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Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Earphones (Black)
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $149.00

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Product Description

Imagine professional quality sound out of earphones designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. The compact, lightweight design and metallic travel case allow the earphones to go where you go. The flexible ear loops secure the earphones in place and the universal fit kit enables maximum comfort and noise isolation from the world around you. Best of all, the dual driver in-ear technology allow you to experience music as it is meant to be heard. Professional Construction - Small form factor, lightweight durable design made for active lifestyles Fashion conscious styling - Intuitive, stylish design. Available in white and black finishes Noise Isolating Design - In-ear fit and customizable ear tips maximize noise isolation from the environment for the ultimate listening experience Flexible ear loops & Low friction cable - Flexible ear loops secure earphones in place and route cable behind ears offering maximum comfort and eliminating tangled cables Metallic Travel Case - Metallic crush proof case protects earphones while on the go Input Sensitivity - 119dB/mW Impedance - 21 Ohms Input connector - 1/8-inch (3.5mm) Gold plated Frequency Response - 20 to 16,000 Hz Noise isolation - 26 dB Cable Length - 46 inches Weight With Cable Assembly - 0.6 ounces

  • Dual Drivers for wide frequency response (20 to 16,000 HZ) and efficient performance
  • Professional Quality Sound
  • Noise Isolating Design attenuates outside noise by an amazing 26db
  • Comfortable and Secure Ear Loops
  • Includes Universal Fit kit and a protective metallic travel case to store earphones

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these
    I'm pretty picky about what I use to listen to music... I used to have the Sennheiser PX100's and the problem with those is that they require some serious equalization when listening to an ipod. Problem? Ipod's equalization is horrible.

    Well these UE 5 Pro's require absolutely no equalization for portables, and sound brilliant. I've owned a set of these before, but they were never available in black until now. Thats not the only change though--

    My favorite update is the case. It came with a case before, but it was too frustrating to fit the phones inside! There was a rubber separator and I guess you were supposed to fit the cord through the bottom half, and then rest the earphones on the top half... *sigh*.

    This NEW case seems larger, if only because it doesn't have that barrier in the middle. Its also lined with a soft microfiber fabric.

    I've run into ONLY ONE issue, and its a small one-- If you are using these with a PC with built-in motherboard sound, these phones are so sensitive that you will hear motherboard noise (for instance, when you move your mouse or click a button you can hear faint hums and buzzes, choreographed to your movements).

    I recommend buying a PCI-card with a good Signal-to-Noise ratio....more info
  • Best in-ear phones I've ever used
    I'm usually not an in-ear guy since the ones that hook onto your earlobe hurt my ears and usually sound horrible. But I wanted some nice phones for travel that were smaller than studio monitors or those Bose status symbols you see the people in first class sporting.

    The UE's are great sound-wise, I have absolutely no complaints. They are better than the Shure E3C phones I used to use for certain. They are also pretty good noise cancelers, they drown out normal-level conversations nearby and most of the plane captain tour guide commentary, seatbelt reminders, and airline mile credit card sales pitches. Nothing will completely get rid of engine noise, because, well, physics is a pain. But these do pretty well. Also because they're passive, they don't use electronics that inevitably screw up your original music, and better yet, they don't need batteries.

    Another great thing is that these headphones are very electrically sensitive, which means you get a lot of volume for a fairly low setting on your iPod or device of choice. I guess this means you could crank it if you really hate your ears, but to me it means that my iPod will go longer driving these than driving the much bigger speakers in a larger set of phones.

