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F.B.I. operative Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) famously went undercover in a beauty pageant a while back, and now she's supposedly so recognizable that her only use to the agency is as a pretty public representative. Dumped by her boyfriend (whom Benjamin Bratt wisely decided not to portray this time around), a gloomy Gracie goes along with the promo biz until her friend, Miss United States (Heather Burns), is kidnapped along with pageant official Stan Fields (William Shatner) in Las Vegas. Bullock still has perk to please her fans, but neither she nor her awkward alter-ego has any purpose in a sequel to a movie released five years prior. The result is a desperately unfunny, feature-length commercial for Las Vegas tourism, with outdated homosexual stereotypes (Diedrich Bader, as Gracie's stylist) and the usually terrific Regina King (of Ray and Jerry Maguire fame) stuck in a glum role as Bullock's butch bodyguard. Armed? Yes. Fabulous? No. --Steve Wiecking

Customer Reviews:

  • Miss Congeniality 2 : Armed and Fabulous
    This company Retro Classics has taken my money and not sent my DVD and it has now been over a month! They had a 99% satisfation rating when I placed my order on April 20,and I see that it has fallen considerably since then. I need the help of Amazon! Teresa J....more info
  • Script went in the wrong direction
    The first Miss Congeniality, while not a comedic masterpiece, was better and funnier than I thought it would be. The second one is about what I expected out of an unnecessary sequel. There are some funny scenes, especially by William Shatner returning as the pageant director, but not enough of them. And I thought for too much of the movie they lost who Gracie Hart was.

    She has become so famous that she can't do field work so they make her the 'face' of the FBI and she's given a staff of stylists and sent out to do publicity for the bureau. Wanting to do anything she can for her belovd FBI, Gracie dives in and loses herself. She becomes arrogant and irritating. This isn't the person everyone was rooting for in the first movie. She finds herself late and the ending is a lot of fun but by then its too little too late....more info
  • Miss Cash-In
    The first 'Miss Congeniality' was a lightweight and funny movie that even appealed to me, and I don't even fit the demographic audience. I personally find Sandra Bullock extremely likeable and she had plenty of room to showcase her talents in both of these movies. In this sequel she's appealing as ever, but the story seems padded and uneccessary.

    Gracie is assigned to solve a kidnapping in which her former "competetor" and friend from the first beauty pageant, along with Stan Fields (Shatner) are being held hostage. Along the way Gracie uses numerous disguises and gets into amusing mishaps with her new partner who hates her.

    The movie has its moments, but as a whole it doesn't even come close to the first. There some very funny moments as Bullock disguises herself and gets into ridiculously funny situations, but it doesn't quite make the cut. This is better as a rental for those who are fans of the first, but probably not a keeper....more info
  • Worth the watch
    I bought both movies and watched them when they arrived. This is a good continuation of the first movie. The story doesn't have to be especially believable, but the laughs are the main issue here. Sandra Bullock is a "stitch", so pretty and believable as her character....more info
  • funny
    I love dit a lot but I preferd the first. Anyway it was funny....more info
  • "There's a cannon in my porthole!"
    Miss Congeniality never asked for a sequel. They ended the original quite perfectly, without ending it hinting a sequel. However, they decided to cash in on the success, and bring out a sequel. Michael Caine turned it down. Benjamin Bratt declined. Only Sandra Bullock, Ernie Hudson, Heather Burns & William Shatner (obviously taking a break from filming his branflakes commercials here in the UK) returned. Really, this should have been another Speed 2 - a complete flop. And it almost did, it got bad reviews in everything I read.

    I got it three days ago, and I've already watched it twice. I liked this film. OK, it doesn't have the same magic that the original did, which has to be one of my favourite movies, but Sandra Bullock can do no wrong in my eyes. (I'm forgetting about Two Weeks Notice and Murder By Numbers here.) And the mismatched partners haven't worked in years, especially not when they're both females - come on, that hasn't worked since Thelma & Louise. And there are some stereotypes, including the angry black FBI agent (played by Regina King) from a poor background.

