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SB5120 Surfboard Cable Modem Docsis 1.1 and 2.0 Certified USB
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Product Description

Motorola's next-generation SURFboard SB5120 Cable Modem incorporates the latest DOCSIS 2.0 Advanced Time Division Multiple Access (A-TDMA) and Sychnronous Code Division Multiple Access (S-CDMA) technologies to provide up to three times greater upstream capacity than DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 systems. Packed with power, the SB5120 is interoperable and backward compatible with DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 for a fast and timely transition - operators can deploy the SB5120 today without a service interruption.The Motorola SURFboard SB5120 is flexible and allows operators to maximize their current infrastructure investments and also offer additional cost-effective services, all at the same time. Convenient for both operators and end-users alike, the SURFboard SB5120 ensures end-user security via a top-mounted stand-by switch that quickly isolates the USB and Ethernet connection to the PC without disconnecting the cable modem from the RF network. What's more, the SB5120 simplifies troubleshooting with its front panel status indicator LEDs and integrated HTML diagnostics page. The SURFboard SB5120 is competitively priced and includes many of the valuable features found in previous SURFboard models, such as USB and Ethernet connectivity, software upgrades available over the network, proven field reliability, a quality, advanced RF design, and a high-performance processor. Highly functional and attractive, the Motorola SURFboard SB5120 features a new, compact design that is a stylish and clutter-free addition to virtually any desktop.

  • Package includes - SURFboard SB5120 cable modem / USB and Ethernet cables / Power adapter / Installation CD-ROM with USB drivers and access to special online bonus offers
  • Windows PC and Macintosh compatible
  • Works with most cable pipeline Internet connections - subscription service required from your local carrier
  • Always on, always connected
  • Installs easily in just four steps

Customer Reviews:

  • sleek and fast
    I am admittedly a novice when it comes to matters of technology but I know this modem is very easy to use and has a fast connection. In my last apartment, the landlord had a guy that took care of everything to do with the internet, I got this unit when I bought a house last winter. I don't even bother with Comcast C/S anymore, I just unplug all connections, wait a minute and plug back in. That seems to fix all connection problems I have ever had. I even connected the Surfboard to a Linksys wireless broadband router, piece of cake....more info
  • Excellent service
    I am very pleased with the product I ordered and the fine and speedy service I received....more info
  • Remember the MAC ID
    I had no trouble installing this once I called the cable company and gave them the MAC ID. Doing this first would have saved a lot of time. Since then, the product has performed 100% better than the modem I had rented from the cable co....more info
  • Don't buy for Comcast Internet and Phone. Easy Return
    Bought to avoid the monthly charge ($3.00) from Comcast when adding triple play (phone, internet and HDTV). Don't buy this if you are adding both Phone and Internet from Comcast. Comcast uses this exact modem for Internet only. If you are adding Phone and Internet, Comcast uses a combo Modem and charges the same monthly fee. I didn't get Comcast Phone the same day, so Comcast gave me this exact Modem temporarily until phone was ready to be switched. The only problem I had was that I had to unplug both the Modem and my Router every few days to reset because the Internet locks up. Comcast won't do anything because I have my own Router....more info
  • Simple, Easy setup
    The SB5120 was easy to setup and has been working just fine ever since I gave my provider the MAC address.
    ...more info
  • A reliable Modem Spare
    Modem hooked up easily and works fine. I wanted to have a spare and a backup incase of failures since i work from home and this is it.
    Does as advertised....more info
  • Modem works well, but USB cable defective
    I bought this modem to replace the Scientific Atlanta cable modem on lease from Comcast. It works pretty well so far, though I didn't notice any significant difference in performance between the two. Maybe the cable modem technology has been stagnating for quite a while :-)

    I had a negative experience with Motorola's customer service and subsequently a pleasant experience at Amazon after the purchase. The USB cable shipped with the cable modem is defective right out of the box. It took me a while to figure this out. When inquiring at Motorola whether it has to be a special cable in the process of diagnosing the problem, their customer service declined to assume any responsibility for the product quality other than the modem itself to my surprise and instead pushed me to Amazon's customer service, where a representative from Amazon promptly offered to credit my account for the cost of the cable. What a difference in how to treat customers! Motorola has just lost a customer. I own a Razr V3. I'll be hard pressed to buy another Motorola phone next time around, though. And, for Amazon, I'll surely be back to make more purchases....more info
  • defective modem and seller doesn't refund
    I tried twice with the cable company to hook this modem to the internet. It turned out to be a defective one. In addition, package received is incomplete, missing CD claimed. Seller is not willing to refund. My recommendation: not to buy from private sellers with limited reviews only. ...more info
  • No longer manufactured by Motorola
    Recently I started looking for a modem to replace my aging Motorola SB4100. Based on the good reviews, I decided to buy the Motorola SB5120. Unfortunately, I found the SB5120 extremely hard to find (Amazon did not have it in stock at the time). The SB5101 however was in stock everywhere for about $50. Out of frustration, I contacted Motorola to ask about availability and the significant differences between the 5120 and the 5101. The Motorola technician that I talked to told me that the reason the 5120 is scarce is that it is no longer manufactured. He also explained that the difference between the two modems is the internal chipset. The 5120 is a TI and the 5101 is a Broadcom. He also said that there is no difference in performance; both are capable of 38 Mbps downstream and 30 Mbps upstream (limited by the cable company's tiers and number of users on the net).