    I doubt you'll regret getting these, *except* if they don't fit well in your ears. I had no troubles, and I usually do, so what else can I say....more info
  • Worth the cost
    Ordered just before a long flight, really made a difference compared to the cheap earbuds I have been using. Comfortable fit and amazing audio quality. As others have noted, a low quality recording will sound worse. I noticed a big improvement with large WMA files compared to MP3' can actually hear the difference when listening with a computer,quality is a bit lower with a PDA. Definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Great SONIC Impact...Better Deal on Dual Driver than Shure's Earbuds
    I just got these things...haven't even looked at the book yet...just opened them up and plugged them into my Iphone 3G and WOW....great sonic impact...a lot of punch to my music. I am very satisfied and what's really cool is the volume is much higher without turning it up real loud...halfway to full volume is loud on my Iphone...never could get it loud enough even at full volume with the Apple (junk) earphones that come with the Iphone. I didn't plan on spending this much for earphones but if you use them a lot and appreciate great sound from your music equipment, these shouldn't be a second thought. Dual drivers sound way better than the single drivers found on the similarly priced Shure models. Don't know how durable they are but time will tell. I listen to a lot of older Billy Joel (Turnstiles, The Stranger, Piano Man album) and these songs really come to life with these earphones. Using these earphones is like listening to your music on a high qualilty home stereo whereas the standard earphones that come with the Apple Iphone sound tinny. Another thing is that even at loud volumes for an extended period of time, my ears didn't hurt or ring afterwards (maybe because the sound is clean compared to junk earphones). I think the ear loops are a great thing as they hold them to your ears more securely. Just bend them enough to mold to your size of your ear and you really don't have to do it again. The only thing is that putting the earphones in the square case that comes with them is great for protection and taking them on the go, you have to really wind them up small to fit them in it and when you take them out again to use, you sort of have to re-bend the loops to fit your ears. Not sure how that will hold up but they do have a two year warranty...the Triple Fi 10's (another Ultimate Ears model) only come with a one year warranty. I can't imagine anyone not liking these earphones (the Super Fi 5 Pro's) unless you just can't get used to the loops going behind and over your is a different method than most others but once you get that figured out, the music is GREAT !!!...more info
  • WOW! These babies are AWSOME!!
    Decided to invest in a higher quality headphone, spent a bunch of time researching and landed on these. I fly a bunch and when I sat down for the first time I was in shock. First the noise reduction was complete. With a good seal you can barely hear the surroundings and when the music starts forget about everything else. In fact I had to turn the player off to hear the stewardess.
    Then comes the sound! I enjoy all types of music but my favorites are Pink Floyd and Winton Marsalis. I used to play the trumpet so I can hear things going on that most can't. The UE's replicated the sound incredibly. To hear the click of the vavles, the "cluck" of the double tounging, and subtle sound of circular breathing from Winton was fantastic and with Pink Floyd there' always some kind of background stuff going on that you hear but never really HEAR. Well these babies let you in on all of it. The sratch of David Gilmours fingers sliding on strings to the Oboe in "is there anybody out there" to the TV verbage throughout the Wall was the best I've ever heard. I don't know what the 2K ear phones sound like and probably never will but I am completely satisfied with these! ...more info
  • good sound quality but nit very comfortable to wear
    good sound quality but nit very comfortable to wear, you will hear your heartbeats or the sound when swallowing. good when you are stationary but not when moving....more info
  • Sound is awesome, but the cable is bit heavy and thick
    I've bought over 20 earphones in my life. usually have wiring problem and one side of the phones die. That is the reason I have bought over 20 earphones. When I read reviews on UE super fi 5 pro, I had to get it. I have a splitter, so as soon as I received the UE, I compared the sound with the ones I had one on each ear. The sound on UE was about 25% louder than any other, so I couldn't compare at the same time on each ear fairly. Anyways, the sound was truly awesome. The sound was comparable or better than Bose OE.
    My only problem was, I could't keep the phones in canal easily. They keep on falling out. I tried differnt tips, but no help. I tried the silicon tips that I had for my panasonic earphones which fit on my perfectly. It fit on my UE perfectly fortunately, but still it fell out of my canal. The reason was not the fittings. It was the heavy and Thick cables. I try UE phones without the cables, they stay on without any problem, but with the cables on, they don't. I can't even move a little if I want them in my canal. I try all diffent way (including hooking over the ear way) and no luck.
    I really wish UE makes some thinner and lighter cables that would not require hooking over the ear. also shorter cables (half the length) so I can use it with my Jabra bluetooth receiver necklace.
    I just want to be able to use this UE earphones more often which I cannot. That's why I give it 4 stars...more info
  • Awesome sound....just didn't fit well
    These were the first headphones I bought.....they were absolutely awesome sound-wise. I was disappointed that I could not find a tip that fit my ear. As a result, they were always ready to fall out of my ear. I hated to send them back, but for that kind of money I had to. If you can get them to fit your ear, these are tops in my book!...more info
  • UE5 Perfect match for Ipod Touch
    I own an IPOD touch and was looking for some headphones to emphasize the music experience. I owned Bose Triport (over the ears) and Sony EX71s and both are fairly muddled compared to the UE. Although the Bose aren't that bad. I tried Bose's in ears plugs and found that they had good bass, but the highs felt cut off (plus they kept falling out).

