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Kata R-103 GDC Rucksack
List Price: $285.00

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Product Description

The compact R-103 is designed to hold DV camcorders. Additional accessories, tapes, batteries, filters, charger, cables and personal essentials can be stored in the spacious arched lid compartment, the 2 outside pockets and the central mesh/vinyl pocket. The special design gives quick, separate access to the camcorder in the central compartment, while the rest of the equipment surrounding it remains secure. The R-103's ergonomic harness includes a unique cushioning and shock absorbing system, which allows for optimal ventilation, weight distribution and 5-point adjustment mechanism. The R-103 includes a well-padded dividing set, which allows you to organize it to fit your requirements. In addition, the R-103 includes a TST tripod holder with its connecting V shape device and an upper adjustable strap (the tripod can be carried on the central part of the Rucksack or on one of the sides). Especially designed Camera Straps can be attached to the D rings on the harness and will take the camera load off your neck (they can be turned into a regular camera strap by connecting to the provided extender). A detachable hip belt can be connected to the bottom back loops that are designated to attach the R-103 to KATA's EPH system. Full protection on the main zipper and KATA's unique cover make sure your sensitive equipment is well protected from the elements.

  • Comfortable backpack can accommodate SLR with attached 300mm lens or large DV camcorder
  • Two outside pockets, two detachable interior mesh pockets, and a laptop compartment
  • Main compartment stores the camera in the center; quick draw via small top opening flap
  • Exterior made of highly durable, waterproof TST (Thermo Shield Technology)
  • Padded shoulder strap, detachable hip belt

Customer Reviews:

  • Would be nice if it was deeper
    I got this bag to go with my Nikon D3. I have the D3 in there with a 50mm, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 and the SB-800. I also have some odds and ends such as filters, cables, caps, blowers, grey cards etc. It also fits my 14.1" thinkpad with room to spare. The bag looks and feels like absolute quality. I especially love the color and feel of the interior. It's fuzzy unlike the plasticy interior of my old canon backpack. It came with a weather cover and a carrying thing for the tripod but I haven't used those yet.

    All my gear fits well except for one thing: the height of the D3 (since it has a "built-in" vertical grip) makes it really push against the top of the bag. A regular SLR without vertical grip would fit perfectly. The only thing that worries me is that if I drop it and it lands on the top (side opposite the straps), the top of the D3 will take the full impact force. Only an SLR with vertical grip will have this issue. I use it anyway.

    On my back it's extremely comfortable. The camera and lenses I put in there weigh a LOT but I have no problems even after a couple of hours on my back. I used to have canon's popular backpack and it would start hurting my lower back after just 30 mins. Another bag to consider is the Lowepro Flipside 300....more info
  • excellent camera bag
    I used this bag for a recent trip to St. John. I had a Nikon D70 with a 70-200 f2.8 VR lens mounted, 3 other f2.8 lenses, an SB-600 flash, and many small items like filters and spare batteries. there is also a Gitzo G2227 tripod mounted on the outside of the bag. The bag is well balanced and easy to carry. I had it on my back for a whole day, and I didn't feel much.
    The only complaint that I have is the documentation of the bag. I had a hard time figuring out where to attach those belts that came with the bag....more info
  • Nice bag
    I love this bag! My gears are very secure in the padded compartments, and my laptop is not squished despite filling up the bag. I especially love the fact that when I put on the bag there is a slight gap so my back does not get sweaty.

    I just don't like the pockets which cannot hold many things. And I don't like that the raincover is not attached to the backpack, unlike in my Lowerpro Mini Trekker. But other than that I'm quite satisfied with this backpack.

    Definitely worth recommending to my friends. And I plan to get the R-101 to use as my daily backpack.

