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Graco Digital Deluxe iMonitor Baby Monitor
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $84.99

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Product Description

Why digital? It's simply the best performing technology available in baby monitors. Digital offers clear reception that is especially sensitive to the sounds Mom wants to hear. Plus it's a private signal, which means your neighbors won't be able to hear you- and you won't hear them! Its super compact size and extended range lets you move through the whole house and stay connected.


  • 100% digital technology
  • Crystal clear clarity! Digital offers clear reception that is especially sensitive to the sounds mom wants to hear
  • Includes 2 parent units
  • Wipe with damp cloth, do not submerge in water
  • Digital signal and security for static free clarity and complete privacy
  • Digital power for extended range of up to 2000 feet
  • Rechargable batteries with docking station for convenience
  • Pager to easily locate parent units
  • Two compact parent units with belt clip for easy mobility

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!
    I looked at many different products for monitoring the noises on the inside of my barn from my house. I am extremely pleased with this monitor. I keep one upstairs and one downstairs. My barn is approximately 400 feet from my house. The monitors go through the barn door the multiple doors and walls with clarity. If I turn the volume all the way up my family complains. I have to turn it down on low. We can still hear the horses chewing hay, buckets banging and even the cat meowing. When I'm in the barn working, I can even call to one of my children to come out and finish a chore they forgot to do. The monitors come with chargers and back up batteries. It gives me piece of mind should something go wrong. I have a smoke detector installed in the barn and now I will hear it if it ever goes off. ...more info
  • Beeps way too often - even when it had good reception
    We've had this monitor for 2 years. I bought it because with our old monitor I could hear my neighbor's kids better than I could hear my own - so I didn't want any interference (and wanted to be sure my neighbors didn't hear our kids!) This monitor is good in that you definitely can hear your kids easily - it picks up every tiny little noise - which I did like. The part I didn't like was that it beeps when it doesn't pick up the signal. So middle of the night, even if the lights were green and it was getting reception, if for one second it didn't pick up the signal, it would beep and beep and beep. I would personally rather have it beep after 30 seconds if it couldn't get the signal - but not every single time. Most of the nights, we just had to turn it off because it would keep us awake. Our bedroom is on the same floor as our kids' so it isn't like we were far away so the signal should have stayed strong pretty constantly. I like the idea of it being digital - and not being able to hear the neighbors - but the beeping got too annoying. We are looking for a different monitor. Also, the range wasn't exceptional. My neighbor had a cheap monitor and her monitor easily reached my house without a problem - my monitor would start beeping by the time I got out to the grass. It's a nice monitor for maybe an apt where you have smaller space - and don't want interference from neighbor's monitors. But for a little larger homes, probably not a good idea. ...more info
  • Terrible! Buy Something Else!
    This is the 2nd set of monitors we had because our original Fisher Price Lights n Sounds died after about 18 months. We thought we'd try something new so we bought these. I really regret it. They never keep a charge, they never pick up the sounds from my 2 year olds room and they are always staticy and beeping!. I'm just grateful I bought these for an older child instead of an infant, because I would have never heard a baby on these things- they are constantly turning themselves off. We are expecting our 2nd baby and are on our 3rd monitor system, having bought the Fisher Price Private Connection monitors a month ago. I would hightly recommend them, they even have a battery back up!...more info
  • Works well + we like the small size
    We are very pleased with this monitor - and yes I believe a monitor is a must-have baby product - you will know right away when your baby cries if you put them down for a nap or down for the night and want to be another room. The sound quality is good with this device - and we have wireless internet and live in a densely populated neighborhood. Also, I was pleasantly suprised by the small size of both the sound monitor and the receivers. The receiver in my kitchen takes up very little counter space, and the monitor is small enough to keep on a window sill. I appreciate another's reviewer suggestion to get the monitor with 2 receivers (not one) if you live in a 2-story house. I was going to buy the single receiver model, but I am glad we didn't, as I can keep one receiver upstairs in our bedroom and the other downstairs in our kitchen. I have often taken one of the receivers outside to do some work in our backyard while our little one naps - and have been able to get work done all the while being able to respond to our baby quickly when he cries. Overall, great product....more info
  • Not all it's cracked up to be...
    I've had this monitor for almost a year and a half now, and I hate it. We also own an older Fisher-Price Lights and Sounds monitor, and it pales in comparison to that monitor. The Graco monitor's rechargeable battery, which is what allows it to be portable, never had a very long life, and now at not quite a year and a half old do not charge at all. The very instant I remove the monitor from its base, it's dead.

