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The Librarian - Quest for the Spear
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From reader to leader! a geeky librarian puts his booksmarts to use & discovers is heroic side. He goes on a wild globe spanning quest to find the thugs who stole the met librarys secret spear of destiny artifact..& plan to use its magical power to rule the world. Studio: Turner Hm Entertainm Release Date: 08/30/2005 Starring: Noah Wyle Sonya Walger Run time: 106 minutes Rating: Nr

Broadcast to record ratings on the TNT cable network, this Raiders-esque adventure does not go by the book, staring with its atypical action hero and his decidedly uncool profession. Flynn Carsen (Noah Wylie from E.R.) is a thirtysomething perpetual student who still lives with his mother (Olympia Dukakis). When his exasperated professor finally ejects him into the real world, Carsen's Holmesian deductive acumen lands him a job as the librarian at the Metropolitan Library. This is not an ordinary library. It houses history's most mythic artifacts, including the Ark of the Covenant, Pandora's Box, and the sword Excalibur. The fate of the world is in Carsen's hands ("That's so sad," he observes) when the dread Serpent Brotherhood steals the library's Spear of Destiny, and Carsen must retrieve it. His reluctant, and antagonistic, partner is Nicole (Sonya Walger), who is as skilled in martial arts as Carsen is schooled in the Dewey Decimal System. Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin add welcome comic relief, with Newhart, of all people, getting into the action by film's end. The humble hero (who would rather be known as "Flynn, the rather pleasant at parties"), somewhat cheesy special effects, and corny comedy make The Librarian a fun guilty pleasure. As Carsen proclaims, "Being a librarian is actually a cool job." This looks like the beginning of a beautiful franchise. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Fast, Fun, and Senseless
    Noah Wylie is a young man with 22 degrees and is being forced into the real world. He then received an invitation to interview at the Metropolitan Library. Hidden in the depths of the library is the true Library. Here as stored all the great knowledge and powerful artifact of the ages. It has been locked away for millennia. Wylie is offered the position of Librarian and he would be in charge of the collection. But no sooner does he start than the Library's defenses are pierced and a piece of the Spear of Destiny has been stolen.

    Wylie must go in the field and retrieve the remaining pieces and rescue the stolen one before its power can be used for evil. Lots of action and silliness follow as Wylie tries to fulfill his job and his destiny. Add an excellent supporting cast of Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin and Olympia Dukakis really help keep this show entertaining and fun.

    But fun or not, this movie bears resemblance to Armageddon, the fun action picture that didn't make a lick of sense. First we have Wylie have to find the remaining pieces of the spear instead of just rescuing the stolen one. By finding the others, they just become vulnerable. One an international flight the cockpit is open to visitors (there is an air marshal so we know the time frame). A door on the plane is opened at cruising altitude and it doesn't depressurize (in fact passengers are shown to be completely unaware). Cell phones apparently can work deep in the Amazon where there are no cell towers. There is a Mayan pyramid a hundred times larger than anything they build and so tall it would have been seen from anywhere in the amazon. The name of god has been lost for 4,000 years (and not just from the second destruction of the Great Temple in 70 AD). Since the Spear is true, Christianity is true, but the Spear needs a Pagan ritual to put it back together (not bloody likely). And more and more and more. But like Armageddon the details don't matter. Granted it would have been nice if they got some of them right but they didn't care about that. If you like fun action films that have good characters and more than a hint of wit, then this one is for you. If you can't stand plot inaccuracies, then stay away from this one....more info
  • The Librarian - Quest for the Spear
    A great escape movie. Filled with action and romance. It strongly reminds me of the Indiana Jones series. When ever I want to escape into a fantasy world of action, adventure with romantic overtones. I put in one of the Librarian DVDs. Well worth adding to your library (no pun intended!)....more info
  • totally awesome
    this is a fun action adventure movie for those of us who enjoy geeky heroes. if you are a fan of the daniel jackson character from stargate, you will love noah wyle's character....more info
  • The Librarian
    Having seen the second movie on TV I ordered the first. This movie, though not as good as the second, is entertaining and set the ground work for the second and possibly additional movies. The story line is well thought out with the reality streatching well into the world of fantisy....more info
  • Entertaining, Very Watchable
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this telemovie. I found it entertaining, comic,serious and plausable. I think Noah Wylie is an under-utilised actor. He is totally perfect for the role and is supported by an amazing cast. If a film has entertained or captured your interest for its duration, then it has done it's job. That's what a movie is for, and this one does it's job admirably...more info
  • Quick Service and plenty of it!
    My order was processed rapidly and I received a copy by the promised date; then another. I sent the extra copy back for credit. I am awaiting confirmation of the credit. ...more info
  • Love It
    I love this movie. It is creative, fun, well done and totally escapism.
    The characters are all cute and pretty and handsome. The story is unbelievable and just plain fun. Other reviewers have done a great job of explaining the plot in better terms. However, it's a movie well worth the money if you enjoy Indiana Jones. ...more info
  • Loads of Fun!
    It's NOT the next Academy Award winner. It's NOT a deep, sublime movie. It IS a fun movie with a host of well-known actors. The movie is silly, but that's the beauty of it. It never tries to be anything else. It doesn't insult your intelligence by trying to suck you into believing it's a masterpiece. It has fun. The characters have fun. You have fun watching it.

