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Trauma Center: Under the Knife
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Product Description

Trauma Center: Under the Knife gives you the chance to play doctor. It's just another day in the O.R. until a mysterious outbreak sweeps the area. As the problems get more complex, it's up to you to wield your scalpel and test your medical skills under the most difficult conditions. Patients' lives are in your hands.

  • The stylus will be your scalpel -- make incisions, anesthetize problem areas, remove tumors, monitor vital signs, apply bandages, and more
  • Use your applied skills to solve the puzzle of each surgery
  • Deal with human drama between appointments - Keep a cool head, or you'll be out on the street and all those years of medical school will be for nothing
  • Feel the pressure of each tense, challenging operation as detailed graphics bring the human body to life
  • Operate on a wide variety of patients in story mode, then return later and try to beat your high scores!

Customer Reviews:

  • Limited Game
    Though Trauma Center is an interesting game for the DS, I would not reccomend you purchase it when there are so many other games that are more involved.

    Trauma Center involves you being a surgeon. You perform different surgeries on people.

    The game falls short in many areas. For one, I found the difficulty to be a little too high. This is because you might not figure out which tool to use exactly until it's too late. Even then, sometimes the characters will talk at the top of the screen and say things moments before you need to do them. You have the special power to slow down time when you are performing. Sometimes they will just screwm out to you to use this power, and if you don't your patient dies within seconds.

    Another thing, sometimes the game becomes more tedious than fun. Even if you know what to do, it can be annoying to have to do the same 6 steps over and over.

    I would reccomend that you buy Animal Crossing if you are looking for different....more info
  • An Inverse Relationship Between Fun and Blood Pressure
    Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a novel idea for the Nintendo DS. It's creative and it can be fun at times, but its got major issues bogging it down. The most previously mentioned of which are its sometimes doggy controlls and extreme difficulty. First of all, the difficulty curve is all over the place. This game bounces between having operations that are simple enough to get on the first time and then will switch to missions that are on the "this is impossible" difficulty level. Some of these super hard operations almost seem like they want you to fail. I base this on the fact that on operations I struggled many times to get through I would get a high grade at the end of the mission. I didn't perform it skillfully at all, but it seem like the game knows that keeping the patient alive is a monumental task in and of itself. Adding to this is the dogy controls for some of the tools. The Magnifying Glass is a pain to use. Not only must you draw the circle precisely, but quickly too. Sewing closed wounds is also hard. Sometimes the game will register it and sometimes it won't. As the patients life meter drops quickly when you have a bleeding wound, this can be the difference between success and failure on some missions.
    Despite the off the charts difficulty on the most the of missions, some of the easier ones are very fun. It's quite fun to go back and perform them again in challenge mode to get a higher grade.
    Even if you find the super-hard parts of Trauma Center to be a blast, I doubt any but the most dedicated of virtual surgeons are going to play through the entire game a second time. For one thing, this is a very talky game. It's fourty or so missions are spliced between a liberal amount of story. It's not a particularly interesting story, but there is more of it than most handheld RPGs have. Secondly, it is so annoying when the nurses stop you in the middle of the operation to yammer on about something. As most of this mission will require multiple tries, you'll soon feel like telling them to shut up because you already know what do.
    In the end, for all its novelty value, Trauma Center is just an average game. It can be really fun, but at others it almost feels like it wants to drive your blood pressure to point that you'll have to visit the real life trauma center. ...more info
  • pretty good.
    Yes, this game is fun. And highly original. But also frustrating and pretty difficult. Don't get this game if you have shaky hands or bad eyesight. You need to be very precise with your incisions and removal of tumors and glass. I don't think the game explains your equipment enough either and leaves you to your own devices too quickly. Though after several failed attempts you'll eventually realize what you need to do to keep the patient alive.