    So I bought some Eytonomic 6is. After trying it for 1 day,...I knew they sucked, they were tin like and much much worse than the Apple earbuds. They had a tiny sound and only came with 1 size of silicon tips (sorry no extras included to size it right for the sound). Maybe they sound better with more silicon tips (which u pay extra for as an "accessory). The cord was also really cheap, like a cheap pair of radioshack plugs. I would just avoid them, I ended up returning them (rated them 1 star).

    Next, I debated between the Shure E4C and the Ultimate Ears Superfi5pro. I decided on the Superfi5 pro since people mentioned that they had 2 drivers. One for highs/mids and one for lows. After 1 week of use...they are GREAT! Clear highs and substantive bass. I'm sure Shuree4C makes a good product, but you really get the clear crisp seperation of lows, mids, and highs with these UE. One interesting this is the position of the soundstage. Unlike floor speakers that project he sound stage in front of you, these seem to place the singers voice right in your head between your ears(forward feeling). It is interesting, and very involving.

    At First they take some getting used to (it is like sticking in earplugs into your ears. But they are comfortable over time. I found the large silicon tip the most comfortable and of course they supplied 5 different fit silicon flanges ...nice. Overall, they are worth it.

    Are over the ear headphones better...maybe. Over the ears provide more comfort and breadth, but are heavy and not as easy to tote. For the size, these rock....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    First of all, let me say that they 5's are great earphones. The high end is a little lacking, but overall they are great.
    I have owned the earphones for about a year. Just recently the left earpiece started cutting out. This is where I have run into a problem. Upon contacting Ultimate Ears I was told to call another number. Logitech now owns Ultimate Ears and they are handling (or not handling as is the case here )returns.
    I returned the earphones, my replacement was approved on May 4, 2009. I was told that the replacement phones would ship in 7-10 business days. That means they should have shipped by May 18th. Yet I still don't have them. I called Logitech yesterday and was informed that my "replacement" is "backordered" and the rep couldn't tell me when they would be shipped.
    This is ridiculous, of course, and not what you would expect from a supposed "high-end" earphone maker.
    So, buyer beware. The earphones are great, but now that UE is owned by Logitech, any problems requiring repair or replacement might turn into a big delay. Who says bigger is better.
    Steve B....more info
  • An Awesome Set of Noise Canceling Headphones
    I bought these headphones a few months ago for my 45 minute daily ride on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). They took a few days to get used to, but after that they were awesome.

    First off, this is my second set of fairly expensive headphones. My first was the Sennheiser HD-555. Those are nice, but they are a completely different class of headphones. They are open air, and allow sound in and out. This gives them a great soundstage in a quiet area, but makes them ineffective for times when you want to block sound out.

    These headphones, on the other hand, are designed exactly to block sound out. They come with multiple silicon tips as well as a set of foam tips so that you can get a solid fit to block outside sounds, as well as stop sound from exiting your headphones. So if you live in a dorm, or want to use these in the library, you don't need to worry about sound leakage disturbing nearby people.

    About the multiple tips, that is one of the pains of these. I tried a few different ones over a few days before I found a comfortable set. My other complaint is the wire, which is designed to bend and hold a shape. The wire near the actual drivers is designed to curve around your ear, but I am not sure why the entire cord is made of the same material. It's not a huge problem, but it's a pain when I unwrap the cord from my ipod.

