Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece Large, Blue
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Product Description

Pediatricians have long advised parents to swaddle their newborn. The award-winning Kiddopotamus and Co SwaddleMe will help soothe your infant and reduce symptoms of colic by recreating the soothing snugness of the womb. Designed for babies from birth to three months old,this adjustable infant wrap helps your baby to rest or sleep safely and peacefully.

  • Soft fabric wings hug your baby close and stay securely in place with self-fasteners so baby stays comfortably swaddled all night long.
  • As baby grows, wings adjust for a perfect, customized fit for your baby.
  • Easy diaper changes! The leg pouch pops down for easy diaper checks with no need to unwrap baby's arms.
  • SwaddleMe on the go! The harness access slit allows the SwaddleMe to be used in car seats and strollers.
  • Birth to 3 monts

Customer Reviews:

  • Best baby gift ever!!
    This was the softest smoothest gift. I thank you for getting this for me on time....more info
  • Ok
    This blanket is ok to use sometimes but fustrates my little guy at others and comes open on its own....more info
  • We love this!
    We love this blanket so much, we've given it a "pet" name! My baby only stayed swaddled until she was about 2 weeks, then could wiggle out of even the tightest wrap and cried almost all night. Then of course would sleep all day... then would be wide awake at night again! It was frustrating! When she was about 6 weeks, I remembered that I had bought this Kiddopotamus blanket (it was just sitting in the closet) and thought I'd try swaddling again. That night, she slept 9 hours straight! Every night since, she sleeps at least 7 hours, and some days as much as 10! Unlike other swaddle blankets I have, this blanket is soft and stretchy so she can move a little if she is uncomfortable (but arms stay in there) and you can open the bottom easily for diaper changes or when the temp is warmer. We think it's a lifesaver for those who like to sleep at night. I think it has magic powers. ;) And, it's cheap! ...more info
  • We have been using it every day!
    Great product! Helps babies (and parents :-)) sleep longer and it's very easy to use. We LOVE it!...more info
  • Best Swaddle Out There!
    I have tried numerous swaddles and this works the best, especially with bigger babies. The minute I wrapped my son in this he fell asleep. The velcro made it so easy to swaddle! Don't waste your money on anything else!...more info
  • the velcrow doesn't stick well after two washes
    I really like this swaddler but the velcrow doesn't stick well after 2 washes, maybe because i put it in the dryer....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I have two of these swaddlers and I LOVE THEM! My baby is 10 weeks now and we began using the swaddler at around 4 weeks when a friend recommended them. She has seriously been sleeping through the night (roughly 6-7 hours or so) since then. They are great and I highly recommend them to all of my friends having children. ...more info
  • Helped baby sleep!
    We love the Swaddleme blankets, it helps hold down our son's arms so he doesn't startle himself, but he can still move his legs. I just wish they had a medium size too. ...more info
    I am a home childcare provider and always have babies in my care. The one I care for now is very fussy when he is not eating or sleeping. I wrap him in the kiddopotamus SwaddleMe and he settles down immediately and has the most peaceful sleep. He is 4 months old. Thanks for this wonderful helper!...more info
  • Babies LOVE to be swaddled!!!!
    We haven't yet used this one since he's rather small for it, but the smaller one is beautifully perfect. He's a good baby, but these helped with tummy aches and general sleepy fussiness. ...more info
  • It doesn't work very well.
    I bought this wrap for my 3 month old son. The wrap is not very breathy. I always find my son in sweat when I see him in the morning. Also, my son hates it. He cries and cries when I swaddle him with this wrap. This product just doesn't work for everyone I suppose....more info
  • love this!!
    I love this I just can't wait to use it. it looks very easy to use and is so soft. I will surley be buying another. it has a little slot so you can swadle your baby in their bouner or swing and still be able to buckle them in,I thiught that was really cool and if I recall it is not mentioned in the description....more info
  • Still love it at 6 months!
    We used the small size until our daughter was too long for it (around 3 months old) and switched to the large size. She still loves it and is sleeping great (3 day naps and 10-11 hours uninterrupted sleep at night)! It is part of her naptime/bedtime routine and it travels with us so she can get good sleep in a familiar environment wherever we are. The velcro has been a lifesaver and the microfleece helps her stay warm but not overheated. ...more info
  • Must Have!
    If you have a strong infant, this product is a MUST! My little one was ok with the other swaddlers, but once he was strong enough and figured out how to wiggle his arms out - they were flailing around. This product lets you wrap their little arms tighter than their abdomen and legs. Not to mention that you can change diapers in the middle of the night without unwrapping their arms and startling them. Fantastic buy - a definite must have!...more info
  • Don't just buy 1.... you'll be sorry
    That's how great this is. No matter how great you are at swaddling, babies always become unswaddled. This is great. The velco works great. And you should buy more than 1 because if the baby makes a messy diaper at night or spits up, you'll want a clean extra one to re-swaddler her with quickly. My baby slept so easily with her swaddler. It is so great, the hospitals should send you home with one! The babies love it... the parents love it... it's just a fantastic product. I have 4 children and used it for 3 of them!...more info
  • Great purchase
    This was a good buy for me. The baby wrapper is ideal for newborns ...more info
  • This works!
    I have a baby who prefers to be swaddled and this holds and washes easily. The fleece is great for winter, they make a cotton one for warmer weather. I really like the design, it's simple and easy to use for a sleepy baby that your trying to get to bed. Not complicated at all....more info
  • The large size does not work as well as the small
    If your baby likes to be swaddled this is a must have. Our son slept great in this swaddle blanket! I wish we started using it sooner because it was the only way to get him to stay asleep. We used this product in a size small for his first 3 months of life! He could not wiggle out of this blanket due to the velcro (unlike a normal blanket). I bought the large size when he grew out of the small. It was too big and didn't work as well because he was able to wiggle out of it. The small was worth the money but the large was a waste of money. ...more info
  • Doesn't last long
    I bought 2 of these last year, one in microfleece and another in flannel. I encountered the same problem with both. My chief complaint is the velcro fastener for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's irritatingly loud. Whenever I unfastened it to change my baby's diaper (even when I do it very gingerly) it often startled him into wakefulness. Secondly, the velcro lost it's sticking power after about a month's use and this made swaddling impossible. For my next baby, I think I'm going to invest my money in the Miracle's a lot pricier but it may be worth it. We'll see....more info
  • Snuggly
    I bought this for my sister-in-law and she loves it. My new neice seems to like being snuggled up in it too. ...more info
  • SwaddleMe saved me
    I love this product. I was never able to get my regular receiving blankets to stay put on my baby and he could wriggle out before too long. The Kiddopotamus swaddle blanket was perfect - you can quickly and easily swaddle your baby making them much happier and *sleep longer*! (totally fool proof). I also like that you can undo just the bottom portion for diaper changes. I tried other manufactures of a similar "swaddle" product but you have to totally unwrap your baby making them wake up even more which in turn upsets them even more - not a good thing.
    I bought several of these in case one was in the laundry because it was a must-have.

