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Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Pound Convection Automatic Bread Maker
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Product Description

Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Automatic Breadmaker Audible signal lets you know when to add fruit, nuts, and other ingredients 15-minute pause Bake-only option 12-hour delayed start Power-failure backup Limited 3 year Warranty Bake only option Brushed stainless steel

  • Programmable bread machine with convection fan adjusts speed and timing for foolproof results
  • 16 preset menu options including Low Carb, Gluten-Free, and Artisan Dough settings
  • 3 crust colors and 3 loaf sizes; over 100 bread, dough, sweet cake, and jam combinations
  • Audible tone indicates when to add mix-ins; 12-hour delay-start timer; power-failure backup
  • Measures 18 by 12-1/5 by 14-7/8 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Superb product
    I am very happy with this bread maker. It's sleek and fits nicely on my counter space. Very easy to use and clean, the recipe booklet is easy to follow, and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent bread machine
    I am very pleased with my new Cuisinart bread machine. My husband is wild for the Honey Wheat bread that I make for him. The only thing I am disappointed in is there are no receipes for Rye bread. I would have given the product 5 stars if there were rye bread receipes....more info
  • Best bread-making machine I have ever had
    I have owned several bread-making machines in my thirty three years of married life. This one is the best. It cooks the bread the way you want it. You can mix in different ingredients after it has started and if you want the bread a different shape you can take it out and put it in a tin of your choosing and bake it in the oven. It beeps different signals so that you know when to mix in and when you can pause it if you want to. I love the delay feature, waking up to fresh baked bread in the morning is fantastic. The recipe book which comes with it has the greatest recipes that have come with any bread-making machine I have ever bought. Pizza bases are easy now and it makes cakes and jams as well. Anyway I can feel another bread making session coming on so I am about to fill my kitchen with the fantastic aroma of fresh baked bread....more info
  • No problems here!
    I think this is an excellent bread machine. It is the first one I've ever owned, but it has done a great job so far. I've made many loaves in it and so far no problem. I'm sorry to see that so many people have had issues with this model. I haven't had any problem with burning which other people have complained about. So far, so great!...more info
  • Amazon "error"
    List price for this item on the Cuisinart Website is $129. Yes, free shipping makes it a good deal from Amazon, so why lie about the price discount?...more info
  • Love this machine!!~
    This bread machine is really great. I love it for mixing my dough & it does a passable job to bake in. I prefer to shape & bake my doughs myself though....more info
  • puuurfect machine
    as someone from the old school who thought bread could only be made by hand, the cuisinart bread maker has totally exceeded my expectations. to say it is perfect is pretty close. throw in the ingredients, turn it on, fabulous bread. i do prefer the one pound loaf of bread as the size is so nice and with the bread maker so handy, making fresh loaves is quick and easy. the recipe booklet is great and has wonderful recipes which i've already been experimenting with. this bread maker is one of those things that once you buy it, you wish you'd bought it years ago. cuisinart has done such a great job it is very difficult to not say that it truly is a perfect bread maker. i am curious about how many years it should be expected to last, and have been thinking about buying a second one since i bake for many people. thanks, cuisinart. totally perfect. (my first loaf i ruined because i mismeasured the yeast...ah, human error, if only cuisinart could fix that!)...more info
  • REVISED: * * 2 STARS - Makes Great Bread BUT Flimsy Pan Is Ultimate Downfall
    Bread machines seem to be out of fashion the past 5+ years. Many brands don't even make them anymore. They are also rare to find in retail stores. Many stores don't carry any and those that do have maybe one or two to choose from. Walmart, for example, only has the Sunbeam 5891 and even that isn't carried in all their stores. So, when my old Oster developed a leaking pan and I needed to replace it I found my choices somewhat limited. I started out wanting the cheapest one I could get which right now is the Sunbeam 5891. Then I had a change of heart and wanted something I thought would last. The thing that led me to the Cuisinart CBK-200 was the warranty and mid-range price. My experience has been that bread machine pans just don't last. I felt if Cuisinart was backing their product for 3 years it had to be well built.