    ...more info
  • r-103
    im currently serving oversea right now and was a little skeptical of this bag do the fact of the dusty conditions here in iraq which by the way it does a wonderful job keeping your equipment clean even in a dust storm. i wasnt even sure if my camera equipment would even fit i own a sony A-700 with grip, a 70-300 g lens, the SAL 70-200 g series, a 11-18 wide angle and the kit lens i also have the HVL-F56AM flash let me tell you that with the SAL 70-200 I thought theirs no way that this is going to fit attached it fits real nice actually i would like to have had a cushion for under the lens which is only a issue when the battery grip is attached but I pulled one out of my old bag which had velcro on it and it was perfect all my equipment fits nicely and feels very secure the camera is not smashed in there and i had no diffuculty closing the quick access flap there are two pouches on the outside which i use for my memory cards on one side and extra batterys on the other there is plenty of room left over maybe two more lenses or some other goodies my 15.4 in labtop slides in with no problems at all and have room for my external hard drive and cables i have taking this bag on missions and it has had its fair share of tugs pulls drops name it the build on this bag is simply amazing with all my gear the back sits hi on my back and after a couple of days of wearing breaks in very nice do to the padding is a little stiff from the get go but like i said it smooths out very quickly if your on the go need a near bullet proof bag and need your camera in hurry i highly recommend this bag my only thing that i had to do was cut off the kata tag on the top so that it was in regulation sorry kata...more info
  • ecxxelent backpack
    if you really care abbout your camera,then you need to have this Kata r-103 rucksack.this is a total protection for my camera my lenses.etc. I am really happy with my purchase...more info
  • Amazing solid bag!
    Not much I can add that has not already been said about this bag. It very well built and surprisingly comfortable fully loaded (see my pics). ...more info
  • Excellent choice for SLR gear and laptop
    I settled on the Kata R-103 after looking at the Lowepro Computrekker and Tamrac Cyber 6 and also considering Crumpler "Whickey & Cox" and the Tenba PB-15C. Having a backpack with room for both laptop and camera gear is great for taking a business trip with a rolling suitcase without also dragging a third piece of luggage for the camera, a load that puts you at risk for having to check your luggage

    I have a DSLR, 3 lenses, flash, tripod and the usual assortment of cables, plus a Dell D-600 laptop, charger and cords. The Dell is 15" wide (long?). That assortment would fit any of the five backpacks noted above. If you have more gear than that, you need a bigger backpack, and all of the above makers have bigger models.

    The Kata R-103 has several unusual features that give it an edge, but most important, it has a very comfortable harness that can be adjusted to fit both short and tall people. Another reviewer said it fits people 170-180mm tall (5'7" - 5'11"). I'm 167 mm tall (5'6') and it fits very well indeed - a lot better than the Tumi laptop "business" backpack I use when I'm not taking camera gear around.

    Kata Features: (1) The zippers for the main (camera) compartment go around the outside edge and down under the bag, allowing it to open compeletely for easy access. (2) There's a smaller zippered flap on the main compartment that gives you easy access to just the camera and lens without the risk that any other gear will fall out. That flap is also zippered all the way down both sides to the bottom. (3) The laptop is accessible from the side, which seems better than access from the top if you want to get at it on a plane (although the zipper could be an inch or two longer). (4) It fits a full-sized 15" laptop. (But get Kata's next size - Model HB-207 -- if you have a 17" laptop!) (5) It has a sternum strap, which makes the bag more comfortable to carry and secures it so you can bend or lean over without the load shifting. (6) It comes with a unique set of straps that replace your regular camera strap so you can carry the camera around your neck, as usual, or hang it from the straps of the backpack. That reduces strain on your neck. It makes you look irremediably geeky, but hey, if you travel with a pile of lenses and a laptop, you are a geek, so why not look like one? (7) It comes with a clip-on waist strap and a strap-on tripod carrier that's much easier to use and less ungainly than the one on the Lowepro Comptrekker. (8) There's a fairly large pair of zippered pockets hidden under the main flap - ideal for cables and small items. (9) And finally, it's not as deep from back to front as the Lowepro Computrekker or the Tamrac Cyber 6, which makes it better balanced everywhere you go and easier to maneuver in tight spots like airplanes and subways.

