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Master Lock 8290DPS 22-Inch 9-Link Street Cuffs Lock
List Price: $62.00

Our Price: $41.99

You Save: $20.01 (32%)


Product Description

Sick of taking off the rim for full-bike lockdown? Secure your whole bike from theft with the Master Lock Street Cuffs. Street smart and bike friendly, these cuffs attach around the fork and disc rotor so that would-be thieves can't move the bike; can't take it apart; and can't make off with any part of it. Compact and lightweight, the Street Cuffs easily fit the bike's cargo holder for smooth transport. Push button keyless locking means no more bent over operations and no more fumbling for keys. A heat-treated, patented lock core is virtually pick proof and street tough. The convenient pivoting action of the chain combined with its 22-inch length makes the Street Cuffs much easier to manage than puzzling and bulky conventional bike locks.

When tough isn’t enough. Admit it. The world is getting smarter, including thieves. Fight back with the Street Cuff. Without a fixed anchor point for leverage and virtually no space for jacks, there just isn’t an easy way to defeat these cuffs. For added convenience, they fold in half for easy storage. Master Lock’s pivot link allows Cuff to be easily manipulated around both the bicycle and the immovable object it is locked to. Heat-treated laminated steel is tough to cut. Ratchet Locking provides a snug fit, denying room for pry bars and jacks. Patented keyway highly resistant to both picking and drilling. Push Button Locking; the key is not required to lock the cuff. Pliable soft touch bumpers protect the bicycle finish.

  • 3-inch cuffs allow locking to a parking meter or fence post
  • Pivoting link prevents a fixed anchor point, taking away the use of leverage to defeat
  • Hardened laminated steel construction with hardened pivot link is virtually impossible to cut
  • Compact design folds in half to fit in seat bag, back pack or pocket
  • 12 inches long for convenient locking

Customer Reviews:

  • Bodybuilding REQUIRED
    Great concept - it really speaks for itself (five stars in my book).


    This model (I can't speak for any of the others) is really, really meant for something with an engine. This lock was so heavy that I felt it would be "un-proportional" for my bike... I would really like to have this product made very, very light and even retractably long (with an alarm)... Then you would really have a STELLAR product...

    Something with a retractable cable between the two cuffs and the whole thing having an alarm - BINGO (right on the money). ...more info
  • Finally, a perfect bike lock!
    After a thief defeated my $45 U-Lock to steal my my $1,500 bike I started researching alternative security measures. I learned online that U-Locks can be defeated a number of ways... the easiest way is to straddle the "U" part with a small jack, and then bend the shackle until the lock can be compromised.

    My research has convinced me that Street Cuff locks are THE best option out there... there's no place for a thief to even PUT a jack, and no way for him to get any leverage to break it with his weight or with a crowbar, sledgehammer, etc. Most thieves will have a jack handy for U-Locks and/or a bolt cutter for cables... they'll give up on these at first glance! Any experienced thief will move on to something he can steal easily with tools on hand.

    I wouldn't waste your money on the SS version, by the way... not much extra security for a lot more money, and they're heavier and more likely to scratch your finish. But having the 9-link version's extra reach really helps for those times you can't get your bike *right* against an anchor. The 9 links also make it very easy to lock a friend or spouse's bike up at the same time....more info
  • Street cuffs dirty little secret
    This is a great lock for that cool look and ease of storage and mobility. It is also great because there are many ways to lock your bike with the street cuff. Especially when you have to lock your bike onto bike rails on campus, etc. Sometimes that traditional U-lock gives you a headache trying to figure out how to lock your bike. Overall, for the first impression part of this product I give it an A+.


    From what I understand, a security locks main purpose is to secure your investment. In this case it would be our bikes. So what is the point of having a security system if it doesn't protect your investment? Masterlock did do a good job by innovating a security system based off traditional handcuffs. But did they know that there is a very fatal weak point in this product?

    The actual incident I encountered....

    I have had my bmx for roughly one month and I used the Masterlock Street cuff for my security. One day I didn't feel like hauling my bike 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. So I cuffed my bmx to a 6 foot masterlock street chain that was securing my motorcycle. Next day my bmx was gone. The thief had cut right through the link of the street cuffs. (I have made a website in order to show some pictures of the street cuffs cut in half.)

    In conclusion....

    The main purpose of a security system is to secure our investments. If the product can't serve the main purpose of a security system. Then it fails to even be considered a worthy product to purchase.

    (...)...more info
  • Good Product, But Meant for Motorcycles
    If your looking for real tough lock this thing is it. The big problem I have with this thing is that it's huge and heavy, the clasps have an inner diameter of 3". I thought it was the diameter of a typical bicycle bar. This thing was meant for motorcycles. It also weighs alot, like 4 lbs.. If you want a heavy duty lock for a bicycle, I recommend a high quality U-Lock combined with a cable to lock up the front tire....more info