Shark SV736K 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary
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Shark, 15.6V, Cordless Hand Vac, Best Cleaning & Powerful, Cyclonic Action So Suction Stays Longer, Stronger, Detachable Motorized Turbo Brush For Deep Cleaning, Easily Detachable & Washable Filter, LED Charging Indicator, Dust Cup Design Means No Bags Required,

Uses Euro-pro replacement filter #XSB726

  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with Twister Cyclonic technology
  • Detachable motorized brush removes pet hair and dirt from upholstery and carpet
  • Crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots; washable filter; convenient dust cup
  • LED charging and low-battery indicator;
  • Measures approximately 10 by 4 by 6 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Suction - Poor design
    I just got the Shark SV736 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary (Gray or Green) yesterday, and I'm very impressed with the suction power.

    BUT the unit is pretty heavy to hold for very long, and it will not set upright on a flat surface because the bottom is rounded! This means when the charger is plugged in, (the cord plugs directly into the belly of this whale), it won't even lie horizontally without being on it's side. That is a very poor design!

    As others have stated, it doesn't come with a wall mount nor base/stand, making storage awkward and inconvenient. Had I not bought it online, with the return shipping prohibitively expensive, I would send it back.

    However, it DOES have great suction. I couldn't believe what it pulled out of my upholstery. The beater bar brush picks up well, but hair immediately wraps around it, and you have to clean it often... which is a hassle, but every beater bar brush I've ever seen did the same thing.

    The fact that it won't set upright is REALLY a negative aspect that I didn't foresee....more info
  • Shark yes, Europro, NO!
    Shark 15.6V Cordless Hand Vac - SV736
    I bought one of these this past Christmas (2007), and along with the vac, I ordered a set of filters and a charging stand. The vacuum works very well, BUT... The charging stand was back-ordered, and about once a month, I got a card telling me that it was still not available. Then, last week (June 3,2008)I got a card telling me that the part was available, but that they needed more information.
    Well, while the part was on order, my credit card expired, and I got a new card. Same number, different expiration date. Europro tried twice to use the expired credit card, and when it wouldn't work, they sent me notice. THEY ALSO CANCELED THE ORDER! I talked to several people at their "customer service" number, which was listed on the notice they sent me. My "notice" was out of date, I was told. I had to REORDER!!! Now I don't know if I will get the charging stand at all, because after six months, I'm back at the end of the line again!! WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!...more info
  • works as promised
    This is a powerful vac that performs as advertised. It's very convenient for picking up small messses here and there, but I have also used it to vacuum my car. Much easier than pulling out the full sized vac.

    My only complaint is that it does not have a wall mount. Furthermore, its round body prevents the unit from sitting nicely in a charging position - it rolls over onto its side....more info
  • Good Suction and Durable If Properly Maintained
    SV736 vs. SV736N
    There have been some complaints about Amazon engaging in bait and switch. Admittedly, I ordered the unit through this page and I DID get the charging stand, but Amazon seems to have changed the model to one without a charging stand. To clear this up, the model currently offered for sale is SV736, and it does NOT come with a charging stand. If you want a charging stand, the model to get is SV736N.

    With that out of the way, let's proceed:

    The Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with 3 attachments:
    - Brush Attachment
    - Crevice Attachment
    - Motorized Brush Attachment

    Cleaning Power
    The suction is about as strong as a mid-range corded vacuum cleaner - plenty strong for a handheld vacuum cleaner. It's able to maintain maximum suction for about 13 minutes, after which its power starts to falter and the suction gradually drops. The usable suction it puts out lasts about 20 minutes tops. Still, it's plenty of time to vacuum out the interior of your car, clean up a small mess, or do some spot cleaning.

    Even though the vacuum is being touted as having "Twister Cyclonic Technology", which supposedly helps to maintain suction longer, it is important that the dirt receptacle be emptied when it gets about half full, otherwise the suction will be significantly reduced.

    The motorized brush attachment is excellent for extracting dirt and pet hair embedded in the carpet. The downside is when the attachment is on, the battery gets drained more quickly.

    - Dirt Collection Receptacle
    The frosted see-through dirt collection receptacle lets you know how much dirt has been collected. Once full, the receptacle can be easily removed and emptied.

    - Filter
    The filter is washable and is made of a durable material that will stand up to repeated washings.

    - NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) Rechargeable Battery
    There are a lot of complaints the battery capacity of the Shark diminishes over time. I suspect the diminished battery capacity that many people encounter is due to the so-called "memory effect" on the Shark's NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) battery.

    "Memory effect" is a phenomenon that results when a battery is repeatedly charged BEFORE it is FULLY discharged. The result is the battery capacity diminishes because it "forgets" that it can be discharged all the way, hence the term "memory effect."

    The proper way to care for a NiCd battery is to fully discharge it ("deep discharging") before fully charging it to avoid "memory effect". Diminished battery capacity due to memory effect may be reversed by putting the battery through repeated deep discharge and full recharge cycles.