    I didn't like the fact Gracie's character changed so much in the 10-month period that passes in the film. She becomes conceited, and forgets why she originally joined the FBI in the first place. And they completely wrote out Benjamin's character from the first, having him phone Gracie, in one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the whole movie. Her first 'real' boyfriend, and he dumps her over the phone (the jerk) after only 3 weeks. (Since this starts 3 weeks after the original finished.) Also, if you watch the end credits, there's quite a few outtakes, and it gives the impression there were a lot of scenes which ended up on the cutting room floor. Also, in the kidnapping, even though she gets kidnapped too, Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns) seems to be implicated in it, but that subplot seems to be forgotton.

    The storyline's stretched as thinly as possible over the nearly 2 hours it is, but there are quite a few funny moments to keep you going. Michael Caine's character is replaced by Joel (played by Diedrich Bader, who was also in Napoleon Dynamite), a camper, cute version, who comes out with a few funny lines, including genital-shocking taser gun, debriefing and a couple of others. There's also a hilarious cameo from Dolly Parton, which will have you looking to see if it really is her, and of course, the whole Diva Club scene - "I am not going out there as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be Tina Turner. I can't afford therapy on my salary." Also look out for Sandy's now-husband, Jesse James, in the bar scene near the start. And Eileen Brennan, who played Stan's mum in the film, is actually 7 years younger than William.

    The problem with this film is none of Sandy's funny moments (only her snorts reappear) happen, and some scenes are just too close to the original. When she's talking on the phone to Eric Matthews, she's sticking that flat thing into the microwave door to keep it shut, or the scene where she jumps on Dolly Parton is practically the same as the original, where she jumped on the guy for going for his cigarettes. And plus, in the airport scene, there is definitely a scene cut out somewhere, as Sandy seems to be wearing a pair of very fake boobs under her top, which at one point Regina King adjusts, but they're down at her stomach! That scene fell a bit flat. Plus, a very prominent poster in the same scene is desperately trying to steal some screen time - it's a poster of Miss Congeniality.

    The finale is absolutely stunning, and breath taking, especially with the water scenes - I was having trouble breathing during these scenes, especially since there was a lot of closeup shots of the actresses. There's another scene tacked on at the end, which is a bit too sickly sweet for my liking, and brings back the "world peace" which featured so much in the original.

    The soundtrack to this, featuring Tina Turner, Pink, and Natasha Bedingfield, is one of the most feel good soundtracks next to Coyote Ugly. But what most surprised me is there is a lot of snippets from other soundtracks including: My Best Friend's Wedding, Two Weeks Notice, Miss Congeniality, Chicken Run (?), Gossip, Sweet November, and I Am Sam. What was with this? If you're thinking some of the backing score sounds a little familiar, then the above is why!

    I have to disagree with most reviews, and say that this film has its good & bad points, but if you view it with an open mind, and just relax, and enjoy. Don't expect too much, especially not any extras....more info
  • Funny and Fabulous
    Miss Congeniality 2 follows FBI agent Gracie Hart's ascent to media darling as the Bureau's new "Face of the FBI." Armed with a personal stylist and some high-end fashion, Gracie becomes less Secret Agent Hart and more Secret Agent Barbie. When her friend, Miss United States, gets kidnapped, Gracie struggles to maintain a balance between her new, glam persona and the down-to-earth, awkward-but-capable Gracie we came to know and love in the first film.

    MC2 is decidedly less sweet than its predecessor, but also funnier. Sandra Bullock is a hoot in Gracie's made-over skin, and she plays off her supporting cast well. My favorite addition to the sequel was the ever-delicious Enrique Murciano as the young, gullible Secret Agent Jeff Foreman of the FBI's Vegas HQ. Murciano portrays Jeff with a genuine sweetness and great comedic skill. Plus -- he's gorgeous, and serves as the film's eye candy (albeit very talented eye candy).

    I watched MC2 alone, and still found myself laughing out loud several times. In many ways, I enjoyed this more than MC1, and hope that everyone who liked the first film will give this one a chance. It's totally worth it.

