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Buffalo Technology LPV3-U2 Network USB 2.0 Print Server
List Price: $59.99

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Product Description

Compatible with any USB-enabled printer, the Buffalo Network USB 2.0 Print Server offers a simple solution for adding a printer to your network. You can save valuable time, space and resources by easily accessing your printer attached anywhere on your 10/100 network. Easy installation via web browser, Internet Printing Protocol support, and the remote management utility allow you to control and print your jobs from anywhere. Increase your productivity and maximize your performance with this easy to use and operate print server.

  • Converts a USB printer into a shared network printer
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Print out files and pictures remotely
  • Supports 10/100 network
  • Compatible with any USB-enabled printer

Customer Reviews:

  • won't work with multifunction printers
    It does not indicate anywhere that this print server can not work with a multifunction printer. In fact, even the manufacturer's own tech support didn't know. I spent over 20 hours trying to get this thing working until finally the tech support figured out the problem. It may be an excellent print server for regular printers, but buyer beware: if you have a multifunction printer - this will not work!...more info
  • Only Works w Certain Printers
    Make sure you go to Buffalo's website and check to see if your printer is compatible. I believe this product would have been easy enough to setup and use but 4 hours later I found out that my printer was not compatible. Not sure of the compatibility with Mac, I couldn't get past the PC instal....more info
  • Quick setup - on the right printer...
    Could not use this on my Brother multifunction printer although Amazon says it works on any USB printer. This unit does not work on any multifunction printer, according to the Buffalo website. However, it worked flawlessly on my Canon ink jet printer and was easy to set up....more info
  • Great for Windows, works for Mac with a bit of effort
    I use a Windows based wireless network with a Mac attached. I used the print server to connect my Canon PIXMA. I had no trouble getting the printer recognized and working in <10 minutes. For the Mac, lets just say I took more like hours and purchasing PrintFab to get it to work. I works now without problems, but the set up was more challenging than expected....more info
  • Nice, but incompatible with multifunction printers
    Excellent quality, easy to setup. Amazon recommended LPV3-U2 print server with Canon Pixma MP830 order, buyer beware! NOT compatible with multifunction printers - check their website. Darn, I really liked it....more info
  • Works with Windows XP and OS X
    I bought this print server because others said it works with OS X. It works great with OS X and Windows XP. I have two laptops with Windows XP and an iMac printing to a Canon Pixma MP500 printer. I would have given 5 stars but the installation directions are poor.

    The installation CD couldn't find the printer server on the network, so I opened up Internet Explorer and typed in the IP address of the print server. This allows you to configure the printer server without the installation CD. (username "root" and no password, the login information doesn't appear in the documented anywhere) I configured the print server to have a static IP address. On Windows XP I created a local printer that prints to the IP address.

    The more complex part of getting the print server working was with OS X. By default, OS X doesn't include a network print driver for the Canon Pixma series printer. I downloaded a network print driver from and it works great....more info
  • Couldn't get it work.
    Well I done some checking before I bought the product and was excited to get it. But I couldn't ever get it to work. The good thing is that I had no problem returning it....more info
  • Perfect on XP - took a while to get it working in OS X
    Well, now that it works, it's a nice thing to have :-)
    After a lot of tinkering, I finally got it to work under OS X by activating AppleTalk.
    P1 did show up in de printer list (as P1 Bonjour) and I was able to install the printer, but it never printed anything. The print job just stopped after a few seconds.
    I then activated AppleTalk on my Mac (Tiger 10.4.11), installed the second P1 that appeared in the printer list, tried printing and still nothing happened (print job kept saying "printing"), so back to tinkering.
    Then after about half an hour, suddenly the printer started printing the P1 AppleTalk printjob.
    I then decided to reboot my machine and lo and behold, now it works perfectly.
    So, Buffalo, please rewrite yer manual for this one....more info
  • Pretty good, but OSX with Canon IP4000 was tricky
    Overall, now that it's set up, this little dude is great. Setting up on Windows was a snap with the provided instructions. My MAC was a little toughter however.

    First, do not drink three gin & tonics before trying to install without reading the directions (mac only.) Something will probably not work.

    Full disclosure: You can drink while doing the Windows install. I consider this an anachronism.

    Second, consult the Apple web page about "CUPS" printer drivers and get something called - well, I forget what it's called, but you have to download some printer driver called gutenprint or something to see an IP4000 at an IP address, which this server needs - before you get frustrated by the fact that the original drivers don't seem to work. At least their (Apple's) help forums are somewhat usable.

    But, that said, installaton is pretty easy when you have the special drivers. And the price is awesome. And it works as advertised.