    Other complaints - it's not very loud. I have to crank it to it's max volume to feel like I'm really hearing anything, and even then it's not terribly loud. The lights are green and VERY bright at night. Annoyingly so. It's sound quality is only sub-par. Range is not very good. I have to place the monitor just so to avoid static on my monitor at this point.

    All in all, there are much better monitors out there!...more info
  • Great when it stays connected but....
    Like several others have said- this was a great monitor with all the features we needed & it worked very well for several months after we bought it. However, it suddenly began to pop and click once in a while and other times it will disconnect for a few seconds and then reconnect *but not always.
    The size, weight, portablility and the recharging bases as well as the fact it can be turned down to hear no static - nothing but if the baby makes noises- are everything we wanted but my husband finally said tonight, "go find a better monitor before I throw this one out the window!"
    We have a tri-level, two cordless phones, wireless internet & live 30 feet from our neighbors. Our old FP Lights and Sounds worked well but was worn out after 12 years!
    Guess we are back to searching for a monitor that works in our house!...more info
  • Loved this monitor with great range!
    We bought this monitor just before moving into a two story house. I loved that I never got out of range; I can walk down the street to check the mail, I can be in the garden, I can even go next door and I don't lose the signal.

    We appreciate the fact that if the signal is lost or the battery is low, it beeps so we know that we are alerted and can re-establish the signal. No false sense of security here! I also like that there are two receivers so if you have one off of the charger and you run down the battery, you can always grab the other one. Or you can have one and your spouse can have the other--good back up system. Great for travel!
    ...more info
  • No what I expected
    Very disappointed....way over priced. Could not turn the volume up because the static was overwhelming. I tried them in different areas of the house and nothing changed. Go for the digital units. Same money but a big, big improvement....more info
  • Don't throw away your direction booklet!!!
    I understood that this was to be the best product becuase it was digital and crystal clear. When mine worked it was clear, but the problem I had was that the partent unit and the base unit would constantly loose connection with one another. This would happen nearly everday. I would reset the units just as the directions said, it would work for awhile and then loose connection again. The combination to reset the units was also confusing. Try reseting at 3am. I went back to the cheaper monitors because I hear everything just as good and I don't have to worry about loosing connection at 3am and not hearing my baby....more info
  • The Plain and Simple Truth (the guy version)
    I've been using the monitor for about a year and a half now. It's still working as it did when we got it out of the box (for the most part).

    It's got about 6-7 different volume levels. Only levels 1-2 are without static, but make it hard to hear every little whimper from your child. Amount of static and signal strength are probably the two biggest factors when buying a monitor. As far as signal strength goes, we can get several hundred feet away from the base and it still picks up pretty good, but it's not consistent by any means.

    After a year of use, get ready for the battery to REALLY lose it's charge. Ours lasts about 15 minutes (if that) after being fully recharged. I don't see how to replace the battery or anything.

    If I were to make the purchase all over again, I'd look around a little more before spending $90 on one. I just wasn't too impressed with the great amount of static the monitor had. ...more info
  • Very difficult to adjust
    We had a first years monitor with our older son, and bought this when we had a second. I wish we had saved our money. Its major drawback are: very loud low volume setting, very bright monitor lights (like having a nightlight near the bed -- I have in fact used it for that purpose when getting up in the middle of the night), loses reception frequently, and if the power goes out (which seems to happen to us a lot), it shuts off and you have to go into the childs room to turn it back on (not the case with our other monitor). Most importantly, it is a failure as a two-room monitor. I found it such a hassle to program that we never used it as a two room monitor. I've used it for one son, and kept using the first year monitor I've had for years. buy something different. ...more info
  • Not worth the money, not reliable
    This monitor is supposed to give you a warning of when it needs to be back on the charger. This warning never happened, and it just shut itself off automatically. I did not hear my 7 month old crying. I will have to live with seeing his beat red face hysterical with tears when I went to check on him. THIS IS NOT A RELIABLE PRODUCT IMO....more info
  • Shuts out the neighbors well
    The first baby monitor I bought shocked me when I heard a baby crying while mine was sleeping. After discovering the pains of monitors running on similar frequencies and feeling like a voyeur without wanting to be, I searched long and hard for a monitor that wouldn't broadcast or receive to others around me.

    This monitor is GREAT. No background noise, static, or any of that nonsense. Most importantly: No neighbors! I have a 2 story house and never had a problem hearing my baby even though the nursery's upstairs. Never had a single problem with this unit. And the price is reasonable for what you're getting too. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Baby sleeps, but monitor keeps us awake - too annoying
    We received this graco digital monitor set for a baby shower gift. When it works, it is very clear. Most of the time it's annoying.