    I didn't find this game to be all that addictive. I like playing it, but usually after about a half hour or so I'm through. If you've ever had some kind of yearning to be a doctor, then definitely pick this game up. It is very unique....more info
  • Doctors Can't Save Everyone
    I would probably love this game if I could advance any farther in it. I know it's a game, but honestly, sometimes people die. If a person suddenly has a million and one aneurisms at the surgical site, they most likely would have a million and one aneurisms other places in their body. I would prefer to have an occasional mundane surgery so that I won't get fired if one patient dies. If you aren't an experienced, hard-core gamer, don't buy the game. It's impossible for any human (or, any human I've met) to complete....more info
  • Trauma Center : Under The Knife
    At first I thought " A surgery Game! Thats absurd!!!" But Atlas Suceeded in puttin the Hesitatation and Fright of Real surgery into a tiny DS chip. This game is great with it's cool anime style, interesting operations and a new fictional Disease. The game is 80 percent realistic with a couple of impossible things. The first half of the game is a breeze but when you start operating on GUILT Disease victims it gets way too tough. The Coolest Mission is number 4. This game is Great for Wanna-be Doctors and kids with Medical Interest. ...more info
  • Sounds Great, So want it!
    Well, i dont have it yet but i soooo want it, i am a girl, but i loove stuff like this. i mean any 11 year old boy most likely wants it but i am a 11 year old girl whho wants it, all and all i want it....more info
  • Trauma Help!
    Trauma Center:Under The Knife is a very innovative and out there game. Its tons of fun and has an excellent replay value. Now thats the pros,so here are the cons. For one, this game has too little stories devoliping. Secondly,the main infection of the game called GUILT,doesnt appear until two hours later(and the game takes 3 and a half hours to beat!) Lastly,this game can get extremmly fustrating and hard,leaving you wanting to take the game card and step and pound on it. This is a rent,not a buy. DS owners can live without Trauma Center.

    GRADE:C...more info
  • A classic.. too bad it's discontinued
    this game was great. hard, but a lot of fun. i'm disgusted to see it discontinued though. oh well, I guess the video game industry does need more FPSs afterall....more info
  • DS + jobs= good? TEH HELL?!
    This is a really fun game. It's got quite a lot. Graphics, length, characters, story...
    Graphics: 8/10 Dayum! Reminds me of Dating Sims...But, nice. The characters are crisp and have the special ingredient known as anime eyes!
    Sound: 7/10 The voices (or lack of) are nice. The scolding of the nurse is kinda funny. The music isn't that nice...Theirs only about 4 different music thingys and I only liked one...The one that plays when doing normal GUILT
    Story: 8/10 I wish I could've done normal surgeries for awhile before encountering a super parasite thing based off of the 7 deadly sins...
    Controls: 9/10 It's the DS...Touch, drag, touch again. Pretty simple...
    Overall: 9/10 A nice game that's easy to understand and hard to master. But this is NOT a game for kids. The blood isn't that bad and there isn't that much gore, but it is a very hard game to beat! And there's a suicidal patient which my mother didn't really like =\

    ...more info
  • This Game is great!
    It was a great game. One iaaue is that the difficulty is random. One level is pretty easy abd the next becomes hard....more info
  • Trauma Center Is There really only 4 surgerys in the whole game?
    I bought this game a couple weeks ago.I completed the first 3 surgerys w/ no problem and the I get to the one with that angie nurse and I almost get to the end of this surgery.The one with the polyps on the rock stars larynx,but is this actually all the surgeries in the game?Or are there more?Please someone tell me.Thank You!!...more info
  • What was i thinking!!!!!!!!
    ok im the kid who reviewed on the 13 of feb. at that time i loved this game. not saying it is bad just saying that it does get repeditive. i put this down last week and have no rush to play again! the deep story line gets shallow by the 10 operation this is an ok game and will not dissapoint at a low price. all it is you may ask is talking about your physicodic german assistant who thinks that thinks of you as hitler to jews and african americans. but she may love you in the next mission and hate you the next....more info
  • Trauma Center DS, will cause you to go to the ER.

    This game is mindnumbingly hard not because its a very challenging but rather its set up to fail.Most missions thrust you into a situation with little indication of what to do. As the patients vital signs drops, you frantically poke at your DS trying to think on what to do. The nurse, who assists you, gives you vague ideas on how and before you know it you've failed the mission. It would take me an average of 10-15 failures before I finally won a mission. The last mission I played that made me quit, resulted in 30+ failures. And that's only being 1 hour and half into the game.