    After the vacuum cleaner is past putting out any useful suction power, let its battery deplete completely before charging it back up. I've had the Shark for about three years and never had a problem with diminished battery capacity.

    CAUTION: The above only applies to NiCd batteries. Do not confuse NiCd batteries with rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) or lithium batteries. NiMH batteries are reportedly less prone to memory effect and lithium batteries absolutely do NOT suffer from memory effect. Deep discharging NimH and ESPECIALLY lithium batteries may actually damage them.

    The Shark is a top-notch handheld vacuum cleaner that provides plenty of suction. If you're careful to observe proper battery maintenance, it should provide years of trouble-free service.
    ...more info
  • This is a good product
    I've owned this hand vac for over a year now. No complaints. I use it on my rugs and carpeting for crumbs and I use it to whisk the couch. Also does a great job picking up hair on the bathroom floor. This is a great product. I would recommend it to all my friends. ...more info
  • best hand vac I have ever used
    This is my second shark..the first one lasted years but finally would not hold a charge..I thought I would try a black and decker and after one use I got online and ordered another Shark,,the rotating brush picks up everything..PET be specific...cordless feature is a must for me.....more info
  • great little sucker
    I have a dog, a cat, and 2 birds and a lot of little messes. I hate getting the big vac out every day or 2 to tidy up. I went looking for a hand vac and found this one. I haven't had one for a while and the last one was next to useless. I charged this one, attached the brush and went to work. vvrooomm! I was impressed with the way it cleaned up pet hair, and bird seed. It didn't blow stuff everywhere like my last vac. It's not too heavy and the handle is comfortable and it feels well-balanced. It ran out pretty quickly, but the instructions said it would take 2 or 3 full charges to get up the long life it promised. The second charge lasted longer and the third was bit better. Still not a long time, but I can get done if I hurry.
    I like the little crevice nozzle, but I knew I would lose it so I attached it to the side of the vac with velcro. That works great! Just be sure and don't attach it over the air vents. The filter looks like it will last a while. I don't know how much replacements are. It says it will last 6 months. The attachments are easy to put on and take off.
    Of course, like all bagless vacs, you have to dump the stuff (messy), and clean the filter. It needs to be rinsed and let dry before reinstalling it. 4 stars because it doesn't seem to last as long as I think it should. Maybe it will with a little more time if so, I'll give it a 5....more info
  • Mine broke
    Very powerful. Didn't ever use the attachments except the long nozzle that I always kept on it. I did drop it and the plastic broke. I duct taped it and it worked fine; however, now the battery won't charge anymore. I think I had it about two years. I wish it had lasted longer but maybe I am too hard on things....more info
  • Shark vacuum
    Bought the Shark for my wife as a Mother's Day present. For some reason, I thought I was going to be able to mount the unit in the garage. Guess what? There is no cradle or hardware to gang it on a wall. I have no idea where my wife put it. It is not as handy for both of us. I do see it charging once in awhile and she says she loves it. I think it is in the guest room dresser. Oh well!...more info
  • 2 minute charge
    Great suction for a handheld, but the charge lasts a very disappointing 2-3 minutes and it's pretty much dead. Charge several hours, get 2 minutes use, better to get a plug in....more info
  • We Love the Shark
    We find the Shark greatly superior to any hand held vaccuums we've used in the past. It's easy to empty and the filter seems much more durable than the vaccuum we used previously. Since we live in the country, where much of the outside ends up inside, we find the revolving brush attachment especially useful between house cleanings. This attachment also works well removing cat fur from upholstered furniture. The only reason we gave a less than five star review is that it does not have a device to hang it next to an electric outlet to keep the battery charged. We've ordered one from the company, but so far have only received notification that delivery will be delayed. When we ordered the hanging device, we also ordered extra filters, which have arrived. We'd recommend having extras on hand since rinsing it out after emptying seems a good idea and it needs a little drying time. ...more info
    This item is great. I wish that I could give it a higher rating, but unfortunately the battery life is very weak. It only lasts about an hour before you have to charge it up. Also, the charger is a little odd-in that it is just a base station or holder or anything is included.
    What's great about this vacuum is that it is very strong and does a great job of picking up pretty much anything. We first bought this vacuum because we have a dog that likes to sleep on our dark colored couch and shed all over. Every morning we use this vacuum to clean up the couch-and it works like a charm. Highly recommended for that purpose--if you don't mind charging it up a lot.
    ...more info
  • Shark Handheld
    This product is a great improvement over the older low voltage handheld vacuum it replaces. It is a slight bit heavier but is easy to use and a charge lasts a fairly long time. The operating manual indicates that there is a wall bracket available for the unit; two unanswered e-mails and two phone calls were necessary to find out that the wall mount is no longer made. Too bad, it take up too much room on the shelf and storing the charger is a pain. That fact would have influenced my buying decision....more info
  • This shark eats dirt
    We use this vac intermittently for a few minutes at a time. So far working very well still, on its first overnight charge. We intend to follow manufacturer's instructions on battery preservation; will try to follow up in 6 months with report on battery life, if Amazon allows....more info
  • I really love this product!
    This is a lightweight and strong little vacuum. It holds a charge for a long time between uses. It is exactly what I was looking for and takes up no space at all.Shark SV736K 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary...more info
  • Not for a boat
    I bought this vac because of the beater bar and its portability and small size. Apparently it is critical to charge the battery EXACTLY as stated in the owner's manual. On a boat that has only occasional 110v power, the battery will not charge fully. When plugged into a home socket, it performs better but still does not hold a charge for long. If the vac came with a regular AC cord instead of only the cordless option, it would be a great vac. Wish I had returned it....more info
  • The #1 choice for a hand vacuum
    Power, power and the power! This thing is more sucking than the B&D PHV1800, I compared them side by side. They are equally loud and battery last exactly the same long (10 minutes before power starts going down).