    Kids will love it. Adults who aren't looking for an artistic movie will enjoy the escape....more info
  • The Librarian - Quest for the Spear
    The casting is right on. Wyle does a very convincing reluctant adventurer who gets thrown in over his head by his superior (Bob Newhart). This is good light-hearted adventure with enough plot twists and surprises to make the time fly by. We thoroughly enjoyed this film and couldn't wait to see the next one....more info
  • good flick
    I enjoyed the whole movie! It is an adventure with some comic relief. I like the characters, the plot and it's Indiana Jones/Mummy type theme. It was enjoyable and very goos for a tv movie. I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • great romance, great characters, great fun!
    So, this movie wasn't Indiana Jones. So what? What is? They did they best they could with a limited budget. So it had factual errors? So did Indiana Jones, so did the Mummy, so did National Treasure and Sahara. Does that make them less enjoyable movies? Not to me. So, give this movie a chance before you bash it.

    This movie was superbly cast, given the TV movie budget. Noah Wylie was the geeky and goofy, but kinda cute, intellectual Flynn Carson, who finds himself in his thirties, living with his mother, while having amassed 22 degrees (is that even possible?) and is no longer welcome in school. He's told to get a job (and a life) and is thrust into the real world. His well-meaning mother (Olympia Dukakis) is constantly trying to fix him up, in the mean time. So, here is Flynn, a genius with 22 degrees, and he doesn't have employers beating down his door with jobs? I took a star off for that being really inplausible.

    Flynn finds an invitation to interview with the Metropolitan Libary. After waiting a whole day in line, he goes into an interview with cranky Jane Curtain, humorless director of library, although she was actually pretty funny. In a funny sequence, he deducts, with Sherlock Holmes logic, that she's recently divorced and had three different cats. Surprise, he meets a Judson, the senior librarian (Bob Newhart). They take him on a magical tour of the portion of the library that few people know about; it's stocked with antiquities that the rest of the world doesn't (or shouldn't) know about: the REAL Mona Lisa, the Holy Grail, unicorns, the golden goose, the arc of the covenant, pandora's box, among other things. The Librarians are keepers of these great treasures. And it's the Librarian's job to keep them secret from the public.

    On Flynn's first official day, they discover that the library was broken into and a band of theives took only one thing: one-third of the Spear of Destiny, the spear that lanced Christ's side. To wield it gives the user great power. Hitler had a third. Napoleon had a third. So basically, humanity is SOL if the evil Serpend Brotherhood gets all three pieces. The only clues as to where the other three pieces are in in the Language of the Birds, which no living human being can translate- (of which, our hero does so in less than 6 hours). Thus, Flynn's on the job training begins.

    Flynn finds himself on a flight to the Amazon while he steadily attempts to translate the language of the birds. Judson manages to come on Flynn's personal TV in coach, telling Flynn, "Trust No One." Unbeknownst to Flynn, the Serpent Brotherhood is on the plane, too! The horrors! A beautiful, but arrogant, Amazonian woman sits beside him, and eventually saves his hide (in a fantastic, yet unbelievable sort of way). When they escape to the jungle, she introduces herself as Nicole Noone (here's No One, get it!? Nyuck, Nyuck) and she has no interest in anything but keeping the Librarian alive. Thus, the adventure begins.

