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Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Serrated Folding Knife with Speed Safe
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $36.49

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Product Description

Item #: K1660ST. 3 in. 440A bead blasted stainless steel partially serrated blade. 410 stainless steel handle. 4 in. closed blade length. Removable/reversible pocket clip. With a weight of 3.1 ozs.
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  • Knife
  • Speed Safe Design
  • 440A Stainless Steel
  • 410 SS Handle
  • Limited Lifetime

Customer Reviews:

  • speed safe poor quality
    While this is a greart knife and my son loves it, after only two weeks the speed safe know longer works. It appears to be a plastic stop and has bent, no longer keeping the blade safe inside the knife, we plan to exchange it and if it happens again, look for another knife....more info
  • great knife
    i bought this for my boyfriend. he had this one before and was so excited to get it again. it's already been useful so many times for opening packages, cutting rope, etc....more info
  • Great knife
    This is a great knife. Nice and slim for every day carry. Blade holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. I've used it for everyday mundane items and hunting. Fits great in the hand and pocket.

    I would recommend this and have gifted it already....more info
  • The best - a prefect pocket knife
    Just unboxed my Leek and it is fantastic! I have a Kershaw Chive already and the two knives are very very similar in everything but size. I have had a tendon break in my thumb so the knives with thumb-studs were out and I live in a region where full-auto (switchblade) knives are illegal so they were out. That left assisted knives (with a spring) with a flipper on the back (legal in most places) and after a few hours on YouTube I chose the Leek & Chive. I have reviewed the Chive already so here I will just talk about the Leek.

    The knife comes with a razor-sharp blade and pin-sharp point, which makes you appreciate the "speed safe" opening. Unlock the safety switch and press firmly on the flipper on the back and the knife flies out and locks open with a confident click. The liner-lock is firm too so there's no chance it will close accidentally and when you do unlock the knife it needs pressure to close it - unlike some other folders that snap shut suddenly and can trap fingers. Everything about the knife shouts quality and with a lifetime warranty Kershaw obviously trust their guarantee. The belt clip can be removed easily with a small torx (6-pointed star) screwdriver and remounted the other way up for point-up carrying.

    The Leek and Chive are both great knives but for my big hands the Leek just feels more comfortable. This means I'll probably carry the Leek but keep the Chive for use around the home. ...more info
  • They sent the wrong knife!
    I am super unhappy with this purchase. I bought the knife that was on the amazon add because it was the right knife. I ordered it for my sons birthday because it was just like my knife and it was supposed to be a special gift him. You get the idea? It wasn't the cheapest one available either. I could have gotten the one that arrived for alot cheaper if it was what I wanted. So basically, Amazon dropped the ball big time on my sons birthday present and I am likely to tell everyone that I can, ever chance I get how this has turned out to this point. Unless someone makes an effort to make it right. So far I have been ignored. Thanks for the opprotunity to tell about it....more info
  • My Favorite Knife
    strong, swift and agile
    ken onion creates perfect
    slicing energy...more info
  • Good price, great knife, outstanding customer service!
    I love my Leek knife and its Speedsafe opening system. The quality is great for the price and the blade is razor sharp right out of the box. Additionally, if you ever need assistance, Kershaw's customer service is unsurpassed. I have twice contacted them to purchase replacement parts for things that I broke and weren't at all Kershaw's fault. Both times, they got the part out to me in a matter of days and refused to accept any payment for them....more info
  • Very pleased
    Well done Kershaw. This is a winner. Very nice, I am very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Amazing
    The sharpest knife I have ever owned. That combined with the assisted opening feature can mean for some accidents (I've experienced 3 myself), but once you get the hang of this knife it's beautiful. ...more info
  • ws
    A real eye catcher. Has a good edge. I haven't used it enough to see how long it will hold that edge. Fits nicely in my pocket. All functions of the knife work exactly as described. For my application I wish I would of selected a knife that didn't have such a sharp tip. It's unforgiving....more info
  • Razor Sharp and Handy
    Had a knife like this a few years ago and it was misplaced or stolen. Paid $60 for it in a store, when I found it on here for $40 I couldn't pass it up. This knife holds an edge for what seems like forever and the speedsafe option is what makes it a great knife. Unfortunately the knife that was shipped to me did not function correctly but a quick email to Kershaw and they were sending me a new torsion bar and torx tool to take the knife apart and fix it for free, or I could mail it back and they would also fix it for free. I'm still waiting for the bar and tool (it's only been two days) but I still use the knife for everything, it hasn't lost its ability to cut like a razor... it just doesn't open with in a blur until i can fix it. 5 stars for this knife and 5 stars for Kershaw fo having an awesome customer service department and lifetime warranty....more info
  • great
    I got this one to replace a schrade I've had for about 20 years. The blade is longer and thinner than the schrade, so I can't pry with it at all. The plastic safety catch broke off. Other than that, it's hard to find something wrong with it. I removed the belt clip since I use a sheath. It started to get stuck in the locked position afterwards, but seems fine now. It's easier to sharpen than the schrade because the edge is flatter, and holds an edge about the same. I looked at the chive model, but know from experience that blades with a curve at the bottom are harder to sharpen, and serrated blades are a pain to sharpen. I use a stone when I have the time, and a fold up steel rod type sharpener on the run. I bought the rainbow version, but bent the tip trying to fix a crappy window fan, jackass....more info
  • Great Knife, But Not What I Wanted
    I purchased this knife to carry on my keychain. Turned out it was too big. I returned it and purchased the Kershaw Black Chive Pocket Knife as a replacement. Both are high quality knives with very sharp blades.
    ...more info
  • My favorite knife!
    Love this design and I carry it daily. Light, fast, & safe. This is my third one since I tend to lose them, and the price is quite reasonable.