    But those are minor gripes because these headphones sound great. They have dual drivers, which means that each piece has both a low-range and a high-range driver to produce an accurate sound. The low-end on these are amazing, and I have been catching up on the hip-hop I used to listen to in the 90's. Snoop Dogg never sounded this good before!

    If you need a pair of noise canceling headphones, and can stand the price tag, I highly recommend these. ...more info
  • Forget Shure - Ultimate Ears Will Show You The Way - An iPod MUST!!!
    Toss those iPod stock headphones, and lets get crackin.

    I have owned Shure E2c, Shure E3c, and I have tested the Shure E310.
    Ultimate Ears 5 has SUPERIOR sound quality. Hands down. The construction of these units - which utilize armatures and not small speakers - is what gives you the most accurate sound possible. The bass feedback and clarity - overall spectrum of sound - is SO fascinating I found myself hearing new things in music. Dual drivers in each headphone is what makes another difference. These things are LOUD. They fit well, have a MUCH more robust construction than anything out there. Shures broke on me twice, wires are flimsy and cheap. UE wires are like steel- they even shape around the back of the ear and stay that way for unique fit.

    If you are torn between what brand to buy - what's the best for the money - and what gives the MOST accurate and crisp sound....look no further.
    This is the answer to TRUE sound. I am blown away by this product!

    Ultimate Ears has far more experience with music professionals than Shure ever had. Shure may be an older company but they are not headphone-specific. That's why what we see here - is a superior product with serious bang for the buck....more info
  • Disappointed
    After reading all the reviews about the Ultimate ears versus Etymotic I was truly disappointed when I received my UE super .fi 5's. The have clean, clear sound but have very little base response, the high end is tinny and there could be more dimension to the midrange. The wires are a mess to deal with. They tangle easily and are stiff enough to make them seem like baling wire. In order to get anything close to an accurate base response you have to spend too much time positioning them in the ear canal to get the right sound. Plus they are difficult to keep in your ears. While working out or riding a bike they become loose and fall out. My original Apple buds had a much better fit than the UE's. So now I will go try the Etymotic's and hope that their sound has more punch. At least I hope they fit better. I am not so sure it is worth it to spend $150 on earbuds when to me, they don't sound twice as good as the Apple's. I would not recommend the UE's to anyone, mainly due to fit, lack of low end and overly tinny high end. They just are not worth the money....more info
  • UE Super fi 5 Pros....Great if they fit
    Yes, I did my research and yes, I was aware that some had fit issues with these. Without any quantification of their size or the size of my ear canal I opted to make the purchase. Well, even with the smallest tip I found myself exerting a large amount of pressure to get these things in my ears. Now, even though there was a good deal of physical discomfort for me I can't deny the veils these earphones removed from the music while listening through them. Unfortunately I could not listen for longer than a few minutes at a time and even when the 'phones were removed there was a lingering tingle/burning in my ears. Too bad about the fit because these 'phones offer an excellent musical experience....more info
  • Amazing earphones
    After doing pleanty of research, going through countless reviews, I finally settled on the UE Super 5 Pro earphones. And I am glad I chose these. The sound quality is amazing. The bass is just right. Not too less not too high. Ditch those ipod earphones and get these to improve the output of your favorite mp3 player.
    The only minor problem I have with these is that I find it a struggle to put these on. I guess thats cos I just got these and i'm still figuring out the best way to get these in my ear.
    These earphones fit snugly into the ear and once they do, you wont hear any ambient sound. They work as good as any of the noise cancelling earphones in the market in terms of curtting out background noise. I've used them in the Chicago subway, buses and planes and always i've found them to be an amazing experience. No more will you need to crank up the volume of your player to the maximum to hear the music properly.
    An excellent pair of earphones and I would recommend this to everyone looking for a great way to enjoy music on the go....more info
  • Super Happy After 4 Months Of Use

    Super happy with these 5 Pros after four months of use in and around town listening to a ton of rock, alternative and blues. Whether I am working out, walking in the neighborhood with the kids, sitting at Starbucks, traveling or just relaxing at home, these earphones provide great isolation of background noise and create full, rich, stunningly detailed music. My old pair was a Shure E3 and while those were an eye opener over the stock Apple earbuds, these's are in another league completely. Like many have said before, these earphones definitely bring out details in the music that you never knew were there. If you love music, you will not be disappointed in these's. Well worth it!

