Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe
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Product Description

Kershaw Blur Tactical Blur Tactical Blur Tanto Serrated Steel: 440A Stainless Steel with Tungsten DLC coating Handle: Anodized aluminum with Trac-Tek inserts Liner: 410 Stainless Steel Blade: 3 3/8" partially serrated Tanto Closed: 4 1/2" Weight: 4.2 oz Mfg No: 1670TBLKST Manufacturer: Kershaw Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

Constructed of 440A stainless steel, Kershaw's Ken Onion Tactical Blur folding knife features a 3-3/8-inch partially serrated Tanto blade. A lightweight anodized aluminum handle offers Trac-Tec inserts which provide a non-slip grip (even in wet and slippery conditions). Kershaw's assisted opening system, SpeedSafe, assists the user to smoothly open the knife with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or Index-Open system. SpeedSafe's torsion bar helps keep the knife closed, preventing it from being opened by accident. In order to open the knife, the user must apply manual pressure to the thumb stud to overcome the resistance of the torsion bar. After the blade is out of the handle, the torsion bar moves along its track and takes over. The blade opens smoothly and locks into position, ready for use.

About Kershaw Knives
Since the company's founding in 1974, Kershaw Knives has been dedicated to quality that has led to a worldwide reputation for performance and innovation in tools and knives. From state-of-the-art manufacturing to advanced materials, customers rely on Kershaw for products that provide "technology with an edge." Today, Kershaw is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kai Corporation--for over 90 years. Japan's premier blade producer. Kai's innovative approach to product development has resulted in over 10,000 superior products.

  • Anodized aluminum handle
  • Speed safe design
  • Removable and reversible pocket clip
  • Limited lifetime warrany
  • Knife features a 3 3/8-inch partially serrated Tanto blade

Customer Reviews:

  • Kershaw Knife Review
    This is a good knife, especially for the price. The assisted opening works well and hasn't show any sign of wearing out. The knife itself is very durable. The handle has a very unique texture to it that not only works well, but everyone who sees it seems to like it. Overall the knife is great....more info
  • Best knife I've ever owned
    I bought this knife while working on tug boats and living on a sail boat. The grip material is fantastic when working with wet hands and cutting wet line. The coating is exceptionally anti-corrosive. I once left it in a pair of damp cargo pants with sand in the pockets for a week. It would'nt even open. I blew out the sand with an air compressor, shot some lube oil in the handle and worked it open and close repeatedly and it was like new. I moved to PA, took it hunting and have not seen it since. I'm ordering another....more info
  • Easily the Best Everyday Carry-Knife
    Like jumper cables, duct tape, or any other of those many ubiquitous domestic tools we all keep handy, the Tactical Blur performs its mundane functions reliably and efficiently. It'll make short work of that ridiculously "protective" plastic packaging that plagues our birthday celebrations and other gift-giving occasions.

    But if you have a little training (or even if you don't), and heaven forbid the time comes to utilize the "tactical" features referred to in the model name of this knife, the Kershaw TB will clearly illustrate the concept of "force multiplication." Clearly. In no uncertain terms.

    I've always spurned "Tanto" blades as faddish or too utilitarian (I don't need a chisel for an EDC), and I'd previously never seen one that offered any, erm, tactical advantage. And I never get serrated blades, because I sharpen my own edges, I don't care so much if my EDC can cut rope, etc. And I rarely get anything for regular carry if the blade is any larger than 3 inches (going for the smallest practical handle-sizes and whatnot).

    I also don't change my mind very often, but I sure as heck did when I purchased the Kershaw TB. I essentially changed my mind on all of the above points.

    Sure, part of what sold me was that SpeedSafe (Kershaw's assist implementation for this category) is just a rock-solid joy to use on this model (as others have repeatedly mentioned). You have no idea how fun AND functional the TB SpeedSafe flip is until you try it for yourself. Other assists such as Gerber's "F.A.S.T.?" Hahaha. No comparison.

