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Uplift Technologies DL930 Day-Light 10,000 Lux SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $126.88

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Product Description

Almost 4 million North Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); Over 36 million North Americans seasonally feel light-deprived, loose their energy, and experience the 'winter blues'.
Day-Lights alleviate fatigue and decreased activity commonly experienced in the fall and winter months. Day-Light therapy has been proven to ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression and improve sleep patterns. This day light lamp has 3 adjustable leg height options for optimal light therapy treatment. The Day-Light can be used at home or in the office. Designed to emit the optimal dose of light for daily 30 minute therapy sessions, schedule your sessions when it's convenient for you. Also great for Shift workers and long distance flyers with disturbed sleep patterns; those who work in dark work places or offices without windows; and people who need powerful work lamps. This Day-Light is leagues ahead of the competition in appearance, affordability and functionality! See zoom and Other Info tab pages for details. Uses three 36-watt bulbs.

Light Therapy Lamp:
Use your Day-Light with the adjustable legs and the high intensity (three light) setting for optimal use in light therapy sessions.
Exceptional Work Light: Provides a 10,000 lux (*Lux is the level of illumination of light.) light level as opposed to 250-500 lux from regular office lighting. Perfect for those who work in dark places, or who work shift work. Also has a lower"

  • Helps to ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression, and help improve sleeping patterns
  • Day-Lights can help regulate sleep patters due to jet lag or shift work, improve energy levels and decrease seasonal fatigue, as well as reduce food cravings, especially for carbohydrates.
  • Makes an exceptional task or reading lamp, and provides ambient lighting
  • UV filtered and safe, it is glare free, flicker free and has two light settings
  • Can ease symptoms of SAD within one to two weeks of regular use

Customer Reviews:

  • happy lamp that works
    all i can say very good service all the way down the line fast service the lamp came with no damage. it works great . the price was great to you guys know what your doing . this is no b/s great place to deal with.thank. happy one...more info
  • SAD lamp
    Seems to be helping my husband. A little early to tell. The description speaks of the stand legs and legs on the back. I was very disappointed that upon reading the instructions, the small legs on the back were not to be used if the lamp was used for SAD treatment. The lamp, in it's working form takes up a lot of space!...more info
  • What a difference!
    For the first time I can actually say I am happy in the winter. I was doubtful but after just a few sessions I was feeling so much better. I don't know if this has anything to do with the product but I have had 10 times more energy about the same time I started using it. As for the complaints I've heard about smells and such, no such experience here, I have a strong sense of smell and noticed nothing.

    I'll be buying a second one for the office....more info
  • Out of Stock?????
    Ordered this on January 7, 2008. Received an expected delivery date of March 25!!!!! It's still listed as in stock with 2-day delivery. Is this a game????...more info
    Here in Maine, we have many gloomy days. We need this to help with the blues. We set it on the table while reading the paper, At night we use it again for about 30 minutes. It has two settings, High and low. The legs are sturdy enough. Long cord, which helps. I must say this light works well. Excellent Warranty. On and off switch could use a label for high low and off, Good reviews by others was important for us in choosing this light. We are very happy.
    ...more info
  • Your body needs V "D" this causes it to be produced READ BELOW
    If you live above the 37th parallel you need this.
    In Winter, From October until the end of March, the angle of the sun is such that, in much of North America, no vitamin D is available from that source. The lower angle during winter does not produce the correct type of wave to induce vit. D production. Our bodies need this to function correctly. This light provides this. ...more info
  • nice but fragile
    I am happy with the light box, but the box was not marked fragile and it was lightly packaged resulting in the bulbs breaking free form the tiny plastic parts that secured them. Luckily there are two plastic parts for each bulb because at least one of them broke off. So the bulbs were bouncing around inside and could very easily have broken. Either better bulb mounting is needed in product design or surely better packaging, and box should be marked fragile....more info
  • I bask in the glow
    I have suffered from SAD for most of my life, and on the adamant advice of my doctor, I bought this light. I love it. I started out using it as a traditional therapy lamp, and then switched to using it as a wake-up light--similar to a dawn simulator. I did this by using a simple, plug-in, digital lamp timer.

    The lamp is lightweight, has no annoying buzzing sounds, doesn't flicker, and is quite easy on the eyes. I found that positioning the light while the legs are attached was rather awkward, but otherwise, this has proved to be a very worthwhile purchase. It also makes an excellent task light when I'm making jewelry.

    My cat also likes this light. Every morning when the timer switches the light on, the cat jumps onto the bed and sits facing the DL930, purring and squinting into the light, basking in the photons. We bask together and we're both very pleased with the purchase....more info
  • SAD box light
    The light is difficult to move due to being top-heavy. It can fall over easily if tipped. Makes a funny odor whenever used....more info
  • SAD Lamp
    The service received from the vendor was great, but not as great as the lamp itself! I approached this purchase with skepticism, but was amazed after just 4 hours of usage (1 hour each morning) at my ability to get out of bed! It has really helped me and in a surprisingly short amount of time - awesome!...more info
  • love the lamp
    Love the lamp, it have been very helpful with the seasonal effective disorder and the whole family is enjoying it. Money well spent....more info
  • Great Idea
    I liked this light a lot. My wife thought it was new age hokum, however. She tried it but didnt think much of it. However, I suffer a lot more from SAD than she does. I used it less than they recommended. Maybe 10 minutes a morning. Using it for 20-30 minutes left me feeling a little hyper and I did have trouble sleeping. Great idea if you suffer from SAD.

