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Kershaw Ken Onion Rainbow Leek Folding Knife with Speed Safe
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $52.31

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Product Description

Leek Rainbow Knife Durable, scratch-resistant, rainbow titanium-oxide coating. Colors are created by the application of electric currents in different intensities and duration to the titanium oxide. Steel: 440A stainless-steel titanium-oxide coated. Handle: 410 stainless-steel titanium-oxide coated. Blade: 3 in. (7.5 cm) Closed: 4 in. (10.3 cm) Weight: 3.1 oz. Includes soft zipper case.

  • Knife
  • Speed Safe Design
  • Titanium-oxide Coated
  • 410 Stainless Steel Handle
  • Limited Lifetime

Customer Reviews:

  • A fine little knife
    This is actually my second Leek. I got the first one right after they came out. I used it and the current one daily from everything from opening letters to dressing game. Finally the torsion assist got weak from thousands of openings and I returned it to the factory for replacement of the spring. I didn't want to wait 6 or 8 weeks for it's return so I went ahead and bought another one before sending the old one off. Kershaw says it's good for 10,000 openings and I'm sure I had that many on it. Anyway it's just the right size for me, light, slender and the pocket clip keeps it securely in my pocket where it's readily available. Kershaw knives are the sharpest knives I've ever owned and these are no exception. They are literally razor sharp when you get them. The assisted opening works very well. You can flip the thumb stud on the blade or press the projection of the blade on the back of the knife for easy and fast one handed opening. It's always convenient of course but especially so in working in the shop or say cutting line when fishing. One hand is tied up holding the rod, you can open the Leek with the other hand and use it. They are very well made, US made I might add and that matters to me anyway. It's a fine little knife. I carry mine 100% of the time....more info
  • Amazing
    The sharpest knife I have ever owned. That combined with the assisted opening feature can mean for some accidents (I've experienced 3 myself), but once you get the hang of this knife it's beautiful. ...more info
  • Great Knife!
    This is one great pocket knife, extremely sharp and very well made, opens as quickly as an automatic and can even be kept in your pocket with the safety off. Great for personal protection or for use around the house (I use it for scoring bread dough . . . cuts like a razor). I bought one for myself, then gave it to my son and bought myself another Leek. ...more info
  • Great Knife, But Not What I Wanted
    I purchased this knife to carry on my keychain. Turned out it was too big. I returned it and purchased the Kershaw Black Chive Pocket Knife as a replacement. Both are high quality knives with very sharp blades.
    ...more info
  • Great Quality... Great Carry Knife
    I purchased this knife at a gun & knife show three years ago and have carried it everyday since. I've owned ($60.00) Spyderco and ($150.00) Benchmade (Automatic) knives, but this Stainless Leek model is slimmer, quicker to draw and has a better clip than both of these knives. Because of the unique spring action mechanism, many think it's an "automatic" knife. My only recommendation is to occasionally lubricate/clean the mechanism to keep the action quick. I did have to tighen the allen screw to keep the safety from slipping "on" in my pocket. I will be ordering a second one at this price. This is a very well designed, well made pocket knife....more info
  • This is my carrying knive out of hundreds to choose from.
    I love eveything about this knife. Looking for a sharp knife to do about anything a knife is designed to do? This is the one....more info
  • speed safe poor quality
    While this is a greart knife and my son loves it, after only two weeks the speed safe know longer works. It appears to be a plastic stop and has bent, no longer keeping the blade safe inside the knife, we plan to exchange it and if it happens again, look for another knife....more info
  • Sharp and Sleek
    Great knife. Sturdy sleek and extremely sharp. I cut myself on the tip of my left thumb and i barely touched the blade. It bled pretty badly to say the least, which brings me to my next point which is to say that this is not a toy. The speed safe is cool and its easily to play with it absent mindedly, thats which is probably why i got cut. I wouldn't buy this for any kid younger than 16 may be even older. Great tool and i would recommend it to anyone who is shopping for a knife....more info
  • probably the perfect knife
    Speed Safe knives are like HDTVs... maybe you've seen them advertised around or heard people talking, but you didn't really care to own one until you tried it for the first time. The hard part is picking from so many different models and colors.

    Kershaw's Leek is easily carryable and bombproof enough to be a great utility knife or self defense tool, but agile enough to slice fruits and vegetables, process game & fish, open packages, and whatever else you need a pocketknife for. It's remarkably slim too. Can't go wrong with the Leek, but I might buy some more Onion knives just because they're sexy.
    ...more info
  • perfect fusion of design and function
    First, the knife works great. Easy one-handed opening, sharp blade, perfect heft. Second, the knife looks great- simple, sleek. Best pocket knife ever....more info
  • A great Knife...
    The knife is sleek and has a great profile. I love the speedsafe function on it. The blade lock is a bit stiff, but I suppose that's just so it doesn't slide open on accident....more info
  • Great cold weather knife
    I needed a knife that was easier to open than my Swiss army knife, especially on cold Minnesota winter days. This one works really well( no more broken thumb nails), and it is VERY sharp! Cuts thru shavings' bales and anything else on the farm. Good value for the money, too....more info
  • Nice Knife
    Very well made knife, and is thin enough for the front pocket. Sharp and easy to open and close with one hand. Just be sure it is completely closed before you return it to your pocket, Because of the torsion spring, it does not SNAP shut like old style pocket knives. The tip may stick out of the handle just enough to cut you. Great price at Amazon - will order several for gifts....more info
  • My Favorite Knife
    strong, swift and agile
    ken onion creates perfect
    slicing energy...more info
    The Leek is a wonderful knife, but its sword-like point is subject to breakage. (Throwing the knife into a wooden target will invariably break the tip--which is what happened to two of my Leeks!) Fortunately, Kershaw lives up to its lifetime guarantee policy and quickly replaced both of my broken knives with brand-new ones, no questions asked. I just shipped them the knife, explaining what happened, and a week later got back a new knife.
    The knife itself opens beautifully, though I've found that the liner lock sometimes sticks and isn't that easy to depress with one hand. ...more info
  • ws
    A real eye catcher. Has a good edge. I haven't used it enough to see how long it will hold that edge. Fits nicely in my pocket. All functions of the knife work exactly as described. For my application I wish I would of selected a knife that didn't have such a sharp tip. It's unforgiving....more info
  • I love this knife!!!
    I'm not a huge outdoorsman but wanted a nice everyday pocket knife. The Kershaw's Leek fits the bill. I love the size, long enough to get your whole hand envolved with the task yet small enough to have clipped to your pocket and forget its there.

    I was planning on taking the clip off and just letting the knife "float" in my pocket but fell in love with the clip. The only thing better than light weight in your pocket is no weight in your pocket.

    I find that the knife is well designed and I really like the Speed Safe opening action. It has a solid "click" that lets you know that the knife is in a locked position. Super sharp and the perfect drop point blade.

    ...more info