Six Feet Under - The Complete Fourth Season
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There's a new pecking order at the Fisher & Diaz funeral home, but Nate, Ruth, David and Claire still try to make every day above ground a good one. Death and dysfunction are par for the course in The Complete Fourth Season of Six Feet Under.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:7 Audio commentaries w/ Alan Ball, writers and directors on episodes 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12
Episodic Previews:Episodic Previews and Recaps, Season 1-3 Recap
Featurette:Cut By Cut: Editing Six Feet Under--a featurette on how an episode is put together in the editing room

This penultimate season of Six Feet Under continues further down the darkly disturbing path so evident in the third season. To be sure, the signature--and ultimately undefinable--blend of tragic mishap with tripped-out comic eccentricity that has stamped the series from its debut remains pervasive. It's the concentration of the mix that has changed. Leavening moments seem less organic, much as the bizarre death sequences that open each episode often turn out to be rather contrived preludes to the ensuing thematic obsessions. Which isn't to say season 4 lacks the delightfully memorable quirkiness fans have grown to expect. Recurring incidents of fecal revenge bring tensions to the surface between Ruth (Frances Conroy) and her new husband George (James Cromwell), in turn leading to young intern Arthur's resignation (Rainn Wilson's spot-on characterization is so enjoyable that his self-imposed exile from the Fisher nest early in the season is a real loss). Ruth meanwhile hooks up again briefly with the irrepressible Bettina (Kathy Bates) for an excursion south of the border.

But brooding glimpses into chaos beneath the surface provide the emotional momentum of this season, right from the opening scene, as Nate (Peter Krause) inevitably gravitates back toward Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) in the aftermath of his wife's death. As usual, writers and directors vary for each episode, but the dark eccentricities of creator Alan Ball's original characters have become more sharply focused and sustained. We seem to spend even more time viewing the world through individual points of view: Nate's roiling anger and grief or Claire's (Lauren Ambrose) newfound sexual and artistic experimentation as she learns about "grinding the corn" and attains respect as a photographer. The toxicity of relationships continues to be a preoccupation. We get the Ruth-George meltdown as well as the painful unraveling of Rico's (Freddy Rodriguez) marriage to Vanessa (Justina Machado). But the most harrowing episode follows David (Michael C. Hall) through an increasingly perilous carjacking. This nightmarish fugue, midway through, ripples out into the rest of the season, posing another threat to his tenuous relationship with Keith (Matthew St. Patrick). It sets a course for further apocalyptic imagery of environmental collapse and fallout shelters. There's little to gentle the downward slide and exposure of vulnerability, save taking refuge in the quirkiness that seems to be the Fishers' birthright. But that, as they say, is to die for. --Thomas May

Customer Reviews:

  • Grabbing at straws here!!
    Season 4 has definitely lost something, unlike the mysterious and moody best seasons so far, Season 1 and 2. What I am seeing and feeling is directors and writers are just throwing anything bizarre at the viewers. Here, let's throw some crap at viewers and see if it sticks, especially when "excrement" is delivered to Ruth and her new hubby George, plus this storyline with George's son didn't go anywhere. And Nate's continuous struggle with his dead wife and clearly, goes a little over the top too.

    Also, Rico's problems at home seem unreal. I seriously doubt that Vanessa would reject him after a one night stand and paying attention and little money to a dancer. Culturally, it doesn't seem right. It's cheesy and Vanessa's character is not one to ignore her children and party every night. Not so. And if you need to use children, can you make them more believable, instead of robot kids.

    Although so much is thrown into each episode, scenes are shorter, except with the lengthy drawn out bizarre scene with David and the hitchhiker who threatens his life.

    Where is the mood?
    What is lacking is the mood and mysteriousness of previous seasons. You could watch those with anticipation, anxiety, fear, and most of all with a sense of morbidity. But Season Four is trying to move to quick, too much, go over the edge as quick and bizarre as one can get.

    Directors/Writers are lacking quality script writing
    In previous seasons, Keith was a strong, proud, gay man, now he is turned into a wimpy boring, security guard and scriptwriting is cheesy, lacking depth, cliche, etc. What happened? Even the commentaries are boring. What's the use?