    When new, the zippers feel stiff and so does the harness, but once the zippers have been used a few times and you've walked a couple of miles, the bag loosens up just enough -- kind of like breaking in a good pair of hiking boots. The materials and construction appear to be first rate -- tougher fabric and beefier zippers than the Lowepro bags of the same class. And before buying, I asked Kata a question via their web site and got an immediate and comprehensive response, which is a good sign. ...more info
  • Lovin' It
    Durable, rugged, placement for my cameras, their parts, my tripod, and my laptop computer. Wow! I got everything that I wanted in this purchase....more info
  • Kata R-103
    The manufacturer of these bags also make bullet proof vests. If you want/need a bag that is as close to bullet proof as you will find this side of the Israeli Army, this is the bag for you! Materials,zippers and ergonomics are all state-of-the-art, the toughest bag I have seen in 30 years of searchig for the perfect bag....more info
  • Best of the best
    Still haven't bought a bag for your camera?
    Want a -really- good way to protect your investment?
    Get a Kata R-103.
    I have it since October 2005. I've travelled through south india for 11 days - in 'sleeper class' train compartments, crowded streets, trekked through the jungle surrounding the periyar lake with the following stuff in this bag -
    Canon EOS 350D, a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, a Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens, a Tamron 18-200mm lens, Canon Speedlite 580EX flash, 4 rechargable 2500 milli-amp-hour NiMH AA cells, Nokia cell phone charger, NiMH battery charger, an IBM T42p Thinkpad laptop, laptop charger, my ebook and music library on a spool of 10 DVDs, a charger for the Canon camera NB2LH battery, a Sony portable Discman, an Apple iPod nano 4G (there were 9 more people in our gang, so we needed multiple music playing devices), a portable travelpod for the smaller Kodak DX6490, a larger Hansa tripod for the 350D, Apple earbuds, Shure e3c canalphones, Shure e2c canalphones, a full set of sleeves for the e2c and the e3c, cables for hooking the ipod to the laptop, a 25-in-1 memory card reader, a Nokia 6600 cellphone for continuous bluetooth->GPRS connectivity on my laptop, a kensington laptop cable lock, ethernet cables, a couple of paperbacks and a bunch of other small knickknacks like chewing gum and mints ..... so, the bag although devoid of all the equipment in this snapshot, has much more room than you can see!

    The bag is made from military standard nylon that is ACTUALLY dust resistant! I've lugged it through a jungle - and not a speck of dust on it yet. It seems to be very shock resistant - Kata should know this kinda stuff well - they make bulletproof vests and other such equipment for the Israeli army!!!

    The ergonomics is superb for a person who is 170-180 cms in height. It has full 5 point adjustment, external straps for lashing up tripods to the backpack shell, a really comfortable shoulder 'wrap' underneath the shoulder straps.

    The bag is the most ruggedly built bag I have ever seen - perhaps with the exception of the Lowepro Dryzone (but who needs something that -heavy- unless one is going kayaking with camera equipment and there is a danger of submersion.) The Kata R-103 comes with a all weather raincoat that is reflective on one side for sun protection and is black on the other for the rains.

    I managed to lose one half of the waist strap as it came off the sliplock when I took it off - so I wrote them asking about what I should do next. I expected a mail giving the part number and a URL where I could order it online. But guess what - I received an email from them within half an hour asking me for my shipping address and phone number - saying that a replacement waist strap would be on the way immediately the next day. Thank you Bellina Israel - Kata should be proud of people like you!

    This is some of the best customer service I have seen yet.

    I haven't been paid by anyone to write this. This backpack is just a showcase of very good design and engineering. And if Kata is listed on your local stock exchange - you should go and buy some stock. I would....more info
  • Nice bag, but not quite it
    First off, let me say this is a well made bag with lots of interesting features. The velcro draw string bags for small items that can fit into each compartment are really nice for holding all the little things that seem to fall out when your rummaging through your camera case (IE, wires, memory cards, etc). There are small compartments hidden throughout the bag for all sorts of small items (once again, memory cards, wires, etc) and the dual opening front allows for easy inital loading when the whole front is open, then the smaller door allows for access to your camera with out fully opening the bag. There are attachment straps that allow you to quickly attach/deattach your camera to the bag's sholder straps to keep the camera's weight off of your neck, and finally, there is a waterproof cover for incliment weather.

    The laptop compartment does indeed swallow 15in widescreen laptops such as my MacBook Pro 15", but you would be hard pressed to fit a thicker laptop in as this is a snug fit. Once loaded with my camera equipment (Nikon D70, SB800 flash, three lenses, and battery charger) and my laptop, the bag is noticibly heavy, but considering the amount carried, it's quite comfortable to wear.

    Now I'd like to say that is the end of the story, but there are nit picks that bring this bag down to a three star. First, the primary camera slot seems to be more aimed at leaving a telephoto lens on your camera body and allowing full access through the smaller door on the front of the bag. While this is nice in that scenario, it doesn't allow for much alternate configuration of the bag and ultimately, wasted space. This becomes a further issue when you need to carry a few of the items the designers seem to have assumed you don't need, such as an ipod, a portable game system or more importantly, the ac adapter for the laptop. While many people may not need entertainment items like that for a shoot, they more than likely will need the AC adapter. The lack of space for these itemes makes using this bag for extended travel, such as by plane or bus, less desirable. There is a plastic zip pocket that rests over the camera when the bag is closed that an ipod could fit into, but it would be a tight fit and wouldn't offer much protection to the music player.

