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Rick Steves Silk Neck Wallet
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Product Description

Each items' "Rick tested" features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Silk Comfort: Made from comfortable spun silk, our sturdy, ultra-light Neck Wallet provides a pickpocket security for those who'd rather not wear a money belt.
  • For Every Body: Its smooth neck cord is adjustable, so you can wear it over your chest, tummy or shoulder-holster-style.
  • Secure Storage: The main zippered compartment features a moisture-barrier liner, perfect for you airline ticket, railpass or passport. A second zipper reveals two "easy access" compartments - one for your cash, and one for your debit/credit cards.

Customer Reviews:

  • Neck Wallet Worked for Me
    It rained all 10 days of my trip but the plastic insert kept my euros dry. A previous review warned of the delicate zipper so I was very careful with it and it held up fine, although that is the item's weakest part. I especially liked the little zippered pouch in front that holds a metro pass perfectly. The whole wallet was lightweight but stiff enough to reassure me it was still there under a fleece. The neck strap was OK. I was happy with the product. ...more info
  • Junk
    This thing is a piece of junk. I bought one for a three week trip to Europe and one zipper broke within the first week. Two days later the other zipper broke. Needless to say, the product is worthless if you can't zip it shut....more info
    The items arrived in a couple days, and were as stated. I use these to hold an insulin pump in. The clip on cases always cause me problems, and with these pouches I can wear it with ease. The pouch is very soft, and comfortable....more info
  • Works well
    It worked really well. The internal plastic liner was a pice of junk.
    I just put my passport in a small ziplock bag and that worked really well....more info
  • Good Way To Carry Money/Travelers' Checks
    We went to California, the Bahamas, and several small trips. My daughter took out the plastic liner, but I kept mine in. I had cash, IDs, and a debit card. She had cash. We got hot. We sweated. So, my stuff stayed dry, even when we got caught in the rain more than once. Her money got soggy and we had to lay it out to dry. I thought the plastic liner worked great! I didn't have problems with it crumpling because I took it out to fill it. It didn't bulge because I didn't carry that much money with me, and I did have a lot in small bills. Rick Steves stresses that traveling light is the way to go, so all of his products are built to carry only light loads. I had no problems with the cord coming undone, and I barely felt it on my neck. I am in constant pain, so most things around my neck bother me a lot, like my cellphone, which has a neck strap I put on it. The silk felt good against my skin, the few times that I even noticed it was there! A good design, with the handy pockets. It was easy to pull it up just enough to reach my debit card or a bill to pay the cashier, and didn't attract attention. I am a modest lady, so it was important that the wallet be unobtrusive. The cord made it easy to pull up, and I could see what I wanted to get out in the top half without pulling the whole thing out. The plastic pocket made it easy to slide bills out, and I put them in order so I could get the one I wanted without looking most of the time. I put some change in the little zipper pocket when I noticed coins I wanted to keep, and bus tokens once we left Atlanta. There was a bit of fraying around the zipper, but it didn't affect the function of the wallet. I love it, and will use it again next excursion....more info
  • Feel "safe"
    When you travel, it is great to have a safe place for your passport, credit cards, tickets and big bills. Rick's neck wallet did a nice job. There were some complaints about how the cord was attached and while I didn't see that as a problem, to be sure, I had a few extra stitches thrown in. Even though the wallet has a plastic liner on one side, papers can still get wet, so it helps to put them in baggies. It was also easy to get the neck wallet out when a ticket or more $$ was needed. I found the neck wallet easier to use than the money belt I have used in the past. It is definitely worth it to spend a few bucks for peace of mind and this neck wallet did the job....more info
  • Neck Wallet
    This was particulary useful on our trip and worked better than the money belt models that we had used in the past. The waterproof sleeve and the seperate zippered compartments for credit and ATM cards worked especially well for our group of three people. The silk material was comfortable, wore well under clothing, and washed well upon our return. A great product....more info
  • Silk Neck Wallet
    My daughter used this on her trip to Spain and it worked out well! It is lightweight and easily concealed....more info
  • Handy item for travelers
    We purchased one of these for each of us and am glad we did. It was a handy way to keep track of all of our travel documents while our hands were full of luggage. The workmanship seemed fine and the material was comfortable against the skin. The only thing I can really nit-pick is the plastic sleeve inside. It should be of a softer/more-flexible material so it's a bit less conspicuous and stiff when wearing the pouch inside one's shirt. I've considered removing the sleeve entirely, but it is good protection. I kind of wish the front pocket had a separate (not as deep) pocket within it which was exactly passport depth. The (open) rear pocket is excellent for tickets, boarding passes and other travel-essential documents that tend to be longer. ...more info
  • flimsy string holds it together
    If it wasn't for the flimsy string it would be good. I travel frequently and it survived about 4 trips before one of the neck strings ripped off. it is not durable. I suppose if you don't put too much in it, and only wear it under a shirt it would be okay. But it was disappointing. ...more info
  • Strap broke day 8 of trip
    I bought this for my trip to Italy. I had read that wearing a purse in Rome is a bad idea since people in mopeds will just drive by and grab the purse right off your shoulder. So I decided to give this neck wallet thing a try. I wore it under my shirt while in Rome, but it was bulky and definitely a nuisance having to pull it out of my shirt each time I went to pay for something. On top of that the strap broke off after about 8 days. However, it did give me a sense of security (at least before the strap broke) and I had no problems with pickpockets. My friend, however, did decide to bring a purse on the trip. One night someone leaned out of the window of a passing car, grabbed her purse, and drove off, dragging her for several feet before she was able to let go of the purse. So while I think the idea of the neck wallet is great and I am glad that I bought one, next time I'd definitely go either with one of higher quality or try the belt kind. ...more info
  • Very Convenient, nice feel to fabric, annoying lanyard tie
    Overall, this was a very solid buy, and a "must" for any traveler or backpacker. I always kept my most important belongings(all cash, passport, credit cards, plane tickets, etc) in this pouch and never felt threatened or worried. I wore the pouch with the strap across the chest so it would lie on my side without being noticed. Unfortunately, the little plastic piece that adjusts the length is in an annoying position, often scratching the neck and visible....more info