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Summer Infant Sure And Secure Custom Fit Gate
List Price: $109.99

Our Price: $94.95

You Save: $15.04 (14%)


Product Description

  • Hardware mounted
  • The first gate to fit openings up to 12"
  • No Extra purchase necessary
  • Fits straight openings or unusual openings such as unparallel walls
  • Perfect for alternative areas such as a room corner or separating a great room
  • Convenient walk-through door
  • Fully adjustable to fit openings from 70" x 144"
  • 30" tall when installed
  • Can connect two to form a Play Yard

The Sumer Infant Custom-Fit gate lets you tackle the dilemma of cordoning off unusual openings and areas in your house. Being as much as 12 feet wide or as little as six feet, the Custom-Fit gives you the freedom of blocking staircases or for use in extended openings--think living room. The gate comes with hardware to mount to the walls and a template; all you need is a screwdriver. The locking door swings both directions for easy passage without removing the entire gate-- no more hurdling to save time. The fabric is soft and durable, and the panes are pretty much transparent, so the little ones won't miss any of the action when behind the gate. No bars or metal and wood also reduce the likelihood of injury. --Scott Teal

  • Hardware mounted
  • First gate to open up to 12'
  • Fits straight openings or unusual openings such as unparallel walls
  • Perfect for alternative areas such as a room corner or separating a great room
  • Fully adjustable to fit openings from 70" to 144"

Customer Reviews:

  • Looks great and is sturdy but with some issues...
    I purchased two of these to make a large playpen, and it looks great, is sturdy and having gates is great. However, the space between the metal bars is too wide. My 9 month old reaches his arms out all of the time and I can just imagine that when he starts standing he may fall down and break his arm in between the bars. Another issue is that the gates are metal (which helps to make it sturdy) and my son fell down and hit his head on the bottom bar (his first bruise). I think the company could have padded the metal on the bottom a lot better. So, playpen time is least the larger size of the pen allows an adult to sit in it comfortably.
    One more thing...I found some great mats to put in the playpen.
    They are called Softtiles and they don't have a strange scent, are cute and are high quality.[...]...more info
  • Summer Infant Gate review by
    I have tried many gates out. I have sent many back. I have another one sitting in my hallway (too late to send that one back). I have spent time going to pet stores, and doing online research to find a gate. They were always a disappointment; either the installation was difficult, the gate didn't take things like wall trim into account, or the design was just bad. Finally I found the Summer Infant Gate. Not only is it super easy to install, but it is of superior quality. My only complaint is that I wish that they made these for a smaller span. I needed to fit a smaller span and I was so frustrated with other gates, that I actually bought a second Summer Gate and made it work in a smaller span by extending it to a wall that was farther away. I'm tired of taking chances on other inferior products. The Summer Gate is pretty durable too. I would buy this product again, and I just might buy a third one for the upstairs....more info
  • Love IT
    I absolutely love this gate. It fits the large gap between my livingroom and kitchen. It's very sturdy and secure. We've had this gate up for a few months now and are so happy with it. It was very easy to install. So far it's holding up great and we open and close it about a thousand times a day!! I searched everywhere for an affordable gate that would fit a large space and this has certainly met all of my expectations and then some. ...more info
  • Looks like it will work, arrived broken
    We've been looking for a gate like this, and were happy to find one at this price. Unfortunately, it shipped in the retail carton, so the box was badly damaged and some of the parts that connect to the wall were broken. (We're still waiting for them).
    I installed it as best I could until we get new parts, and found the expansion locks were very difficult to use. Also, the gate takes some jiggling to get it to close properly.
    For the size and price, though, its a winner....more info
  • It's great but could be just a tiny better!
    Let me start by saying that I really love this gate. The only thing i would change is the how the gate opens and closes. It sticks a little and is hard to get used to....more info
  • Great gate...Easy to install...
    I had a tough time finding baby gates that would fit the wide openings in our house. These are a perfect fit. And they are fairly easy to install. The only negative is that the wall anchors that come with the gate are cheap. I had to go to Home Depot to buy some better ones....more info
  • Extra Wide Gate
    I bought this gate to separate the living room from the kitchen. The studs came out of the wall, and now both sides of the gate (top) have broken. I emailed customer service about it several weeks ago, and no response.