    Upon unpacking I was pleased to find a solid, heavy and well constructed machine. There were none of the stripped screws or misaligned plates that one reviewer noted. After reading the instructions I set about making my first loaf. I went with a French bread recipe I love from my old Oster manual. The Cuisinart was easy to program (simply select size and crust color then press start). The unit was fairly quiet during kneading and didn't creep/crawl on the counter. When it got to the remove paddle beep (another reason I selected this machine) I removed the paddle. It did it's last 55 minute rise then started the bake cycle. This is where I listened for the convection fan noise. I had to hold my ear right up to the unit to hear an almost imperceptible fan noise. This is not a loud unit during the bake cycle. After the 70 minute bake I removed the finished loaf to cool on a wire rack. The pan mixing spindle did hold onto about 3/4 inch of loaf but it was acceptable and better than digging out the paddle. The loaf was perfect in color...not at all burned. After an hour to cool I cut into the masterpiece and it was perfect. The crust was crunchy and exploded with flavor. The bread was just the right density and even. A 5 star loaf on my first attempt.

    Since then I've made a 1 lb batch of pizza dough. The unit handled the 1 lb dough remarkably well. With the shape of the pan I was worried it wouldn't get all the ingredients mixed in; however, the paddle cycled between periods of clockwise and counter-clockwise action to fling the dough all around the rectangular pan to get everything well mixed in. When I made my 2 lb french loaf the paddle only went clockwise so I think the unit may be programmed to alternate direction for smaller loafs. Ingenious. The unit did creep a little and got a bit loud on the counter-clockwise action but that was due to the violent action going on in the pan.

    I tried the Cuisinart recipe for cinnammon swirl loaf and that was delicious. Came out perfect (ie, not burned, great crust and texture). Today I made my 2nd French loaf. As perfect as the first. I'm not sure I like the look of all the recipes but it does have quite a few. I like the fact that the manual and recipe book is spiral bound: another thing Cuisinart did not 'cheap' out on.

    If you read the reviews for this bread maker it seems to be either a 5 star winner or 1 star loser. There's not much in between. Well, count me in the 5 star column. Maybe I'm lucky in the unit I received? All I can say is I feel this was a real bargain at $100. The build quality of my unit is excellent and the perfect loaves I'm getting out of it are heavenly.

    UPDATE, 1/26/09: I experienced the bread pan popping out on several 1 LB loaves even though I made sure it was securely in place at the outset. On 1 and 1.5 LB loaves the unit gets real violent during the kneading cycle. When the dough hits the inside of the pan with the proper angle and force it pops out. I found the side wall clips and the clips on the pan itself interact to keep the pan in place. The more important clips to adjust are those on the pan itself. If the pan clips are out too far at a horizontal angle it makes it difficult to seat the pan in the machine...this is because it makes the pan wider and they don't want to clear the side clips of the machine. If the pan clips are too far down (ie, angled beyond 30 degrees) the pan becomes too narrow and, while easy to seat in the machine, doesn't receive enough side pressure from the side clips to hold the pan in place. I think I have my pan clips at the right adjustment. It needs to be somewhat hard to snap in place to provide enough side tension to keep the pan in place. I have the pan clips pretty far up. To seat the pan I use my left thumb to place a bit of pressure on the left inside wall of the bread maker while I push the pan into place. The pan seems much more solidly seated now. I will continue to monitor on 1 LB loaves until I feel all is well

    I do believe there's a bit of an engineering issue here. The pan itself if constructed of pretty thin metal leading to the clips on the pan gradually bending out of adjustment during repeated cycles of inserting and removal of the pan. This is a design flaw but I think easy enough to compensate for if you know the proper angle of the clips.

    UPDATE 1/29/09: So far so good on my pan clip adjustment. With the pan being hard/tight to seat and requiring a bit of help/pressure from my left thumb to the side wall of the unit, the pan is rock solid in place.

    UPDATE, 2/1/09: Pan rock solid in place (good). Finding screw and lock washer under unit after making latest loaf (bad). Yes, a screw and lock washer from the underside of the unit fell off during the last loaf I made. All the rocking and kneading of the 1.5 lb loafs I've been making must be the cause. It was simple enough to screw back in place --tightly I might add-- but should it have come loose in the first place? There were two other screws on the underside with lock washers: I made sure all three are nice and tight. Starting to wonder.....

