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Coleman Tent Light
List Price: $16.99

Our Price: $11.45

You Save: $5.54 (33%)


Product Description

Colman Indoor Tent Light

  • Magnet Secures Light Without Harming Tent Material
  • Multi Mountable, Use For Tent, Closet, Shed, Etc
  • Powerful Xenon Bulb
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Operates On 4 "AA" Cell Batteries
  • Features:
    • Magnetically secures to tent without damaging tent fabric
    • Portable and easy to use
    • Operates on 4 AA batteries
    • 1 Year warranty

    Customer Reviews:

    • Nice light
      This is an awesome light for the price. The one thing that slightly disappointed me is that I thought it was a circular light, just photographed at an angle, but it is elliptical just like in the picture. Not a huge deal, though, as it worked very well....more info
    • What a great invention!
      I just love clever camping gadgets! This inexpensive light worked great in our tent. We put in right inside the tent door and found it to be very conventient. Easy enough for the kids to use....more info
    • Good Buy
      I mounted the baseplate for this light on the overhead roll-over bar on my Kawasaki Mule. Works great for an "interior" light. I keep the light in the glove box until I need it. ...more info
    • Exelent product.
      Buy this product to go of camp with my family, the truth is that I did a very good investment. The lamps work very well and the performance(yield) of the battery is very good....more info
    • Good light - not so bright
      This is a pretty good tent light and reasonably priced.
      Pros: It's small and easy to pack. It safely attaches to the tent without causing and problems. It's easy to use. It works. Flexible.
      Cons: The light it gives is a bit dim. Many battery based lanterns give off much more light (although not as flexible in positioning). It's difficult to position with just one person because you have to have the magnet outside the tent and the light inside, so unless you can reach to the point outside where you want it, then you need to have someone else hold the magnet in place while you place the light inside the tent. This isn't much of a problem though.

      Overall I gave it 4 stars because it works and it's easy to use and low priced. It could use a brighter light, but otherwise is pretty good....more info
    • Great tent lite
      This tent light worked great. Very easy to use and gave off just enough light to light up my tent....more info
    • tent light
      It arrived in a timely manner. It is a very smart, useful item. I can't wait to use it....more info
    • We love our handy little (dim) light
      I've owned this little tent light for years. I've yet to go camping without it. It's super handy!

      1. A dedicated tent light (Wow, that's really nice - I don't know about you, but someone always steals my flashlight! If it's not nailed down...)
      2. This magnet is STRONG! it will stay wherever you put it. Wind/rain won't move it.
      3. Magnet mount lets you put it darn near anywhere!
      4. Not the brightest light - which is actually nice in the middle of the night, when you need to see, but not blind yourself & wake the whole tent.

      1. This really is not the brightest light. Don't buy if you're looking for a BRIGHT light. Still a good light - but certainly not blindingly brilliant.
      2. Somewhat heavy. The weight is in the batteries, so... what can you do. Just consider this fact when you mount it, and it's no big deal.

      GREAT light. We have two. I want more!
      NOT bright. That can really be a bonus (i think so, personally), but better to know ahead of time.

      HIGHLY recommended as a tent light! :)...more info
    • Nice little light!
      Just got back from a camping trip using the coleman light. I used it in a 11 X 11 dome tent right above the main entrance. It worked great; not very bright, but bright enough to see inside. It's very secure, it took wind gusts up to 35mph all night long without falling down. ...more info
    • Good for the Price
      We are just came back from our camping trip. Although I bought this product more than one year ago, this is my first time to use it. We put this one at the inside tent ceiling which is close to the tent door entrance, so we can just turned it on or off upon get inside or out. It's easy to set up, no problem at all; and easy to use. The reason I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the light beam is not very strong; which could be good or bad. It's good for general use, but if you need to see something more clearly like I did when I took off my contact lenses and put them into the carrying case, I still need to turn on my flash light for a close look. But, that may means I need to buy another one and install it close to my carrying case. Anyway, it's a good and useful product and good use of the money....more info
    • good product but not as versatile
      I bought this tent light for my first camping trip upon positive reviews on Amazon. At the time my choice was between this and a more traditional design lantern. This light is very well-built. But in retrospect, a lantern would have been more useful.

      1. Compact - about the size of a burrito. Much slimmer than most traditional lanterns.
      2. Uses AA batteries. The large battery in most lanterns costs about $10 a pop. This one has slots for four AA batteries, but as the other reviewer noted 2 will work.

      1. Light is quite dim.
      2. In case you are deciding between this one and a more tradtional lantern, consider this: This light is useless outside the tent. Well, it's not meant to be since it's a "tent light". But if plan to cook and eat after it's dark, and you want to pack just one light, get a lantern. I tried putting this light on the table, it simply doesn't light up enough space around it. For this light to be useful, it has to be installed in a higher up position. The chance of you finding a suitable object/surface to attach this light to, outdoor, is almost zero....more info
    • wonderful little light for camping
      Nice light for those time there no electric at your site however the light will die after about 12 hours so if extended trip bring extra batterys and yes this unit will work with only 2 batterys at the same ligh out put.
      only reason I would not give it 5 stars is design while it gives decent light it could of been done with led light for same output and better battery life.
      but for the price there none better ...more info
    • Awesome Light
      This light is perfect for camping. The magnet is strong and the light is equivalent to 2 medium candles. If you are going to be doing some reading, bring a book light. If you need a cozy, soft light to help you find your shoes for late night nature's perfect. We had no problem with the magnet, batteries or "dimness." Perfect price too....more info
    • Battery Eating Monster!!
      The third time we used it it fell and broke! If you want a DURABLE tent light my wife and I recomend the Fire Fly!...more info
    • Great Tent Light
      This little light is great for the tent...lights up everything. It says that it runs off 4 AA batteries, but I can take two of the batteries and it still lights up...just as bright. I think that this light is a great buy for camping trips....more info
    • tiny bulb-lots of light
      This light worked very well inside the tent. Of course it's not like a 100w bulb at home but for camping it was GREAT. I used it inside a 3 room 8 man tent and it did very well....more info
    • Great Light, but a Battery Killer!
      I love this light, it is so convenient and it works great. The only problem with it is the somewhat large size and how quickly it kills 4 AA batteries. [...]...more info