    We've suffered through it losing connection and beeping extremely loudly. It would be fine if we were pushing the limits of the range, but one room over it loses connection and reconnects twice an hour without being moved or touched.

    In addition to the annoying beeping from disconnects, there are static pops, most likely from power line interfereance. If you want true clarity with this device you may have to keep it on battery or use a power filter in front of each plug.

    Such a waste of money - we ended up turning it off and leaving all of the doors open to listen for the baby. Our child sleeps through the night without event but the bleeping baby monitor wakes us up every other hour with incessant crackling and beeping. We're awake while our baby is peacefully sleeping.

    We decided to buy the Philips SCD590 DECT based monitor that costs twice as much to replace this. It was money well spent. We'll give up eating out for two months to get non-interrupted sleep. Our child sleeps like a baby.. we want to as well.

    Don't buy this product -- it's not worth the frustration and annoyance....more info
  • Decent product but needs some improvements
    I bought this monitor because our old one was a cheap piece of junk that probably operated on the 49 Mhz. All parts of this set appear well made and feel pleasant in the hand. Setup is a snap, insert batteries and go. Voice quality is good. When it's quiet there isn't a whole lot of white noise coming from the monitor but I still feel it could be less. If you're reading and not actively monitoring the remote room you'll want to turn the monitor off probably. Range of the unit is gravely exaggerated. I put the transmitter in our daughter's room upstairs while I sat in the front yard doing my astronomy activities. There are frequent 'clicks' as the receiver has trouble keeping a lock on the signal, it seems. Our house is made of wood so there isn't a whole lot of material between us. Maybe 1 inner and 1 outer wall. Still the signal makes it but not as confidently as suggested by the 2000 ft range I the box says.

    The most annoying thing about this monitor is that after a power failure the transmitter does not turn on by itself. I don't know where the designers of this monitor live but here in CT there are power glitches during storms. You'll want to install batteries in the transmitter. The battery door is hard to open, use a thin bladed screw driver and be patient. I have no idea why they decided to a) not include a rechargeable pack with the product or b) at least allow the customer to install rechargeable batteries. You can probably use your own rechargeable batteries but they won't recharge when the unit is plugged in.

    About plugging in. The transmitter power cord is very easily pulled out. You may want to tape it in place if it's in a location with lots of activity such as a nursery :-) The power button is also easily pushed but at least the monitors complain loudly when they don't receive a signal. Put the transmitter on a dedicated location where it will not be disturbed.

    The parent units are comfortable and the belt clip is a nice touch as is the recharge cradle. Battery life isn't terrific but should last about a night. I haven't tested it extensively but I remember one night the power got undone and it started beeping at 5AM complaining of a low battery.

    Overall I recommend this unit but as you've read there are some pitfalls you need to be aware of....more info
  • works most of the time!
    Rip off for the price, everything interfers with them, they die very quickly we have been using them for 3months and they are not able to be removed from the charger for more than 10minutes than they beep!! sometime the frequency stops for no good reason, beeps until you change it! Wish I wouldnot have bought these!...more info
  • Snap, CRACKLE & Pop
    When they were new 2 & 1/2 years ago they worked great with no issues noted. Eventually they started to develop this crackling sound which annoys the heck out of my wife and I. I have no idea why it does this. There is no interference that I can tell of.

    As for battery life, as others have said, over time the battery life has shortened. Go figure, we haven't used them off the charger extensively, which is weird.