    There was one romance scene, but really, most of it was just implied, not shown, so this movie is safe for the kiddies over the age of 8. There was great romantic tension between Flynn and Nicole. Wylie really flexed his comic muscle in this film (I never knew he had one). The best part, in my opinion, was when Bob Newhart got into a Ninja fight (you heard right!) with the Serpent Brotherhood (anybody else want a piece of me!?!). I laughed- Semper Fi! Overall this is a good movie if you need something funny and cute with good chemistry in it....more info
  • Excellent sublime trash
    This is not a great movie, but it is a movie that you can watch over and over again. It has lots of action, some good comedy, some suspense and even some intellectual commentary. In other words, something for everyone. Bob Newhart is wonderful as the "Head Librarian", and all the other actors and actresses are very good. For those who like this, there is even a catfight between two very very attractive ladies. Yes, it's fun to watch. No, it won't give you the secret of world peace, or end world hunger, or even pay your bills for you....more info
  • Librarians Rock!
    Ok-- I admit it, I'm biased, I'm a Librarian! Anyway, if you are a fan of Indiana Jones or old-time serials, and you can suspend disbelief, then have some fun and check out (pun intended) this light-hearted film about the ultimate library job. ...more info
  • Amusing
    Noah Wyle exceeded expectations and Bob Newhart & Jane Curtain were fun to see in action. The premise of the film was interesting, and the special effects were just fine....more info
  • Low budget film
    The movie is entertaining but lacks the depth of a big production movie. I have seen better made for TV movies. This was the less entertaining of the three....more info
  • Great Family Movie
    This movie reminds me a lot of National Treasure. It is a great movie for the whole family. Noah Wylie did an excellent job. Great plot, very interesting, quite enjoyable. Would love to see a sequel!...more info
  • escapism fun
    Great light hearted fun. Don't examine the plot too closely, but if you like movies like the Indian Jones series or Romancing the Stone, you will love this bookish unlikely hero. Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin are perfectly cast in their supporing roles....more info
  • Just Plain FUN
    This is a great movie, Better then the TV version. But ultimately it has no redeaming value other then it is lots of plain stupid fun. This is a movie for the escapist in each of us. Good family entertainment all the way around, with lots of "clean humor". The Comedic genius of Jane Curtain and Bob Newhart playing against the bumbling antics of Noah Wyle, and the confident beauty of Sonya Walger, and you have a winning combination....more info
  • the Librarian Quest for the Spear
    Excellent, more of the movie on the dvd than on tv...I love this adventure!...more info
    Noah Wyle is charming in his role as an unlikely hero: A librarian. With his career firmly established with the hit series, ER, Wyle takes his boyish good looks and affable demeanor to the bigger screen in this made for TNT Movie. Although a blatant ripoff of the Indiana Jones series and with an affectionate nod to THE DA VINCI CODE, THE LIBRARIAN has enough of its own original charm to be entertaining and quite enjoyable. There's also joy in seeing the unflappable Bob Newhart in his role as a karate fighting ex-Marine, whose line "Is there anyone out there who wants another piece of me" is outrageously funny. Ditto to Jane Curtin as the stuffy secretary at the library and Olympia Dukakis as Wyle's overprotective mother, and you have a cast that's perfect. Only Kyle MacLachlan, unusually boring in his role as the librarian's nemesis, spoils the brew. With another LIBRARIAN due next year, one can see where there's a good chance Wyle may be playing Flynn Carson for quite a few years....more info
  • Librarian - Quest for the Speak
    I enjoyed this movie. I like the adventure and excitement of the whole thing. It is just plain fun with some imagination! Hope they make a third....more info
  • Not bad for a TV show
    We actually watched Return to "King Solomon's Mines" first and enjoyed it, although the special effects were a bit cheesy. It was good family fare, so we bought "Quest for the Spear". We thought it was actually better than "Solomon's Mines" and the special effects were more believable in some instances. We call it "Indiana Jones Lite"....more info
  • Something for the family
    I'm not a prude by any means, but in a world where SEX and SEX JOKES seems to be the ONLY creative thing to be seen on TV anymore, it is refreshing to see movies like NATIONAL TREASURE and this made for TV special.... LIBRARIAN-Spear of Destiny.

