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Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box
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Product Description

For classic Texas-style barbecue in any backyard, Char-Griller offers their Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill. Using a traditional barrel design, Char-Griller optimizes heat convection and circulation to cook ribs or burgers evenly and efficiently. The grill offers 580 square inches of cooking space in the main grill, ideal for hosting a family barbecue in the backyard. The charcoal side firebox offers an additional 250 square inches of cooking space, bringing the grill's total space to 830 square inches. Barbecue chefs might employ the side firebox to roast a side dish of corn or vegetable shish kabobs for vegetarians in the family.

The barrel of the grill and side firebox are crafted in heavy-gauge steel with powder-coat finish to endure high heats and long-term use. A double bottom also increases the grill's durability. Nonstick grill grates constructed in cast iron resist warping and embellish the heat and flavor distribution to meats as they cook. Grate height also may be altered for different dishes. Slide-out coal drawers enable cooks to add charcoal while cooking without removing grill grates and dump residual ash easily. A rack below the grill supplies convenient space for seasoning spices, paper plates, hot pads, and barbecue accessories. The airtight-flanged grill hood keeps bugs and debris out while containing flames and heat. The hood also features a heat gauge for temperature monitoring. The grill stands four legs with two sturdy feet and two wheels for transport. Char-Griller has several Smokin' Pro accessories available for separate purchase, including a warming shelf, rotisserie kit, and propane igniter. The grill requires assembly upon delivery and includes thorough direction, as well as several barbecue recipes. This item is covered by a one-year warranty for material or craftsmanship defects. The grill measures 62 by 29 by 50 inches and weighs 146 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

  • From Char-Griller, traditional charcoal grill with side firebox for Texas-style barbecue
  • Grill barrel and side firebox provide heavy-gauge powder-coated steel construction; nonstick cast-iron cooking grates resist warping
  • Removable charcoal drawers allow users to add charcoal and dump ashes easily; double bottom for long-term durability
  • Additional features include temperature gauge, storage rack and 2 wheels for transport; assembly required upon delivery
  • Grill measures 62 by 29 by 50 inches and weighs 146 pounds; limited 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Char Griller Smokin Pro Grill
    I just finished putting my grill/smoker together. I had heard some horror stories about assembly process. Had no problem put it together in about 1 and a half hours. The wheels are very inferior, however, the product itself is fantastic for the price. Made some small modifications for less than $50, as a result its perfect. I had spent 3 months researching various smokers for quality and price and I was not let down by my choice. Highly recomend it!...more info
  • He likes it!
    Purchased as a birthday gift for the pit master in my life. He says the assembly was not bad at all. Only took him an hour or so. Has smoked and q'd a variety of meats and all have come out great. Not hard to regulate the heat or smoke w/wood chips, just have to be patient and take your time. He appreciates the versatility of the grill and the cast iron grates made him very happy too! Highly recommended!!...more info
  • great smoker for the price
    this smoker grill is very sturdy and well made.
    I would recommend better wheels, but mine will
    not be moved so this was not a big deal to me.
    I like the cast iron grates, just follow the
    break in directions, I used some bacon grease
    to break mine in.
    So far I have smoked a brisket and country style
    pork ribs using beech wood, smoke was rolling all morning.
    I paid $186 with free shipping I feel like this is a great
    grill/smoker and very affordable....more info
  • Great Smoker
    Great smoker, I'm enjoing it very much. I did put a better temp. guage at a lower level just off the grill grate to the left of center, and extended the smoke stack lower in the grill with some tubing .It can now hold a 220 temp forever.Very easy to put together.I'm just smoking some ribs and chicken so far and they came great. I use real lump wood charcoal and some wood chunks. You can't beat this grill , great price.I give it a 4 star rating...more info
  • No Regrets
    I was a bit apprehensive when I ordered this. First off, the picture doesn't show the firebox! No problem, there it was, safely cocooned inside the main unit, when I (breathlessly) opened the shipping box. I was also concerned about workmanship and quality of the parts. I am pleased to report that the guts of this machine are just fine. The main units are of a decent gauge, the cast iron grills are great (do season them right away--instructions are included), and even the less-than-rugged looking charcoal holder/raising device has worked very well. Mind you, this is not the fit n' finish of the $1,000-plus grillers, but it is a very legitimate, functional grill. I also got the mnfr's cover, and it fits well and has done its job.