    All said, if I was given the chance to purchase them again I would definitely steer clear. If you decide to purchase them, think about getting a warranty so you can exchange them with no problems down the road....more info
  • Terrible monitor....2000 ft?? What a joke!
    I cannot stand this monitor. I was excited to get it because my sister and mother had used the previous Graco model for my neice and nephew and thought it was great. It is compact and easily portable.
    However, the signal is absolutely awful! It is almost impossible for me to get a signal anywhere in my house. Our family room is probably not more than 20' from the nursery and I have trouble getting a signal. I have changed locations, changed channels and still the monitor just sits there and beeps. There is only 1 wall between the base and the monitor! When I have finally found a channel that gets a decent signal, it interferes with our cordless phone. So anytime the phone rings or you call out, the monitor beeps and loses it's signal. Other times, it will have a perfect signal for hours and suddenly lose the signal, without moving the receiver and won't pick it back up. Forget trying to take it outside, not a chance. I thought it was our house, but on several vacations, we have had the same experience.
    This monitor would be perfect, if only I could get a signal! This problem makes it pretty worthless and a fabulous waste of money....more info
  • Died after just one year - just after warranty ended...
    My husband and I received the Graco imonitor Digital baby monitor (model # 2795DIG) for my baby shower, just a little over a year ago. I noticed that frequently the base would turn itself off(!) and the dual monitors would beep and flash red, indicating they had lost signal. Of course, most of the time, this would happen in the middle of the night and be a HUGE annoyance waking us with loud beeping. Now the base won't turn on at all, whether plugged in or with batteries, and the limited warranty by Graco is only good for one year with proof of receipt. I caution anyone buying this product - this model may be defective! ...more info
  • good buy
    This arrived in perfect condition, which I then gave as a baby shower gift. Mom was bery happy....more info
  • It's nice to not have a noisy monitor...when it's not beeping at me!
    My husband and I chose to buy this monitor because we wanted something that would hold connection while we were outside, didn't have a bunch of background noise or static, and something that someone else could pick up on theirs. So, about 14 months ago when we got this, it worked really well at first, for about 6 or 7 months. Then, it started to beep all of the time. I lose connection to it when I am in the house! It is the most irritating sound in the world. I called Graco and they told me that it was because the battery went bad, so they sent me a new battery pack, and well, it didn't fix it. So, I really don't suggest buying this product! ...more info
  • very disappointed
    At first this monitor seemed great. But the battery died after about a year and no one sells replacement batteries. Graco advertises the battery as being rechargable but it really isn't. I cant even use the monitor on its base. The monitor is completely useless.
    ...more info
  • limited range
    cannot make receivers work on a regular basis for more than about 50 feet from the main unit...more info
  • I forget it's there...
    This is the BEST monitor. I sometimes forget it's there. I have experienced ZERO interference. Not so with my last monitor. It is SUPER sensitive, last night while my husband was in the nursery changing the baby, I came flying down the hall because I could here my son using his crayon on the foot stool in her room. My husband was amazed that I could here that on the other end of the house. I could also, still here my daughter when I went next door to drop my son off at the neighbors (just for a second... I'm not crazy!) The best part though, is that you can turn it WAY down so you don't have to hear every single little sound. (like dogs barking on the next street) We all sleep so much better now.
    This monitor is worth EVERY penny and more. ...more info
  • Terrible beeping!!!!!
    This is such a terrible product. I bought because of the GRACO brand and was very dissapointed. The range is not good, lots of static and although my baby sleeps at night we cannot because of the constant beeping, it seems it looses signal or something and it wakes us up. The batteries did not last very long of the base unit and now they will not resist more than 30' off the base. BUY SOMETHING ELSE, WE WILL!!...more info
  • Great Range, Clear Strong Signal, Great Monitor
    We have had this for about a year and we love it. Like any rechargable item, the batteries don't last as long anymore but that can be expected.

    We brought this on an extended family vacation and stayed in cottages which were spread out. We went from our cottage with the monitor to my parent's cottage which was about a football field away and in the woods. We were surprised that it worked even though it would only work by the front window of thier cottage. It worked is the point.

    We live in a good size, two-story house and can't complain about it ever not working. There are times when it looses signal and beeps but it usually reconnects pretty quickly.

    If you are looking for a constant perfect connection with your sleeping baby you better sit within five feet of him/her and don't move. If you are looking for the best monitor on the market (all of which have known limitations) then this is it....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    It seems like all the baby monitors had mixed reviews including this one, but my wife and I definitely wanted digital because we live in a townhouse with several neighbors near by. These were some of the more reasonably-priced digitals. We've been using them for over 4 months now and it's been great. Background noise is hardly noticeable and there's rarely ever any static. We have 2 cordless phones and a wireless router that run on the same frequency as the monitors and there's no interference. Volume adjustment is great. Receivers light up red and beep if they lose communication with the transmitter so you know that the monitor is working. That communication loss doesn't happen very often and usually only for a few seconds (turn off and back on). We have 2 floors and a basement and have taken it outside over 50 feet away and it works fine. Beeps when battery is low too. Receivers are light-weight and can attach to your belt. They're durable too. I dropped the receiver on tile floor twice now and it still works fine. The only drawback is the battery life. We only get about 3-4 hours out of a receiver. It's not much of an inconvenience though because the monitor can sit in the charger at night and still works fine (plus there's 2 receivers). We are planning on getting a second set of these or the vibe model for my parents-in-law for when they watch our daughter or other grandkids....more info