    Finally, I asked him which he preferred (since I could still track down a 5120 if I was willing to pay enough...). He stated unequivocally that he preferred the SB5101 and the Broadcom chipset. He also stated that the speed on the modems is artificially capped by the cable companies so that they can sell tiers of service. This modem, he said, has a lot of available overhead so as the broadband companies compete and raise their level of service, this modem can handle it. Finally, he told me that there is a new DOCSIS standard (3.0) recently approved; the 5101 modem is upgradeable to DOCSIS 3.0 should the cable company choose to do so.

    That said, I followed his recommendation and bought a 5101.
    ...more info
  • SB5120 Surfboard Cable Modem Docsis 1.1 and 2.0 Certified USB
    I haven't used this very long, but for the time I have, I have had absolutely no problems. Instructions for setting it up were concise and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • price/speed after a few installation hoops to jump through
    The SB5120 which supports DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 showed a marked increase in access speeds once installed and configured. In these reviews there has been some mention of poor support by Comcast regarding this specific Motorola cable modem, and reading them prior to purchase helped me not only purchase cautiously but to initially call both Motorola and the local Comcast tech support on issues raised in Amazon reviews of this product. A Comcast technician here in Eugene Oregon gave me his business card/cell number, and he eventially talked me through a lengthy process to include registering the MAC address in 3 databases at his end, and also to reconfigure my router, which [according to him] is a requirement when you 1) purchase this specific modem, 2) are running an Apple system, and 3) use Comast as your IP. The install procedure was not simple, but once finished was worth it, however patience is required. ...more info
  • Works great with Comcast High-Speed Internet
    I'm not a big tech guy, just capable. All I know is, this modem installed easily, doesn't take up much space, and works great...more info
  • great product
    This modem was easy to install and seems to be doing everything I want it to. ...more info
  • Get the 5101 instead
    When using the 5120 I was getting repeated disconnects from World of Warcraft. Replaced it with the Motorola Surfboard Broadband Cable Modem SB-5101 and all the problems are gone....more info
  • Easy to install, good performance
    After unpacking this cable modem, it took about 10 minutes to connect and to call my ISP (Cablevision) to register the new modem MAC address. After about a minute to acquire the signal, everything is working. I have download speeds up to 15 Mbps (as capped by the ISP), and a solid connection. It's always pleasant when devices work as expected.

    The manual on a CD is light on technical details, but for standard hookup no instructions are needed. I have not tried the USB port, but the 100 Base T Ethernet connection is working perfectly....more info
  • Great reliable Cable Modem, works with Cox
    I purchased this modem to replace a D-Link modem that seemed to always reset on me when I would play my Xbox 360 on Xbox Live. After switching over to this Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem I have not had one issue! It is a great reliable Cable Modem and works well with Cox Broadband here in Arizona....more info
  • No more Modem resets
    I have been using this SB5120 for about 6 weeks now. I replaced a Rental from Comcast that was about 2 years old. I used to have to reset the modem no less than 2 or 3 times weekly due to dropouts/signal loss. I have not had to reset this modem since the day I set it up. Actually, just like a good umpire, you merely forget it's there....more info
  • great little cable modem
    i was in the market for a cable modem so i bought the sb5120 after seeing good reviews for it on amazon. this product has lived up to everything that it has advertised. i definitely recommend it for anyone who has cox communications for high speed internet service...more info
  • Excellent
    This little guy does as advertised...........It is just fast, easy to set up and reliable....more info
  • Motorola SB5120 Cable Modem
    An excellent product. Switches on/off cable instantaneously and handles down/uploads at any speed presented by the cable. It has been used with direct Ethernet connection and also through a wireless router; the USB connection has not been used. The first SB5120 I used was rented from my cable company (don't know if it was new or refurbished) and ran for 2.5 years before developing a problem in the switch that shifts between active and standby modes. The cable company provided two other refurbished modems (different models) that failed to perform as well. Direct purchase was the only way to get another SB5120. Connection to the cable was essentially automatic, requiring a single phone call to transmit alphanumeric identification data....more info
  • Great modem, works with Comcast cable internet
    Rather than pay Comcast $3 a month for a modem that would not be updated during the duration of my service contract, I purchased the SB5120. It took the tech about 30 minutes to figure out how to set it up, but once set up it works quite well.

    I would definitely recommend this to friends, family, or strangers.

    ...more info
  • Faster speed, cheaper price
    This modem is good as it has been described. Using it for a month and have not found any problem yet!...more info