    Calling All Perverts
    Seems that there was a casting call for All Perverts. Do we really need more perverts this season? Brenda and Billy were enough, now you have thrown in bondage. And get rid of Brenda's mom, nothing but slutty comes from the character. What purpose is she serving?

    Toward the end of season 4 is just TOO MUCH SEX GOIN' ON!

    I hope Season 5 is better. .....Rizzo.
    ...more info
  • The Worst of the Best
    Six Feet Under is a great show. Season 4 is a good season of a great show. The first episode of Season 4 is one of the best of the entire series and could almost be another finale to Season 3. Season 4's biggest problem is that it is a transition season. It starts off right where 3 left us, with Nate at Brenda's door. Half of the season is Nate getting over what happened in Season 3. I found that the Season struggled to find a place for Claire and for David. The big event in David's life in Season 4 is not needed in the show. It's really only important near the end of Season 5. Claire is off rebelling against her terrible choices with men by making more mistakes with art school crazies. With all this being said, the reason to watch Season 4 is for the first episode and so you know what's going on at the beginning of Season 5. I love the show so I loved Season 4 but I think it was struggling to move on to what became Season 5. My least favorite of the 5 seasons....more info
  • Ten Feet Tops
    I consider "Six Feet Under", to be a tremendous movie. It is informative and very much alive throughout all of the seasonal episodes. Second time I've watched it and enjoy every episodes. I would love to see Peter Krause and Michael Hall in a really romantic gay movie. They would be outstanding in it, I am sure...more info
  • Character evolution
    The fourth of five seasons of this highly acclaimed show contains episodes
    which never fail to provoke thoughtful reflection. "I've felt that!" "I've thought that!" "I've feared that!" Multi-layered characters involve you in their lives as they evolve. I rarely catch on to series, but this one is a keeper (which is why I'm buying my own DVD's of each season.

    If you can't see at least a part of yourself in one of the lead characters, regardless of your sexuality, then you haven't lived :)...more info
  • Depressing, but good
    It was a great season. It was more depressing than the other, proceeding seasons, but it was still a great season none the less. I definitely recommend it for any previous Six Feet Under fans....more info
  • Mystery a little drawn out... but I'm still loving it!
    I felt a little frustrated in this season over hte drawn out conclusion to the mystery of Lisa's disappearance, however I can't complain, this is still the best 'soap opera' around for that year.
    Ruth's new husband pleasantly suprises me with the most fascinating dynamic of the season and thhow wonderful it has been for SFU to have brough us Brenda's mother, Joanna Cassidy.
    Intense unpredictable, melodramatic, heaven....more info
  • TV At Its Best
    This series launched under the guidance of a great auteur, and then quickly found its own voice.

    What interests me the most is the ongoing exploration of the social role played by the funeral industry. The first season pretty clearly intended to "explode" this business, what with the pilot's usage of hearse commercials, casket promotion, and the like. But the series left that platform behind, in favor of character development and an intricate series of plots.

    These plotlines play out in Season 4, to be sure, but we still get a constant redefinition of the special vocation of undertaking.

    My sister is a mortician, and I never understood why she would regard this as a calling. This series has been a gift to me for very personal reasons.