    ...more info
  • Entertaining!
    This movie was entertaining! As I stated in my review on the other review this movie is one of those rare PG-13 that the whole family can enjoy! This movie was very nescarry but it's a great buy to a great movie. Just don't except too much from this movie on account it's no where as near as good as the first one. ...more info
  • Funny, but not as great as the first
    While being a big fan of the first movie, I was fairly excited to see the second. After I saw it, I thought it was OK. Not as clever and original as the first, but still very entertaining. The second had a lot more laughs, slapstick, and funny bits...however I'd say it lacked in plot. EVERYTHING was predictable, and you knew what would happen the moment the movie started--not like in the first movie, which was more inventive and unpredictable to a certain degree.
    However I will say most of this movie was hilarious, even if it lacked in other things. I definitely recommend seeing it, as it will probably be the funniest movie of the year. If you're in the mood to see a very funny, laugh a minute-ride, you should definitely check it out in the theater! But don't get your hopes up for this being better than the first....more info
  • Sandra Bullock
    I consider the second film Miss Congeniality 2 to be superior to the first. It is definitely Fabulous...more info
  • Not As Good As The First...
    The first Miss Congeniality was great, I loved it. Yet this one does not exactly add up. It was funny, I did like it, yet if I had to choose one and only one MC1 would be it because it is a lot more funnier and more better in plot. The plot really isn't that strong in MC2 and the actors were all right but not as bright as they were on MC1. I guess what I am saying is that MC1 is stronger and more memorable than MC2. Most of the time sequels are not as strong as the first so it was no surprise to me. I was hoping the sequel was not terrible though and I am glad to see it was pretty good. I think though I'll stick with MC1 out of the two though, it's the better out of the two. Yet both of the films have a great theme to it, and I love how they empowered that theme at the end of this film. ...more info
  • I guess they "Showed Sandra The Money"!
    This is what happens when you show a cute aging actress the promise of a fat check to duplicate a previous box office hit. You get this insipid followup to Miss Congeniality. I'll just cut to the chase. This is a lousy movie. Sorry Sandra, girl of my dreams, everybody's favorite all american girl but the next time they "Show You The Money" my advice is show them the door! These types of failures can ruin even a seemingly unstoppable career like yours. They wasted you and every other talented cast member of this movie by giving you a script that looks like it was hand written as you went along, directed using all 1st takes, and was shot in a weekend. Garbage!...more info
  • Lowered Herself!!!!
    I have watched both 1&2 of Miss Congeniality. Movie 1 was fair movie 2 just has to be the worst movie I have watched since Kill Bill!! You could tell what the story was leading up to,far ahead of the scene. Sandra Bullock had better stay away from these loser productions or her career will go downhill fast.
    The supporting cast did not help this film (old man from startrek) Regis!! Get a story and some real supporting actors next time Miss Bullock!!...more info
  • Fabulous Sequel!!
    After her triumph at the Miss United States pageant, FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) becomes an overnight sensation -- and the new "face of the FBI." But when the pageant's winner, Cheryl (Heather Burns), and emcee Stan (William Shatner) are abducted, Gracie springs into action with the help of skeptical, businesslike agent Sam Fuller (Regina King). John Pasquin directs this girl-powered buddy flick.

    As far as sequels go this one is one of the best. Very Funny! Alot of great one-liners and quick wit. Sandra Bullock is Just Fabulous!!...more info
  • Great Movie
    I really did enjoy this movie, the story line was great and so were most of the characters. I was a little disappointed with Sandra Bullock's performance but I still loved the movie. I would love to see a Miss Congineality 3!...more info
  • Wake up and smell the iced vente decaf caramel macchiato!
    It nearly brings me to tears to witness decent actors fall flat on their faces in the middle, correction, right at the start of their "comeback" film. Ergo, I was in need of several Kleenex when I watched Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous because of the horrid direction, acting, and scenario that this film represented. There was no redeeming value in this film at all. Normally, I can find one scene in a film that just stood out in my mind, one that perhaps showed that the director had done his homework, or that the actors were having a good time with the script, but alas, this was nowhere to be found in this sequel. Instead, we are forced to literally watch tumbleweeds roll through the shot after Bullock, Bader, or even King forces a line of comedy from their mouths. Their timing was horrible. I kept expecting to hear a laugh track through the film, but there was none. We, the audience members, having to create our own laughter, but for this film it was definitely impossible.

