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Microsoft Money 2006 Premium
List Price: $79.99

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Product Description

Microsoft Money 2006 Premium . Microsoft Money 2006 Premium helps you work toward your financial goals, optimize investments, and make tax-smart investment decisions all in one place. You get everything in Money 2006 Deluxe, plus you can track spending, schedule bill-paying, and more.


All Money 2006 Deluxe features, plus...
... a suite of tools that help you plan and optimize investments and long-term savings, a wealth of free financial services, and tax help that makes managing your money easier.

Stay on top of your investments
Improved automated price quotes keep your portfolio calculations up to date.

New! Exchange Traded Funds Center
View and track Exchange Traded Funds, a growing investment category.

  • Money connects to thousands of banks and updates balances automatically, letting you easily stay on top of your finances.
  • Work toward long-term goals like buying a house, budgeting for college, or saving for a vacation by first reducing debt.
  • Improved automated price quotes keep your portfolio calculations up to date.
  • A suite of tools that help you plan and optimize investments and long-term savings.
  • Money 2006 Premium also provides a wealth of financial services, at no extra cost, and tax help that make managing your money easier.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dump MS Money 2006 and 2007
    Like many of the other comments RE: MS Money 2006 and 2007, I am very upset that Microsoft is trying to force people to store their financial data on their server. There might be an intention on the part of MS to allow users to access their data remotely, but the security issues GREATLY outweigh any such benefit. I highly doubt any of the Microsoft executives would put all of their financial data on a third party's website and trust nothing bad happens. I am dumping MS Money after using it for 7 years. I'm switching to Quicken. ...more info
  • Dont believe in the rebate - u r not going to get $30 back
    I have sent the necessary documents within a week from buying and receiving the box from this site - I submitted the rebate app on the young-america (vendor) website - it has been more than two months - no rebate yet. I checked on the young-america site and it says it couldnt even find my rebate application - very convenient for Microsoft and the vendor to not locate my app - how else they are going to make money??
    - Functionality wise - no improvement at all over MS Money 2004
    There is no rating below than one star otherwise I could have given it less than a star and if possible negative - not worth spending around $70 for the software...more info
  • Less stable than Money 2004
    Money 2004 never crashed on me, but I find 2006 does so quite often.

    I'm a little frustrated with not being able to view changes to the budget in the current month.

    From the help manual:
    "If your budget doesn't look balanced the first month, wait until next month to see if the problem goes away on its own."

    Money 2006 hasn't got any simplier. In their attempt to simplify you now have 'basic' and 'advanced' modes to everything. This makes it more confusing and harder to find features....more info
  • where can you get your $249 free stuffs as Microsoft advertised?
    I bought Money Premium version because Microsoft advertised $249 free stuffs. Please see the following link :

    According to the Microsoft web site, I have to use the specfied URL from Money program to get the free stuffs. I could not find these URLs from Money program except the Experian(free credit report). I used the online chat support. Microsoft staff wrote: "These special offer are in partnership with Microsoft Money. You have to contact them yourself to get sign-information to take advantage of these special offers ", "We did not mislead you in anyway these special offers are available to you free of charge from us. What you need to do is to contact moonjar or gainskeeper and tell them you have money 2006 premium and they will allow you to use their service"

    Isn't that contradict to what Microsoft web site said(I posted the link)? I could not find any special free stuffs for Microsoft Money user from these web sites via normal URLs.

    What a joke. If you are attracted by $249 free stuffs, think twice. ...more info
  • Money 2006 Premium
    Have used Money for several years and recently upgraded from Money 2003. The data conversion appeared to go well, but the program "lost" several reporting functions. The graphics and "reset" buttons on the report customization menus are grayed out. However, graphics in the 'Monthly Report" and in the lifetime planner work fine. MS suggestion was to create a new file and then export each account individually to the new file. With 125+ accounts that would be absurd. I did set up a small trial file with some minimal data and found all graphics functional. I still prefer the 2003 version but cannot go back now....more info
  • Do I still own this product?
    I started using Money in 2005. It is a great idea if you ask me. Instead of having to go to 10 different websites to view all of my financial information, I can let this software download all of the info automatically, tell me when to pay bills, pay bills, and budget all in ONE interface. Fantastic.

    When I installed 2005 I had some problems. I finally got everything synched up and working well for about 9 months or so. Then I upgraded to 2006. Guess what? All of the same bugs in the setup. Everything was scrambled. I figured I could overcome because I was now an experienced user and had seen these problems the year before. I put things in order, or so I thought, and used it about 2X before it became useless again. I finally gave up and no longer use the product at all really. Wonder if it is even still on my computer...hmmmm....

    Anyway, another user gives lots of advice on how to make this software work, and I haven't really tried to follow it. If I were to try again, I would take a look at his advice on not getting a passport, not downloading from Yodlee, etc. Or maybe it's just easier to not get Microsoft Money, since the automation functionality will all be gone if you do these things. (Not slamming anyone here. The advice is sincere and useful from the other user- I just have a different opinion).