    This Shark is 1 pound lighter than the B&D, 3 vs. 4. It is already on the too heavy side and the B&D has crossed the line for a hand tool. To make this matter worse, B&D's handle is not at the weight center; your hand is fatigue very soon while constantly trying to keep it level.

    The B&D is a beautiful upholstery with very sophisticated designs, while this Shark is just a simple tool. But it does come with a nice tool - a motorized brush, making it more than a hand vacuum.

    It is a better value than the B&D, not just because it is $20 cheaper. Its battery is easily replaceable for $15 (impossible with B&D) and filters can be easily found in a Bath, Bedroom and Beyond (3 for $10). A B&D filter is at least double the price, but it is much more sophisticated, worth the money. The B&D is well worth the extra $20 if you value its beautiful look and very thoughtful extras on using and storing it.

    This Shark is actually a SV736N bought recently from KMart for $40. It is green instead of silver and comes with only two tools, a motorized brush and a crevice, instead of three in the earlier version. No more charging dock. These changes are due to the complaints about the crappy wall-mount-ONLY dock and nobody knew what's the 3rd tool for.

    If you just want a great vacuum that really works and don't care much about anything else, then this Shark is currently the #1 choice, period. Otherwise get the B&D (yes it is a beautiful piece of art well worth the extra $20). Just don't bother with the crappy $150 Dyson and all the garbage Dirt Devil hand vacs(you know, DD is now owned by a Hong Kong company)....more info
  • Shark SV736 hand vacuum
    My wife was so satisfied with the first Shark that we purchased a second for the family room. Excellent product....more info
  • Great little machine
    I ordered this product to use on my stairs. I can't believe how well it picks up dirt. It's got really good suction and the different pieces are great for getting the edges and corners. I'm very pleased with the product and recommend it for stairs and for little odd jobs around the house. It really comes in handy....more info
  • Great features! poor battery life........
    Purchased the Shark SV736 after noting it had rotating beater brush. I felt it was a nice feature. The vac is 15.6 volts which is good power in a hand vac. SV746 has great suction with an easy empty dust cup. The beater brush is awesome in picking up crumbs and small bits on carpet. Now for the bad.... After eleven months, the battery died after I accidently overcharged it for 18 hours. I studied the options and noted reviews of this product and problems with the battry in this and other forums. I found the Shark for a good price and bought the newer version (lime green) at WALMART. I purchased it because no other hand vacuum had so many features: power, crevice tool, dust brush, rotater brush......I noted one reviewers assessment the vacuum performs best if charged and discharged three times at precisely the recommended charge time by Shark. I did so. It worked good for a week then promptly lost suction. This is a function of the battery charging system and the utilization of primitive and prehistoric Chinese engineering. I am convinced Shark has no R&D budget to solve this problem. If solved the Shark would be awesome indeed! I took my Shark back to Walmart and got a refund. I have purchased the Eureka 96D vacuum which I so far love. The Eureka comes with a TWO batteries and a charging dock. I will monitor my Eureka for battery performance and report back after the year. WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS IS A GOOD DEPENDABLE HAND VAC!!!....more info
  • No Wall Mount
    Bought this for my weekend house. Works ok, but no better than my Dust Buster at home. I would not buy this unit again because, most importantly, this does NOT include a wall mount (which is also not available from Amazon.) Buy a DustBuster, and get to hang your unit on the wall and out of the way!! ...more info
  • Kangaroo Ruby Women's Shoe
    Extremely fast shipping! Quality of product is excellent! Didn't need as much packaging materials--think sustainably. :)...more info
  • bait and swich
  • it works!
    I have six cats. This is the first product to help us really clean our funiture,clothes and bedding! My wife and I were so pleased with this product we brought another one three weeks after the first. WE are happy customers, thanks you....more info
  • works pretty well
    I did a lot of research on cordless vacs. This one had some pretty good reviews so I tried it. The cons are: I didn't realize that it doesn't have a charging cradle so you have to just set it down on the floor; and it doesn't have a whole lot of suction power (compared to the volts). The pros are: the motorized brush works great for pet hair, and I like the extra crevice tool attachment. ...more info