    I must confess, it was not the looks that got me to order this--its pretty damn ugly, if you ask me. It actually was all the rave reviews that persuaded me to give it a shot. Being just a bit paranoid, I wondered if they were legit (given my above concerns). I'm pleased to add my very real endorsement. Its a real treat to use....more info
  • The best smoker in my opinion
    This has been one of the best smokers that I have ever had/used. It took a little while to assemble, but it is not that tough to assemble. The only thing I would suggest as a big improvement for this smoker is to have better and larger wheels to move the smoker around. It would not add that much cost to this smoker, but it would be well worth it. I'm going to try and up grade mine to larger wheels on my own.

    Rick...more info
  • Barb and smoker
    Love this Barb. Only complaint was the thermometer which I replaced with one of better quality. Would buy again if I ever needed another one....more info
  • the grillenator
    This thing is the bomb. The recent improvements over their earlier models add even more to this smokin pro. The folks involved in the manufacturing of this char-griller should be commended....more info
  • Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro
    I like this grill because it is the size I needed. I recommend buying it but you need to know that it cooks very fast and there seems to be no real way to slow the cooking down, when you burn coals in the large belly, due to several holes that could not be closed. May be better to only burn coals in the small belly. Also it is a pain to put it together, it tends to be a bit wobbly. ...more info
  • Excellent Grill
    Have used this grill several times since assembly.It is everyting it should be especially considering how competitive the price was.Also,don't wait,order the rotesserie it's really worth it!...more info
  • Great smoker for it's price range...
    Great smoker for it's price range. I only wish it was made of a little thicker metal. Of course then it would probably cost considerably more... My only complaint so far has been how low the temp drops with a breeze blowing. If you can keep it out of the wind, it does great. Thicker metal or better sealing would probably hold the heat better. ...more info
  • After all these years...
    Finally feel like I have a man's grill.Shot my gas grill after replacing elements for the umpteenth time. No problems with set up or knock outs as followed in directions (used a hammer and punch for knock outs). Food tastes like it gas flavor. Got mine by buying main grill and sidebox seperately at local Lowes. No Shipping.

    Best value and does everything. Buy this one....more info
  • Great smoker
    Well built.Easy to assembly.Easy for a beginner that has not smoked food before to use.Great product ...more info
  • First time smoker
    First time smoker here. I've read up on all the techniques and even bought a smoker's cookbook. Assembly was pretty simple. I didn't attach the front holder because I didn't think I'd need it. I tried it out this past weekend and I must admit that I'm hooked. This thing handled a large pork shoulder and 2 large racks of pork spareribs with plenty of room to spare.

    The only problem I had was keeping the temperature past 200 degrees for an extended period of time. I was using lump charcoal exclusively in the side fire box. I don't know if that was the problem or not. I ended up having to finish the shoulder in the oven for a couple of hours but it was well worth the wait. Next time, I guess I'll just keep heaping the charcoal on throughout the day....more info
  • Large, Well-built Grill
    The grill has more cooking area than I'll need most of the time, but will be handy when other family members visit. Fortunately, I can use the small fire box when cooking for one or two people.

    The unit is very heavy and takes up a fair amount of storage space....more info
  • Best BBQ Grill
    I have a gas Weber and a gas smoker. This beats both at grilling or smoking hands down! I thought I would never cook with charcoal again, but this grill/smoker has great design features that eliminates a lot of the hassle. The food is some of the best I've ever made....more info
  • Big Bang
    I did a bunch of research and this smoker grill is excellent value for the money. After I assembled and cured the grill, I made some awesome smoked ribs. Very easy to use in my opinion....more info