    Over the past few months of use I did pick up a few tips along the way. Hopefully these will be as helpful to you as they were to me.

    -- There is a trick to keeping a good seal during workouts or long runs: wear the's like the musicians do. Otherwise the seal will break quickly. Specifically, after you put the buds in, run the cord behind your neck and down your back and clip your iPod to your waistband at the small of your back. Then use the sliding adjuster on the cord to eliminate any slack behind your head. This set-up minimizes cord (and player) movement. The cords are somewhat stiff and if you wear them normally (down your chest) they will eventually break the earbud seal as they bounce around.

    -- Try flipping the wires and the L/R earbuds. Makes for a smoother fit to your ears and easier to seal too.

    -- Rip your songs at 192 AAC or higher. My purchased songs from iTunes with the default 128 AAC definitely have a flatter sound than the DRM-free 256 AAC from iTunes or the 192 AAC of the rest of my collection.

    Overall these are well worth it! If you love music, you'll never look back after buying these.
    ...more info
  • Simply Great!
    These are the best headphones I have ever owned. I've been able to stack them up against the Shure's some friends of mine own and we all agree the Ulimate Ears are the best. Money well spent....more info
    I bought this head set this summer and one ear piece fell off after using it maybe 5-6 times. I returned it for a replacement set. Logitech (they own Ultimate Ears) sent me the wrong replacement set..So I paid to return the wrong set and received an e-mail they'd received it and were processing the correct set and would e-mail me when it was shipped. Six days later I replied to them I'd received neither an e-mail nor a head set. They didn't have the courtesy to reply to my e-mail. So I called them, now 10 days after their e-mail. Still being "processed". I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told they'd leave a msg for the supervisor to call me within 48 hours. this company has no concept of customer service. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Ultimate Ears Super fi. 5 Pro
    This is my first and last time buying anything from Ultimate Ears. I am a college student who listens to hardcore rock music and was looking for a set of headphones that i would be able to listen to very loudly without sacrificing quality. I am extremely disappointed in these headphones because they are first, very uncomfortable. While they do stay in place very well if you wear them around your ears, they hurt your ears after one or two hours in place. I also felt like i had to jam them into my ear canals in order to get annnyyyy kind of bass. Seriously, i have no clue why anyone would buy these... if anyone disagrees with me they must listen to classical music with low volume for no more than an hour. For the price, I implore you to spend your cash elsewhere. ...more info
  • they're OK... if you're a runner, the earphones come off.
    I bought these eraphones cause Im a runner... so I was looking for good audio for my 2+ hour long runs.. well the earphones sound GREAT, the bass is awesome... you won't hear any other noise.. but if you run, the earphones will come out of your ears... I was hopping they would hold.. i have to adjust them evry 10-15 min. I do have to admit, everyone's ears are different......more info
  • Recommendable!!
    Excellent sounding headphones! Powerfull, hard and deep bass, very loud and gratifying trebles even at high levels. Sometimes a little uncomfortable by wearing. Nevertheless I highly recommend this headphones! :)...more info
  • Good audio fidelity
    After purchasing this product I was dismayed that the standard flanges didn't fit me, that's when I tried the foam ones and they worked! They created a good seal in my ear and were comfortable. Listeining to some music I was very satisfied on how the sound was reproduced. Bass was there and it wasn't booming or thumpy. Middle range and high were crisp and clear. I guess it all comes down to the quality of your music collection, low bit mp3 will come through on these audiophile level earbuds. So make sure your music collection is up to par....more info