    Why not five stars? I do get a sense that this season pandered to a demand for the sensational in sex and violence. If presentation serves a dramatic purpose, I ain't no prude, but I did question the "needfulness" of all this sensationalism as advancing drama......more info
  • Oh well. At least we had almost 3 full seasons of quality product.
    I honestly wish I could change my rating to 1 star, but apparently Amazon won't let you. They'll let you edit your review, but they won't let you change the rating. Whatever. Anyway, I was an absolute LOVER of this show and couldn't get enough of it the first couple of seasons. But unfortunately, somewhere along the way (and I think this started in season 3) this show became just another television soap albeit a classy, much more sophisticated one. But that is still not enough to justify this putrid season. The 3rd season is really when SFU started to deteriorate, but at least that season had some quality moments and ended with a knockout punch in 3 quality episodes. But the 4th season is when the show really took a nose dive. I don't care what any of these other "sheep" say, but the 4th was definitely the worst. The "That's My Dog" debacle confirmed it, but the show was actually headed in that tired direction for a while. I suspect many of the people who LOVED the 4th season don't get much quality entertainment outside of HBO or Showtime if they liked this season so much. If you really LOVED SFU, I cannot recommend this season although HBO has conveniently front-loaded the set with all the extras the other seasons should have had. Which leads me to believe they feel the same way and want to make sure the set sells well enough. I bought the 1st 2 seasons with few extras at all and may buy the 3rd one of these days but that's where it ends for me. My romance with this show died completely with season 4, but I will always cherish my memories of when this show was at its peak. And few shows could match it in quality when it was. ...more info
    I do have to agree with several reviewers in that I do feel this season was a bit darker that what has previously been presented. That being said, I personally feel that this season only added, in a positive way, to a series that is already great. It placed more emphasis on character developement than the previous three seasons and was certainly more thoughtful. I am not a big fan of most of what HBO dishes out to us, but in this case I feel they got it right. This is one of the few "T.V. Things" that I am going to hate to see end. All in all, I highly recommend. ...more info
  • The Downfall
    The first three seasons of Six Feet Under provided a fresh, rebellious drama that was not afraid to take chances. The show had it's own sense of humor and well developed characters that would otherwise not be seen on television. Lisa dying was a bit unbelievable, but we all turned a passive eye knowing that she was the worst Six Feet Under character ever and there was no other alternative. At the end of the Season 3 finale, Six Feet Under was one of the best shows to ever grace the television. Then Season 4 began, and so did Six Feet Under's descent into crazy soap opera land. Nate, instead of being the compassionate idealist, became a moppy, depressed, and a little crazy. Sure, I expect him to feel this way after Lisa's death for a few episodes...but not the whole season. When he buried Lisa and screamed, I laughed at how ridiculous it was. David stopped being Alan Ball's gay right activist and became crazy after the best episode of the Season in which he is kidnapped. When he bites that guy's ear off, it ruins the episode. Keith was entertaining, but he's only a minor character. Claire became a supporting character, always seen doing drugs or being as pretentious as the writers of this show (very stereotypical art school things). The scene in which she told Justin that she had an abortion was the worst writing and acting I've seen on the show. Ruth provided the only bearable storyline of the family members, but then George went crazy. That's right, two chracters in one season going completely insane. Frederico became the best character of the season with the fued between his wife and the stripper. His storyline actually had some light moments and felt like the previous seasons. Brenda was the worst. So right after she recovers from being a sexaholic, she gets together with a sex fiend? How dramatically conveinent. The writers ran out of ideas so fast that they had to cut this and Season 5 by one episode and end the series after only 5 seasons. OK, now put all of these storylines together, and I must say there is not much of a difference between Season 4 of Six Feet Under and Season whatever of The O.C. or Desperate Housewives. Maybe T.V. viewers eat this stuff up, but I need something a little less predictable, a little less improbable, and something with a little more humor. Especially if we are talking about Six Feet Under....more info
  • That's My Dog
    I am moved to write this review based almost exclusively on the viewing of Episode 44, "That's My Dog", which, to me, ranks as the single greatest, most suspenseful half hour of television I have ever viewed. The guest actor of this episode, Michael Weston, should have no trouble finding future work, as his performance warrants nomination for an Emmy Award. I will not spoil you with the details of this episode, other than to say it breaks ranks with the format of other episodes of the series, the entire final half an hour focuses on a series of events that will leave the viewer drained by the conclusion of the episode. The other episodes of season four are also deftly written, and enjoyable, but nothing rises to the level of "That's My Dog"....more info
  • Even better than its predecessors
    The fourth season of "Six Feet Under" is a bit darker than the previous three, if that's even possible. There is more turmoil in the character's personal lives where the earlier season seemed to focus more intently on the newly dead and the funeral business in general. I actually liked the fourth season a smidgen more because it goes deeper. Nate's grief is all pervasive and Ruth just keeps astounding me with her impulsiveness. I am drawn to this family, for better or most likely worse.
    The series is a great one and the only one I feel a need to own. Some I just want or would like to have, this is an obsession and I am glad to see from other reviews, I am not alone....more info
  • 5 stars for the season/ ? stars for the box set
    Not sure if the full details of this set is out yet but I've been totally jonesing for a high quality copy of the Nina Simone "Feelin' Good" season 4 promo. It's one of the most efficient and poetic things I've ever seen and it'd be a shame if it wasn't included on the box set.

