NETGEAR WG111US Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter
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Product Description

Netgear WG111US 54 Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter enables up to 54 Mbps wireless Internet access to either your desktop or notebook PC. This device supports office roaming for notebook PC users for shared broadband Internet access and resources. Incorporating high-level WEP encryption, the adapter shields your network from wireless eavesdroppers without sacrificing performance. Stylish and compact, it plugs into the available external USB port of your PC, eliminating the need to open up your desktop PC. NETGEAR's Wireless LAN Manager also lets you create profiles that reflect specific WLAN settings for each place you travel giving you unfettered mobility at home, the office, the airport, and other public hotspots. Channels - 11 channels (US, Canada), 13 channels (ETSI), 14 channels (Japan)

The NETGEAR WG111US Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter offers:
  • 802.11g wireless networking capability to any computer with a USB slot.
  • A small form factor for easy portability.
  • Backwards compatibility with 802.11b wireless networks.
The NETGEAR WG111US Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter makes it simple for you to provide wireless internet access to your computer, whether it is a desktop or notebook, letting you surf the web, check email, and chat online.

About the size of a pack of gun, the WG111US packs a lot of features. View larger.
Easy to Carry, Easier to Setup
About the size of a pack of gum, the WG111US is easy to throw into your purse or pocket. It supports Windows Vista and is also compatible with Windows XP, 2000, 98SE, and Me. The WG111US features a USB 2.0 connection for wide compatibility and high speeds, and setup is as simple as installing the included software and plugging the device into a USB port. A removable cover keeps the connector protected and clean from knocks, dirt and other potential harm.

Included is a USB cable making it easier to connect the WG111US to a desktop and saving you the hassle of having to reach for the back of the computer each time you want to connect or disconnect the adapter. Additionally, it allows you to place the adapter at an optimal location for the strongest signal. Also included is a cradle that you can fasten to the wall or a desk for a more stable place to keep the adapter once you've found an ideal location.

Fast and Secure
The NETGEAR WG111US supports the 802.11g protocol standard for speeds up to 54 Mbps and a longer range than previous-generation 802.11b adapters. With a good connection, you'll notice the difference right away as you'll be able to stream high-quality music without any hiccups and load videos much faster. Downloading files is up to five times faster than it was with 802.11b. Since 802.11g is also interoperable with 802.11b, you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll get a connection at specific airports and hotspots; the WG111US will automatically detect the network and allow you to connect to it at the highest speed possible.

The adapter supports 40/64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryption for security so you don't have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your emails or stealing your passwords. The included software makes managing different WEP passwords a breeze as you can set up different profiles for each location you frequent, saving yourself the trouble of having to type in encryption keys each time you connect to a hotspot you've already used.

The NETGEAR WG111US Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter is backed by a 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
WG111US Wireless-G USB 2.0 Adapter, USB cable, installation guide, setup CD, cradle and fastener, warranty/support information card

  • USB 2.0 Adapter provides 802.11g wireless capability
  • Small form factor for maximum portability
  • Supports 128-bit WEP for enhanced security
  • Backwards compatible with 802.11b wireless networks
  • Device measures 3.72 x 0.6 x 1.19 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • did not get
    ordered it never got emailed and never heard from seller, would never buy from him again...more info
  • Should have heeded reviews
    While Consumer Reports gave this router a Best Buy rating, a reviewer here on Amazon made mention about how lousy the router was at dealing with mixed-mode, or different wireless speeds available from different devices. How correct was the Amazon reviewer was. This router sucks at dealing with mixed-mode speeds!!

    The router really sucks at trying to accomodate varying 802.b/g wireless signals and really really runs SLOW, as in 1mbps at times, trying to figure what to do.......when I tested using only devices running 802.11g the router stayed at 54mbps so, forget running mixed modes on it!

    And......the default modes at 270Mbps is joke!!! The router again throttled back most of the time to less than 11Mbps even when all wireless devices were rated at 54Mbps.

    I guess next time I'll heed the reviewer advice on Amazon!...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    This adapter has a fatal flaw (IRQ conflict?), at least when used with a Dell running Windows XP service pack 2.

    My whole sytem crashes and the computer can't run for more than 1 minute before it happens again. The problem began with the display driver. After many uploaded patches and "fixes," it just kept getting worse. Finally I uninstalled the whole thing and re-loaded the original display driver from disc. No dice. System still crashes. Computer is now officially out of commission until I can afford to hire a tech to fix it. Thanks, Netgear. Most expensive $40 piece of equipment I ever bought....more info
  • great product!!
    after i've tryed an internal one for my desktop i realised that for allmoust the same price this is what really helped my becouse i am using it now!...more info
  • Netgear WG111US
    Great device. Very easy to install. Have had no problems since installation. I'd buy another one if I needed it....more info
  • WG111v3 Works great ! - need to download software if refirbished
    Got this refurbished so it didn't come with the software.

    I got on a friend's computer and downloaded the software unto my Flash drive.