    The only suggestion I have for the designers is that the single color models are harder to see the Velcro closure patch at night. So for that reason, I liked the patterned models better because the location of the Velcro (receiving part) was easier to see [as the Velcro part is one color] against a patterned background in the dark of night.
    ...more info
  • Warm and easy to use
    I've used these for both of my children and love that they stay warm without the danger of loose blankets. It swaddles tightly but you control how tight or loose you want it. ...more info
  • My favorite "baby item!"
    I recommend this product to all new moms without hesitation. This product is awesome! My baby slept for much longer using the Swaddleme. I'm only sad that my baby has outgrown the size large at only 15 pounds (at 4 months), but he seems to have lost the startle reflex, which is the reason he badly needed the Swaddleme in the first place. This is one of those items that is a "must have," and I will be buying for all baby showers. I tried another brand of a similar blanket and wasn't nearly as impressed; the velcro did not stay attached. The microfleece is warm and washes well. ...more info
  • some like it, some don't!
    I had one of these for my first son, he was a preemie. everyone said, "ohhhh he's a little preemie, he'll sleep better if he's bundled tight, swadddle this swaddle that..." he hated the swaddler. then fat and happy full term baby number two comes..... "oh, big baby's sleep better at night, you won't need to worry about him...." Horrible sleeper, up all night to eat, but LOVED the swaddler!!! Don't listen to what everyone says. the stereotypes are all wrong. Baby might hate this and scream to be free (like my first), or sleep great only when he's in it (like my second....). You won't know unless you try though.... ;)...more info
  • Better than just a blanket, but....
    Had both this and the Miracle Blanket, in addition to various receiving blankets. Would definitely go with the Miracle Blanket again, before the Swaddleme, however this is alot easier than a regular receiving blanket, and the safety of a blanket like this outweighs any negatives....more info
  • Great price and Impressive design
    Just received, so sorry haven't washed the Swaddle yet for more thorough review.

    For $10 - this is a great price. I have seen others for over $20. I was very impressed with the considerate design components. Lots of velcro detailing for a snug fit. I ordered mine in the solid pink. The color and material appear to be of very good quality.