    You can Google any combination of "nina simone" "six feet under" "season 4" and "promo" to see what I mean....more info
  • the black sheep of the SFU seasons
    For some strange reason unbeknownst to me, many people seem to find this season "too depressing," "slow," "boring," etc, etc. I'm in complete disagreement with this.

    In my opinion, while the season is a bit darker than the last three, it perfects the morbid, slightly-depressed and slightly-humourous tone the series always had. A little less humor, yes. A little more drama, you bet. But why is that such a bad thing when the drama is so good?

    Personal highlights: When David finds unrelenting terror in "That's My Dog," Claire and her high antics with her artsy friends in "Terror Starts at Home," and the sinister atmosphere in most of the season finale "Untitled."

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Another winning season of SFU, and much less depressing than Season 3
    If you have not seen Season 4 yet, please be warned that many of the user reviews are FILLED WITH SPOILERS!!! Especially the August 25 review by Nicholas Y. B. Wong.

    * * *

    In four seasons, I've come to love these characters like they're my dear friends. When a season ends, it's as if I've finished a really long, really fantastic novel that I wish never ended, and hate that I have to wait untold months until the next season. I subscribed to HBO in time to watch Season 5, and I'm very sad now that 6FU is now gone forever.

    I'm very pleased to tell you that Season 4 is quite a bit happier than Season 3. Oh, bad stuff happens, people hurt, people suffer, just like in life. But you don't have to worry about Nate going through another downward spiral like in Season 3. Season 4 brings more of the dark, quirky, off-beat humor that seemed almost absent from Season 3 (look for the helium-inflated life-sized bimbo dolls!!).

    Season 4 picks up immediately where Season 3 left off, with Nate, all beat up and bloody, at Brenda's door. Over the next 4-5 episodes, Nate is working through the grieving process, dealing with his pain, his loss, and his complicated feelings about Lisa and their relationship. His path to healing is uneven and rough, and he never quite gets over the loss (no one would). But Nate does get it together, and once again becomes the old Nate that we all knew and loved so much before the tragic events of Season 3.

    Brenda is working through her own issues; her regret of mistakes she made in Season 2 influences her behavior in a new relationship; she wants desperately to have a simple, "normal" relationship. But she finds that leaving the past is not so easy.

    David and Keith are still together. Unusual for 6FU, there's an episode that focuses almost completely on David and something rather intense that happens to him, that will have implications for the rest of Season 4 (and even Season 5). This episode is visceral - it really gets under your skin, and not completely in a good way.

    The newlyweds Ruth and George eventually discover each other's warts, which the initial infatuation hid so well (as it often does in real life). Kathy Bates shows up again for a few episodes, providing a pleasant distraction for Ruth at a time when she really needs it.

    Claire, on the other hand, is still suffering from the betrayals she endured in Season 3. One of my favorite characters in Seasons 1-3, Claire becomes much less likable by the end of Season 4.

    Season 4 has a few notable guest stars. Kathy Bates returns for a few episodes. Mena Suarve (from American Beauty and American Pie - a very patriotic actress judging by the titles of movies she's in) appears for about 5 episodes as Claire's friend, influence, and maybe something more.... Nicole Richie even does a self-deprecating cameo as herself.

    Most 6FU fans are not squeamish. Yet, I feel compelled to warn you: Season 4 contains images and scenes that are more explicit than anything I've ever seen on TV. Some of the bodies on Rico's table make CSI look like Sesame Street. There's also a scene where someone puts a gun in their mouth, pulls the trigger, and we see EVERYTHING. There's a scene where someone picks up a freshly used condom off the floor, holds it up for himself - and us - to see. And the most explicit man-on-man sex scenes 6FU has ever shown.

    If you can stomach these kinds of things, and if you're even a casual fan of Six Feet Under, I highly recommend Season 4.
    ...more info
  • Wow this came out pretty fast!
    Previously, one would have to wait around a year for the next season of SFU DVD, but this one came out pretty fast! Not that I'm complaining! As a fan of HBO shows who doesn't get HBO on cable, I rely on these nicely packaged DVD's to get my HBO fix. I'm just glad HBO is pumping these out pretty quickly now....more info
  • Untitled
    When Six Feet Under's fourth season premiered in June of 2004, from the minute it began with a death from LSD until the very last touching scene with David and his father in September, it has been a long, winding, exciting and at times scary road for the Fishers, as they and those closest to them experience joy, grief, sadness and grace.