    Secondly, while the bag is well made and does come with a waterproof cover, the design doesn't suggest that the bag is meant for extended exposure to the elements, such as a hike or wildlife photography. I would think the laptop sleeve alone implies that, so I wouldn't recommend it for that either.

    So with that in mind, Kata has produced a quality bag that will probably last a while, I just can't put my finger on what it would last a while doing. I would recommend this for people that might be going out on quick shoots that would require processing of the photos on site and where laptop battery life wouldn't be as much of an issue. But as a travel bag, you might have to sacrifice a lens or two to carry your PC's AC adapter. ...more info
  • Great bag and manufacturer's service
    I use this bag for bird photography. Tight but sufficient. I also like the way you can attach the camera to the straps.

    Mine had a bit of a problem and I wrote to the seller (Adorama) and never got a response. But I wrote to Kata at the same time and got a response and they resolved my complaint that surpassed my expectation.

    Kudos, Kata!...more info
  • Amazing Backpack
    The back pack is sturdy and feels comfortable even with heavy weight. There are enough compartments to keep your stuff. It holds my Nikon 300mmF4 attached to D80 easily. I think I can squeeze the same setup with a 1.4 tele converter too. The mesh pouch is good to keep all the filters. I would surely recommend to a friend. ...more info
  • Good travel bag
    I got this bag mainly for flying with the laptop or when I know I will need to use the telephoto lens. I use it to carry my Nikon D3 and D300 with 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 12-24mm DX, 50/f1.8 lens and a SB-800 speedlight. The bag is very comfortable on your shoulder and back. The laptop slot fits my Lenovo T60 15.4" laptop. It's snug but fits just fine. It's not as convenient as the shoulder bags so generally around town, I use the Lowepro Stealth Reporter. ...more info
  • Exactly What I Was Looking For
    I saved for 2 1/2 years to purchase a Nikon D90. It came as part of a package that included, amongst other items, a camera bag. While I'm sure the camera bag was fairly reputatble, it just wasn't working for me - it was over-one-shoulder style. The first day I had the camera, safely secured in the bag, it fell a grand total of 3 inches. To my astonishment and dismay, the housing on the primary lens was broken. It took 6 months for me to get that lens fixed (most of that time I was getting the run around from the extended warrenty company. When I sent it to Nikon, they fixed it and returned it within 10 days). Anyway, this all served to convince me I needed another, better bag.

    I already carried my laptop in a backpack. To carry the laptop backpack and the over the shoulder camera bag made me feel like a pack mule and was just crazy. I needed a bag capable of safely carrying both. I started doing the research, and was intrigued by the Kata.

    It has lived up to all of the high praise already given here. It's a fabulous bag. I can carry my Macbook Pro, the D90 two lenses - one zoom, assorted power cords, etc., my ipod, various other accessories, etc., with room to spare. As I am also a teacher, I find it won't carry my other books and papers, but then, that's not what it was designed to do.

    It's rugged, durable, extremely comfortable, even on my 5'4" frame. And I feel like it really protects what's important to me. They included a free camera neck strap that is wonderful - soft and slightly stretchy, so it "gives" when you move without cutting in to your neck.

    Overall, it's a fabulous bag, worth every penny.

    ...more info
  • Ginormous - but great quality
    Let me start off with the fact that I am a newbie to the (D)SLR world. Initially I bought a small camera bag for my Pentax K10D, but I quickly realized I would need something bigger and better to protect my every expanding hobby.

    After pouring over reviews, I decided on the Kata R-103 GDC Rucksack. Mainly because I wanted something comfortable that would be very good at protecting my equiptment (I tend to bang things around.) I had read several women who were, shall we say "blessed in the front", complain about other bags. There were a few that recommended this one and since I am short and equally blessed, I decided to go for it.

    I am happy to report that there is no odd strain on the girls when wearing this backpack around the house. Will post an update after I take a test run on a day hike. Additionally, I am estactic to learn that my large 17" Toshiba fits nicely in the back. Initially I didn't even consider that my laptop would be an option to transport given its larger size.

    Oddly enough the protection factor that drew me to this bag, also shocked me with its size. The thing is GINORMOUS. Okay, maybe the fact that I'm a little girl that has never worn a really big backpack has something to do with it - but wow. The bulk of this backpack seem to be tons of padding, shock absorbers, et al. Hopefully I will get used to the size, but I am definately going to need to consider buying a small model for quick morning hikes. Again, I will take a test hike with this beast this weekend and update the review accordingly. Currently my wanderlust dreams of international travel with my gear is quickly being depleted with the realization that I won't be able to fit anything else with my backpack. Oh well, at least I will have a built in pillow.

