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Beltronics V955 Vector High Performance Radar Detector (Black/Silver)
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Product Description

Radar Laser Detector with POP Detection and Voice Alerts / Long-range protection / Minimizes false alarms / Customize features Total Tracking Laser circuitry continually searches for laser guns Two city modes Auto mute on/off with fast/slow startup Use of a Radar Detector in certain areas may be considered illegal

  • Detects X, K, super-wideband Ka radar, laser and SWS? signals
  • 360 laser protection with text display
  • VG2 protection with voice on/off
  • Auto mute on/off with fast/slow startup
  • Two city modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Detector for the Money
    I purchased this after receiving a speeding ticket this past November.
    It works very good. The only drawback that I have with this is the
    false (espically K Band) alerts that come it every time I go past a
    store with automatic doors. ...more info
  • Not bad.
    Pretty good detection overall. The only issue I have with it, is I wish it was louder. I can't seem to hear it a lot of times over my music or if my windows are down. Other than that it picks up radar quite nicely, I thought it was going haywire one day while in town, only to find out it was picking up the radar from the auto-enforced street light....more info
  • Very satisfied
    I am very pleased with this radar detector. It was a gift for my husband and he loves it! Delivered very quickly and it was easy to set up and use. ...more info
  • Beltronics 955 - Peace of Mind On A Long Commute
    My wife and I live 100 miles away from where we both work and we commute daily to and from. Prior to getting the Beltronics 955, I was a nervous wreck driving a total of 3-4 hours a day. I have been driving the commute now for well over a year and I received only 1 ticket but I had to be constantly hyper-vigilant. I did not purchase the device to speed at will, just to provide peace of mind on a long dangerous commute.
    The device has performed quite well so far. During the first quarter of the drive there are speed limit postings with embedded Ka band to give you a readout of your speed versus the posted limit. Consistently, I pick up the Ka signal from the sign at 1.4 miles out---long before it can ever pick me up. By the time the sign picks up my speed (something you can see on the readout for at least 1/4 of a mile) I have been aware of its presence for over a mile and had plenty of time to react. I have been made aware of 6 individual situations over the past week where I had considerable time to adjust my speed before actually seeing the cruiser. I might add the highway where I have had the most positive IDs has very few straight runs and many blind corners. I have had no Laser or POP situations to verify warning times. I dont belive New Mexico State Troopers use Laser or POP twixt Santa Fe and Albuquerque or on the Santa Fe bypass road, but I am sure I will detect it if they do.
    On city mode within Albuquerque, I get very few false alarms.
    Overall, for the first week of operation I am extremely impressed by the range and detection of the 955. I have had no technical problems with the device thus far....more info
  • Bel Vector 955 is Truly High Performance
    BEL Vector 955 High Performance Radar Detector
    Around town, X band detected for store automatic doors. But alarm can be quieted by optional settings. But on clear streets and highways this one picks up k,ka and laser from far away if you tap the brakes at the voice alert it is at around 10 seconds (I wouldn't doubt a mile) before you see the law enforcement. Rated 3rd in accuracy tests and next 2 are hundreds of dollars more. Definetly a great bang for the buck, highly recommended!...more info
  • Seems like a good radar detector
    I bought this radar detector because in independent testing at, they said that they found the Bel Vector 985 to be the best model under $200 that they've ever tested (Bel Vector says that the 955 and 985 models are the exact same product with the only difference being a plate on it, one's a radio shack model). So that's why I originally bought it. I know that ratings may not be as good as expert ratings because experts usually compare many models together and so they know how they compare, while customer ratings usually compare a product to what they think the ideal product should be like. Customer ratings are also usually biased towards those who either had really bad or really good experiences, since most people who buy don't fill these reviews out.

    I gave it a four star rating because I believe that it's more sensitive and has less false alerts than a lot of other radar detectors that I've seen while being a passenger in other peoples' cars. It still has false alerts and can be annoying when in the parking lots of certain motion detecting stores, but seems to be better than others I've seen in friends' cars. It seems to be sensitive towards real alerts. I have used it to avoid some radar ambushes by police officers. But then there's always room for improvement and a $500 radar detector is going to be a lot better.

    Keep in mind that radar detectors aren't meant to be foolproof. They're meant to alert you to police officers radaring vehicles ahead of you. Police usually leave their radar off until they're ready to target someone, so if you're the only one on the road for miles I'd be careful. Radar detectors are only a tool that helps you lesson your chances of getting a ticket. Tickets are expensive after raised insurance rates and all, so detectors are worth the money. Don't expect more than what they were made for. Situational awareness is important too....more info
  • BEL Vector 955
    My new BEL Vector 955 radar detector is working well and has already saved me a couple of tickets. Range is excellent on highway up to a mile. Some false laser signals in city. Auto mute is a nice function & each frequency has it's own audio alert. I have always been happy with BEL radar detectors & I'm pleased with this one....more info
  • So far so good, very nice.
    New out of the box. I had this radar for 2 days and been playing around with it when driving. In other words running my own test when I past cops who have radar on or buildings that my have security. I love it! Its a great price and you get your moneys worth so far the thing been great. It to much to discuss, but its really good on keeping out false alarms and if you do have 1 when you past a high secure area like a building or home who has a alarm system. You will know with the very low x or k band single, but it rarely happens.

    I was coming home and a cop had pulled someone over. I picked him up on the about 1 mile away. And the single kept growing larger this way you know when your approaching there radar.

    I would recommend that to bring it inside the house every night to keep it out of cold weather. And if your at work, before you leave I would let the car warm up inside so the electronics warms up on the radar before you turn it on. (We all know when starting up something electronic when its cold and not room temperature can hurt it and shorten its life span.)