    The graphics are crisp and clear. The storyline didn't make much of an impression on me. But I was probably too frustrated to pay attention to that. This game had a lot of potiental but killed it by constantly making you fail. Do not buy this game unless you have an extreme amount of patients, game collector who will keep it sealed, or you're a gultton for punishment. Whatever you do, do not buy this game for the hype. It does not live up to it. ...more info
  • Wow.
    This Game is SO totally worth the money. If you can'6t stand the sight of bloodd and other body inners,don't get this game. Otherwise,This game is great!...more info
  • Hand cramping, stressful frenzy of a game, not that there's anything wrong with that.
    I've played probably 20 different Nintendo DS games to the finish and I have to say this is the most frustrating game I've ever played. I love the early missions and the creativity is awesome, but the controls are kinda blah. Several times you'll find yourself redrawing the zoom, over & over & over as your patient (& patience) dies. Redrawing stitches over & over gets tedious fast. The game has good intentions, but unlike most games that I just couldn't put down, this one I have to put down to release tension both in my hands and in my mind. I am looking forward to seeing the improvements in the upcoming release....more info
  • About as real as you can get to the operating room, while having fun as you take care of people!
    Yes, I know the "play the doctor" theme has been done before, but this is the first portable one that I've heard of. I tried most of the other ones, but they lacked one MAJOR thing that is important for all games - fun.

    I saw this game at the store and needed something to keep me busy in my downtime while I was on vacation and to be honest, its probably one of the best games I've bought for the DS overall.

    Now I actually work in the medical field, so some of the things they had you doing with the stylus on patients was funny to me. If all it took was the squiggle back and forth of a magic pen to suture up a wound, operations in real life would take no time at all! lol. They can be tricky in real life, but with practice it gets easier and easier; just like this game. The other funny thing was the miracle-gel that disinfects skin and heals minor wounds instantly. Someone could become a billionare if this gel was actually invented, as I know just about every hospital in the world would be using it!

    Although the procedures in the game and methods you use to take care of and operate on patients are pretty fictional (especially the virus, but I don't want to spoil anything), I gotta admit the stress is very believable. Not just stress from losing a patient and getting the "game over try again?" screen either :P. Throwing multiple things wrong with the patient all at once, requiring you to deal with the most life-threatening problem first, is exactly how you deal with patients in real life.

    All in all, I gotta say this is a very fun game that I just could not put down when I first got it - and still even go back to it from time to time. I showed it to a bunch of people I work with at the hospital and they all went and picked up a nintendo DS just for that game since they liked the concept, and had a good laugh about performing the procedures like I did :).

    Bottom line: if you want a great DS game that will keep you busy for a while, try this. You'll learn a little bit about medicine while you're playing it too!...more info
  • kind of hard, but fun
    I bought this game because i thought it would be fun to play along with the story like in the sims2 for ds. The beginning went well, the operations are fun. The story drags a little and goes too slow, i actually skipped part of the story and just did the operations. The operations get your heart pumping and are somewhat stressful. i am stuck on the 6th one. i have been trying to complete it for a few weeks now, but continuously fail. Unfortunetly you cannot go any further until you complete them in order. i dont know if i will be able to play this game any further....more info
  • Fun But Impossible!
    This game is fun for the first 10 challenges. Then, it is pretty much impossible. I have had this game for two years, and I am still stuck on the level where you have to rescue 5 patients in 10 minutes. It is impossible! I hope that if they re-make the game that they make it simpler. ...more info
  • You can't be serious...
    When I first got this game, I was really excited about the concept of an operating game and the first few surgeries were great... until we get to the freaking virus... @_@ To be honest, I was counting on the game getting harder with terminology and technicality, not by trying to mutilate and poke increasingly faster moving bugs.

    Too much talking! There are times when I caught myself just gunning past all the mundane dialogue just to get to the surgeries. I am NOT a big fan of text heavy games, unless the conversations are interesting or at least animated! I realize that polite society causes us all to do the "Hello, how's the weather?" thing, but do surgeons really spend so much time playing nurse?! And since this is clearly fantasy, that's all the more annoying! I'm thinking that all in-game dialogue EVER should be able to be sped up or skipped altogether. Sometimes, people just want to get to the action!

    My last complaint is the sometimes asinine sensitivity of a task. When you're working on a screen this small, there has to be some allowance for minute error. I mean, even my usually careful handwriting looks like crap on a slick surface... but the technology will only improve with time. Okay, my randomly affectionate cat doesn't help matters...

    Overall, the series has some potential but I'd much rather have a more realistic game that actually teaches usable medical terminology and lets you combine brain power with surgical technique. I imagine I would REALLY suck at the Wii version-- I can't imagine trying to follow lines I'm not touching with a stylus.