    In order to download all of the info from each individual website by hand, instead of using passport/yodlee, you have to log into each site by hand, and download the file. You're just as well off at that point to download it into an excel file and pay your bills from your bank's website.

    I love the idea behind this software. I just wish it worked....more info
  • Money 6 is a bust
    Terrible program. I can't even find the place to generate a report, much less how to print one. The interface is even more unintuitive, if that is possible. I stumbled around in the previous version and pretty much got it to do what I needed... I bought a "dummies" book about it, and it's a little helpful (still very difficult to find out how to generate/print reports), but I curse floridly every time I have to use this program (tax time.....hmmm...wonder if there's some connection?!) I'm ready to go back to a paper ledger. Save your [old version of ] money. (There are lots of embedded links to insurance, investing, etc. sales sites. Irritating. Cheesy.) mb ...more info
  • Techin' HOT!
    Helps me keep my finances on track! I can keep track of the people that borrows my money too!! This software is cool and hot!. If you're having probs with your finances, you should get it becuase you can exactly where most of your money goes. What I love is it helps you with your taxes at the end of the year also can help you plan your taxes if you want to get a certain amount of returns. I haven't played with it thoroughly to give it 5 stars plus I just got an error on it a couple of weeks ago but haven't receive the error since. I totally recommend all my friends and family to get this software. ...more info
  • Money 2006 makes it HARDER to manage your finances
    The one part of Money that works well is that it is an excellent vehicle to deliver advertisements to you. It's like paying for cable television and seeing only commercials 80% of the time. Most of the menu items in Money are cleverly disguised links to commercial web sites.

    Online transaction downloads are atrocious. If you can get it to work (and it probably does work with some minority of banks), it completely garbles your finances at a fundamental level.

    Here's an example. I have a checking account, a savings account and a credit card account with the same bank. After hours of effort, I was able to download all of my transactions into Money. After all of that, I wanted to see the valuable insights into my financial situation that I expected to get through the reports. When I looked at my tax situation, it warned me that I would owe thousands of dollars over my usual withholding. I finally figured out that it was treating every credit card payment, transfer to savings and transfer back from savings to checking as new income. So if I make $1,000 in a month and pay $200 to my credit card and put $100 in savings, then move $500 out of savings to pay for new tires, Money says I've made $1,800 in income.

    The only way to fix this is supposedly to change the transaction type for all these transfers to "Transfer". Makes sense, right? So, I went back and changed the classification on all these transactions, then I looked at my bank balance, and Money's calculated balance was many thousands of dollars different from my actual balance. It turns out that when you change a transaction type to "transfer" Money automatically creates a corresponding transaction in the destination account. Since that account also has downloaded transactions, every one of them resulted in duplicates. As far as I know, there is no way to sort this out without some kind of black magic recommended by tech support.

    Finally, if you must install Money 2006, don't waste your money on the Premium version. The only difference between Deluxe and Premium is some bundled coupons to some online services that may or may not be valuable, but which can be acquired for free through other channels....more info
  • Frustrating
    I'm a small business owner and have been using another version of Money for 2 years. It is very hard to get anything to balance with this and if you have several sources of income and try to transfer amounts from one account to another, it does count it as income TWICE as others have said. I think writing your figures down on a piece of paper might be faster than plugging it all into this software and trying to make it balance.

    My accountant could not figure it out and said to use Quick Books or Quicken. ...more info
  • Automated in a way you don't want?
    On line banking? Automatically download your information from bank?

    Cool! Until you realize hundreds of transactions in some bank account are counted twice while syncronizing with your bank. Try to fix it by deleing one of them? Be careful not to break the link automatically created in the background. Your number may be messed up and it could be difficult to find which transaction the deletion could have altered.

    I thought it would be at least worth the money I paid if I use it manually without using on-line feature... only to find it is very inconvenient even just to create a checking account. Things are so much directed to on-line automation even if you do not want to.

    Microsoft products are great, except they try to automate too much assuming "they know what you want to do". It is just like that annoying help annimation figure in MS Office, which acts like a person who understands your need, and dumps out entirely unrelated nonsenses as you describe your specific need. So idealistic!

    Even if 80% of customer typically need certain things in a certain situation, why not leave a choice to customer to choose different option old way they are used to for the rest of 20%, rather than directing everything to a new "fancy" direction ?

    There are so many other small frustrating features that I find in MS Money (and also Quicken too) that would be hard to describe all here. I am going to use just plain spreadsheet to do my bookkeeping. For whatever reason, I cannot even export the numbers I have in the MS Money (and Quicken too) to spreadsheet or even to text file.
    ...more info
  • Almost Totally Useless....
    The bill paying / scheduling is not integrated with the 'accounts' ( not is the budget feature as far as I can tell...). I could not enter my existing mortgage information -- it insisted that the amounts were *wrong*. (Gee... perhaps I should tell that to my bank...).