    Each are on their own journey. Ruth is now married to George who has more secrets than she had expected. David and Keith are looking for ways to start over. Nate is experiencing what it is like to be a widower and a single parent. Claire begins experimenting with her sexuality during her sophomore year at high school. And Federico begins a secret affair unknown to his wife.

    The only person not linked to the Fishers during this time, who has her own secret storyline would have to be Brenda Chenowith played by the fabulous Rachel Griffiths. Brenda now separated from Nate and her brother, tries to build a better life for herself by studying to become a therapist and seeing her neighbor Joe, played by Justin Theroux.

    This 5 disc set, includes all 12 episodes from the fantastic fourth season which include:
    *Falling Into Place
    *In Case of Rapture
    *Parallel Play
    *Can I Come Up Now?
    *That's My Dog
    *Terror Starts at Home
    *The Dare
    *Coming and Going
    *Grinding the Corn
    *The Black Forest
    *Bomb Shelter
    *Untitled- Season finale directed by Alan Ball

    The box set contains 7 audio commentaries with Alan Ball, writers & directors on episodes 1,3,5,6,7,11 and 12.

    And the following bonus features:
    *Cut by Cut: Editing Six Feet Under, a featurette on how a Six Feet Under episode is made.
    *Costas + The Cast of Six Feet Under- an interview with the cast of Six Feet Under with interviewer, Bob Costas.

    Savor this, because shows like this don't stay six feet "above" for very long....more info
  • The Best Season
    In My opinion, fourth season is by far the best season yet. The characters have never been so real. Anyone who ever had a troubled relationship with family/lovers can rely on this show. Because it feels so real, I think that makes of SFU, one of the best TV shows ever made. This is strong, funny, sad, full of hopes, full of despair, just like life is...
    Too bad it's almost over for the Fisher family. Without givin' away plots for those who haven't watched it yet, all I can say about my favourite episodes is that...

    "Falling Into Pieces" almost made me cry. Peter Krause has never been better!

    "That's My Dog" proves that Michael C. Hall is really an amazing actor and the plot is so twisted I could not believe I was actually watching a SFU episode.

    "The Dare" is one of the most "relationship-based" episode and has a really fine storyline with almost every couple running on a very thin line...

    "Untitled" has the nicest and most shoking twist of the season. Also kind of let you think that it's time for Claire to get herself together.

    Arrrf... Now we just have to wait...
    Unfortunatly: "Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends." :'-(...more info
  • A true series
    Six Feet Under is a must-see series. I am sad to see the show come to an end after five seasons. There is nothing like it on TV today. The characters are real and interesting, and I can identify with David the most. He is a riveting character. Good luck to everyone when the show ends. This has been a great ride. Thanks for a fabulous show! I will own all five seasons and cherish them all. ...more info
  • Just when you thought that 6' Under couldn't get better...
    Just when you thought this series couldn't get does!
    This is one of the few TV series that I quite happily watch over & over again.
    Series 4 develops each of the complex, engaging & believable characters with some amazing twists & turns along the way. Episodes 44, "That's my dog", & 51, "Untitled" spring to mind as being particularly amazing/devastating.
    If you haven't come across "Six Feet Under" before (Is that possible?!!), start watching it from the beginning of the 1st'll be addicted, like me, before you know it!
    Roll on August 23, 2005! This DVD box set will definitely be added to my collection.
    Waiting patiently, here in Australia, for Series 5 (sob!) the last one!
    ...more info
  • Proceed to Season 4 with caution if you're squeamish
    Six Feet Under has certainly proved itself as a giant in cable series. Nothing but top, top ratings for the entire series. So as an experiment, I decided to watch all five seasons in one stretch. That's dedication! I could handle anything they threw at me until mid-season 4. SPOILER** David is the victim of a carjacking in an episode called "That's my dog". This episode ramped up the horror and gritty violence against an otherwise very mild-mannered David. The degree and brutality of just that episode I found "a wee bit too much", but otherwise, another amazing product from HBO. ...more info
  • A plot synopsis is NOT a review!
    A plot synopsis is not a review. When you publish a review in a magazine you must analyze what is being reviewed. Maybe even add something new. To merely summarize the plot and say you love it is not a review. To post synopses of shows on Amazon is doubly ridiculous given that almost everyone who reads reviews on Amazon has already seen what they're reading about!

