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Folding Grappling Hook Ninja Gear
List Price: $35.00

Our Price: $15.95

You Save: $19.05 (54%)


Product Description

Specially designed grappling hook folds down for compact and easy carrying. With a few twists the 4 carbon steel talons can be locked into position assuring a safe assent. Best yet, it is rated to over 800 pounds and comes with 33 ft. of tough braided nylon rope.

  • Ninja tool
  • Stealth black color
  • 33 foot nylon rope
  • Carbon steel
  • Rated over 800 lbs

Customer Reviews:

  • my new favorite tool
    since i bought my grappling hook, i am now finally able to gain access into my ex wifes third story appartment... it was ble to break through the window and "grapple" the window all on the first throw!...more info
  • Totally sweet.
    This is so sweet, the hook is very heavy and like... You can break stuff with it and it will never break. It hooks on to stuff real well and folding it takes no time at all. I love it! I don't think it will ever break, of scratch for that matter....more info
  • I believe that you are ninja too...
    This thing might look like junk in the pictures you see up here, but I assure you it's not. It's really quite sturdy, and a lot of fun to get in trouble with... not that that's what you use it for. Anyway it's neat, and it's great, buy one....more info
  • Ninja
    This is the best grappling hook ever i can now sneek into buildings quitley and attack with out warning....more info
  • grappling hook with line
    This product was everything it claimed to be. It folds flat.

    Being a desert hiker, I had hoped to climb sand/rock hills by throwing the grappling hook and pulling myself up. The hook usually skates over the surface and does not dig in until it hits a shrub or cactus. It could be useful in a group hike if one person gets to the top to hook it by hand. My expectation was wrong but I carry it in my car for emergencies....more info
  • Deal or no deal?
    Got it as a gift for a friend. GREAT SERVICE! Got it in 3 days. Havent tested it out yet tho. Happy hunting!...more info
  • Surprisingly Good Quality
    I bought this, not for scaling buildings, etc. but to grapple into trees and help guide them as I cut them down along my drive & fence line. I really wish I'd bought this thing years ago!!
    It is made strong and well. It has also saved me hours of working on extension ladders attaching cables. The grappling hook also is handy guiding large, high limbs that need to be pruned away from property lines and other obsticles.
    If you do much tree trimming/removal and can't afford professionals... well, plan your work carefully and plan on getting this grappling hook. It sure beats risking a fall of an extension ladder!
    ...more info
  • grapling hook
    We orderd this product to help remove lake weeds. It works great for that, It is well made and Im sure ninjas will be impressed with it....more info
  • Good tool for the yard and pond
    The grappling hook is a pretty decent product for the price. I have no clue if would be effective in scaling a wall or whatever it is that Ninja's do, but it does work for latching onto debris in my pond and some pond dredging. I have noticed that other reviewers have found this to be a useful tool in yard work. I suspect that this product may be marketed incorrectly. A real grappling hook such as used by SWAT, etc. can cost over a hundred dollars and there does not seem to be anything in between a professional grappling hook and the Ninja grappling hook. As a niche product, it works pretty well....more info
  • Dangerously Weak!!
    "Rated to 800lbs." Not a chance! I threw it into a tree (about 10 feet up), it fell back to the ground, and one of the hooks bent. I bent it back, threw it back into the tree and pulled my 185lb body up the rope. Got to the top and the hook was now bent severely in the other direction. The next time it hit the ground (soft earth and grass), the screw top tip (which allows the collapse) bent so much it can no longer be collapsed. At this point, I could easily break the hooks off with a couple of strong tweaks of my hands. Judging by other reviews, and the opinion of the seller, it may be that mine is faulty. However my seller won't refund, because he says I broke it with "misuse." I guess letting it hit the grass from 10 feet up is misuse of a grappling hook. He then eventually admits that this is more of a "collector" item than a functional tool. DON'T EXPECT TO CLIMB SAFELY WITH THIS PRODUCT. It would be great for yanking things back to you, but don't stake your life on the 800lb rating. For my money, this product is nearly garbage. ...more info