    Overall, this game was a disappointment. I swore like a sailor and it wasn't even worth it! Although, I still like to poke at the first few surgeries from time to time. coughhinthintcough...more info
  • great game, or should i say a really great game
    This game is sooo cool. I always wanted to save peoples lives. And i could do it with this game! You use your scalpel and 9 other tools but u use the stylus like 99.9 percent of the time! This game teaches u responsibility and that playing doctor is not a joke unless u r actually not saving peoples lives in this game. This game is a really greatttt....more info
  • Nurse, I need a 4-0 Vicryl on a... stylus?
    (Full disclosure: The reviewer is a healthcare professional.)

    While playing this game, I was reminded of another medically themed game from my childhood, a PC/Windows game that put you in the role of a cardiothoracic surgeon. It had a neat concept and great graphics, but it was literally impossible to play. As a joke, I installed the game in the OR staff lounge at the hospital where my parents worked and dared the staff to try it out. Out of over a dozen highly competent real-world surgeons, not one could get past the initial incision without killing the patient and ending the game.

    I suspect that if any of them got a hold of "Trauma Center," we'd see an epidemic of trauma - to DS handhelds.

    Leaving aside the rather unrealistic plot aspects and concept errors (who knew you could cut viruses out of patients?!?), I found the following to be among the more glaring flaws in the gameplay:

    1) Maybe it's a case of bad screen calibration on my DS, but several of the controls seem quite poor - not at all what you'd want in a game that emphasizes precision. Most notably, it's almost impossible to get the game to recognize a proper suture. Grant you, this and problems like it have been endemic to medical games since the dawn of the genre, but you'd think someone would try to come up with a decent model for patient manipulation by now.

    2) Unrealistic difficulty settings. It should not take an average player a score of dead "attempts" to figure out how to debride and suture a clean forearm lac. This becomes exponentially more annoying when you can treat such injuries in your sleep in reality.

    "Trauma Center" is a good try at an innovative gameplay model. Sadly, despite all its promise, the flaws are just too severe to be survivable. To me, at least, this game is DNR....more info
  • good game if you like these kind
    i bought this game for my wii when i first got it, and i remember playing it and liking it until i got to a certain part that make no sense. so i thought that for the ds it would be a little different. as i was playing it, things didnt react the way the were supposed to and therefore i would fail missions or get a crappy score. then i had the same issue as i did with the wii version, i got to a part that they dont give you any instructions on and you cant get past it because you have no idea what your supposed to do. so this game is good and bad!...more info
  • get your scapels, its time to operate!!!!!!
    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! this game rocks. it is a perfect game for me because i want to become a neuro surgeon when i get older. the game will be complex to those who dont understand medical terms. not a prob for me. even doctors will enjoy this game. for once in one japaneese game there is a button to automatical skip dialog!!! no more reading for 5 minutes!! but, if u have the time, do read the dialogue. it is a deep story. very realistic. all organs look great....more info
  • You Have to be Fast
    Speed is more important than precision in Trauma Center: Under the Knife. It's not a game I want my surgeon to play. We thought the game was fun for awhile, then the speed and skill level required became overwhelming. The soap opera story line was more irritating than inspiring. Unless you are a really good gamer, the diagnosis for this one is terminal....more info
  • Fun for a while but it gets old
    I recommend getting this game used. Its really one of those games that you play once but never again.

    The game design is quite unique but I found it almost impossible to get above a 'C' in the operations. The story is a bit too flat and predictable....more info
  • This Game Is Frustrating
    I love the idea behind this game and it's pretty impressively exectuted. I had three gripes though: 1) It's so fast paced that I found it really difficult to progress past the third procedure. 2)I couldn't get the magnify and reduce (with quick little circles) to work. This caused me great frustration. 3)There's no way to skip through the seemingly endless pages of character dialogue if you have to repeat a procedure a couple of times.
    I quit playing it pretty quickly....more info
  • Pocket Sized ER
    This game is tough!!!! Its fun BUT it is one of those games where the learning curve is so steep that you will want to throw your DS out the window! Graphics are good and the concept of slicing someone open using the touch screen is excellent. SOme of the controls are fiddly especially trying to do magnification. But this game is really tough and not for those with out any patience (like me!!!)

    If you like Operation as a kid this will be good for you in DS form however its a little too tough to recomemend to anyone other than doctors!!!!!...more info