    Now, Six Feet Under. Let me first say that it has always amazed me how much more hype The Sopranos gets when Six Feet Under is far superior. I can rarely stomach television. Six Feet Under is so well done however that it plays more like an extremely well-made film than a TV show (yeah, a 63-hour movie)! (It was, by the way, predominately filmed by movie directors, not TV directors.)

    As many reviewers here have stated, it also has a LOT to say about life. Here are the show's main lessons, as I see them: Your life is the present. If you dwell on the past you might as well be dead, like Ruth sitting at the Formica kitchen table like a zombie before she realized she needs to let go.

    People behave in patterns, and they cycle through the same patterns throughout their life. If you look at this cycle with a narrow view it may create the illusion that this person is changing. If you take a wider view you see they are really just cycling through the same pattern. People therefore seldom ever change. It is very difficult to break a pattern.

    Nate for instance never changed. The minute he was with someone he lost all interest in them, as Ruth said would be the case in the first season. Nate was looking for someone to change him. He never found someone that could. Brenda made this clear when she basically said that Nate is a bad person and he is searching for someone who can make him feel like a better person than he really is.

    Recognize people for who they are. If a person's limitations outstretch their intentions, failure will result. Take for instance George's promise to care for Ruth. He may have wanted to, but he was incapable of actually doing it.

    The perfect is the enemy of the good. If you're waiting for things to be perfect, like Nate, then you'll never be happy because no moment is ever perfect.

    Also, happiness is not a destination; it's not something you "arrive" at. If you're not happy now, having a kid or getting married is not going to make you happy.

    It's not so much the way things are in the world that's your problem, but how you react to the world. There wasn't really some hooded killer terrorizing David. David was terrorizing himself. He had a na?ve view of reality and needed to realize that that is not the way the world really is.

    At first I thought Nate would move home and bring his family together, proving to be a strong and intelligent, even philosophical person, ready to help strangers through their grieving. It slowly became apparent that Nate was a self-obsessed, shallow narcissist who really didn't care about anyone else but himself and his own internal, petty drama.

    The Fishers were all hung up on the past. (And notice that their Father only said to them what they were imagining.) Redecorating the 50s style house was symbolic of finally moving on, of letting go of the past and embracing the present.

    Many people see families where the grown children are always around the parents, where they talk all the time, every day even, and think, "Gee, that's such a nice family; they're all so close to each other." Actually this is typically a sign that the family is dysfunctional. In healthy families parents encourage their children to become adults and leave the nest, emotionally as well as physically. Ruth realizes this when she forbids Claire to make the same mistakes she did.

    (By the way, was it just me or did the timeline of this show simply not gel? Watching the events in the show and listening to characters state how much time passed between events it seems that six or more years passed from season one to season five. However, looking at the dates at the beginning of each show, only four years passed!)

    For those who want to know (MEGA SPOILER AHEAD), here's how long each character lived as revealed in the series finale (one of the greatest hours of television programming in the history of the medium): Nate: 40yrs, Ruth: 79yrs, Keith: 61yrs, David: 75yrs, Rico: 75yrs, Brenda: 82yrs and Claire: 102yrs!

    By the way, in Claire's death scene if you look quick there's an amusing mistake (or joke?) hanging among her photo montage on her wall. It's a picture of David and Keith with their arms around each other, but Keith is young and David is in his 70s!

    And yes, it ends with Claire driving off toward the horizon. Show creator Alan Ball wanted to make it clear that Claire is the only one who escapes the Fisher family and their dysfunction. That's why, when she leaves, the Fishers are out of focus; they are already fading from her memory.

    That is also why Nate, who is shown in the mirror trying to catch up to her, is left behind. The influence of the family is left behind and Claire goes on to experience a full and rich life.

    Notice that for others, things never change. At 82 Brenda is STILL taking care of Billy, and if you pay close attention (or listen to Ball's commentary) you'll hear that then, in his 80s, Billy is STILL bitching about Ted, and he literally (according to writer Ball) bores poor Brenda to death.

    And yes of course, the MAIN point of the show: Western civilization is a death-denying culture. We watch endless movies that show people getting killed, trivializing death, and yet most of us in real life fail to face death realistically.