    3/7/09 UPDATE: If I had to do all over I would purchase another unit. The pan pop and clip adjustment usually work but the thing can't be trusted to stay in place even with that. I made whole wheat pizza dough last week and the pan popped three (3) times. Now I've got the clips on the oven wall bent up and then the longer piece down and in just enough to insert the pan. As far as the pan goes the metal is just too thin for the pan to retain it's shape. This is definitely the cause of the pan pop. I'm also starting to see some black on loafs from the pan spindle...a sign it will leak and fail before too long. This is for a pan I treated like a fragile egg: only ever hand washed the inside and avoided getting the outside wet. Amazon won't let reviewers change ratings: I would now give this unit only 2 stars.

    5/29/09 UPDATE -- I had to get a replacement pan under warranty from Cuisinart last week. The original pan started leaking grease/oil onto loaves/ much so that a pizza dough I was making was streaked throughout on the 2nd knead cycle (yuck!). When the new pan arrived it didn't fit the machine properly (It was way too loose). It was then that I discovered all my pan and clip adjustments with the old pan had led to the left side wall of the baking chamber being bent outward essentially widening the chamber. I managed to bend it back into shape which led to further clip adjustments needed. Now the new pan is rock solid. Cuisinart was pretty good on the pan exchange: I only had to pay return shipping which was about $6.25 from PA to NJ via FedEx Ground.

    I read somewhere that the bread pan should be allowed to cool before cleaning --something to do with expansion and contraction of metal-- and that may help reduce pan seal failure. I'll let it cool before cleaning with the new pan and see if it helps.

    I do like this unit but am glad it has a 3 year warranty. I have a feeling I'm going to using the warranty quite often....more info
  • very good
    This machine not only looks good but it 'covers all the bases' it makes
    all types of bread. I wondered about sourdough but then there is a recipe in the book that mentions a 'poolish' which is dancing pretty close to making sourdough;alas I have not tried this recipe yet. So, on to the facts: It makes dough well, bread good, the 'beeps' are clear especially the the six space six beeps to remove the dough paddle. And YES this does not only just pause [to remove paddle] but it will shut off too, you just have to hold down the pause/stop button for 3 seconds. Press less than 3 seconds to pause only [it will resume aft. 15 minutes, or press start]

    I have found that I needed to read over the instruction and recipe book a few times in order to attempt 'mastering' the machines various cycles.

    Yes, I'd buy this again, and recommend it. This is my 5th bread machine,
    In 25+ years and it's the best one....more info
  • Cuisinart CBK 200 2 Pound bread maker
    We love this convection bread maker. Everything that we have made in it turned out beautiful. I recommend this seller....more info
  • Better than expected
    After ordered, I read all these reviews and got nervous. Well, the machine arrived, I set it up and within an hour was making whole wheat bread from the recipe in the box. First, I LOVE the way the machine looks--it fits our kitchen perfectly. Second, the recipe was easy to follow and I did exactly what it said, except that I substituted all purpose flour for the bread flour in the recipe.

    The bread is outstanding! I love the crusty but not thick cardboard-like crust that I used to get from my old machine. I couldn't ask for a better loaf of bread. Yummy.

    Was the machine loud? Not really. I used to make bread with my Kitchenaid mixer, and it is louder than this machine. Besides, the kneading cycles are not that long!

    Great machine, and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • cuisinart waranty
    I received the machine and during the first attempt to use it I could not get the pan to remain in place. It kept popping up and thereby disconnecting the paddle from the motor. I spent time on the phone with customer service at cuisinart trying to correct the problem. The customer service representative concluded that it was a defective machine and offered to replace it. However, I was required to pay shipping both ways which would have been about $20.00. That was about 20% of the purchase price. Thus, I decided to return the bread machine for a refund....more info
  • Serious Flaws
    I received my bread maker over the weekend and was so excited to make homemade bread for my husbands birthday party. The first loaf did not rise at all. The mix-in button would not turn off which seemed to have messed everything up. I tried to stop the cycle with about 10 minutes to go and pressed cancel and unplugged the machine. When I started my next loaf, the settings were jammed and the timer still read 10 minutes left. The Cuisinart support person told me that the only way to re-set the machine is to leave it unplugged for at LEAST half an hour to an hour! Two hours later, it hadn't re-set so I was told the machine must be defective.
    I was really excited about this machine, I own a lot of Cuisinart products and this is one really has the nicest look for my kitchen, but I just don't think I will buy another and risk throwing away pounds more of my organic flour! With no way to STOP the cycle, I just don't think it's worth it. ...more info
  • MRB
    After going through several breadmakers we came upon this one and it has been near perfect. The only problems have been "operator error." It was so good we bought a second one for our daughter. We have absolutely no complaints against it. ...more info
  • less than thrilled.

