Cables To Go - 40320 - 2M (6.6ft) Velocity HDMI to DVI Digital Video Cable (Blue)
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Our Price: $9.95

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Product Description

Cables to Go's HDMI to DVI digital HDTV Velocity Series interconnects will provide a pure digital high-definition video connection! Using HDMI and/or DVI-enabled components, you will see the purity of the original signal with absolutely no picture degradation! Fully tested and absolutely guaranteed. An ideal choice to interface computer graphics components with HDMI-equipped display devices! Don't compromise your high-definition video signal; use the right interconnects! Impact Acoustics Velocity HDMI-to-DVI cables are the right choice when value and performance are the order of the day!

  • Connectors: HDMI male to DVI male
  • Fully shielded to provide complete immunity to environmental EMI and RFI
  • 24-karat gold-plated connectors ensure superior signal transfer and a lifetime of maximum performance
  • Pure digital video and graphics signals on one compact, high-performance connection
  • Ships in retail packaging

Customer Reviews:

  • Cable didn't work, but not cable's fault
    I have a Comcast Motorola HD(non-DVR) tuner that has a DVI out, as well as an HDTV with HDMI in. I thought I would spend $8 rather than $120 for a Monster cable.

    The cable alternates between snow and picture, but upon further research it's not the cable's fault. It's the tuner box's fault. But seeing is that I only spent $8 on this cable(as opposed to Monster's prices), I'm okay with that. ...more info
  • Great value
    The cable works as expected. I am using it to hook my powermac to my TV. Great value....more info
  • Great Cable!
    Image quality is just as good as the $80 cable I returned to Best Buy after finding this gem.

    Get one!...more info
  • Why Pay More?
    I purchased a Sony upconvert DVD player and needed a HDMI-DVI cable and I didn't want to pay more for the cable that the DVD player. This cable works great, no problems. I've had it for a few months and haven't had any issues with the video transfer, clear and smooth. HDMI doesn't stand for High Dollar Multimedia Interface does it? Why pay more, get this cable!...more info
  • Works but..
    I purchased this cable to connect a PC to Samsung S4095D HDTV. And the cable worked great; but.. be warned that connecting PCs to HDTVs (via DVI/HDMI) is fraught with lots of pain. The main problem is that the PC desktop is cut off so the borders are not visible; not a problem in movies, but totally breaks games.

    While you will find lots of people on internet forums who have "made it work", I spent days twiddling drivers and settings and never managed to make it work. The difficulty in making this work seems to be some (undocumented) property of the HDTV. In my case, I assumed that "has HDMI port" meant that I could use this cable to make DVI work.

    In the end I switched back to using a VGA cable which looks fine and worked the first time.

    So, the cable worked and was cheap; but it may not be the right solution to the problem (connecting a PC to your HDTV) which one would think is its primary purpose of existence.

    ...more info
  • hdmi to dvi cable
    the ease and timelyness of the product was very high. i was able to get what i needed with no hassle or fuss....more info
  • Don't pay retail price
    HDMI cables at retail go for stupid insane prices. Some start around $40, and I've seen them north of $150 for Monster Cables. Total rip off. See, back in the days when audio/video was still handled over analog cable, you could (arguably) get much better quality by using high end super-cables with stuff like gold plating. Companies made a fortune charging idiots who didn't know any better for these high end cables.

    Now, we have digital audio and video, like HDMI. One of the neat things about digital is that the signal doesn't degrade. You either have one or you don't, and the cable quality simply controls the maximum length. These companies couldn't simply have their market collapse though, so they still sell these overpriced cables to suckers.

    You're reading this review, so you're not a sucker. Don't buy expensive digital cables, ever. This one works perfectly well connecting my computer to my Vizio TV, and quality is perfect. ...more info
  • good HDMI to DVI cable
    This cable does exactly what it should; provides a good high res signal from DVI to HDMI source. Much cheaper than other brand name cable. Quality seems just the same....more info
  • Excellent Value
    This was an excellent purchase. As we all know about the outrageous prices for HDMI cables from Monster. This cable which is connected to my cable box ti nt Samsung LN S2341W LCD display provides a noticeably improved picture from the component cables. It reduces the motion artifacts that you get from LCD TVs when you have fast moving images to the point where it is non existent. All for under $10....more info
  • Great cable, good price
    After going around to my local big box stores seeing they wanted $60 for a similar cable, I ordered this one and have been very pleased. No issues hooking my mac-mini to my TV....more info
  • Connected Apple TV to DVI monitor
    Does exactly what I needed, to connect my Apple TV to an LCD monitor that only has VGA and DVI connections. Picture is perfect, but as others have noted, you'll need to run separate audio as DVI only carries video. Great value for the price and with Prime got super fast delivery. ...more info
  • Quality cable for the low price!
    I needed a second cable to feed my second LCD monitor using the Windows Dualview feature on my computer. My HP desktop computer has an Nvidia GeForce 8500GT video card capable of dual monitors. Nice feature as I didn't have to buy a second video card. I needed a second monitor for editing photos, creating slide shows and movies, and for viewing multiple charts using different software programs at the same time.

    The cable works as advertised and very easy to install. Overall, I'm very happy with the cable plus I saved $15 to $50 dollars instead of buying it at a retail store. Good quality on the color and resolution. No noticeable differences between the two monitors on color, reaction time, or resolution....more info
  • Computer connection to HDTV
    I have a new computer with DVI video output which I wanted to connect to my larger HDTV LCD screen. I needed this adapter cable (plus an extension HDMI cable) to make the connection. Works great. Only problem is that DVI does not cary the audio as it would have had I had an HDMI output on my computer....more info
  • Great price
    Bought these to hook up a Mac mini to my TV. Looked at cables at a local Best Buy that cost over $50 but decided to give these a try. They work great. I'd buy them again....more info
  • Great product !
    Very affortable. Good quality. Worked really great with my new HPw2207h 22" flat widescreen ! ...more info