    Also very happy with the speedy shipping and delivery - as always!...more info
  • Swaddling works wonders
    My daughter has been swaddled since the first day she was born. She's now 10 and half months old, and still loves to be swaddled for bed. This swaddle is great. Swaddling helps babies feel comfortable like they are in the womb again. The SwaddleMe product is so much easier than having to swaddle her the old fashioned way with blankets, which we had to do before we got this swaddling product. We have NEVER had to get up in the middle of the night to feed her or because she wakes up. Once we put her to bed she sleeps until we get her out of bed the next morning. SwaddleMe really does make a difference. I am getting one for my friend who's pregnant....more info
  • Good Idea in Theory
    This is a good product if your baby will stay swaddled. However no matter how tight I'd wrap my son, he'd work his arms out, which is the point of the product. I purchased this in both the fleece for winter, and cotton for summer. The fabric on both was soft and cuddly which was a plus. Unfortunately I'm not getting a lot of use out of either of them. I also found that the Halo Sleep Sack we were given by the hospital is easier to use, which is why I gave the Swaddle Me four stars instead of five....more info
  • Great product except in microfleece
    I LOVE this product, except in microfleece. It is too warm and our pediatrician feels it is dangerous because it may increase the risk of SIDS by overheating the baby. Buy this product in flannel or cotton instead....more info
  • great blanket
    I love this blanket. It keeps my 5 month old very nice and warm without the use of additional blankets. I never have to worry that loose blankets in his crib could cause a suffocation hazard since this blanket is actually wrapped around his body. We no longer swaddle his arms but the blanket works great regardless. I have three of them! Plus, he looks so cute in it! We also use it on cold days when we're out in the stroller. ...more info
  • wonderful product
    My babies loved to be swaddled, in fact, they slept best swaddled in the Swaddleme. This blanket was just great, I didn't discover it until they were about 2 months old, so I bought the larger size which we used for a good long while. The velcro is large and never did get worn out. I had one other brand that didn't stay put the way this one did. I used the Swaddleme for many months. I found it nice to use in a sling as well. Highly recommended if you have a baby who loves to be swaddled. ...more info
    Had a few swaddle son HATED being this blanket worked out well for us...he would fall asleep at the breast and then I could lay him down ON this blanket and wrap him up in it while he was asleep (no battles) and he was snug in his blanket which helped him sleep longer and better...but the other blankets required wrapping and flipping under him, etc...which woke him or if I swaddled him while awake, he would cry and this was my swaddling savior...I have since bought more for my baby due sooN! :) ...more info
  • great idea
    i bought this for a friend and she tells me that it was the coolest idea and she never had to worrie if the baby had enough blanket....more info
  • Not impressed
    I purchased this for my 8 week old son who is 10 pounds and growing longer everyday. I saw the good reviews and was so excited to get it. Well...

    Pros: Soft, warm, and cute.

    Cons: A little too big, (he can break free EASILY), I've found my son with it over his mouth and nose numerous times, not good!! The baby is able to wiggle down despite it being velcro and TIGHT.

    I would just use a large flannel blanket or something else, this isn't worth the money....more info
  • Best swaddler you can buy at that price
    Cotton swaddlers DO NOT WORK! Except for the pricey miracle blanket. If you dont want to spend the $$ you have to get micro-fleece so the velcro stays attached. I only gave it a four, bc of course it gets warm and you cant really use it in the summer months....more info
  • The Best
    This swaddle is real a life saver or should I say sleep saver during the first several month of your babies life. It really helps to calm baby and help them to fall asleep. It also prevents them from waking themselves up with floppy arms.
    A MUST buy!...more info
  • Great product for a very fair price
    We've been using the small version and just moved up in size. We've been swaddling all along, and using this instead of blankets is much faster, easier, and more secure. Our little guy is 4 months old now, and I bet we'll continue to swaddle for a few more months, mostly for naps at this point. It's great for when he's overstimulated or fighting sleep - helps him calm right down....more info
  • Couldn't live without these...
    After reading "The Happiest Baby on the Block" we knew that we wanted to swaddle our son at night but weren't completely comfortable doing so with blankets that could come undone and present a hazard. We decided to try one of these despite the fact that other parents told us they didn't work well. They have been wonderful for us! When my son started to outgrow the small size, we decided to try the Miracle Blanket next. It was such a pain to take on and off and to re-wrap him in when changing him in the middle of the night. We then ordered more of the SwaddleMe's in the large size and haven't used anything else since. My son sleeps in this every night and only rarely is able to get an arm out...and even when he does get an arm out, there is no danger because the SwaddleMe is still velcroed up. I strongly recoomend this product and don't know what I would do without it!...more info
  • This is swaddle junk
    We bought one of these, why? Maybe cause it was cheap, and yes it is cheap. If you are serious about a swaddling blanket, get a "miracleswaddle blanket." They may cost $30, but they are awesome. This item is no good....more info
  • Great invention
    These swaddlers are a wonderful and safe way to keep your baby warm. Without the risk of them getting bunched up in blankets. This large one fits my 5 month old daughter, but she doesn't like being swaddled anymore, and wiggles out of it, but it is a great thing to have for newborns.

    I don't recommend this for babies over 4 months, since they're so active and barely keep still in one. It is GREAT for newborns....more info