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Mommy I'm Here cl-103br Child Locator, Brown
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Product Description

Keep relaxed and aware of your child's whereabouts with the Mommy I'm Here Child Locator, a small two-unit wireless device. The cute, brown, teddy-bear-shaped unit mounts easily to a child's shoe or belt. Ideal in public environments such as malls, the unit communicates with a keychain transmitter you keep on hand. Whenever you notice that a child has wandered too far, you simply press the button on the keychain and the teddy bear receiver produces an audible alert that's easy to track.

Great for a full day of activities, the receiver includes long-life batteries.

With a broad 150-foot range, the unit is a perfect choice for use in public places.

The sturdy receiver is water-resistant and attaches securely to shoes, belts, and more.
The Peace of Mind of Wireless Child Location
If you often find yourself worried for your child's security in public venues, or simply want to keep track of his or her location, the Mommy I'm Here locator is your answer. This unique, fun-themed wireless child locator system is a great way to keep track of your child in any public location, such as a mall, airport, theme park, or sporting arena.

The locator is a two-unit system--one that attaches to your child and one you keep with you. If you notice that your child has strayed, press the button on the keychain transmitter to activate/ set off the alarm on the bear. The loud, 86-decibel alarm on your child's unit then allows you to find him or her quickly and easily.

And the locator works from over 150-feet away, making it perfect for large venues and outdoor areas. The units establish their own proprietary frequency with each use, so inter-unit communication is strong and reliable.

Cute Teddy Bear Receiver Attaches to Child's Shoe or Belt
The playful teddy-bear-shaped receiver comes in a classic teddy-bear-brown color. (You can also choose pink.) The receiver comes with a sturdy mounting loop, so it can be attached easily to a child's shoelaces, Velcro straps, or belt, becoming a cute accessory for them and unbeatable reassurance for you.

If you've ever dealt with physical locator solutions like leashes or harnesses, you will appreciate the wireless design of this locator. With the Mommy I'm Here Child Locator, you can keep your leashes on your pets and walk freely with your child without worry.

Durable Unit is Water Resistant and Long-Lasting
Designed by parents for parents, the Mommy I'm Here offers several realistic assets any parent or guardian will appreciate. To begin with, it comes pre-installed with batteries, so you can start using it right away. Have a long day of activities planned? With this locator, it's no problem--the long-life batteries deliver hours of operation. And because it's engineered with active children in mind, the receiver is sturdy and water resistant.

Want to keep track of more than one child? That's no problem, either--you can operate more than one teddy bear receiver with a single keychain transmitter.

What's in the Box
Mommy I'm Here cl-103pk Child Locator (Brown) with batteries


  • Wireless child location
  • Works from over 150-Feet away
  • Water resistant
  • Long life batteries already installed and ready to use
  • Stylish and fun

Customer Reviews:

  • Child Locator Pink Waste of Money
    I purchased this product in pink for my 3 year old daughter and in brown for my 5 year old son. We were taking our first "real" family vacation in Disney World during their peak season and I was worried about "losing" my children in the crowded parks. The first day my son couldn't wear his monitor because his sneakers had velcro straps that were too wide to fit the monitor. My daughter's velcro straps fit, but the monitor kept falling off when she walked so I put them in my back pack decided to try them the next day. The next day I tried attaching them to their sandles and my kids complained they felt too uncomfortable when they walked because their sandles were open and they could feel the monitor touching their feet. After finally convincing them to wear the monitor we went to the Magic Kingdom. The monitors went off automatically as soon as we got on the monorail. Then they went off during the first few rides we went on. Finally, they automatically went off in the middle of a live musical show. I removed the monitors from my kids, took them back to our hotel and put them in my suitcase for the rest of our vacation. I am planning on returning them ASAP. I had told all my friends about these monitors when I purchased them and most were going to purchase them if I like them. They were a complete waste of money and suitcase space. ...more info
  • Good value neat little item!
    I think this is a great item. I got one for my four-year old son, and my six-year old grandson, for when we go to Disneyland and Universal next month. My son has already tried it out, and we have practiced with him, and he knows that when he hears the beep, he is to stop-and look around for us, he knows it means we are looking for him. He likes it, it's small enough that he won't mind having it on all day, tho I think I will put it on their belts, instead of their shoes. ...more info
  • Okay
    The battery in the receiver was dead when we got it. This item requires a special battery that is expensive. Once the battery was replaced it worked well....more info
  • Occasional Use Only
    Great for special occasion use such as going to Disney etc. Battery wore out very fast. My daughter, who is 3, didn't like it on her shoe and she doesn't wear belts so perhaps the manufacture can look at providing an additional clip for putting in her hair as a pony tail....more info
  • Bear with me.
    We bought this little bear to help me keep up with my little guy at Disney. We could use it on the days he wore shorts with cargo pockets. On the days he didn't have cargo pockets, we had to leave little bear at home. Bear is kind of bulky and while the idea is good, the mounting system is not so good. You have to make sure your child is wearing shoes with shoe strings or shorts with a belt or big pockets. Can't wear crocs and the bear--or velcro shoes. The beeping sound is not as annoying as I wish it would be. We heard a beeping sound but it sounded like a cell phone--my girls were pressing the button to annoy their brother (which didn't even bother him). Would I buy again? I guess I would but would make sure to only pack cargo shorts or get some shoes that tie. If they made little bear smaller and more streamlined, I'd be even more likely to buy....more info
  • Works but battery life is poor.
    This child locator works well and performed exactly as expected. My 4 year old called it his "teddy bear beeper" and loved wearing it. Most importantly, he also understood what it was for, meaning if it beeps he knew that Mom and Dad were looking for him. So during our trip to Asia, we actually did lose him in a very crowded store. I activated the transmitter and was able to hear the beep. He was 2 aisles down from where we were and he ran out looking for us. The teddy bear receiver uses 2 CR2032 (flat discs) batteries; the transmitter uses one A23 12 volt battery. These batteries are not cheap. The 12 volt battery in the transmitter was dead when it arrived. During the trip, it lasted only about 3 days without even being used. I'm giving it a pretty good rating only because it worked well in a real life situation....more info
  • Excellent device
    No complaints here, I just wanted to add that you can get a better price (2 locators for the price of 1) through Costco's website and you don't need a membership to buy it....more info