    But in all seriousness - this is what I have stuffed in this beast with tons of room to spare. My Pentax K10D, an additional add-on flash, kit lens, telephoto lens, a 50mm fixed lens, my 17" laptop, the large free padded camera strap that KATA gives you free with this purchase, a small handheld camcorder, and a bunch of other small and tiny things. Oh yeah, and some straps and a tripod carrier that attached to the back when you are carrying a tripod. I could easily fit another lens or two. If I slip and fall, there is so much padding in this monster, I am fairly certain that the only thing that will get hurt is my arse. And that's only if I am unlucky enough to not fall on the backpack. ...more info
  • Awesome backpack to portect my investment!
    I would have to say that the R-103 is amazingly awesome for my needs. I love to travel and I wanted a backpack which also carried my 15" Mac Book Pro along with my Canon DSLR, lenses, and all other accessories. Plus it also has enough space for my Canon HV-30 camcorder. I am definitely without a doubt completely satisfied with KATA brand bags and would not even consider purchasing anything else.

    If your looking for a backpack that's well padded, well designed, and most importantly comfortable then look no further. For anyone that wants great protection for your investments, I highly recommend KATA!!!...more info
  • Laptop doesn't fit
    I chose the Kata R-103 because I wanted to carry my camera, a long lens, and my laptop in one bag, but didn't want something too big.

    Unfortunately, this bag isn't big enough. My Dell Inspiron is 14" x 10-1/4" x 1-1/2", and it doesn't fit. One corner sticks out, and the zipper won't close over it. Well, I could probably force it to close, but it doesn't seem like that would be good for either the computer or the bag. And I can just imagine how much fun it would be, struggling with that zipper while going through airport security.

    It would be really helpful if they would give the maximum laptop size that would fit in the item description - all three dimensions.

    The Kata HB-205 GDC Hiker Backpack for DSLR system or DV/HDV camcorder. (Insertrolly optional) is even narrower than the the R-103, so I am ordering the Kata HB-207 GDC Hiker Backpack for DSLR system or DV/HDV camcorder. (Insertrolly optional), and hoping for the best. I may keep the R-103 as a daypack. It's a nice size, if you aren't planning to carry a laptop. I am only 5'-1", but the R-103 is not too big. It is comfortable and well-made. Just not quite large enough for my laptop.

    They should have used a material with a little more "give" around the zipper. My computer would fit if they'd done that.

    UPDATE: Well, my laptop wouldn't fit in the Kata HB-207, either. Instead, I bought the Lowepro Rolling CompuTrekker Plus AW Camera Bag.

    UPDATE #2: I have now taken this bag on a 10-day road trip, as well as several day trips.

    The good: It's very sturdy and well-padded. The shape and size are good. The tapered top, that meant my laptop wouldn't fit, makes the bag look less bulky, and also makes it easier to open and close the zippers. It looks smaller than it is.

    The bad: It's rather rigid. It's bulkier than it looks; the padded straps take up a lot of room. Don't expect to crush it down to save space if you're packing it empty in your luggage, as you might with an ordinary backpack.

    The ugly: There are only two outside pockets. They are small, shallow, diagonal pockets that run parallel to the main zipper. They don't hold much; maybe a pair of sunglasses or a very small wallet. Because of their orientation, they are extremely easy to accidentally open while you are opening the main zipper, and if you do accidentally open them, whatever is in them will fall out. I almost lost my keys more than once. I tried putting one of those Sandisk keychains on the zipper, so I would notice if I was pulling the wrong one, but that only made it worse. The keychain caught on the other zipper, and when I opened one, both would open.

    I like this bag, but I really wish it had more and better-designed outside pockets. Somewhere to safely stash your wallet and car keys, and larger pockets where you could tuck a map or a bottle of water.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic bag!
    I wanted a backpack with excellent protection, good size and flexibility and one that hopefully didn't scream "Steal me, I have camera equipment"! The Kata R-103 fills those needs perfectly.
    1) The protection is unparalleled. Being made by a company dedicated to body armor, this isn't that surprising. Your camera would have to be solidly hit by an almost deliberate hit to do any damage.
    2) I fit my XT, four lenses, a flash, my Jobo Giga2 20gb portable HD plus tons of little stuff in this thing. I still have room for a laptop!
    3) Nothing on it, unless I have my tripod in the included holder, says camera. It's almost incognito.
    I've had Tamrac and Lowepro - simply no comparison....more info