    Directors need to realize that if they want to capitalize on the wallets of moviegoers, they need to provide audiences with fresh, original material that gives the viewers that safety-blanket feeling of security that they have spent their money wisely. This did not happen with Miss Congeniality 2. Instead, I witnessed a tired Bullock delivering the same old routine from the original, which after watching this disastrous sequel, is a breath of fresh air. If the repetitive nature wasn't dulling enough, we have to throw in clich¨¦ characters, which can only do clich¨¦ things. I feel horrible for Diedrich Bader, who is a funny comedian, but was forced into this clich¨¦ gay characters sputtering lines that we have heard time and time again from other products of the Hollywood-recycling machine. Regina King's character was pointless. Throughout the entire film I was trying to figure out why she was a major character in this film. I guess the producers needed someone to counter Bullock's character, but there was no chemistry. The least they could have done was provide someone that could play off Bullock, instead of against her. Shatner was, well, Shatner. He provided nothing fresh to his role other than the fact that it was obvious he needed the cash. The same can be said for Treat Williams, whom should be hanging his head in shame after this debacle. Wait, was that Ernie Hudson in this movie?

    So, we had horrible characters, maybe the story was strong enough to support itself. WRONG. The story was just as pointless as the characters. Bullock, instead of being a model in a pageant this time, is instead a model for the FBI. Seems very realistic ... doesn't it?!? It seems like overnight she transforms herself from pageant beauty into sniveling FBI agent back to pageant beauty selling the book about her life. It seemed random and chaotic, like trying to watch a two-year-old place a square block in a circle entry. It was painful because I am somewhat of a Bullock fan and to see her grab at this dry material just hurt from the inside. The main structure of the story was frustrating as well. Characters were introduced without any story and we were forced to believe them. The villains of this film were lightweights and provided no humor or fear to anyone in the audience. It felt as if they let the stand-ins remain in the film while the actors went and played golf. The timing was horrendous, the structure of this destroyed story was menacing, and there were no jokes that were even worthy of a smile. From the opening credit sequence through every scene break, I kept thinking to myself it isn't going to get any worse ... alas, I was proven wrong.

    Finally, I really want to strengthen the idea that jokes need to be funny. If you tote a comedy as being "laugh-out-loud", I expect to be doing that throughout the film. It felt like amateur night at the comedy club when Bullock walked into every scene. She should have had a glass of water with her because her delivery was horrible. Writer Marc Lawrence has done some exceptional work in the past, but somehow he was able to create a story out of all the neglected ideas from his previous work. It was sad, but there was no humor in this film at all.

    Overall, this was a huge disappointment for Sandra Bullock as well as the audiences that paid money to see it. There was nothing of value throughout the entire film. The jokes were completely absurd and unfunny, while the actors seemed like they just didn't care. Maybe they were all inside jokes and I just missed the punchline, but nothing was making this old man smile. Bullock is a great actress, don't get me wrong, but somehow this one caused her to trip on her own two feet and face plant deeply into the concrete floor. Bader was annoying and completely clich¨¦ ridden, while Regina King proved that she can read cue cards and bring one-dimensional characters to the silver screen. This was an embarrassment to Hollywood, director John Pasquin (who should never touch another camera again), and everyone involved. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous only gave my arm a fabulous twitch (it was the best I could do).

    Grade: * out of *****...more info
  • Below Average
    Miss Congeniality 2- Armed and Fabulous is a below average movie. There was no point to it. Just another sequel to a great movie. The first one made since. I didn't understand anything that was going on. It would be more of a rental than a buy. It be a great movie if you become really bored during the summer and you needed something to do. ...more info
  • A Sequel, BUT....
    'Miss Congeniality 2' is the sequel to, you guessed it, 'Miss Congeniality.' Sandra Bullock plays Gracie Hart, an FBI agent, that before the events of the original movie, was considered a black sheep in the FBI. After preventing a bombing at the Miss United States pageant, in which she entered as Miss New Jersey, Hart finds herself working in New York again. Things turn sour for her after her boyfriend dumps her, and she is approached by the FBI to become 'the Face of the FBI.' This builds on the change from tomboy to pretty girl from the first movie, and further changes the character.