    We fail to realize that death is as natural a part of life as birth, that everybody dies, that you don't know when it will happen and that accepting all of this is part of living a full life. We are not prepared to die and we treat death so seriously that we're afraid to laugh at it, hence all the darkly comic death scenes at the beginning of each episode.

    Alan Ball wanted the show to demonstrate that we are all connected in that we are all mortal; it does not behoove anyone to pretend they are immortal. As Nate says in the show, our mortality makes life important. Everything ends. If we lasted forever nothing would matter.

    Six Feet Under seriously raised the bar for all television to come, almost demanding that TV airs more serious, reflective and intelligent shows with a heightened sense of realism. ...more info
  • Super service
    I couldn't have been happier with the delivery, the price and the condition of this product. It arrived in plenty of time to be wrapped as a birthday present!...more info
  • Los resagos de Lisa
    Esta cuarta sesi¨®n de seis pies bajo tierra, no alcanza a proyectar la fuerza de las dos primeras temporadas de la Serie. El fantasma del personaje de Lisa continua ense?orandose sobre la trama, contagiando a los capitulos con una letargico y opresivo enfoque. La obseci¨®n que apriciona a Nate por la muerte de su esposa es poco creible, generando un conflicto ficticio que no logra convencer a los televidentes. Se pierde el interes al naufragar en el tortuoso mundo de Nate, para despu¨¦s descubrir que Lisa eera un ser humanos capaz de sucumbir a la tentaci¨®n de la Carne como cualquier ser humano.
    Salva a la temporada el capitulo donde David es secuestrado y cambia su perpectiva de la vida al ser golpeado por la violencia. Y por momentos resulta interesante la lucha de clare por encontrar su identidad, en un mundo de impactos de la egolatria de los seudo art¨ªstas.
    ...more info
  • 4th Season Has Become a Mockery of Nighttime Soaps
    The first season of Six Feet Under featured astonishing acting/writing/directing, and was a truly and amazing new show. However, the show began to lag part way into the second season. It lost its witty death related humor, and began to lose the format of the original shows. The decline of the second season culminated in a clich¨¦ cliff hanger, typical of shows that don't know how to maintain interest. Season three starts with a confusing premier which includes a massive jump in time that ejects the viewer out of the show, and further illustrates the writers' budding ability NOT to deal with tough issues. By season four the show has fully declined into a rather lame and incongruent night time soap, with the standard love triangles, mystery deaths, and psychics. They have also managed to fully lose their format, that of the beginning death dictating the tone of the show. One of the episodes starts with a death based on an anti-LSD agenda, and after the first scene they completely ignore the issues and the kid who died. I'm pretty sure Fisher Sons and Diaz didn't even embalm the guy. At some point the massive amount of useless sex they have added to the show, and the extended kidnapping episodes become nothing more than unpredictable and uninteresting. If you enjoy the first season of Six Feet Under, quit while you are ahead. However, if you enjoy shows like Alias, Lost, and Days of Our Lives, with their cliff hangers, disjointed action, and love octagons, then i would advise you to PARTY ON!, and enjoy the last few seasons.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for good TV, the kind where pain, humor, and love dance in a similar fashion to life, watch the first season and don't waist time on the rest. If you just love characters no matter how strange they are written, continue by all means; the plot doesn't get worse, just the writing acting and directing.

    PORN FACTOR: By season four people are just having random sex, and the story lines seem to be a little better then bottom of the barrel porn. So, i guess, good soft core porn for the win!...more info
  • Are you better off dead?
    When David is taken hostage and raped repeatedly, it shows that it can happen to anyone. But the PTSD that he suffers is very realistic, and makes one think that he might be thinking he was better off dead. When he told Keith he didn't want him to accompany him to confront his attacker, that was the turning moment. Then he confronts his attacker, and comes out appearing to be stronger for doing it. ...more info
  • New to SFU, this season snagged me
    Being home sick for a week, there were several episodes from season 4 on "On Demand" for free. I watched "untitled" first and started back at "Terror Starts at Home". I was absolutely sucked in, drawn in, consumed. I was expecting intellectually grotesque, but its more grotesquely intellectual.