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. Not only is the price just right, but it also come with so many great features and newer technology. If you live a a big city I would recommend the next model up where you can program the false alarms settings on it. It does a good job blocking out security alarms, but thats only to a certain extent. Technical support was very helpful with me to understand the radar more and the bands....more info
  • Another great Bel product, well almost......
    Just bought the Bel 955 to replace my Bel 980. From what I have read the 955 gives all the advanced detection of more expensive Bel products, with some lacking features that you may not miss.

    Compared to my old 980, the 955 has much, much less false alerts and seems to pick up K and Ka radar much sooner. It is also very easy to program, but to be honest the factory settings are great and not much needs to be changed.

    The new auto-quiet feature is very nice. With this you get the alert at the sound level you picked, then it automatically goes softer after a few seconds.

    What I didn't like is that they do not supply a straight cord (only a short coiled one), they changed the shape of the power plug (now its a telephone type jack), and moved the jack on the detector to the detector's right side.

    I had my old detector hard-wired to the car and was unable to use the existing wire/plug without buying an adapter direct from Beltronics.

    One last bit of information. It has been posted that Beltronics won't honor the 1 year warrantee if purchased from a "non-authorized" reseller like Amazon. There is even mention of this on Bel's web site. Before buying from Amazon, I sent an E-mail to Bel asking if this policy included purchase direct from Amazon or if they were refering to Amazon re-sellers. This is Bel's response:

    Thank you for your interest in Beltronics! Amazon is authorized. But often you are directed to the reseller site they host. You may not see this unless you look closely at the page you are directed to. We do not have any authorized resellers on their re-seller site.

    Customer Service Department

    In conclusion, the 955 is a nice upgrade from my old Bel detector with some new features, less false alerts, and what seems to be better K & Ka detection.


    Unit just died after 6 weeks of use. Suddenly will not pick up any radar! Shipping it back to Bel for repair. Very disappointed in the quality of this unit. Therefore, rating for me has just dropped to one star!

    3/29/08 update:

    Received the unit back from Bel in less that two weeks. Repair was done free of charge under warrantee. So fears of Bel not honoring the warrantee if purchased from Amazon directly seem to be unfounded. Unit works better than ever now. Lets hope it stays that way!

    ...more info
  • Not bad
    Well It has gone off a few times right before police cars, and I very rarely get false alerts. Its just I don't think it does too well on LIDAR....more info
  • Great at any price
    The 955 is a great detector that has only less features, not less range, than its more expensive stablemates. But if you are upgrading from a detector that's a few years or more older, you'll still find the features on the 955 to be great. More importantly, the range on the 955 is spectacular. Now, Bel has had some quality control issues as of late, but unless your unit pops up the dreaded "service required" message, chances are your detector is finding each threat the best it can. What some people don't realize about police radar is that police can use "instant on" radar which can be flicked on at practically point blank range. Using radar in such a fashion limits or completely prevents radar from being detected. It's not the detector's fault, police and radar manufacturers have just become savvy to the downside of leaving their radar units constantly on. Being popped by "instant on" radar has led many an inexperienced radar detector owner to throw their detector in the trash because they figured it just didn't work.... My advice would be for anyone contemplating the purchase of a detector to do a little online research into how police radar is used and what roll a detector can play in avoiding costly tickets....

    Back to this unit, as I said previously, it's great. It has excellent sensitivity on all bands. If you can get by without the latest non-essential features (more conveniences than anything) then the 955 is the best your going to find in its price range....more info
  • Honest review of BEL Vector 955
    I have used the BEL Vector 955 detector everyday now for 1 month. It has successfully detected active police radar well in advance from both front and behind my vehicle.

    I found the detector to be extremely user friendly. It does pick up a good amount of false alerts, however; after you grow accustomed to the sound of the alert during a false alert compared to actual police radar you will be able to tell the difference.

    The detector picks up police radar well in advance to give you plenty of time to SLOW down. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a very good police radar under $200. Are there better detectors out there???? Absolutely. However; do you really want to pay over $200 for a detector that may or may not work better than the BEL Vector 955?

    ...more info
  • nice detector
    The Bel Vector 955 has been rated the best radar detector under $200 by several sources. So far I have found its performance excellent. If you order one of these you will not be disappointed. One warning though, the detector you receive in the mail will not look like the model in the photo on Amazon, instead it is the model shown on Beltronic's own website, just so you know exactly what you are getting....more info
  • Good Value
    I've been using this detector for about a month, so far no complaints. Works fairly well for a mid-tier detector, I can credit it for at least one "save". Doesn't give a whole lot of advance notice, but from the reviews that I read, it is better than most in this price range. The volume is adjustable and more than sufficient when turned up. The warning time is adequate if you act immediately and are not traveling at Warp 10....more info
  • Don't know yet
    I'm confused about some of the specs on this unit. Bel is supposed to be the best detector out now. I did some research on their site and they say it's 8x vs. imports. They don't say 8x "what" vs. imports but it's 8x "something" vs. imports. Kinda gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you're buying American. So I ordered it.

    The UPS truck pulled up a few days later and the driver knocked on my door. I sniffed his butt. He sniffed mine and after we verified identities he handed me the package. I ran into the house and eagerly ripped open my new toy. I was proudly admiring the box and one of the first things I noticed was Made in Canada. This is where the confusion comes in. Don't we import stuff from Canada? Did Canada become the 51st state while I was sleeping? What's going on here?

    Anyway, no tickets after a couple weeks so 4 stars based mostly on Bel's reputation.
    ...more info
  • High-end Detector at Mid-range Price
    BEL Vector 955 High Performance Radar Detector
    Pleased with the value and quality of my new detector. However, I wish I had a little more mute control. In fact, I returned the original order because the mute didn't work at all and the replacement still comes in loud and clear at the lowest setting....more info