    After my second email to the company, they sent a new gate. Much happier now!...more info
  • Good Gate, Great Service
    I purchased this gate for my family room/basement to allow my daughter room to play w/ out the dog dirt from my animals coming in from the dog door. The first gate came broken but with a short e-mail to Amazon/babyage, a new gate was on it's way and arrived in only 2 days (before I even shipped the broken gate back)
    The gate was relatively easy to put together and has held up well for us so far. The only reccomendation that I would make is to have some sort or grip or something for the supports to grip the floor so that it doesn't move back and forth. We put a chair and a shelf on each side of it and it stopped the problem but I could see it being a real problem if the gate was opened all the way up like ours is w/ nothing holding it from moving around.
    With just some items at the ends to help reinforce it the problem is gone for us.
    ...more info
  • Awesome gate
    I love this gate. We installed it a week ago, and it has served its purpose perfectly. It's easy for my husband and I to operate and our 1 year old has been unable to adversely affect its stability. I recommend this to anyone who needs to gate off a large area (or even just the bottom of a set of stairs....more info
  • Don't Buy This Gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This gate is HORRID. I'd like to know who thought up the design for this contraption. This gate is in need of some serious reconfiguring. A removable velcro door on the gate----WOW!, and then there is just enough room for a child to stick their little feet between the gate and the hinges on either side of the door. My kids are always standing on the hinges, and ripping off the velcro door. On top of those marvelous features. The gate has nothing to grip it to the floor. Some rubber grips under feet would help the gate from sliding when my kids pust on it. my husband and i had to use cable ties to tie it down toour carper. What a waste of money. I had to pin the four corners of the velcro door from the outside----this is just a temporary slolution untill I can but a better gate. The gate is wide, and you can adjust it to fit a wide range of spaces but that's all it has going for it! We've been using this gate for almost a year now, and it's been nothing but headaches!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Very good gate for younger children!
    Works great keeping my 13 month old contained. We have a big play room and after 15 minutes after installing He doesn't even mess with it any more. Other reviewers complained of children figuring out the gate latch. I can't see a child under 2.5 doing it. The hinges could be made of a stronger material than plastic, but I haven't had a problem in it's first 3 months....more info
  • Great Gate!
    We purchase this gate when our 9month old son started crawling and we needed to separate his living room crawl area from the kitchen. Extended gates are hard to find, but as soon as I saw this one I really liked it. We got free shipping and it only took 3 biz days to arrive on our doorstep. The insulation was super easy and my husband hand screwed the anchors into the doorway. We are only using 2 of the 3 panels but I figured you never know what the future might bring and someday we may need to have a gate that extends further. The only thing I wish is that it hadn't cost so much money, but at least it was $6 cheaper than BabiesRUS. Over all it is a GREAT GATE and I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great gate!
    I love how this gate is very customizable and fits into any living space. I got this to help contain my puppy but unfortunately, he was tiny enough to run right through the gaps between the walls in this gate. I still give it 5 stars because it is a good sturdy gate, is versatile in size/shape and would be great for its intended use as a child gate....more info
  • Velcro and gate hinges are a bust
    I have gone through 2 of these gates. The ends are securely attached to the hardwood trim of the opening between my living room and dining room. However, I had to sew the mesh sections because my child figured out how to open the velcro (what was the company thinking???) and the hinges on the gate finally broke both times after about 3 months each time. I am now looking for a new gate for my 11 foot opening. Oh, I almost forgot, the plastic feet are not secure on hardwood flooring, so I screwed, yes, I said screwed, door stops into my hardwood floors to stop it from sliding because I thought that would solve the problem of the hinges breaking, but no such luck. The hinges still broke on the second gate. I would strongly caution anyone from purchasing this gate to be used on hardwood floors in a straight configuration. In addition, watch out for that velcro!!...more info
  • Great gate but buy your own screws
    We converted our unused dining room into a play area for our 9 month old with this gate. It is easy to open and close one handed. Since it is not fully extended the mesh is not stretched taught so our little guy grabs it in his fists and uses it to pull himself up. He is a very active 22lbs and we have had no problems with the durability of this gate. He also loves to pull himself up and stand at the gate opening. We can still open and close the gate with him standing there without worrying that we will pinch his fingers. We are very happy with this purchase. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING YOUR OWN SCREWS TO MOUNT THIS GATE. My Dad is a contractor and installed it for us. He didn't even attempt using the screws that came with it since he knew they would strip and never hold. FYI - he used #8 2" stainless steel screws. This is the only reason I deducted a star from this review. Otherwise we are very happy with it....more info
  • Saved My Dog from becoming a pound puppy :)
    After much desperation, and many many destroyed items on my desk, I searched for a gate that would span my rather large office area. My dogs kept getting on my desk and stealing and destroying everything in sight. We bought this fence for the width. It is easy to size to whatever room size you need. It doesn't really have to be attached to a wall. It is the perfect dog barrier. The only thing I have negative to say is that it is sometimes difficult to lock the fence in place but after you get the hang of it, it works fine.

    If you are looking for this as a pet barrier, it is great. Keep in mind I have a 50 pound Australian Cattle Dog and a 75 pound Samoyed. They have never tipped the fence over and respect the boundaries of the fence.

    Definitely would buy again!

    ...more info
  • Very durable
    This product truly rocks and has seen better days from my 4 yr old, 1 year old and their friends. I used it to fence off my entire kitchen. It refuses to break apart! Installation is kinda technical but good things dont come easy

    Well worth the money!...more info