    i shouldn't knock the exterior finish because i purchased a refurbished unit. but shouldn't a refurbished piece be better than new? they've had two chances to get it right.well, maybe next time.
    the baking cycle is useless. no matter what setting you set for the crust you wind up with moist toast. i've learned to remove the loaf before the bake cycle and finish the bread in my oven.
    this appliance isn't a breadmaker but an expensive mixing bowl. a dented and disfigured one at that....more info
  • Only a few months old and machine has no power
    This machine is only a few months old and already there is absolutely no power to the machine. Last time I used it (approx a week ago) it worked fine. I went to turn it on today and there are not lights and apparently no power. Other appliances work in the same outlet, so it is the breadmaker. While it worked, we really enjoyed the bread. Quite disappointing for it to fail so soon. I'll be returning it to the store and may not replace it with the same machine. ...more info
  • Lovin' It In Tombstone, AZ
    I recently purchased this bread machine and it's a very high quality machine. I like the fact that it beeps to alert me to be able to remove the paddle to eliminate "that hole". It does a great kneading job. It has many choices and I like using the various sizes, 1 lb., 1 1/2 lb. or 2 lb. and light, medium or dark crust. And of course the 'dough only' cycle is great too and will be handy for pizza dough. It's quick and easy to operate, a breeze to clean, doesn't heat up the kitchen area, cools quickly, keeps it warm if that option is chosen. It has a delayed start. Happy I purchased this brand and am purchasing other Cuisinart products; "you get what you pay for"....more info
  • Not a good Machine
    I bought this machine in October 08 and for the first few months the bread that I made was fine but after a while oil began to appear around the paddle area. The oil was much more noticeable when making pizza dough. I phoned Cuisinart and they sent me a replacement bread pan free of charge - I had to return the original bread pan at my cost. I received the replacement bread pan and the pan again leaked oil again. I phoned Cuisinart again and they told me a little oil was OK!! I then asked to speak to a supervisor who agreed with me that oil should not be leaking so a replacement bread machine was sent to me at no cost but again I have to return the original one to them at my cost. My replacement machine turned up and once again I made a loaf. This time during the cooking cycle the machine made a continuous buzzing sound. I again rang Cuisinart who said there was something wrong with the machine so they said they would send me a THIRD replacement at no cost but because this second replacement machine failed so quickly (first time use) they would arrange for UPS to come and collect the machine at no cost to me. I told them I no longer wanted a replacement bread machine and was told that I could have a credit but not a refund. So I have opted for a third replacement machine but am thinking of purchasing a different brand. I no longer trust this model or this brand. ...more info
  • miracle bread baker
    living on kauai means paying $5.99 or so for a loaf of i thought about baking my own bread.....having never made a loaf of bread in my life, i researched bread machines and ordered the cuisinart is very easy to use and produced excellent results first loaf...i have worked my way through the recipe book provided with the machine and get more confident with better results with each loaf..i especially appreciate the crust settings and the ability to make artisan breads...the dough settings allow bread shapes (bagettes, etc.) not restricted by the bread pan format provided with the machine...and the ability to pause the machine to take the dough out and roll out the dough to add fillings, swirls, and twists makes for bread that doesn't appear to be from a bread machine...i recommend the cuisinart without hesitation..Bob Polli, Kilauea, Kauai...more info
  • Brick of Bread
    We purchased this breadmaker after our old one broke. We have had this breadmaker for 2 weeks and I have attempted multiple loaves of bread with no luck. They turn into little hard lumps that do not rise. I have even bought new flour and yeast hoping to resolve the issue but this last loaf is again not as good as our old breadmaker. I'm disappointed with this product. Both my sisters have this breadmaker and love it but I can't say the same thing....more info
  • Totally worth it
    I am now Gluten free, and have not liked any bread I have gotten at the stores. This machine works very well for me, however, the gluten free receipe that comes with it stinks, The dough cycle works wonderful. Each Easter I make a special bread that took hours. This year was a simple task because of the breadmaker. My biggest problem is remembering to remove the paddle for baking. Well worth the money, and it's easy to clean. ...more info
  • Cuisinart CBK200
    I had read a number of reviews about this unit and in addition I read a number of reviews about the Breadman Plus Ultimate. I chose the Cuisinart because I have been impressed with the quality of other of their products that I currently own. So far it has performed as advertised. I am still getting used to it's capabilities and I am experimenting with altering some of the numerous recipes that are included in the accompanying manual/recipe book. I think that it was a good purchase....more info
  • Only a few months old and machine has no power
    This machine is only a few months old and already there is absolutely no power to the machine. Last time I used it (approx a week ago) it worked fine. I went to turn it on today and there are not lights and apparently no power. Other appliances work in the same outlet, so it is the breadmaker. While it worked, we really enjoyed the bread. Quite disappointing for it to fail so soon. I'll be returning it to the store and may not replace it with the same machine. ...more info
  • Cuisinart Bread Machine
    This Cuisinart Bread Machine is awesome. I have made numerous loaves of bread since I received it as a gift for Christmas and they have all come out great. Well worth the investment. It is mportant to follow the directions for inputting the ingredients, not only the order of the ingredients, but the measurements and the bread turns out great everytime. Looking forward to experimenting with different types of breads. So far I have made white, wheat, artisian and pumpernickel breads. ...more info
  • Great Bread Maker
    Two people in my family were diagnosed as having Celiac Disease and the store bought breads are very expesive. I bought this bread maker so that I could make gluten free bread at home. This is the feature that I needed in a bread machine and it performs this function very well. It will only allow me to make 1 1/2 or 2 pound loaves, but that is OK my family loves the fresh bread....more info
  • Decorative? Sure! And nothing else!
    Oh, where to start? Obviously, this bread maker looks good - both on paper and in reality. I have now had it for two years and I wonder if I misunderstood something when I bought this. I actually believed that it was supposed to make bread and/or dough. Alas, it does - but rather reluctantly.