    I bought this season the following Saturday and have now nearly finished the season. Not sure whether I should start with season 3 next, or season 5. This is the first time I've been drawn in to a show since the X Files or the beginning seasons of ER....more info
  • it's not sex, it's betrayal, that's your addiction...
    Marathon-watching the fourth season again in several months, what strikes me most is that it's not as dark as I remembered it was. It has many moments of a subtle humor, not exactly a "dark humor," more of a "joco-serious" kind readers of Joyce find in his works. For instance, in "Terror Starts at Home" episode. Claire and two other friends from the art school make graffiti/art on a wall, when Claire says "How many evil-doers do you have to kill before you become one yourself?" and Edie (Mena Suvari) replies, "Totally." I remembered this scene to be darker. A giggle at the absurdity perhaps, but essentially a painful glimpse into Claire's growing pains, her wondering why she has to hate everyone and everything so. Watching it this time, it felt much more light-hearted. And I had more than a giggle, especially at the way Edie says "Totally."

    Another such "joco-serious" moment comes during David's birthday party in the same episode. Claire is completely stoned at the table, making everyone uncomfortable. Finally Ruth asks her to help her "clear the table," to which Vanessa stands up to help, and Claire sarcastic-in-a-stoned way says, "Only women are clearing." Hearing this, Rico and Keith stand up to help, and Claire goes: "Only women and people of color are clearing." SFU fans would see why these moments are so funny and funny in a--I don't know, American culture's self-reflective, self-deprecating way? I don't know how to put this, but one reason I just love SFU is that, in it, even really small moments in the mundane life of the Fisher family can be taken as wider, American, cultural moments. Maybe this is an over-reaction on my part, as a student of American literature and culture.

    If the viewer has been ruminating why Brenda keeps being self-destructive, one definite answer is to be found in this season, which is in the triangle she forms with Joe and Nate. While in a relationship with Joe, she repeats what she did when she was with Nate and sleeps with him. To Brenda who insists that her behavior is partly Joe's fault, Nate retorts: "No, it's you. I of all people should know that. I used be Joe." When Joe finally walks in and see the two about to have sex, he memorably sums up what makes Brenda so essentially an insecure person: "What do you call a person without integrity, without honesty, without loyalty? I call it a f**king waste of my time." To Brenda's excuse that it is all about sex, his answer: "It's not sex, it's betrayal. That is your f**king addiction."

    Watching it again, I enjoy and cherish all these moments. Overall, the fourth season was even better than I remembered it to be. ...more info
  • Love the show
    Six feet under was the best thing that HBO could have done. If you never seen it you HAVE TOO!!!...more info
  • This season runs the gamut
    Not every episode was great, but it is still a statisfying series. David and Keith finally become a couple without the extremes in their personalities dominating the scenes. Finally their faults are more normal and not way out there like Keith's anger and David's self destruction tendencies. Nate is still self centered but at least Brenda has grown up. Claire is starting down the wrong path at least she has some self awareness. The show has always had bad episodes and very good ones. The characters are always engaging though so I would recommend this show if you like character driven shows....more info
  • The shark has been jumped
    I'm rarely moved to write reviews. This was a fine season, but the last episode was so over the top and unbelieveable that I can no longer hold my tongue--or keyboard. I won't give any spoilers here. Does anybody believe that Lisa would have engaged in that behavior? Or that her ex brother-in-law would do what he did? And after all of it, Nate comes home with a most placid, happy look on his face. How did the writers and producers sign off on this? It seems that they wanted to end the season with a bang, but it was artificial and unconvincing. That said, when's season 5 coming out?...more info
  • A DVD Six Feet Under fans can't miss!!!
    Like so many others, I fell in love with this show from the first episode years ago. It was one of the best television shows I've seen for many years and it was a treasure that will be missed by myself and many others. This DVD is simply wonderful. This is only the second tv show that I have liked enough of all of the many, many tv shows that are now out, to buy the DVD of. It is worth every penny. For fans of the show, you will love this DVD. I can't wait for season five to come out!! To Alan Ball and the Fishers, thank you so much for one of the best shows to come along in a very long time. R.I.P. to a wonderful show. You were all wonderful, and I'll miss you. ...more info
  • As Expected!
    Like with every season... It sucked me right in and by the time it was over... I wanted more. One of the better forms of addiction!...more info
  • the best show ever
    this show is the best show i have ever since in my life. it has the best actors and great writing....more info