    I cant link a scheduled payment with a credit card account (or loan account, etc...). There doesn't seem to be any way for it to automatically recognize payments (for example an electronic payment to citibank - you have to catagorize it yourself each and every month).

    I would say that half of the screens are nothing but advertising from various financial insitutions (who probably paid MS loads of money for the privledge).

    I'm going back to Quicken.... ...more info
  • Microsoft Money 2006 Premium Sucks!!!
    I thought this software would be a great way to track my day-to-day expenses but how wrong was I!! I have spent several hours trying to sync my online bank information with Money and I am getting so many error messages! This is one of the worst programs that Microsoft has updated! I wish that I would've tested the trial version first before I purchased it. I consider myself to be very computer savvy but it must take a genius to figure out this program! It is not user friendly at all and it is so disappointing! I wish that I could get my money back! Take it from me, test it before you buy it or you'll hate it as much as I do!...more info
  • most frustrating program ever
    To be fair - I probably don't use this the "normal" way. I like to print checks. This seems like basic functionality. I used, supported, and written software that does this. But I have never worked with a program that was slower, less intuitive, nor more frustrating than Money. Since I have considerable data in it I keep trying (originally I had high hopes for it). There is no other program that can get me to curse at it - except Money. Unless you are forced to ... try something else ... anything else....more info
  • Won't print out results
    One of the most amazing things about this product is that you are not able to print your results. If you want to print out all of your charitable contributions for 2005, you are out of luck. Technology is 15 years behind any other software on market....more info
  • Problems updating investment prices
    Microsoft has been experiencing problems updating the prices of most non-US Funds, and these have not been resolved despite lengthy discussions on microsoft newsgroups. At the time of writing, pretty much all non-US Funds are not being recognised by Microsoft Money and are therefore being ascribed a nil value in portfolios. This leads to very misleading results and makes the product of very limited use if you wanted to use it to track your investments and you would do better to look for a different product than this one.
    ...more info
  • Works -- but really, really slow.
    This product works -- but is ridiculously slow.

    On my 2.4Ghz P4 machine:

    - Screen refreshes take multiple seconds.
    - Portfolio view changes can take 10-15 seconds.

    Please, Microsoft, FIX the performance. Assign a real
    dev team to re-architect it. Please....more info
  • I love my Microsoft Money 2006!
    I see there are several reviews on here that don't favor this version of Microsoft Money. I have had mine for 2 years and it's my financial BIBLE! I love it. No, I dont use Passport and post my financail information on a Microsoft if those comments stop you....don't listen!

    I am a 43 old woman, self employed and crawling out of debt. Having this tool has helped me 200%! I recommend this product to everyone!...more info
  • Problems entering Splits, Spin-offs & Mergers
    Money 2006 Premium was essentially purchased to manage portfolio investments in stocks. This is the first time I have used Money and find that it has some major problems particulary in respect of managing special investment activities such as Splits, Spin-offs and mergers, etc. The following details some of the problems faced during my usage.

    1. First and foremost problem is the inability to correct any mistakes while entering the transaction. For example if a split is entered then the program automatically adjusts the number of shares and the cost basis. However there will neither be a record of this action in the Account nor any way to delete or reverse it.

    2. Most surprisingly even if the entire transactions of that particular equity is deleted and reentered it will not allow the re-entry of the split on that particular date. The program will return a dialog stating that A SPLIT EXISTS ON THAT DATE. One can perhaps get around it by using a different date for the split but imagine re-entering all transactions including any dividends received etc. It becomes a NIGHTMARE.

    3. Money does handle Splits, Spin-offs and Mergers nicely if the data is entered correctly the very first time. But God forbid if a mistake is made. THERE IS NO WAY TO REVIEW, CORRECT OR RE-ENTER the data.

    Money also has very poor report creating functionality. To create a report for any other dates than year ends requires some efforts.

    The Customer Support tries hard to be helpful but they seem to lack either the expertise or the knowledge to redress any problems like mentioned above. They probably have sufficient knowledge and experience to guide customers through basic features but they are completely at sea when it comes to some complicated transactions such as mentioned above.

    At the end is Consumer Be Warned is probably true!!

    ...more info
  • MS Money 2006 has some good new features
    This update includes a sidebar to link to program features, making easier access to everything. There are also more vendors & advertisements contracted with Microsoft willing to charge you money for their services, though some are free.

    The one bad feature is that MS no longer provides an option to work offline. Considering that this program involves personal finances, the user should have this option....more info
  • Be careful
    I have been using Microsoft Money since 1999, upgrading every year, and have been pleased until I upgraded to Money 2006. I noticed that the checks that I printed did not completely fill out on the "dollars" line. The ******* symbol only went a third of the way, this has not happened on any other version. I called Microsoft Technical Support and after three days of "working on this issue" they concluded that it was a problem with my HP Officejet 7210xi printer. I found that hard to believe since it worked fine with Money 2005.
    ...more info