    I was also sold by the attention to detail; e.g. the generous finger protector (for blade closing); the durable, comfortable, and highly-functional no-slip textured coating on the handle; the point-switchable pocket clip, the respectably thick and obviously durable locking liner, etc.

    Finally, what sealed the deal was the price-point. I don't like to spend significant sums on regular old carry knives. Because they're just used for light-duty tasks. Who wants to be cutting boxes up with $500 worth of blade? Plus, that dreaded occasion when the duty becomes more than "light?" Well, certain basic functionality and dependability is all that's required of the tool; not exotic materials and space-age engineering.

    BOTTOM LINE: Kershaw has put together a high-quality product that far-and-away beats anything I've personally ever seen in this price range. 5 stars from me, without hesitation. If there's a better EDC value anywhere out there, I'd love to see it, and gladly stand corrected....more info
  • Made in the U.S.A.
    My brother is in the special forces and recommended this knife to me. Good steady handle and a blade that holds onto an edge. Can't get much better, especially not for the price....more info
  • Excellent Knife, way under-priced.
    Before I bought this knife I scoured many well known brands such as SOG, Benchmade, Cold Steel etc. All of which are very well made, however they are all extremely pricey. I have a Kershaw hunting blade so I decided to try my luck and find a nice assisted folder. Low and behold I jumped on and found it for sale for $39.05 shipped! Simply an amazing deal considering these sell for nearly $100.00 at the local sports shop near my home and almost $70.00 at the local Wally World.

    The blade is very well made and right out of the box is razor sharp. I have used this knife from everything from cutting bread to cutting boxes and have no issues with dulling. The knife has stayed razor sharp. The coating on the blade is very durable and so far I have not had any wear at all. The speedsafe system is amazingly fast. I have compared this blade to one of my friends auto folders and this blade actually comes out faster than his auto folder.

    Some individuals compalain that the rough grip will wear your pants pocket out. I carry this knife every day and have zero issues with extra wear. I am very happy to own this knife and would not hesitate to add any of the Kershaw folders to my inventory. This is a high end knife at a very low price. Even at $60.00 the price is worth it. ...more info
  • Blur might be the last thing they see
    I hate to feed into the mentality that causes knifemakers to hype their blades as "tactical," because the last thing we need to give lawmakers is another excuse to heroically protect us by banning the tools we carry. But the first and last thing I have to say about the Ken Onion Tactical Blur is that it is one fearsome knife.

    A curved blade would be suited to your usual cutting and slicing applications, such as skinning mastodons and so on. This knife, on the other hand, has a chisel-like tanto point, which is ideal for thrusting effortlessly through beef ribs or car hoods. It would be equally at home cutting up cardboard boxes, linoleum flooring, or metal garbage cans.

    Technically, this isn't a switchblade. Switchblades are bad. We know this because our lawmakers have heroically protected us by effectively banning them at various levels. This is only an ordinary liner-lock knife with spring-assisted opening. But if I ever found a switchblade with the deployment speed and cutting power of the Blur, I'd say it was quite a knife.

    The blade is shaving-sharp from the factory, and the handle is lightweight but sturdy aluminum with some kind of gritty sandpaper-like stuff glued on to give a better grip should the knife become slippery with any sort of fluid. Use your imagination. I haven't tried shattering any cinderblocks with it yet, but it's sturdy enough to use as a yawara stick in a pinch.

    Folded, the whole package can be palmed even in my small hands and feels much like a disposable lighter with a glandular problem. I don't even notice it in my hip pocket, which is where it rides whenever I happen to be wearing pants.

    If walking around with something this fearsome seems too naughty for you, remember a couple of things. One is that you can buy it from The Wall for $55, and The Wall would not sell naughty things to naughty people. Another is that crimes, to my knowledge, are not generally committed with knives like these, but with such evil implements as kitchen knives, screwdrivers, and whatever happens to be lying around near the crime scene. Lastly, you will probably not need a knife this fast and ferocious, but if you do, you will *really* need it. And you'll have it....more info