    They are both a bit "cheesey" but are a much needed and refreshing wholesome break from the constant stagnation being seen in Hollywood and on TV today.

    This is a "made for the family" type of movie .... sort of like a modernized Indiana Jones or Doc Savage for TV...more info
  • Librarian Quest for the Spear
    Remarkably funny and fresh, unlike its sequel. Preciously hilarious moments throughout. This "Spear of Destiny" may find upcoming importance in JK Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," as one of the Hallows is presumed to be the "Fiery Spear of Lugh" / "Spear of Destiny." Want some possible precursor fun? Try it out!...more info
  • A must see!
    A fun campy adventure story that doesn't take itself too seriously.
    Who'd expect a nerdy, 30 year old professional student to save the world. If you are a fan of Indiana Jones, Relic Hunter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Mummy. You must see the Librarian. A great cast and a story that doesn't pause for a breath, keeps you laughing out loud and holding onto the edge of your seat.
    A definate must see!...more info
  • The Librian Quest for the spear
    Very exciting and funny. The movie always has something or topic not expecting. Didn't miss a minute. Laughed a lot and even shed a tear.. Please make more of the Librian series. My mother and sister also found these things to be true . We all loved the movie....more info
  • not bad for a direct to video
    The premise was kind of corny but the acting talents made up for the lack of overall depth of script. The special effects were actually pretty good....more info
  • Have No Fear The Librarian Is Here - or - How Temporary Brain Freeze Got The Best Of Me
    "Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa," I should have known better but I bought it anyway. I simply couldn't help myself, I'm a sucker for anything dealing with the 'Spear of Destiny,' the legendary sword that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross.

    How could I not have known it was going to be an inane comedy and not an exciting action/adventure a la Indiana Jones. Seeing the names of Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin listed among the cast on the back of the DVD case should have been a dead giveaway. I was a fool.

    I can just imagine the conversation that must have taken place by the Hollywood 'Think Tank' that threw this one together. "Hey, how about this super secret, top security library like the one at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Only ours will have more than just the Ark of the Covenant. We'll have Excalibur, Pandora's Box, the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny, H.G. Wells' Time Machine, the Goose that laid the Golden Egg, etc..."

    [Getting the picture?]

    "Then we'll have this librarian who's in charge of preserving and protecting all this stuff from an ancient and sinister cult like the 'Serpent Brotherhood' who want to steal the artifacts and rule the world. How about getting that Noah Wylie dude from 'E.R.', he's pretty popular with chicks right now and we'll need a couple of hottie's (Sonya Walger and Kelly Hu) to get the guys watching. It's sure to win the time slot!"

    That's the 'Reader's Digest' version. Believe me when I tell you the extended, unedited version doesn't get any better. So, if you have one of those evening where you have absolutely nothing else to do, it's too early for bed and you just want to watch something silly and unchallenging, this is the movie for you!...more info
  • Awesome movie!
    I love this movie! It's awesome! There is plenty of action and romance, and it is very well written! I hope they make more!...more info
  • Light-Hearted Fun and Adventure
    The Librarian series should provide good fun for fans of the Indiana Jones genre, and "Quest for the Spear" does a fine job of introducing the premise and the continuing characters. Notably, we meet the nerdy-but-adventurous Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle), who is persuaded to abandon his comfortable niche as a professional student and apply for a job at the mysterious Metropolitan Library--which does indeed have books but is mainly dedicated to safeguarding legendary artefacts such as Pandora's Box and the Sword Excalibur. When the Spear of Destiny is stolen, Flynn, as the Librarian, must trek through the Amazon and over the Himalayas to thwart the villains determined to use the spear for evil purposes. Never mind a few holes in the plot; after this, viewers will never see librarians--or Bob Newhart--in the same way again. ...more info
  • The Librarian-Quest for the Spear
    I really enjoyed this second movie as much as the first one. Noah Wylie as the Librarian is great casting. It was fun, adventurous, and totally enjoyable. I hope they plan on making more of these movies,...more info
  • It is a fun movie
    This was a very entertaining movie. I saw part of it on TNT a few months back and it wasn't scheduled to play again anytime soon, so I order this and the sequal. I haven't had time to watch the second one yet, but I enjoyed the first one. It is a good relaxing night type of movie that even the kids can watch. There is not excessive violence and no bad language to speak of....more info