    ...more info
  • A Ridiculously Cool Knife
    Upon unboxing this knife I was amazed at how great it looked. The finish is definitely the main attraction but using the knife, it's obvious that you're holding a very high quality piece of equipment. The assisted opening mechanism makes it very easy to open one-handed and the pocket clip makes it easier to carry, and doesn't damage clothing it clips to like some items I've owned. This knife comes very sharp from the factory, I was able to easily shave the hair off my shin with it. This knife has become part of my every day carry gear and has served me very well at a number of tasks. The only complaint I have is: the finish is so beautiful that I live in constant fear of scratching it, but so far it has taken a lot of abuse without damage.

    Overall, a highly recommended product....more info
  • A fine little knife
    This is actually my second Leek. I got the first one right after they came out. I used it and the current one daily from everything from opening letters to dressing game. Finally the torsion assist got weak from thousands of openings and I returned it to the factory for replacement of the spring. I didn't want to wait 6 or 8 weeks for it's return so I went ahead and bought another one before sending the old one off. Kershaw says it's good for 10,000 openings and I'm sure I had that many on it. Anyway it's just the right size for me, light, slender and the pocket clip keeps it securely in my pocket where it's readily available. Kershaw knives are the sharpest knives I've ever owned and these are no exception. They are literally razor sharp when you get them. The assisted opening works very well. You can flip the thumb stud on the blade or press the projection of the blade on the back of the knife for easy and fast one handed opening. It's always convenient of course but especially so in working in the shop or say cutting line when fishing. One hand is tied up holding the rod, you can open the Leek with the other hand and use it. They are very well made, US made I might add and that matters to me anyway. It's a fine little knife. I carry mine 100% of the time....more info
  • wow !
    Very, very sharp knife. This knife opens fast. I really like the "safety" that you can flick on or off, too and if on, prevents the blade from opening. Really nice knife. ...more info
  • seration pitch narrow
    I have had this for 6 months and was a no-brainer to carry all the time. it was slim, inconspicuous, and useful to have around, although folks at the office always raised eyebrows when I broke it out to cut a box or something... :)

    I was working in the garden when I needed to just shave a little off a PVC pipe I was installing and reached for the knife. I didn't try hard, but the angle on the serration is so narrow that the metal was too thin to scrape the PVC and ended up bending that portion of the blade out of whack and even breaking off a piece of the blade. That you can't use it as a workhorse is the only flaw.

    Other than that, I love the knife. It took a while, but I really like the speed-open mechanism, the blade lock is a nice comfort, and the design is thin and subtle. Not too big, yet not too small, either. A great tool to keep around if you need/want to have a knife handy. ...more info
  • Knife is too nice to use
    knife is way to nice to use, ever though it has warranty! Great product, very much worth it!...more info
  • My very favorite tool / toy
    I have had several people get one of these after seeing mine. Even my wife and daughter think it's immensely cool. It snaps open quickly with just a nudge, but not so abruptly that my 11-year-old daughter had any trouble with it the first time.

    It comes from the factory insanely sharp. I use it every day for opening those obnoxious plastic packages, and even sometimes cutting ceiling tiles and carpet! With daily use it wants to be sharpened for a half-minute every week or so, and it stays sharp enough to cut coupons. It's just a little smaller than those knives that scream "weapon," though it looks all-business. That combined with its light weight mean it's always in my pocket.

    It's called "speed-safe" because, while it opens almost automatically, the spring actually holds it closed when it's closed. People often ask me if it can open in your pocket, but it hasn't happened to me in over a year. Also, when you close it, it closes about halfway, and has to be pushed in the rest of the way, so it doesn't take your thumb off (which it possibly could, it's so sharp).

    What's NOT perfect about it?

    It's not big enough to scare someone away with (though it does make a great "snik" when it opens).

    If you want to open it quietly, you can use the thumb stud, but it's not an easy one to use: it's small and tapered (though there is one on both sides for lefties). Combined with the spring holding it closed, it's not easy the first few times until you get used to it.

    The blade is *SO* stainless that even writing on it with a Sharpie comes off in a week.

    If you apply a lot of force (cutting something you really shouldn't, like a wood dowel or plastic pipe), you can jam the sleve lock slightly so it takes two hands to close.

    The sleeve lock may make it easier to close with one hand, but it takes a few times to get used to it.

    It comes so sharp you'll probably shave the hair off your thumb the first couple of times you close it, until you get the hang of it....more info
  • Very pleased
    Well done Kershaw. This is a winner. Very nice, I am very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Great cold weather knife
    I needed a knife that was easier to open than my Swiss army knife, especially on cold Minnesota winter days. This one works really well( no more broken thumb nails), and it is VERY sharp! Cuts thru shavings' bales and anything else on the farm. Good value for the money, too....more info