    Hmm. I think I'll print a copy of this review......more info
  • Only for PostScript Printers!
    I wish I could say, "Read the fine print!", but nowhere will you find written that you need to have a PostScript printer in order for the server to work--in fact, all the product literature explicitly states that it's "compatible with any USB-enabled printer"! It's not until you configure the device and you're requested to select the PostScript Level compatibility that you discover this requirement; I confirmed the requirement through Buffalo tech support (notably available 24x7). Caveat emptor!...more info
  • A word of advice: Fisrt Install in Windows then in Mac
    Like many, I bought this LPV3-U2 for the Mac compatibility. I have three Windows XP boxes and two iMac G5, the printer: Epson Stylus Photo R200. I tried installing first in the two Macs but got no luck, the instructions say that you got a "Server Status" page, but instead you need an administrator username and password to continue. The username is ROOT, by the way. Tired of trying in Mac a proceded to XP. Installing in Windows was a brezee using the supplied CD-ROM, just follow the instructions and in less than 15 minutes all my windows machines can use the printserver, using the Epson supplied driver.

    At this point you should set aside the manual, nowhere it says that once you finished the windows install the only thing to do is Add a Printer in Print & Fax preference pane using AppleTalk (Got No Luck using Bonjour). Is important to notice that even if you have the official driver maybe you need to use the Gutenprint driver, because the computer only recognize the printer as Generic Postscript model. Use the Gutenprint for your specific model.

    This can be a 5 stars product but the instructions are a little confusing and installing in Mac first is not too easy.

    Edit: I have noticed that when there's a change in the IP address of the LPV3-U2 the windows boxes loses the connection and is necessary update the information with the supplied CD-ROM. However, I started to use Apple's Bonjour with excellents results and is no longer necessary using the CD-ROM to update the IP address change in windows. ...more info
  • Great Little Print Server
    Buffalo Technology LPV3-U2 Network USB 2.0 Print Server
    I purchased this product so I would not have to use one of the PCs on the network as a print server. This would allow me to shut the PC down when not in use. I attached it to one of the available ports on the wireless router and pluged in the USB to a Brother HL-1440 laser printer.

    I'm not one for reading directions so I went at it without reading to see how easy it was. Well, I would encourage anyone to follow the directions. One of the key things is setting the proper WORK GROUP name and obtaining the print server's address.

    One bit of information that I could not find in the furnished documentation, was the USER NAME for loging into the print server useing the browser. For your information, it's ROOT and it can't be changed.

    Other than that, I found it works just great.

    ...more info
  • Good print server
    Set up was easy and has worked without problem on my SOHO network, which has several wired and wireless computers....more info
  • Excellent Win PC Setup
    Excellent Win PC setup for my home cable/wireless network.

    Connected the cables and server to my wireless router (Buffalo) and USB printer and loaded up the software on my laptop (Win XP) as instructed. From box to printing in less than 30 minutes with some of that time eaten up by doing a printer driver search. Loaded the software onto my desktop (Win 2000) and was printing in less than 5 minutes.

    Works great wired or wireless. Buffalo's the way to go....more info
  • Avoid this trash
    Complete garbage. Forget about getting this to work with a Mac. You may be able to get it to work temporarily with Windows, but every time your printer is powered down you will have to configure everything all over again.

    The manual is a bizarre joke, as if made for some other product.

    Two one-hour calls to their clueless tech support staff both ended with the technicians giving up.

  • Great Prodcut !
    I have a PC and a Mac. The setup was with the PC but it works perfectly with my Mac also... I didn't read the manual... easy setup......more info
  • Great support, great product - no luck on Mac w/Canon 4200
    As of Dec 06, I have owned this for about 8 months and I'm impressed with the product and with Buffalo's very strong 24x7 tech support. I did have one unit mysteriously fail after about 3 months, and was able to get a replacement under RMA without too much hassle (had to send in the dead one and wait for a replacement).

    Two Windows XP-based PCs use the LPV3 to share a Canon ip4200 without any problem whatsoever. However, we tried to connect a new OS X-based MacBook to LPV3 and failed even after calling Buffalo and Apple technical support. The MacBook can indeed see the print server, but I can't find any way to get it to recognize the 4200. I suspect this is a Canon printer driver issue, though, not a problem with Apple or with Buffalo.

    It looks like some reviewers had success on connecting Macs to the LPV3 when using Gutenprint driver support (a couple of reviewers here mention success with Gutenprint drivers for Epson 2200 and Canon ip4000), but the Gutenprint drivers do not support ip4200 at this point.

    Given the challenge getting the MacBook connected, I'm keeping my review to 4 stars on an otherwise 5 star product.

    By the way: thanks to Amazon for allowing users to share valuable source of information about interoperability and suggestions for making products work together. ...more info