    Before long, Hart's friend, and the winner from the Miss United States pageant, is kidnapped. Hart has been touring the country and making the talk show rounds as the Face of the FBI, escorted by troubled, loner agent Sam Fuller, played by Regina King. Hart is sent to Las Vegas, the site of the kidnapping, to be the Agency's liason to the media.

    What made the first movie great was the Tom Boy to Prom Queen transformation of Bullock's character. In the sequel, we're already at the Prom Queen, and we see Bullock's character become a Diva, which isn't nearly as fun. Bullock as FBI agent actually seems to regress and becomes what you'd expect of the Prom Queen playing FBI agent.

    This movie does have its moments. The Drag Queen Diva lounge is particularly uproarious. A run in with a famous country singer is also good for some laughs.

    Overall, its good for a rental, but not repeat viewings. It just doesn't match the charm of the first movie. I'd recommend it if you liked the first movie and want to see more of Bullock's character, or if you just like Bullock in general.

    Overall Grade: 3.25 stars....more info
  • Fabulouso
    The only disappointment was that Benjamin Bratt was not in the sequal. He is such a cutie, but the film itself did not disappoint. It was cute, funny and I cried a little too. LOVED IT!! Regina adds an interesting part to it as well....more info
  • WHY?????????????
    Was this movie really necessary? The first one was passable fluff made watchable mainly by Michael Caine, but this one has no Michael Caine and really no direction in which to go. An unmemorable waste of time, and an unneeded and unwanted sequel to a lukewarm movie. Sandra Bullock needs to pick better scripts or else she'll be doomed to Miss Congeniality 3 and Murder by Numbers 2. Let's pray that doesn't happen. Please pray hard....more info
  • The sequel doesn't live up to the first movie
    It's been two weeks since FBI agent Gracie Hart (the fantastic Sandra Bullock) made news headlines for saving the Miss United States Pageant and winner Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns), from being blown up by vengeful Pageant Director Kathy Morningside. She's on a bank stakeout to capture an organized group of bank robbers called The Housewives. But things go wrong when Gracie is recognized by an adoring fan, and the Housewives almost get away. Now considered too recognizable to be a field agent, her popularity jeopardizing herself and other agents, FBI Director MacDonald (Ernie Hudson) decides to make Gracie the "New face of the FBI", a publicity position. Agent Eric Matthews has broken up with her (they were together at the end of the first movie) so Gracie decides to take the position. She's introduced to effeminate Joel Meyers (Diedrich Bader - Office Space, The Beverly Hillbillies) who's going to do a total makeover on her, not just makeup and walking like Victor Melling did, but attitude and public appearance as well. (Diedrich Bader is fantastic in his role as Meyers)

    Ten months later, Gracie is making television appearances on Regis's show, author of a book, and traveling everywhere on publicity tours to promote the FBI as a kinder, gentler organization. Assigned to be her body guard is new agent Sam Fuller (Regina King), a tough, angry, undisciplined agent who no one wants to work with. Sam doesn't take crap from anybody, and especially dislikes Gracie who is now the epitome of what she hates in women. When Miss United States Cheryl Frasier and Master Of Ceremonies Stan Fields are kidnapped and held for ransom in Las Vegas, MacDonald sends Gracie there to handle all the press conferences. But Cheryl is Gracie's friend, and Gracie can't just stand by the sidelines; she's an agent after all. So Gracie, against MacDonald's wishes, dives headfirst into the investigation, dragging Sam with her. She's determined to find her friends before the kidnapper kills them.

    'Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous' was a disappointment after the first movie. It's more stilted and seems to try too hard to be funny, whereas the humor in the first movie flowed naturally. The plot isn't as well written as the first movie either. Sandra Bullock still gives an amazing performance, but its wasted in this sequel. Although, the drag show near the end is pretty hilarious, even if it wasn't necessary to the plot. William Shatner doesn't look well in this movie, and his role wasn't nearly as cleverly written. The visit to Stan's mother at the nursing home was funny also.