    The software can be obtained in under the support tab.
    Direct link:

    Scroll down on the page to get to the yellow download options and click on the one you choose (either left click, or right click and choose "save link as"
    It is a big file and for me the best time was to download it late at night when internet traffic is less heavy but that really depends on your internet connections etc.

    There is an option for users in North America or Worldwide. I chose the one for users in North America since that is where I bought the adapter, even though I currently use it overseas. I really don't know what the difference is.

    After installation the product worked great but I didn't want the Smart Wizard that pops up every time I rebooted so I went to the startup menu(Start - Run - Msconfig - Startup) and unchecked the box near wg111v3. At first I thaught that by doint it the adapter will not work, but it does, it works great and I'm getting an excellent to a very good signal!...more info
  • not good until....
    I had this thing for 2 months and got constantly bad signal from it. It would go all the way down to 2mbps. I did not pay for a crappy b signal. I paid for a good g signal. What was wrong you ask. I had the netgear plugged directly into the back of my computer. When I used the provided usb extension cable voila I have had nothing but 54mbps since. Keep this adapter away from your computer otherwise your signal will be extremely terrible....more info
  • Works perfect everytime!!!
    I am dealt with a lot of tech support issues on this product, and as long as your system meets the required specs, this thing is the tool for you. I get non-stop high signal no matter where i roam, cranks up everytime with no issues. Can't beat it with a stick if you ask me....more info
  • Does What It's Supposed to Do - No fuss
    This thing simply does what it's supposed to do - no fuss. Easy to install. I like the velcro attachment arrangement (if you need to keep it mounted - I do, on my Dell laptop with a dead PCMCIA slot). It connects with my Linksys WRTG54 easily and reliably at 54Mbps (router upstairs, me downstairs). Highly recommended....more info
  • Overall Another Good Product From Netgear
    the adapter is good, easy to set up, seems reliable, compact size, but tends to get really hot so when you arent online i recommend to unplug the adapter. thanks about it. hope this helps....more info
  • Was good, but...
    Connects well and holds on to weak signals, but...

    First of all, I am editing this review. Unfortunately, Amazon does not let me edit my rating. If I could I would give it 2 stars at best.

    The adapter continually causes hard freezes of my PC while it is in use. In one night my computer froze twice while playing Star Wars Battlefront II online, and it has frozen two other times while viewing websites since then. That's 4 hard freezes in 5 days of ownership. My PC isn't the issue here, as it has never crashed or frozen in 4 years. I have 512 Mb of RAM and an Athlon 2400+ processor so I know the system is not being overloaded. I have a friend with similar issues and an even better computer. I'd take this thing back to the store and get a different model, but the store has a policy against returning opened hardware for anything but a 1 to 1 replacement.

    Further, I had some issues with the v2 model and using different profiles on XP using the Windows connection wizard. When I would 1) log in to one profile, 2) install the drivers, 3) use the adapter with the XP connection utility, 4) log out, 5) log in as another user, 6) log out the second user, and 7) use the adapter with Windows XP connection utility, then 8) XP would no longer recognize the adapter when I unplugged it and plugged it back in on either profile. I had to uninstall and reinstall the drivers in order to get XP to recognize the adapter again. I'm a professional software tester, and this would not have made it past my desk. I gave in and used the Netgear connection utility....more info
  • cannot recommend
    Pain to configure. Flaky connection at best. When I removed the software, I got a user interface failure (RtGina2.dll failed to load) which was rather annoying to have to fix....more info
  • Terrible for Tivo Series 2
    I bought this to use with my Tivo. My Tivos are constantly dropping off my network. I have seen posts on discussion forums from other Tivo users stating that this adapter is very problematic for Tivo....more info
  • Cut out frequently on me
    So this thing worked great when it worked. Problem is data would stop transferring often. It was strange because my signal in both the windows notifier and the Netgear program would show the signal as being strong and when it came back I would sometimes even get a notification that I was connected to the internet even though it never displayed that I had been disconnected. I don't know if my specific unit was defective or if this is a widespread problem but from reading the other reviews it seems that not everyone has problems with it but I am not the only one who did. Either way I replaced it for a different brand (Belkin) and had no more dropouts.

    Also I have some other nitpicks which aren't much but since many of these devices are pretty much the same (if they work properly) the nitpicks become why you would choose one brand over another and are further reasons why I like my replacement better.
    1. The blinking indicator light is too bright. When I am in the dark the flashes are bright enough to illuminate my desk are and is distracting
    2. It gets too hot. I don't know what kind of long or short term performance issues this may or may not cause but it made me nervous that it will.
    3. It runs a separate program to display connectivity as opposed to just using the Windows program. So I have an extra program I don't need cluttering up my system.
    4. Both the new and old ones come with extension cables but the new one's cable has a nice looking stand to plug the adapter into while the Netgear one just hung off my desk with a recommendation in the instructions of taping it to the monitor. (Note: the new one is also much wider so if you are plugging it in directly without the extension cable it won't look better then.)...more info