    From the very first loaf I ever made, the pan did not sit tightly in it's brackets. Fine, I can fix that but I really shouldn't have to - considering this machine is brand new. What's more, even after fixing it, the torque will still misalign the brackets and the pan will bounce around the inside of the baking chamber ever so often. This should not be!

    After the third loaf, the machine started to emit a slight screeching sound. Fine, it had apparently run dry. Why there is not enough lubricant on moving parts, I simply cannot say. I am not a Cuisinart repair person and I refuse to take it completely apart to apply grease to it. These days the machine can be so loud that I am either tempted to put it in the garage or throw it off a cliff close by my house. I imagine packing it full of C-4 explosives might also be a satisfying solution.

    A little later on in the machine's unwarranted existence, the motor started stalling. Yes, no reason for it either. To fix this, I had to open up the bottom (see, I caved in) and help the belt along for a bit - after that, it works "fine" again. Turns out, it's not the motor after all - rather, its the spatula that is being driven by the motor. Think that greasing the screeching part would help this? After all, I have already opened it up! Not so, the screeching comes from the motor housing.

    As I am writing this lovely review, my wife is trying to keep me from putting this POS in the trunk of the car to throw it off said cliff. You might guess: I am trying to make Pizza dough...

    I can only advise you to stay away. This bread maker is pathetic! That, or try to order some C-4 to go along with your bread maker - you will want to have it....more info
  • I love this breadmaker!
    We are a family of bread-eaters, so I make bread every day. I love the results from this breadmaker. The pan seems more durable in this model: the manufacturer has modified the seating of the blade so that the seal does not perish so easily. The only modification I would like to see is that the timer should allow you to input the 'end-time' instead of calculating hours until end....more info