the car with the cd... Oh the places we will go! Plus who can resist the Rockabilly Lullaby....more info
  • This music makes both little kids and parents want to dance
    The same day this CD arrived, my son and I have been dancing to it in preparation for his 4th birthday party. This is pretty hip music and we like the Buffalo girls and boys song the best.

    Gabi and Seb...more info
  • Music you can ALL enjoy
    Finally! A CD my kids love that I don't mind being trapped in the minivan with! I like the Backyardigans show for its real-kid characters, encouragement of imagination, and diverse musical styles. The CD offers our favorite songs from the show, but they are even better when you get a chance to listen to them more closely.

    If you're like me, you get tired of the same kids' songs CDs where the style is basically the same, and you've heard the songs so much, you block them out. But this CD has so many styles of music (from reggae to disco), and the lyrics are so clever, you will enjoy listening to them....more info
  • It is a perfect kids CD- wont get annoying
    If you are like me and dont like to generally buy the "childish annoying" kids music this is for you. I have NEVER wanted to buy some of the other kids music out ther for the pure fact it was annoying. They seem to push out mediocre CDS from favorite characters just for kicks. Others often lack any substance that make you want to listen to them more then once.
    That is where Backyardigans is different. Fun songs, that are upbeat, catchy and not annoying. BAckyaridgan taps it's musical inspiration from all genres out there that we listen to. They are not simple silly kids music.
    THey are refreshing!...more info
  • Another winner
    Lots of their favorite songs.

    If you are thinking about getting it, DO IT....more info
  • Perfect for Backyardigans lovers
    My 2-year-old son has loved the Backyardigans for about a year, and now loves the CD's. I like them because of the different musical styles - they don't get old as quickly as other children's music. ...more info
  • The Backyardigans
    My kids really like this cd, and as an adult, it's not painful to listen too like some kids music can be. It's got a good jazz sound to it....more info
  • Backyardigans Rule
    We love the Backyardigans show and we're so glad to have the CD too. My son loves to sing and dance along (and so do I, but don't tell), and when he hears each song, he recalls which episode and what happened too. Great CD with a variety of songs from the first season of the show! We'll be getting the second CD soon!...more info
  • bonus feature Go Go Go
    Can anybody help me with this please? I bought the backyardigans cd but I can't find the bonus video ,there are only 19 tracks in the menu of the dvd player. I read in the rewiews here that another
    person had the same trouble.Help!
    Thanks in advance ...more info