    Overall, this sequel was unfortunately a miss, which was disappointing to me. I liked the Gracie Hart character so well I would have watched a third movie, but Armed And Dangerous was such a flop that a third movie with the character will never happen. I'm giving the movie 3 stars simply for Sandra Bullock's performance, without her the movie would be 0 stars. Rent, don't buy. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • I love Sandra, but she was out for money on this one
    I watched this movie for the first time last night and it was PAINFUL. Sandra is usually one of my favorite actresses and this movie made her look terrible. It seemed like her heart wasn't in it- perhaps she was doing it for the $$$ this go around. I cannot recommend this film....more info
  • This Movie Rocks!!
    I'm a college student that loves watching everything! Although I've never seen Miss Congeniality I, this movie certainly packs a good punch. The reviews below that comment on how cheezyness of the underlying message or on predictability of the friendship are simply trying to rain on the parade. Obviously, don't watch this film if you're looking for moral substance, but by all means - do enjoy it if you're looking for some major laughs!

    I've gotta admit - Sandra Bullock was kinda dull in the beginning as the prim and proper face of the FBI, but the directors did that on purpose. Sam Fuller (Regina King) was absolutely terrific! The anger management issues and the Tina Turner scene are two of the highlights of the movie! And the slightly-gay makeup guy that tags along is a really talented actor, since he usually just plays one of the idiots on the Drew Carey show.

    Best reasons to watch this movie:

    1. You're a guy that hates chickflicks but have to pick one to suffer thru with your girlfriend (use this one!)
    2. You want some laughs to burn off your beer belly
    3. You're a Sandra Bullock fan...more info
  • Fair-to-middling followup to Bullock megahit
    It sure is hard to make a truly good film sequel. Not that the original "Miss Congeniality" (2000) was classic cinema art, but at least it had the charm of Sandra Bullock's transformation from a gauche, style-challenged FBI agent into a svelte beauty queen who could stop a criminal with a well-placed knee to the privates, smiling all the while. Memorable turns by Michael Caine and Candice Bergen helped as well. This follow-up, which Benjamin Bratt, Bullock's love interest in the first film, wisely eschewed, finds the star mostly going over old ground, now paired with a grim-faced Regina King and off to Las Vegas to try and rescue Heather Burns, back as Miss United States, and William Shatner, back as Stanley the pageant host, from kidnappers holding them for ransom. Once again there is a flamboyant gay stylist (Diedrich Bader), a skeptical superior (Treat Williams, stiffly playing the Las Vegas bureau chief), fish-out-of-water comedy (King playing a man playing Tina Turner in a drag show), and an explosive conclusion. Bullock is amusing in her new consciousness of style, and she and King occasionally do strike some comic sparks, but a script that tries to get laughs by having the star bring Dolly Parton down with a flying tackle and knee Regis Philbin in the groin is one that's obviously going for the lowest comic denominator. This one is passable rental entertainment, no more....more info
  • What happened to Gracie Hart?

    In Miss Congeniality, FBI Agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is slowly transformed from a competent, take-no-prisoners law enforcement professional, into... a beauty queen? Yes, she has to go undercover for this operation, and the male-dominated FBI had few options. However, Gracie pulls it off, and the day is saved. This transformation is FUNNY, and the story works.

    In Miss Congeniality 2, Agent Hart's recognition factor is affecting her ability to be a successful agent. In the middle of one undercover operation, she is identified and asked for an autograph at a very inopportune time. She is given a choice: be the public relations face of the Bureau, or... a desk job.

    She choses to be congenial. However, she loses her boyfriend, and is partnered with Agent Fuller (Regina King), an antisocial and angry agent, a misfit who is so unbelievable as even being in the FBI that you'll wince.

    Gracie makes the rounds of talk shows and book signings until her friend, innocent Miss United States (from the first movie), is kidnapped along with original pageant official Stan Fields (an increasingly bloated looking William Shatner). There's an "alternative lifestyle" stylist for Gracie, by-the-book FBI agents, and climb-the-ladder-at-all-costs agents. The bad guys are underutilized as characters, and the Hart-Fuller relationship never works.

    You do get a taste for that tackling Gracie, as she tackles none other than Dolly Parton (but the chase scene with Dolly so clearly uses a stunt double that you will throw up your arms).

    Very forgettable, a shadow of the original, and to be recommended for hard-core Sandra Bullock fans....more info