    Odd set up but once it was together I liked it made sense. Its light and easy to move about. ...more info
  • Pretty sure it's not a placebo effect
    The only thing that I've found a little difficult was to sit in the recommended position with your head looking forward, 12 inches away. It feels a bit "formal" and is not the way I typically sit. Anyway, I've had more energy in the mornings with the light, but I've also been drinking my coffee earlier as a result. It has a calming effect on it...overall, I'm not totally sure what its doing. I feel good about it though....more info
  • Haven't noticed any effects, but product is good quality
    I use this product for 20 minutes each morning. It is very easy to use and is sturdy - good quality. I haven't noticed any improved energy or happiness, and I am even concerned that it might be the cause of some recent headaches and restless sleep; but I will keep using it and am hoping that I will see some benefits in the future. ...more info
  • No complaints
    This unit is exactly what I had expected it to be and works great. Its got a number of ways to position it. Its quite bright which is nice and I think its been helping me deal with gloomy days a lot better. Also its helped me wake up earlier and get on a good schedule....more info
  • SAD light
    This light was as advertised and I am very pleased. I would recommend this product to anyone that was interested. I would suggest that if you are very fair-skinned, as I am, to use sunscreen....more info
  • Jury is out
    We bought this light on October 29th and paid $179, almost $200 out the door. I see the price is now $125 and for that I'm a little peeved- how could it be reduced that much in 2 months? We wanted to get it before the cold season began, and I guess the powers that be know that most folks do just that and boosted the price accordingly- which seems a little underhanded to me, especially given the purpose of I'M depressed. In any event, my wife has had SAD for years and I felt it was worth a try- naturally, it's difficult to gauge if it is effective or not; if anything it gives her a reading light (she reads the paper every morning with it for about 30 minutes)that can't be beat. But as for the therapudic value of the light, who can read tons of info and opinions on the subject..something that gives one pause is that evidently, and this from the manual- that you can get too much exposure, and it can adversly affect the user- irritability, etc.. which hasn't happened here but it seems once you accept that the condition exists you would hope for a more definitive treatment to help alleviate it. What is enough, or too much? Everybody having different needs..It would be sad for me if it only proved to make matters worse..and I suppose you could approach it as a learning experience, but the affliction is not something to be experimented with, in my opinion. It's very real.
    So the jury is out, and may remain that way, at least for us.
    And as for the price issue- my first unhappiness with Amazon. A major retail store simply wouldn't do that. So, a lesson learned....more info
  • Good product one problem-smell
    This light was a good product: well built, flexible legs, gives off a lot of light and does not buzz or seem to have cheap transformers (or ballasts) that struggle to light the bulbs. It was the less expensive of many comparable lights we viewed on Amazon.

    However, we had two small problems. The plastic casing of the light heats up after about 15 minutes and makes a baking plastic smell. Don't know if all such lights will do this, all the lights have plastic cases and they will all get hot giving off so much light. Also, one plastic part of the leg poppped off and had to be glued back together. Not a big problem, but it made us wonder how long this thing had sat around in its box waiting to be sold....more info
  • Great Light!
    This product is portable, lightweight and easy to set up. The effectiveness increases over time. I am pleased with this product. It targets a specific group of people with a successful design....more info
  • poor packaging
    When I received my light it was VERY POORLY PACKAGED. The box was over sized & there was only a small amount of paper packing material in it, which allowed it to bounce around!! I would certainly review your packing dept., to prevent any other products to leave your warehouse like this. Luckily the light doesn't appear to be damaged & is working well. I am very happy with the results. Thank-you, Linda ...more info
  • It Works
    Sleep study for insomnia resulted in a diagnosis of Delayed Sleep Disorder. The light was prescribed to reset the circadian rhythms. Awake at the same time each morning - 7am - and sit in front of light box for 30 minutes. The box was easy to set up. Works great. No smell. I took advantage of the Amazon Prime 30 day trial and received free 2-day shipping....more info
  • I see the light
    This product helped me tremendously when flipping my clock for night shift work. It's well worth the money to help maintain cicadian rhythym.

    ...more info
  • Uplift DL 930
    Legs are a bit flimsy. Otherwise it is good quality. Notable smell when operating is a bit irritating. Good price for a SAD lamp....more info
  • Daylight
    Design is nice , flexible, and effective. It really brightens the room . WOuld recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • SAD light
    I like the light, it seems to help. One of the legs was broken and the copany replaced it without any questions. ...more info
  • Light for Seasonal Affective Desorder
    I have but wonderful stuff to say about this item. It saved me from a very dull, depressing winter. If you have SAD, you'll know what I mean. I would recommend it to all those who suffer from SAD....more info
  • Works Well
    Sof, so good. works well. Helps with the blues and circadian rhythm also. very pleased...more info